helene.moves is a yoga and health project run by Helene Roselstorfer, a yoga, bodywork, and moving specialist, offering several holidays including yoga retreats.

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Rikard Rybonn

from Sweden, August 2019

The location was indeed fantastic. Made me feel calm and in balance. The instructors, who not only did a great job teaching yoga, but also took us out nice hikes, were really good and welcoming.

Neva Kajnih Hoyka

from Croatia, August 2019

"Wonderful experience for body and soul"

The picturesque surroundings of the hotel and the calming effect from it were an important part of this experience. The hiking possibilities for amateurs are amazing and our yoga instructors took us every day on another hike. The day was a perfect combination of yoga, hiking, relaxation and good food in the hotel. The overall organization was very good.

I loved Helene's and Patricia's passion for yoga and their huge knowledge. The days were dedicated to various elements so every class was different which made me eagerly await each new class. It was a perfect combination of pranayama, various yoga styles and chanting with a bonus - the view on the lake and the mountains.

I've already signed up for their next retreat. I warmly recommend it to everyone.


from Germany, September 2018

"Yoga am Berg"

beautiful location, most peaceful scenery, stimulating air, most friendly teachers, very indivual tuition, very flexible and heartwarming classes, Yoga at its best