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Himalayan International Yoga School

Our teacher training is not an academic 'head knowledge' course or a mere physical exercise, but a life changing journey of discovering the inner peace, positive health and happiness.

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Instructors (4)

Master Krishna Raja

Certified Master Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist, hailing from a family of traditional Yoga practitioners from South India. He first learned Yoga at the age of 8 from his uncle. Later he joined SVYASA Yoga university and and became a certified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist. He has been teaching Mindfulness Yoga and Yoga Therapy in India and many countries. His teachings are based on Mindfulness holistic approach coupled with modern medical and scientific explanations adhered by his teachers Dr. Nagendra, former scientist of NASA and Dr. Nagarathna, MD, founders of SVYASA Yoga University.

Dr. Sheetal Chopade

Well known to her medical practice and an accomplished Ayurvedic teacher, Dr. Sheetal brings with her years of experience in this noble field. She is a strong believer of Ayurveda, which is an ancient and proven Indian medical science. Dr. Sheetal is a practicing licensed doctor for the past 20 years, with many of her patients within India and abroad. She has 15+ years of teaching experience and she is also a renowned visiting Professor in Germany, France and Switzerland. Runs her own Panchakarma center in Pune, India for the last five years. She is also an Online Ayurveda Consultant.

Dr. Shishir Gokhale - Online Sessions

Dr. Gokhale is a graduate of MGM Medical College, Indore and did MD and Medical Microbiology at the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune. He served in the Indian Army Medical Corps as Pathologist and Microbiologist at various military hospitals, for 27 years. He has established laboratory facilities for all hospitals in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. He is presently Professor and Head of the Department of Microbiology and Director of Basic Sciences at the Manipal College of Medical Sciences in Pokhara, Nepal.


Ms. Bhawani has traveled widely in Europe and Asia teaching yoga, Indian cooking, and Ayurveda massage therapy. An expert in cooking Indian traditional food and yogic or Satvik food, she is also specialized and expert in menopause, pregnancy, and children yoga. She is a certified yoga teacher from International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center.

Reviews (11)

Leopold Hjalmarsson

from Sweden, January 2019

"The traditional philosophy of Yoga!"

This is the school for those who wish to learn the traditional way of living through Yoga. Studying with Krishna and Bhawani is like being invited to someone's home. I learned their way of life, the philosophy behind a cultural heritage dating back thousands of years. Krishna is a very kind man and one of the most passionate people I have ever met. When studying with him, be prepared to take responsibility and discipline yourself. Krishna teaches us how to be in control and prepared for anything life might throw at us. More than asanas, it is in its essance the method of living a good and meaningful life.

The food Bhawani makes is another amazing aspect of this experience - ayurvedic cuisine with a multitude of flavours. I have not eaten this healthy in my entire life!

Before you arrive I would recommend eating healthy, adjusting your sleep rhythm and limiting stimulants such as coffee. I believe this will ease the meditation practise.

Lella Misikir

from United States, September 2018

"What a SHAM(e)!!"

The fact that I actually got way more my money's worth, not only was it a very underwhelming YTT but it also was a very excellent lesson about people, and Yogis who don't practice what they preach. Practicing what you preach it VITAL, I also learnt WHAT NOT TO BECOME. So very disappointed at the same time very grateful. A bit of what i didnt like cuz not enough space: No Wifi (Website said there will be WiFi) (So we had extra costs for 4G). Lack of preparedness, where we were supposes to stay had layers and layers of dust. toilets were same. Least amount of effort exerted to make it welcoming. Pests were there, we had two mice that they had to put poison to get rid of. No Pool (Website said they had pool).No Garden &  No Yoga Deck (Website said they did).No Sunday meals until after we said we need it (First day we came they told us No Sunday meals cuz the locals don't work on Sundays: Website said three meals for 28 days). We literally had the same breakfast everyday for the 28 days. I am a Vegan and Vegetarian Chef and it's very easy for me to see how much effort and money has gone into the food making process. It was bare minimum, very low budget food. No variety aswell.There is no real Yoga School very misleading photos on the website, they claimed school was under construction but did not disclose that information to use before we booked which  find to be very problematic because every information on the website affects our decision wether or not to book this training.

Serene Tan

from Singapore, March 2018

"My life changing experience. One month of Truth and Wisdom."

