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Instructors (3)

Krishna Raja


Dr. Shishir Gokhale - Online Sessions

Reviews (37)

Joey Lee

from Hong Kong, July 2019

"Learning from the root"

Do you know what’s is yoga and meditation? You will find the answer here.It not just sitting and doing some beautiful postures. The retreat inspired me a lot of the real concept of yoga land meditation as Krishna explained it with lot of examples. And let me rethink about how to live and what’s happiness.

Also, Bhawani cooked us with the organic and nutrition food. She shared lots of experience of how to eat healthy, what she put the natural food together and also how good for healthy. I dislike Indian food before but I love it from now on. And also, I really enjoyed the cookery class as well, it not easy to make like Bhawani’s cooking because she has homemade all the ingredients even the curry powder.

I feel warm for staying here as I can see they absolutely tried their best to teach and communicate with us but not only earning the money. They have positive personalities so that can influence people.

Thank you for everything Krishna and Bhawani!!

Sarah Berry

from South Korea, October 2018

"Great Experience "

I learned so much at this retreat. Krishna did a great job guiding us through the meditations and covering yoga theory. Bhawani and I did a one-on-one ayurveda massage course which was also great. I was very happy with both courses and the food was incredible!

Taylor Smith

from United States, August 2018

"Part of the family"

Krishna’s passion and knowledge for yoga and yoga philosophy. I also liked the breathing techniques and amount of meditation. And Bhiwani is the most AMAZING cook.. all healthy, homemade, and fresh Ayurvedic Indian style food.

Aiza Grace Joy Manalad

from Philippines, January 2018

"A refuge away from home"

Going to this Retreat Center is like finding a home away from home. Krishna and Bhavani were very good in customizing my retreat the way I wanted it to be and more. Learning about Yoga beyond the Asanas have helped me look into life a different way. Krishna’s and Bhavani’s warm and nurturing personalities were also an advantage for retreaters to really feel at home and be comfortable all throughout the retreat. I was definitely recharged and rejuvenated after my retreat here. 😏

Christina Matzi

from Austria, January 2018

"Learned so much, everything more than expected"

The experience and getting new insights into the real Yoga

Warm welcome of Krishna and Bhawani, felt like we were a family.

We love them and will keep being in touch with them.

Thank you so much.

Vanara Ung

from Japan, July 2019

"Heart Warming Experience"

The lectures and courses taught by Krishna has taught me a lot about traditional yoga and lifestyle. I’ve gained an understanding of what authentic yoga and meditation is really about rather than what todays modern yoga is portraying. Krishna stresses the importance of how yoga and mindfulness should be incorporated in everyday life which has helped me gain more clarity in my life situations.

Bhawani is also a bundle of joy and positive energy. She made me as well as the other guests feel like we were at home and she treated all of guests like family. If we needed anything from outside of the retreat, Bhawani and Krishna guided us and also helped book tours and purchase tickets for us. The food is vegetarian, cooked freshly for every meal, and always tasted amazing. The location is also very convenient as there are many shopping areas for food, clothes, souvenirs, etc between 2 - 20 minutes walk depending on where you want to shop. It is also close to a park and many temples if you want to go for a nice walk.

I highly recommend this retreat in Siem Riep as it is a very personal and relaxing experience.

Susan Asselbergs Mccready

from United Kingdom, July 2019

"A mind opening experience"

The retreat delivered much more than I expected in terms of understanding what yoga really means and how the box of tools we learned can improve quality of life and over time master the “monkey mind”

Chrislei Bernal

from Singapore, June 2019

"A blissful experience ♥️"

Everything ♥️

I will be eternally grateful for this life and mind changing experience.

Thank you teacher Krishna for the enlightenment, I was able to learn more about yoga and mindfulness. It changed my outlook in life and yoga practice. You are a gift to this world🙏 please continue with your passionate teaching.

Thank you teacher Bhawani for opening my talent in massage and cooking. This will help my family a lot.

It was a great and amazing experience. The world needs more of you.

Tiffany Chu

from Cambodia, June 2019

"Professional and detailed Massage class"

Bhawani clearly explained the purpose of Ayurveda massage being a type of therapy, and went through all steps with me and another student patiently. Apart from the technique, she also shared her experience with customer, in case one day we will really massage someone. I enjoyed it very much and started to apply this massage technique on myself the first day I arrived home. Thanks to her excellent teaching, I am benefitting from it already. There was sufficient break between classes, so we always had enough energy to learn and practice. Very good program of the class.

Krishna's class was extraordinary. This is not just a regular studio type of yoga class that emphasizes on asanas and cardio. He teaches the true meaning of yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation, theory and all) The techniques that he taught are all practicable in our everyday life. I found it very useful and I appreciate so much for his effort to stick to what he believes is true. 4 days is far from enough to learn and I believe there's a lot more that I can learn from him.

