Welcome to Himalayan Yoga Association and teacher training school in Rishikesh, India.

Yoga Retreats (12)

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6 Day Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Rishikesh

Available from April till December
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Videos (20)

Instructors (11)

Yogi Vivek ji

Himanshu Ji (The Founder)

Yogini Durgesh Ji

Swami Ji

Yogi Ankit Ji

Yogi Vipin Ji

Yogi Amit Ji

Yogi Kirti Anand Ji

Yogi Rahul Ji

Yogi Vishnuraj Ji

Yogini Neelam Ji

Reviews (42)

Nadiah Khashiem

from Brunei, February 2021

"Awesome online course"

Very good and well presented pre recorded videos for the online course. Easy to understand. Yogini Neelam was my point of contact and is very fast in her replies to my questions. Earned valuable knowledge from the online course alone and I am now saving up to go on the YTT 300hours and this time to actually experience Rishikesh. I would love to learn deeper in Yoga and Himalayan Yoga Ashram teaches an authentic Yoga teaching and captures the essence of what Yoga is all about. Very glad I chose them to be my first teachers in my Yoga training. 🙏

Kajsa Lundqvist

from Spain, March 2020

"Life-changing experience"

I loved everything. The food, the ambiance, the experience in itself. It was though to be without the comfort I´m used to at first but it was a great learning experience and I found a peace within.

Maria Aguilar

from Greece, February 2020

"Great teachers "

Very talented teachers, friendly staff, excellent food (kitchen staff very professional and hardworking) They are so receptive to suggestions, when we asked for different things that we needed or any problems that arise they fixed the issues immediately. I honestly can say that I learn so much plus I felt like they were my family . Hope some day come back to wonderful Rishikesh India.

Steven Mccarthy

from Thailand, January 2020

"Great place to do yoga"

Great teachers and location

Vithal Rathi

from United States, December 2019

"Recommend this training so they can teach yoga right"

Everything is nice and enjoyable

No complain

Suryanti (diana) Musakat

from India, December 2019

"Best yoga school with well experience teacher,very knowledge"

I love the vinyasa class and also ashtanga, I always want to learn new poses and getting more deep into it. And for Philosophy class my favorite teacher is Swammi Ji, very knowledgeable man with lots of wisdom and also very funny.

Big thank you to Ashu Ji our anatomy teacher he is really great at teaching and all the subject he make it easy for the student to understand and very details.

I love the place, it teaches me to be humble and be grateful to what I have and the surrounding.

Big thank you to all kitchen staff they are really great at cooking and I start to become vegetarian bcoz of them, and they always being so kind to make special masala chai tea:)

To all teacher Vipin, Ankit, Kriti, Vivek, MJ, Ashu, Swammi Ji, Pankage Ji thank you so much for all the knowledges and the love that you have been sharing with me and to all student.

Bcoz of HYA I make a new family around the world for life.

And to Himanshu Ji, thank you so much for being there and always helping me to get what I need and making sure the student comfortable.

I love you all and thank you so much Himalayan yoga Association, I’m feeling so proud to be part of this journey.

Tobias Truetsch

from Italy, December 2019

"A unique and unforgettable experience"

The yoga school is around a half hour by car away from Rishikesh lokated, so it is much more quite than in Tapovan / Rishikesh, which is perfect to come down and enjoy the atmosphere. Classes in Vinyasa, Asthange and Alignment with just 14 - 15 people. The sunday trip to the temple was amazing. Ankit, Rahul, Kirti and Bipin were amazing yogis.

Mahela Piti

from United States, December 2019

"Exceeds Expectations "

There are no words to describe my experience with HYA. It was an inclusive and supportive enviroment with a great curriculum that will leave you feeling ready to safely teach.

All of the teachers truly care about their students and there was great communication throughout the course.

What I learned here was everything I hoped for in a yoga teacher training. The teachers are knowledgeable and inspiring.They opened my eyes and heart real meaning of yoga. A true immersion into an authentic yoga practice.

