Holiday Yoga - Gran Canaria at the Dunes

Holiday Yoga - Gran Canaria at the Dunes is dedicated to helping people to access well-being tools including Yin, Vinyasa, and Hatha yoga classes and meditation.

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Theeta Sangawattana

Sangawattana is a Thai therapist with 20 years record from Leading Spa of the world and Thalasso therapy. He is also a Holistic trainer and an excellent service provider since he brings the healing secrets from his origin town. He grew up by an old Buddhistic monk tradition and the flow of deep relaxation is transferred in his presence. His touch can transform your whole life.

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from Norway, July 2018

"yoga at the dunes"

I liked the focus on both hatha and yin yoga. There was a spiritual aspect to the yin part and also the hatha part. The breakfasts after the morning yoga sessions were great. Delicious and healthy food.

Charlie Coxon

from Germany, May 2018

"A wonderful experience!"

From the day of the booking the info and communication from Hari exceeded my expectations and previous experiences anywhere else. We were received with an incredibly warm welcome and never felt like customers but more a part of a family. The program and yoga lessons were great and the food was delicious, healthy and varied. Even the location (which may not be for everyone) was very convenient for us and off-season was definitely not too busy; it's also very easy to connect with the rest of the island. Lastly, Theeta the wonderful massage therapist is highly recommended by us, we enjoyed our experience with him so much. Thankyou Hari and Theeta!! :D

Marina Reyes

from Ireland, April 2018

"Excellent Yoga retreat"

This yoga retreat is totally worth it. Classes are focused on Tibetan meditation, breathing, Yin yoga; so expect 8 relaxing and emotional days knowing your inner self.

I usually practice more physical styles of yoga such as Ashtanga and Vinyasa, but classes with Hari were completely different in a positive way. I now can say I can focus on my breath and all the practices we've done have really worked for me. I'm definitely going to continue with these.

Maspalomas is a turistic place, yes, like most of the places in Spain and worldwide. I'm originally from Spain so I knew what to expect. Either way, the key is letting go and don't let these minor thing ruin you holiday and state of mind. Gran Canaria has a lot to offer, we went hiking one day and it was a very empowering experience.

Can't thank Hari and Theeta enough for their warm welcome and attention for the entire 8 days I've spent there. Loved the introduction to Aryuveda, breakfast, classes and how we all bonded so nicely.

Also Theeta offers an excellent massage service. I had many problems with my back due to emotional and physical stress and now I feel so much better. Totally worth it!!

Cecilia Thorborg

from Sweden, January 2018

Kind atmosphere

Peter Watson

from United Kingdom, May 2017

"Excellent introduction to yoga holidays"

Yoga at the Dunes was a great introduction to yoga holidays. The yoga sessions were varied and suited to our needs and abilities. The yoga room was good and perfect for a small group (6 at our maximum plus teacher). The villa was pleasant and well stocked, with everything you might need, with use of a fantastic shared pool that was mostly empty and the food was excellent - varied and interesting! very good value for money.

Katherine De Koningh

from United Kingdom, April 2017

"Not in the Dunes"

Yoga was challenging

Breakfast was excellent

Tatsiana was great fun

Group were fun

Island was great

Alessia Di Giacomo

from Netherlands, April 2017

"ok experience"

the food was really good and various. The people were friendly. I met lovely yoginis that week with whom I had a great time. The weather was perfect. I enjoyed one lesson aerial yoga. Everybody was very helpful if we had questions, I could stay few more hours after check out which I am really thankful for.

Alexandra Vanheule

from Luxembourg, April 2018

"Excellent stage animé par Sonja et Tanja"

2 sessions de yoga par jour: un le matin et un le soir

Formateurs très sympas et qui donnent des explications claires permettant à toute personne, de tout niveau, de suivre et faire les exercises

Petite maison dans laquelle j’ai logé (3 chambres) et où avait lieu les cours. Petite maison avec une énergie agréable et conviviale.

Brunch du matin: délicieux! (Porridge, pain, fruits,...)

Petit groupe de 6 participants


from Germany, August 2017

"Beste Yoga Reise ever"

Die Inhalte vom. Yoga, das schöne Haus, sehr sauber, nette Menschen, sehr viel gelernt, die Insel hat viel zu bieten

Hilde Mertens

from Belgium, May 2017

De sfeer in huis , de extra uitstap ( mits betaling) , de locatie in een rustige wijk

Katja Krüger

from Germany, May 2017

"Cran Canaria Yoga"

Die Yogalehrer Hardy und Tatsiana waren sehr gut...sehr bemüht.

Das Essen einsame spitze, nicht nur gekocht bekommen von den Yogalehrern, was eine sehr persönliche Note hatte. Sondern auch die gute Perle im Haus, die Frühstücksdame tischte jeden Morgen toll auf. Auch die Möglichkeit, dass man mit dem Yogalehrer einmal die Woche einen Ausflug in die Umgebung machen konnte.

Sabine Wolz

from Switzerland, April 2017

"vielseitiges und ausgewogenes Programm"

Auch wenn der Playa ingles ziemlich touristisch daherkommt, habe ich meine Nischen gefunden :-)

Das kleine feine Yogazentrum ist eine Oase, das Yoga abwechslungsreich, da die Lehrer verschiedene Techniken präsentieren. Mir hat u.a. sehr gut gefallen, dass Kundalini Yoga auch einen Platz im Programm hatte.

Die Atmosphäre war insgesamt sehr familiär und entspannt.

Das Essen liebevoll hergerichtet und lecker.

Der Hausherr hat uns überrascht mit interessanten und bereichernden Ausflügen ins Hinterland.

Er ist botanisch bewandert und kann daher einiges über endemische Pflanzen zum Besten geben.

Zu guter Letzt muss ich noch die Massagesitzung beim kongenialen thailändischen Heiler Theeta erwähnen, sie ist unbedingt empfehlenswert und eine Superergänzung zum Yogastretching :-)


from Austria, April 2017

"Yoga in the dunes????"

Das Essen, das Wetter, die Sonne, die anderen Gäste, das Meer

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