Thank you again Krishna and Bhavani, for all the precious knowledge that you both have shared with me. I will always honour these Yogic lessons, you made them so enjoyable. You have helped me understand how to heal my physical body, improve my metabolism, as much as how to train my Mind. These practices are very useful moving forward, and the meditation methods are great for focusing, cutting back on random thoughts and for relaxation. I am truly grateful and blessed to be your student. The meals prepared by Bhavani are very nourishing, appreciate how she taught us to complement Ayurveda with Yoga. Krishna has been so patient and wise with his guidance, studying under him I was able to grasp the course easily. His knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga is so vast and he has imparted them to us even beyond the syllabus and learning materials. This has been a great and life changing journey for me. Will see you both soon for the 500 hours course. Bless!

Chloe Freaks

from Great Britain, February 2018

"An amazing and in-depth understanding of traditional yoga"

An excellent course. Krishna has so much knowledge and information to share about traditional yoga. He is extremely passionate about teaching and wants to help everyone understand 100% so you can use it within your own teaching practice and/or lifestyle. You get an in depth understanding about why we practice each aspect of traditional yoga and not just concentrating on westernised postures.

I really liked having small classes which helped with the intake of information, personalised learning and gave me the confidence to teach the different areas of yoga.

Gabriela Delgado Lopez

from Sweden, October 2017

"An beautiful experience"

The holistic yoga approach was very good and I learned many new things. I was expecting something and I left with so much more and I feel ready and confident to start my self-practice and also share it with others. The teachers were really good and tried to do everything to make us feel safe, happy and well fed! We “worked in” more than we “worked out” and that was a very emotional and educational experience for me.

I would love to go back and study some more with Krishna and Bhawani or just spend time with them because they are such friendly and easy going people! I could write tons here but overall the course was life changing for me and I will forever be grateful for all the knowledge I gained from Krishna and Bhawani and all my classmates who shared so much of themselves and made me grow as a person.

Sarah Romano

from United States, May 2018

"Treasure on Earth"

I love everything about this place. Krishna and Bhawani are genuine, authentic people which goes along with their course. I’m so blessed to have received my 500 hr training and ayurveda massage knowledge from them. Truly, it is hard to find a place that will cater to the holistic, authentic yoga ~ I was in New Zealand at a training before and nothing compares to the training Himalayan Yoga School has to offer. I gained so much knowledge that will help me better my life and with their teachings I may now spread a holistic lifestyle more consciously and deliberately. Thank you both so much! Truly gems that I will see again for sure. Don’t think twice, book your retreat/yoga teacher training now!!!!! Plus the food is delicious, wholesome, healthy and fresh!


from United States, March 2018

"200 Hour Must Do! "

Krishna and Bhawani were such great host! They really make you feel at home. I was the only 500 trainee during the program and it was great having such in depth one on ones with Krishna. Anatomy is not my easiest subject but Krishna made it very approached and fun! He’s a wonderful teacher ready to answer any of your questions and will keep on until you get it. I would recommend the 200 teacher training to anyone!

Ruth Krug

from United States, January 2018

"Life changing training "

Krishna and his wife Bhawani were very friendly and easy to talk to. It felt like being around famiy. Krishna has a lot of knowledge and he took the time to teach me everything he knows. I learned a lot from him during the month long training and highly recommend him as a teacher! It was a life changing training for me that helped me to go deeper in my own yoga and meditation practice but it also helped me become a better, more informed teacher. If you are looking for teacher to help guide you deeper into the holistic roots of yoga and meditation this is the training for you!

Testimonials (5)

Alisha b

Trip Advisor

Pleasant and memorable experience

I got clear answers for all my questions I had for a long time during this Teacher Training Course with Krishna at in Siem Reap recently. He is a wonderfult teacher. He explained in a simple way using interesting examples, scientific and medical explanations so that I was able to understand yogic Philosophy easily. Not only explaining, he also made us to practice what was taught. Now I am confident Yoga practice will change my lifestyle from unhealthy one to a healthy lifestyle and prevent stress and I will be healthy and happy.

The Ayurveda massage course conducted by Bhawani was very useful and now I can do basic Ayurveda massage and I am very satisfied.

The food was excellent and really enjoyed my 4 weeks stay with this friendly warm couple teaching authentic Yoga and Ayurveda.