The accommodations were clean and the food was also delicious satvic vegetarian meals. I very much enjoyed all of the Sunday excursions such as the waterfall, orphanage tour, and hiking to catch the sunset in the Himalayas.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn yoga philosophy, proper alingment, anatomy, meditation, pranayama and yoga asana.

Special thanks to Himanshu, Vivek, Vipin, Ankit, Kirti, and all of the staff in HYA for making this an unforgettable experience.

Laura Marrero Rodriguez

from Spain, December 2019

"I dont regreat it but I wouldn't recoment it."

In general doing a yoga course in India is a great experience. Rishiskesh is an interesting place with interesting people and if you are in the yoga path I will definetly go but maybe with another school.

Elyssa Skaff

from Lebanon, September 2019

"A very good experience"

I absolutely loved my alignment and vinyasa yoga teacher Rajesh Rawat, as well my philosophy teacher Bhavesh Yuj. They were both excellent. I was very blessed as the students doing the training with me were absolutely wonderful, we were a family and lived a very special experience together. An unforgettable one, actually. In terms of HYA, the accommodation is clean, very good location ( In a quiet area yet close enough to the centre). Food was great and staff did their best to make us happy. The day was intense, but the schedule was well thought off. Instructors change from one month to the next, which I think is pretty common in schools across Rishikesh. The instructor listed on the website is not necessarily the person who will be teaching you.

Martina Cakova

from Slovak Republic, August 2019

"i have nothing to say"

i ...have 5 another certficates/experince fron anorher schools.... and i will alaways say HYA is best at the World... teachers are extremely/ deep educated.

Pierre Laujin

from Great Britain, July 2019

"Brilliant school"

All but one teachers were excellent

The school is away from the noisy main road

Lots of fun activities (Kirtan, Bollywood,...)

Overall I had an excellent experience


from Great Britain, April 2019

"All the instructors were excellent. "

Early morning yoga practice, the sun bringing warmth as we finished. Really enjoyed all the asana classes. Anatomy classes were memorable too. Excellent food and hospitality throughout.

Tania Gammage

from Australia, February 2019

"Himalaya Yoga Association"

The teachers were very comitted and wholistic. Yogi Pradeep knows Anatomy and Alignment "in his bones". He is an amazing teacher and delivers scientific, and applied alignment in a way that connects and inspires. Yogi Ram is a bundle of positive energy his Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga classes are uplifting and enlightening. Yogi Vishnu shated a wealth of knowledge on Philosopy and Meditation making the whole course well rounded. The location in the bush along a mountain stream that is a tributary to the Ganga was perfect allowing connection to nature and the whole process of learning, processing, knowing.

yasmin accarini

from Thailand, February 2019

"Only for pure, authentic & joyful seekers...!!! :P "

From the first email before booking my flight, until the last day with health issues -and all the MAGIC in between- with the Himalayan Yoga {Association} Family I had the most genuine yoga experience of my life!! (And trust me... I had few!! :D From famous Ashtanga Mysore Certified Teachers, to rigorous Iyengar Yoga workshops.. all of which great I have to confess!!)

Even if you could be suspicious on the very first days when looking around all the teachers seems quite young.. All those incredible human beings you will be guided and surrounded by (from the office, to the kitchen as well!!) have something really special in common (& rare to find nowadays!!!): humble passion; anatomy and philosophy deep knowledge & curiosity; NO FAKE or unnecessary stuff in the back ground;... Plain & Simple Yog-a.. in the best, fullest and possible way! :P

My opinion...?!

Book it...!!

Kerry-lynn Tessendorf

from South Africa, January 2019

"300h advanced training "

Thank you so much to each and every person that made my stay as wonderful as it was.

Never have I felt such warm from a group of people.

The teachers are all amazing!!!

So informative, friendly and funny-yet they remain humble.

The staff make you feel at home instantly! They are always there to help you with anything. The food was always great. Accommodation is clean and homey.

