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11 Days Pilgrimage Meditation and Yoga Retreat in India

  • Shri Yoga Mandir Ashram, N-1/1C Nagwa, Varanasi 221005, India

HeartSourcing Immersion India Yoga Retreat

Join Ramgiri and Durga to Varanasi, the city of the Gods in this HeartSourcing immersion. These retreat offerings take you to the most sacred places of India, sanctified by the presence of sages and siddhas, who have graced this land and its people for centuries. You will meet in places of extraordinary beauty, serenity, and spiritual energy that can effortlessly guide you to your pure and limitless inner core and a richer, more connected life.


  • Daily guided Hatha yoga sessions
  • Daily pranayama and meditation sessions
  • Emphasis on spiritual practice, your personal one, and HeartSourcing
  • Evening satsang, kirtan, Hanuman Chalisa practice, and discussion groups
  • Immersion into the atmosphere of Varanasi, on the banks of the river Ganga
  • Pilgrimage to the most potent temples in Varanasi
  • 10 nights accommodation
  • Daily breakfast
  • 10 days with instruction
  • German, Spanish, English
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You will stay at Shri Yoga Mandir Ashram, a Ganga river view guest house and ashram for yoga practices. The ashram is clean, quiet, has a beautiful garden, lots of light and air flowing through, and near to Assi Ghat. The ashram is owned and run by a local Brahim family. The modest accommodation is available in single or double occupancies with air conditioner and en-suite bathrooms.

Immersing yourself in this inspiring experience will intensify your inner process of awakening and more firmly establish you in your true love and wisdom. Every day, you will have the opportunity to participate in yoga, guided meditation, and the skills of HeartSourcing.

Varanasi is extraordinary in its spiritual depth, its stirring aliveness, and the grace and blessings that can be received here. Even more extraordinary is the vast expanse of the core of your own being, the inner source of your love, the radiant self in the cave of the heart. In this HeartSourcing retreat, you will experience both.

What is a HeartSourcing immersion?

  • Drinking deeply from the source of love
  • ‘The Work of Byron Katie,’ to clear the mind and help it to rest in inner peace
  • Open attention, to heal emotional edges and to nurture your entire being
  • Integrating the inner and outer known and secret sources of yoga and consciousness
  • Entering the world of the Gods, the living, and awe-inspiring aspects of your enlightened mind
  • Training heart and mind to encompass new joyful dimensions of being
  • Giving you the critically important skills you need to establish yourself in a higher and happier dimension of being

Your experience in the city of the Gods Varanasi can unfold on many levels.

Physical level

On the physical level, you will experience the adventure of staying in the city that has for millennia held the central position in the most ancient spiritual country on earth and visiting its most important vortexes of spiritual power.

Social level

On the social level, you can enjoy the exhilarating spiritual intimacy of satsang, connecting in community, kirtan, and celebration with a new part of your sacred family. And you move among the Indian people who are much more transparent to the presence of soul than we are in the west.

Mental level

Mentally, you can learn many things, among them the practice of ‘the work’ to free your mind of stressful thoughts. You will also discover many secrets of the Gods in the Indian pantheon, and how to evoke these aspects of your own enlightened mind so grace can awaken in you.

Emotional level

Emotionally, you can discover how to bring yourself into harmony with open attention and experience the practical use of the unlimited power of love to heal and nurture you.

Spiritual level

Spiritually, you can enjoy the unique ambiance of the sacred Ganga and the city of light. You can open to the experience of the deities as windows into higher reality or mirrors of the true self. In this way, the divine world becomes a portal into the absolute, beyond birth and death, the liberation into the timeless space of the fully awakened heart.

This is an adventure for yogis and spiritual seekers, not a tourist vacation. The goal is to go deep and have you bring home truly transforming experiences, a new admiration and shining love for yourself and all life, and a firm foothold in a higher and liberating awareness.


October 26, 2016

  • Arrival at Shri Yoga Mandir, Varanasi, India
  • Program starts at 15:00

October 26 to November 5, 2016

  • Program activities continue. A detailed itinerary will be given upon registration

November 5, 2016

  • Program ends at 12:00

The price of the retreat includes the following activities:

  • Evening Aarati (puja) in the banks of the Ganges
  • Ganges (Ganga) boat ride
  • Manikarnika Ghats, the sacred cremation grounds
  • Various temples, vortexes of spiritual insight in Varanasi
  • Vindiachal, a powerful shakti temple outside of Varanasi
  • Durga Julia Sanchez

    Durga has cultivated the practice of Bhakti yoga (the yoga of devotion) through kirtan, and the practice of Hatha yoga (asana, pranayama, mantra practice, and meditation).

