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Ljubljana, Slovenia

Holistic Retreats and Journeys provides retreats and special interest oriented tour programs around the world from artists, healers, tour guides, etc.

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  • Ruzica Tomic Slovenia

    Holistic Retreats website

    My experience was very positive and inspiring. The whole process was from time to time painful, but profoundly healing. Day after day, I was able to release the ever more poisoning material in my body and thoughts, emotions, and memories in my spirit that were stored in me, but which I no longer needed. The whole process was supported daily by iVitalis exercises, meditations, relaxation, lectures, and cleansing of the most vital inner organs. Through these practices, I was able to gain an insight into my body and my life: what I want to get rid of and what I want in its place. The entire experience was very fulfilling since I was able to reprogram myself and gather more energy. I sense great relief. I am also very proud of myself that I persisted in this challenging process to the end and won. From my heart, I am deeply thankful to Neja and Petr for all the help you both generously provided to me.

  • M.A. Franka Bertoncelj Slovenia

    Holistic Retreats website

    Neja’s detox retreat was a very interesting experience for me. Her approach to cleaning up the body is actually like a general service of a car. It includes methods for cleaning all of the most important inner organs, stimulating the lymph, exercises for raising energy and relaxation, different sorts of therapies, live food, education, and counseling. Neja is an energetic and persuasive person with a lot of knowledge based on many years of education and her own experience. Her program is complex and not only includes the body, but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health. The detox is really efficient.

  • Hilde Sandvold Norway

    Holistic Retreats website

    For me personally, it turned out to be a great gift. Especially the last few days, twisting my ankle, having the experiences in the little village, my perspective changed. I remembered my love for dancing. I re-experienced the moment. Coming back to Copenhagen, I have been thinking a lot about how we structure our lives, what makes sense and not.

    I believe very much that our society has a need for people like you who work hard to bring things back to basics and share that. Thank you for that.

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