I give the school, teachers, staff, food and accommodations all 10/10.

Wish I could have stayed longer.

Anna Chiara Hauser

from France, January 2019

"A wonderful experience"

I have very much enjoyed my 500-hour TTC and I would like to thank HYA, the teachers and all of my fellow class mates for making these two months such a wonderful experience! Everybody was friendly and responsive to any queries :)

Lyly Berrut

from Switzerland, December 2018

"Life changing experience "

I came to the ashram with a heavy heart as many things had happened in my life prior to this journey. But the two weeks spent with all the wonderful people who were there for the same purpose, all the shared moments with our instructors, it felt like we were a family. It was only two weeks, but the goodbyes were simply hard.

The food is amazing! Such a luxury to get good Indian vegetarian food served to us everyday, 3 times a day. Our favourite gurus: Vivek and Pradeep spent their days with us, and shared their meals with us and really made us feel like part of something important. Thank you all for this.

Jessica Allen

from South Africa, December 2018

"A life-changing experience i would definitely recommend!"

The teachers were amazing - they are so knowledgeable, engaging, friendly, helpful, enthusiastic, encouraging, etc. Satish (ashtanga) and Rajesh (alignment) were incredible instructors, it was such a privilege being taught by them.

Location is brilliant - near the top of the town away from the noise of traffic. Just a short walk up the hill gets you into the mountain and forest, with a stream, clean air and a waterfall. A short walk down the hill takes you to the Ganga River, shops, restaurants, transport, travel agencies, etc.

Debra Dyson-holland

from Australia, November 2018

"Himalayan High"

The location with the river so close...was an absolute treat to have meditation class down there.

Fresh mountain air, dew under your feet, living and breathing the Yoga lifestyle & learning the traditions of India 🇮🇳


from Czechia, October 2018

More variety of food

Kristina Karpinska

from Netherlands, October 2018

"Good value. Great attitude. "

Staff is very helpful and kind, open to suggestions and flexible.

Topics discussed are nicely explained, questions are appreciated.

Practices are challenging and inspiring.

Days-off activities are offered and discussed with students before going out.

Everybody is well taken care of.

Good food: variety, taste, freshness. It is possible to ask for a non-spicy option.

There is also a nice in-house eatery - so food out of the school hours can be offered.

Every single staff person was nice and helpful.

Thank you!

P.S. We have studied with my daughter Maria (2 years old), Pammi and Rita kindly offered their services to babysit during the classes: superTHANK YOU to them.

As well as THANK YOU to Pradeep: for all you are, kind soul!

Cordula Kienreich

from Austria, October 2018

"300h Advanced YTTC Review - Lots of room for improvement"

This review is for the 300h YYTC ADVANCED course. Let me start by pointing out the positives of this training. Our theory teachers (alignment, anatomy, pranayama, yoga therapy, meditation and philosophy) were amazing. They are very knowledgeable and I feel like I learned a lot with them. Alignment and anatomy, however is more of a revision of what you usually learn in the 200h course (I did mine in Ecuador) and does not go into details about more advanced poses, which I would've liked considering this was promoted an ADVANCED YTTC. Nevertheless, it was good to go back to the basic and look into it again. Satish, our Ashtanga teacher was amazing. Absolutely loved his style of teaching and even though I don't really enjoy doing Ashtanga as a style in my personal practice, I learned a lot and enjoyed going to practice everyday.

Nichole Game

from Great Britain, October 2018

"My yoga journey "

The school was such a wonderful place filled with positivity and love and great teachers / it felt more like a family. I feel fit, clean and healthy body and mind and would recommend to anyone thinking about a teaching course.


from Great Britain, September 2018

Ashtanga teacher was excellent. Food was nice!

Anne Dang

from Japan, September 2018

"Fantastic, life changing experience"

Everything was amazing! I love it very much!

Thank you Rishikesh, thank you HYA, thank you all instructors - you are absolutely wonderful. I'm extremely grateful to learn from you and to be there! It's life-changing experience for me.

