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Himalayan Yoga Institute

Himalayan Yoga Institute aims to awaken and deepen the interest of yoga and meditation. They offer yoga teacher trainings and yoga holidays.

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Dianira Lopes Switzerland

Himalayan Yoga Institute's website

I felt very peaceful from the arrival to the end, because of the special spirit of Ganga Devi. She blessed my life with joy and belief in a better world. The location (Losinj, Croatia), the house and the food (Sattvic) completed the perfection and quality of the time with Ganga Devi and the deep work done on myself during my stay there. I will miss everything! The teaching method of Himalayan Yoga Institute is so useful, clear and safe, like I have never seen before... I recommend Rajadhiraja Yoga to all because of the asanas and of the spiritual vigour.

Britton Shores USA

Himalayan Yoga Institute's website

Himalayan Yoga Institute’s 200 hour yoga teacher training was truly life changing. Ganga Devi is a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, patience and love. I came to the course in hopes of deepening my knowledge of yoga and building a firm foundation for teaching - I left with so much more. The breadth and depth of information was overwhelming in the most positive sense. Ganga covered everything from philosophy, physiology, biopsychology, anatomy, history, sattvic diet, mudras, bandhas, kriyas, pranayama and breath work, meditation and of course asanas (including but not limited to alignment, benefits and adjustments). It is evident that Ganga is not simply teaching this information for the sake of transferring knowledge — she is authentically passionate about inspiring others to live life to the fullest through Rajadhiraja Yoga.

Ivancica Sedlar Croatia

Himalayan Yoga Institute's website

The yoga teacher training course in Croatia led by Ganga Devi was very inspiring. It was a true example of the yogi’s life, a challenge that taught me a lot. People can be easily lost in their daily problems and difficulties. With the help of yoga and her principles we can find the right path of personal development, discipline and peace, leading us to our real life purpose. Ganga perfectly designed this school, presenting to us, in a methodical manner, the most essential aspects of yoga such as the proper selection of food for yogis, disciplined asana practice and meditation for spiritual growth. I'm overjoyed to have been part of this yoga course, in the company of such beautiful people. In order to help others it’s important to cultivate correct knowledge, and therefore it’s crucial to learn from the right teacher, one who is capable of conveying the teachings authentically. On this YTT course I learned how important it is to spread knowledge and help people see their true nature, help them realize their creative inspiration so they may express their true talents, help them perceive the true purpose of life, so we may all together realize peace and the beauty of this world. I am deeply thankful and I warmly recommend this school, led by the best teacher I know, Ganga Devi, to everyone eager to develop self-knowledge. Ganga shares her peace, tremendous knowledge and true beauty with all. Thank you. Namaskar

Marta de Abreu UK

Himalayan Yoga Institute's website

The yoga teacher training programme is set in a lovely, tranquil location – I loved being outside in nature. Ganga’s philosophy classes were really fascinating – I thought Ganga’s depth and breadth of knowledge was very inspiring. The asana classes were excellent – I loved the adjustments and felt my alignment, chest and shoulders improve hugely. I also really enjoyed the workshops, the variety of activities - the mandalas and dance were fun and engaging.

The feedback Ganga provided on my asana teaching was extremely useful, very clear and constructive. I have learned a huge amount and truly enjoyed the experience. Trying out new aspects of yoga, for example the kirtan and dancing has been amazing and I feel I have a very holistic understanding of yoga now.

I really appreciated the additional time and energy Ganga took to give me the first lesson of meditation and create a personalized asana routine. This was very kind and generous. The excursions were lovely – thank you for arranging them and for everything else. :)

Anne Gretzinger Florida, USA

Himalayan Yoga Institute's website

I loved the fresh air and nature in this beautiful location. I very much enjoyed Ganga’s lectures and the extra stories she shared. She is incredibly knowledgeable. When she provided feedback on my asana teaching, I appreciated the detail and the kind and patient manner in which it was given. I feel as though the feedback helped me realize my mistakes, be able to correct them and grow into a better teacher. Overall it has been great, I feel as though I am familiar with a wealth of topics and feel ready to begin teaching, which is why I came here. It is definitely an immersion program and I appreciate the variety of things we learned, satsang, meditation, kirtan, mantras, etc.

The extra touches Ganga added were very special and very much appreciated. I tried my personalized asana routine this afternoon and it was amazing. I know she spent a lot of time and effort working on these and it will not go to waste J. Neither will the meditation tips or my personal mantra. Thank you, Ganga!

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