I highly recommend to any one who are interested in learning authentic yoga.

leilas1396 New Jersey

Trip Advisor

Krishna and Bahwani are blessings, everlasting knowledge

Beautiful yoga training/retreat center with information that will change your life, your perspectives, your mindsets working to enhance you as a soul. Knowledge that can be implemented every second of every day in order to stay calm, stress-free, and at ease even on your most hectic of days. I would do it all over again an infinite amount of times. Krishna and Bahwani resemble family to me and give you the utmost respect, love, and hospitality. Also, the Ayurvedic diet made my organs smile as well as my face. You can actually taste the love and careful creation that goes into every delectable meal.

Take the leap, if you’re looking to heal or heal others. Take the leap, if you want to understand the roots of yoga. Take the leap, if you want to take part in changing the world and creating a peaceful harmony amongst us all. Himalayan yoga retreat center will give you everything you need to prosper, heal, understand your body, and to further your yoga practice.

Peace, love and blessings to all!


sahaj a

Trip Advisor

sahaj a


Reviewed 3 weeks ago via mobile


The yoga teacher training course at Himalayan International Yoga School in Siem Reap conducted by Krishna was great. Highly knowledgeable and experienced Krishna taught us all aspects of Yoga including yogic physical exercises, asanas, meditation, pranayama/Breathing exercises, pratyahara/ controlling the senses, detox techniques, cleansing techniques, mudras, yoga therapy, mindfulness etc....

Although I have been practicing Asanas for many years, only after attending this course I fully understood the purpose and benefits of asanas, how asanas should be practiced, limitations of asanas etc.. In fact every student had to make their own "Asana Book" which was one of the assignments during this course. It gave me in depth knowledge of all aspects of Asana practice which is one area of the authentic yoga.

The food and accommodation was perfect and I really enjoyed the stay in this Yoga school.

For those who want to learn, practice and teach yoga for stress free healthy life this course is ideal.

Thank you Krishna & Bhawani

Evelyn W

Trip Advisor

Truly one-of-a-kind experience

I was so lucky to receive the one-on-one yoga instruction and guidance that I did from my traditional Indian teacher Krishna in at the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal, and continued in India, the birthplace of yoga. The entire experience and how yoga continues to serve me to this day is priceless. Not only that, but the programs he offers are at a fraction of the cost of getting a yoga teacher's training certificate here in the States or in Europe.

If you have any interest of not only being a certified traditional holistic yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance International certified!) but want to get a one-of-a-kind experience by participating in the course in Asia, I highly recommend joining the course in Siem Reap, Cambodia!

There have been several changes I experienced after TTC. The main one I would say is more on a personal level in achieving a heightened sense of self-awareness. This was accomplished, first, by learning to breathe and meditate and clear the mind. I come from a very stressful background of working long hours in Los Angeles, and I was always tense. I always had a lot of thoughts in my mind that I couldn’t quiet, and because of that, I couldn’t think with clarity. I couldn’t even realize how unhappy I was because there was no room for self-analysis in my busy mind. I projected negative energy I was feeling as a result of my lifestyle onto those around me. I wasn’t a pleasant person, and my relationships suffered. I didn’t take the time to take care of not only my physical body, but all the other layers of my being.

Since practicing yoga, I have been able to better prioritize my life. I have learned to calm down and relax. I have learned to be more present. I have discovered the power I have to heal myself and accomplish things myself with the tools I have been given. I am happy. I am so happy and confident that others can discover the same powerful aspects of yoga, which is why I was so eager to learn to be a teacher myself, and I am even more eager to put what I’ve learned to practice at home.

Being able to share all of these things that I have learned with others is truly invaluable and rewarding beyond words. For those who are looking to seek more than just an end result...for those who are looking forward to a journey that will benefit them for the rest of their lives...for those who are looking for a full and complete experience (truly life-changing, for me!), I urge you to take the course.

brit188 Germany

Trip Advisor

Calm your mind

I absolved the 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training class in September 2017 in Seam Reap and I am still impressed by the changes it brought to my daily life. Although I had been practicing Yoga for many years, Krishna‘s class enabled me to practice on a more mindful and deeper level. He did not only help me to learn how to truly meditate (which I had always struggled with) but also how to calm my mind even in stressful situations and, thus, act with more awareness.

I am still grateful for this uncomparable experience and highly recommend Krishna‘s classes. Be open and experience a welcome change and strength whithin yourself which you probably did not expect to find.

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