I wish you and HYA all the best!

Ngoc Hoang

from Japan, September 2018

Our school has one of the best locations in Rishikesh - high up in the mountain, quiet and away from the busyness of the town. Apart of classes the staff and teachers also try to squeeze in excursions into nature to help us refresh and bond. Morning Yoga outside by the Ganga River was one of my best memories there! I also appreciate that the teachers are always available to answer our questions and try to train us through a wealth of prep exercises.

Leoné Murphy

from India, September 2018

"Amazing experience "

I came for my 300hours and I had a really beautiful experience. The teachers were really knowledgeable and I learned so much in such a short amount of time. The highlights for me were yoga therapy, allignment, and Satish’s beautiful singing at the end of every ashtanga class. Overall it was a really great experience and I definitely recommend it.

Maik Zimmermann

from India, August 2018

"It was an amazing experience from the first to the last day!"

The teachers are all very good and very nice. They are very much dedicated to the subject and to Yoga. Especially alignment classes, yoga therapy, philosophy and anatomy have been very informative and good. Also the Yoga classes where very good! Overall a very intense and awesome experience! Thank you very much! I loved it!

Sreenanda Parida

from India, June 2018

"Inexperienced staff in regard to theory and discipline "

The ashtang yoga practicals and alignment class by Rajesh was the only class that was useful for me .

Martina Cakova

from Slovak Republic, April 2018


perfect teachers, philosophy, anatomy, vinyasa, alignment, ashtanga... all teachers here, teach and explaining the way even idiot must understand, all classes very interesting (i started to love learning <3... Specialy big respect to vinyasa and ashtanga teachers > i do yoga more than 6 years, i tryed lot of yoga teachers> germany, spain, india, czech rep.... but those in this school are extra perfect profesionals, teachers that push you to be better....

btw, I was searching for yoga school (TTC) more than one month all around all the world, and i’m most happy person i choosed this one.

Maria Gikineh

from Austria, March 2020

"Bemüht aber etwas unorganisiert "

Die Lage, die Kompetenz der Lehrer das Essen waren sehr gut.

Mariem Amserouy

from Morocco, July 2019

"An amazing experience "

My experience with HYA was just amazing. It is a home away from home as all the team is there to make sure we thrive and learn in the best conditions. The teachers are really knowledgeable and provide great material for further learning. I would recommend HYA to anyone who wants to feel the spirit of Yoga at the heart of its world capital Rishikesh. It was a life changing experience. Thank you

Maribel Esmeralda Gutierrez Rodriguez

from Mexico, January 2019

Todos los maestros muy buenos y muy amables. El personal muy amble y profesional. Lo recomiendo ampliamente.

Megan Trippel

from United States, September 2018

"Wunderbare Erfahrung"

Alles in allem eine wunderschöne Erfahrung, von der ich noch lange etwas haben werde. Vielen vielen Dank ❤

Eve Godin

from Australia, September 2018

My experience at the Himalayan Yoga Association in Rishikesh has been life changing. I've learned so much more about yoga in these two months than I thought I would learn in my entire life. The teachers seem to have limitless knowledge and teach with a lot of love and passion. The kitchen staff works sooooo hard everyday to feed and accommodate all the students. The owners of the building welcome us with warmth in their home and really make us feel like family. Finally, spending these two months in Rishikesh itself with all it's culture (people, temples, food, mountains) was an eye opening for me and made me grow spiritually, mentally and physically (thanks to the countless chaturanga!)

Love and light,


Maira Bosio

from Argentina, September 2018

"Wonderful place"

I want to recomend to each of the people that have in mint a yoga course this place. The place is wonderful, so cleaning, so confortable, nice, friendly, the teacher are proffesional willing to help you in every thing. The people was respectful and trustworthy, the course integrante all the knowledge so that you can undestard yoga. Is raised in a inteligent way.

David Durand

from India, May 2018

The team was amazing. I really enjoy my time there. beautiful energy and people.