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Holistic Retreat with Lien Mei

Lien Mei invites you to discover how to tune into your own wisdom and increase your self healing capacity through the practice of different ancient traditions.

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YogaTrail website

From asanas to relaxation, meditation or chanting, her calm and musical voice will guide you to this amazing place : here and now, fully filled with well-being and joy ! So grateful for the experience ! Made me realize how powerful yoga is. Big thanks to you Rute, keep on enlightening the world ;-)

Susana Morão

YogaTrail website

I had already practiced some Yoga classes, but in truth I had never grasped the essence of practice, after 5 lessons with Lien Mei I felt the benefit of Yoga and how it could change my life. I took classes in Portuguese, English and Spanish, always with the same essence. A week that changed my life. How grateful I am to the Universe for having gifted me with the wisdom, love and technique of this teacher. Thanks Lien Mei.

Marine Haution

YogaTrail website

She is such a great teacher. She explains very well each position and she sees immediately if there is something wrong.

Furthermore she adapts the course for you and your body.

She knows very well about yoga and a lot of other spiritual subjects.

And overall she is such a Good person! !!

Ze Rui

YogaTrail website

I had the oportunity to attend Lien Mei yoga practices in a retreat near Lisbon. The experience was very positive , I kept from her classes, some asanas and sequencies for my own private yoga practices. Lien Mei"s work is highly recomended. She is a trustful person.

Marion Cabanes

YogaTrail website

Lien Mei has been a wonderful yoga teacher with whom I could work my fitness but also practice yoga more mindfully. She really keeps what yoga originally is by teaching core values, ways of breathing, mantras, and history/knowledge on different types of yoga. I went to Lien Mei's yoga classes in Bissau and I thought she was the right teacher to have as a private yoga teacher for 4 sessions in which I learned so much!

Lien Mei taught me a few tricks and techniques that I now practice everyday. She also helped me feel confident that patience, time and perseverance will slowly but surely improve my practice. I cannot thank her enough for the experience of practicing yoga with some much and vibrant energy!

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