Helena Chalverus Four Season Yoga Retreats

Kundalini yoga, Qigong, massage, authentic movement and special diet all focused on cleansing and purifying the organs and emotions associated with each season.

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Helena Chalverus

Helena is a wife and mother of two sons, who has chosen to live in rural Spain where she has the possibility of raising her children in a natural environment while dedicating her artistic background towards inspiring, profound corporal experiences for those who are interested in finding a balance in today's mental society. She believes in the deep wisdom people are able to tap into when people allow the minds to take a back seat and create space for the unknown which expresses itself through the bodies and voices.

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Gema Luque

from Spain, July 2018

"Experiencias únicas"

Ha sido una experiencia muy recomendable. He podido disfrutar de grandes instructores,de la práctica del yoga que tanto me gusta. De la calidad de vida ,tanto del entorno como de la comida tan exquisita.

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Nika S.

Helena Chalverus Four Season Yoga Retreats website

Helenas Winter/ New Year Retreat in Betis.Bolonia for me has been one of the best kept secrets in Spain. The Retreat has provoked a small metarmophosis for me, surrounded by delicious nature resembling the Swiss Alps with views over Bolonia Beach, the wild Atlantic and Africa on the horizon I have connected with something so profoundly pure and beautiful that I feel i will carry it in my heart eternally. I have experienced pure Luxury in the Simplicity. Through Yoga practice, Kryas and partner exercises i found Bliss and Joy and left with a full heart. I met the most wonderful people, from Belgium to Mexico, France and Germany. Great personalities with fascinating professions and beautiful live stories, we all simply felt connected and very safe. We perceived that we are doing something that matters and affects the whole universe at the same time. We hiked to a virgin beach and swam in the Atlantic on the first day of the year while we were catered delicious meals on the rocks. An unforgettable experience with new awakenings. And so many real laughters!! Thank you Helena!

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