Hemisphere Adventure Therapy

Vancouver , Canada

Hemisphere Adventure Therapy's facilitates personal transformation through experience. It offers programs, workshops, and retreats in western Canada.

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  • James Canada

    Hemisphere Adventure Therapy website

    I found Andreas Team building exercises to be fun, challenging and a great opportunity to get to know my co-workers on a personal level, how they think, how they work and who leads by example and who follows rather than challenging themselves.

  • Lauralee Canada

    Hemisphere Adventure Therapy website

    Over the past 10 years our staff & families have participated in numerous Team Building Events (Las Vegas, Whistler, Maple Ridge, Mission), but our experience with Andrea (Hemisphere Adventure) leaves a lasting impression! The activities were innovative, fun, and engaging for all ages and abilities. Andreas knowledge & experience allowed us to develop stronger communication.

  • Shelley Canada

    Hemisphere Adventure Therapy website

    My employer takes us on a company retreat to Zajac Ranch at least once a year, we always to team building activities and they are always fun. This year they had Andrea and her Team Building Coordination Services team set up a bunch of different stations all over the property and arranged it.

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