  • Ramgiri

    Ramgiri has cultivated his understanding and realization of spiritual reality for five decades in east and west, and he is an eminent guide into this world of the sacred. He will be offering satsang during in the context of this retreat. In these informal sessions, you can get your questions answered, receive personal guidance, and discuss all dimensions of your Varanasi experience. His support will help you to unlock ‘secret’ or esoteric aspects of the inner world of yoga and the Gods, which would otherwise remain hidden.

This spiritual yoga retreat will take place in Varanasi, the city of the Gods, India. Varanasi is extraordinary in its spiritual depth, its stirring aliveness, and the grace and blessings that can be received here.

  • Boating
  • Air conditioned room
  • Garden
  • River
  • Tour assistance

Breakfast (mainly Indian) will be part of your package. Lunch and dinner are not included but there are a few good restaurants and cafes in the city and near the ashram.

  • Do your own practice
  • Leisure, reading, journaling, and contemplation
  • Make private appointments with Ramgiri or Durga for guidance and support
  • 10 nights accommodation
  • Daily breakfast
  • Daily Hatha yoga and HeartSourcing sessions
  • Evening aarti to Ganga Ma
  • Morning puja to Ganga Ma and boat ride
  • Pilgrimage to the most potent temples in Varanasi
  • Pilgrimage to Manikarnika Ghat (the sacred cremation grounds)
  • Retreat tuition
  • Any donations or tips
  • Flight fare to Varanasi, India
  • Local transportation
  • Other meals outside the breakfast at Shri Yoga Mandir Ashram
  • Passport or visa services
  • Private sessions with Ramgiri or Durga

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flights to arrive at Varanasi International Airport (VNS). From there, hire a pre-paid taxi to take you to Shri Yoga Mandir in Assi Ghat. Please contact HeartSourcing for the ashram's phone number in case the taxi driver needs further instructions.


  • Review by Christa van Bracht from Germany
    10 out of 10

    "I have yearned so much for my freedom, but a part of me did not think it was possible to become truly free because I have tried it so much and again and again. Now this has happened to me; there is this black, dense cloud which has been with me for so very long and this black shape is beginning to emit light from inside, to move, to get an inner structure. Yes, it is becoming luminous from inside and of brilliant beauty. From my heart, there flows this sweet feeling of well-being and comfort, love, and goodness. The darkness in me is dissolving and it is being replaced by a deep joy. This is actually true. The skills are really the handle and the exact tool that enables me to heal my wounds. I go on of course, but now I have to smile often. When fear appears, from which I have always tried to quickly escape, I stop immediately and say, "Fear! Wonderful! Come! You are welcome. Show yourself!" The most amazing thing about this process of healing is the experience that every difficulty dissolves into a wonderfully deep insight. It is not really about becoming free of pain and sadness, to finally get rid of suffering, but it is about opening the door to this magnificent inner wisdom. For a long time, I knew in my head that wisdom is internal and will show itself from the inside. But to experience that, this well flows inside me and to know step by step, inquiry by inquiry, that thanks to the skills my greatest wish is coming true and I can dive into this universal wisdom that fills me with the deepest gratitude and joy. And best of all, I cannot lose it again, because I always have the skills with me, in my daily luggage, so to speak. This is a precious gift."

    HeartSourcing website, edited

  • Review by Elaine Summer from United States
    9 out of 10

    "The skills reinforced my clarity of mind and empowered me to really love myself."

    HeartSourcing website, edited

  • Review by Sol Alonso from United States
    9 out of 10

    "HeartSourcing is amazing! It completely changed me. There is a clear before and after HeartSourcing in my life. Through the practice, I've become a lot more present and open to love, especially from others. It opens a door to a shortcut that guides you to become what we truly are, love. And I think that is what freedom is - to become what we truly are. By opening the door to that path, a strong love wind hits you that will amaze and even shock you. It's a flood of gratitude."

    HeartSourcing website, edited