Phai Leng Gan

from United States, June 2019

"Essence of Yoga"

I was expecting this to be another yoga retreat where I do yoga exercise and eat healthy food for a few days. Upon my arrival, Krishna gave me an introduction and that totally changed my perception about yoga. Yoga is a far beyond what I have learn all these years.


from Malaysia, May 2019

"Finally understood what yoga is really about! "

The classes were very informative and delves deep into the true meaning of what is yoga about. It is more of understanding meditation and breathing which is essential to the overall benefits of yoga as a whole.


from Laos, May 2019

"Lots of classroom based learning, not enough practical "

Walking meditation session was great. We also had a nice trip to the lotus farm and a trip to see the sunset. Learnt some great tools to help with meditation.

Manon Lecuyer

from Laos, March 2019

"I loved it"

It was a perfect introduction and initiation to the real yoga/meditation.

The place is quiet and really good to find peace and rest and focus on yourself

The food is excellent !

I strongly recommend this retreat!

Lisa Burke

from United States, March 2019

"Just what I needed"

This was an amazing retreat. I learned so much from Krishna. Krishna and Bhawani are such kind and welcoming people. The food was also amazing. I liked learning the philosophy and theory of meditation, as well as different techniques. I feel like I have the basic tools to start living a more peaceful life. I am already looking forward to returning some day! The location was also great. It was nice to walk to local restaurants, markets, and park.

Alessandra Tortone

from United Kingdom, March 2019

"4 days meditation retreat - great experience "

We had a 4 days retreat and was very good

4 classes a day , some indoor some outdooor

Lots of knowledge and some practice. I did few other retreat but no matter how much I think I know there is always some more, a new prospective or deeper understanding.

Very friendly teacher and all the memeber of the staff .

Delicious homemade Indian food

Peaceful and close to the center

Very satisfy

Thanks :)

Rimantas Ribaciauskas

from Cambodia, February 2019

I left the retreat with a good general idea of what yoga is, learned useful breathing techniques. The accommodation is quite basic, but this is more than compensated by a warm vibe in the house and amazing food (breakfast and lunch).

William Cross-gurnell

from Cambodia, January 2019

"Exactly as described"

Everything was well thought out and easy to follow. The host were very welcoming and generous.

Nancy Wee

from Singapore, January 2019

"Retreat at Himalayan Yoga and Meditation center"

The teaching was good

Food was good

Good host


from Thailand, December 2018

"Simple, wonderful, insightful experience"

Krishna does a masterful job of distilling ancient Yogic teachings, theory, and practice into a philosophy and program that I absolutely plan to carry with me throughout my life going forward. And Bhawani's cooking is the hidden gem of this retreat. Wow. I came away feeling clean, healthy, energized, and wanting more. I feel like I am part of the family now!

Destin Vikdal

from Cambodia, December 2018

"Meditation "

This is a very good retreat. I recommend it to anyone that once to relax for a few days, do some yoga and eat good food.

Alan Hostetter

from United States, November 2018

"Could not be happier!!! "

This training was just amazing. Krishna and Bhawani make you feel like you are part of their family as soon as you walk in the door! Seems their entire reason for being is to serve and teach others and they go out of their way to make the students happy and feel welcome immediately. Krishna is a true master of the ancient texts and brings to the training a sense of history and passion for teaching that comes from what he refers to as the "Original Users Manual" (Bhagavad Gita, Upanishad, and Vedas). He brings you back to what yoga is really all about - the calming of the mind and how that calming leads to better health and more happiness. Classes are small which allows the student to just sit and speak with Krishna about any topic at all and allows him to really explain well what he is trying to teach you. I attended the 100 hour Mindfulness and Meditation training and was extremely happy with the training and all the great places Krishna took me to to meditate and discuss all the materials and info we were training on. And did I mention the food? OMG, they feed you three gorgeous meals a day. Everything is fresh, vegetarian, and made with great care and love. I lost a few pounds while there but never felt hungry. The food was just so tasty and healthy, those few pounds just dropped off with no effort at all. My body felt like it was glowing from the inside out by the time I left. There was also plenty of time for sight seeing while there. Everything was just magical!

Mark Chisholm

from United Kingdom, September 2018

"Excellent for the mindful and practical aspects of yoga"

I found Krishna and Bhawani to be excellent hosts who were friendly, welcoming and extremely helpful. Krishna is an excellent teacher who gave an in-depth insight into the yoga lifestyle and how the mind and body can work together with positive benefits. I wasn't expecting to gain so much knowledge from this retreat. I have walked away with some great knowledge on how I can change my lifestyle in positive ways. The food was also excellent - healthy, wholesome and interesting.

I will be recommending this retreat to people in the future who would like to have an in-depth, mindful yoga experience. Thanks again Krishna and Bhawani, might see you in the near future!

Andre Gingras

from Thailand, July 2018

"Traditional yoga philosophy"

Very deep knowledge of yoga and spiritual approach as a lifestyle.

Jeannette Imhoff

from Cambodia, June 2018

"Best yoga retreat in Siem Reap"

I loved the 4 days I could spent at the Himalayan Yoga Retreat. I’ve learned so much things about yoga, where it comes from, what it does for body, mind and soul and also a lot of life lessons to be applied for a happy, healthy life😊 I‘m very happy I booked this retreat. I got welcomed like a family member and felt absolutely at home. The food was amazing and if I ever come back to Siem Reap I would love to stay for another time at this Yoga Retreat.

Thank you very much! I had a bliss staying with you and learning about yoga and life.

Zuzana Kratka

from Cambodia, January 2018

"very good retreat"

Within 4 days I received basic understanding of the concept of yoga, breathing exercises, eyes stretch exercise, asanas, stress management, meditation practice. My very first day was a little slow in the approach of what I was expecting from this retreat. However after speaking to Bhawani she made sure that the next day she and Krishna stepped up their game and really delivered. Krishna is knowledgeable and has so much wisdom to share. It is very interesting to listen to him and learn what he has to say. We had lots of learning sessions, meditation,yoga practise ( asanas - however do not expect it to be western sort of yoga session ), yogic walk, aquatic yoga, trip to lotus farm and mountain, massage. The learning session were always informative. Krishna likes to provide you with the tools you can then use in every day life, therefore you are provided with the knowledge and then you take it from there. The more you practise the better you get =-). Lunches were always delicious. (vegan food ). Breakfast was very simple ( eggs, toast, jam, fruits) and detox juice ( which is ginger and lemon tea, there is no smoothie or juice included in the meal package ). The accommodation is nice, I was in twin room with en-suite bathroom. your yoga session are in the main hall aka living room. There is no beautiful outside area, no grass, no swimming pool ( we went to a nearby hotel with pool for the aquatic yoga ). It is basically a house with 3 rooms, large sitting area with a table.

Jonathan Brisy

from Vietnam, January 2018

"Excellent Experience "

We learned a lot of knowledge about the traditional yoga and did a lot of different exercices of yoga, meditation, breathing, detox, etc. The retreat was very diversified and in 4 days we learned so much about the whole yoga concept and practised with a lot of different exercices. Krishna and Bhawani are doing an excellent job, they are very profesional with so much knowledge and experience that they shared with us without limit. They offered us a very perzonalized service working within in a small group and made us feel confident during the classes. They worked hard to pass on all the benefits of yoga with a lot of repeated messages to impregnate our mind with a lifestyle change and better balance. This retreat isn't commercial, it's about learning the ORIGINAL yoga (which includes a lot of meditation) theory and techniques. Highly recommending !!!

Daniel Biddle

from Australia, January 2018

"Unique yoga retreat"

Krishna & Bhawani provided a great experience which involved learning the foundations of yoga as it was taught hundreds of years ago. Very eye-opening to consider differences between this kind of yoga and what we typically see at home. Loved it and learned skills to help us live more healthily. Some of the scientific explanations behind the effectiveness of yoga were also presented, which was interesting.

Sylvie Heywood

from Australia, December 2017

"Informative and grounding retreat "

The information given was fantastic and very educational and the program offered was a perfect start to our holiday. Bhawani and Krishna were amazing hosts and made the whole experience fantastic.

Shanda Rogoschewsky

from Cambodia, December 2017

"Recommended if you are willing to learn"

This was far more of a meditation retreat than a yoga retreat. Which was informative and mind opening for me. Whatever notions you have of what yoga is, be prepared to have that altered because Krishna will teach you about what the ancient yoga is all about. They teach you theory about what the ancient scriptures say about the human body.

Alexandra Cloutier Huard

from Thailand, July 2019

"Magical and nourishing"

This places radiates with happiness and care. The dedication and authenticity from the teachers makes the learning experience super special. If you are like me and you need to understand the theory behind everything, you will get so much from this retreat. I leave empowered, rested, and with a new perspective on Yoga and meditation in which gentleness, structure and patience act together to build a happy and healthy way of living. I feel so much gratitude. Krishna and Bhawani touched my heart.

Clément Davin

from Cambodia, June 2019

"Amazing experience!"


Meis Kneepkens

from Cambodia, June 2019

"Wonderful retreat"

I found it an amazing retreat. I've learned a about the basics of yoga, meditation and the Ayurveda massage.

The food is amazing and it was so good to relax in one place for a bit after traveling for a while. I would recommend this place to everyone.

Michael Turner

from Thailand, January 2019


It was a warm welcome with open hearts and a family atmosphere. You will find here everything you need to concentrate on the basics of life. This is not your fancy yoga retreat in case your looking for that type. But if you are looking for a authentic teachings then Bhawani and Krishna Raja are definitly highly recommended. For me personally it was perfect and I am grateful for my moments with them. We will see eachother again :) Thank you both for your knowledge, wisdom and understanding.



Yvonne Imming

from Netherlands, December 2018

"een prachtige ervaring"

het totaalpakket maakte de retreat ons inziens uniek.

Mijn reisgenote en ik waren aangenaam verbaasd over de verbanden die gelegd werden tussen yoga, meditatie en mindfullness. En Krishna wist ook heel duidelijk uit te leggen wat de link is tussen het functioneren van (gedeelten van) het menselijk lichaam en bepaalde (ademhalings) oefeningen. Smile en Breathe zit voor altijd in ons geheugen gegrift :)

en dat allemaal in een zeer relaxte sfeer in een prettige omgeving met heerlijk eten.