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Queensland Yoga Retreat Australia

You might be emotionally hurting, or needing to refocus and re-assess your priorities. Or maybe you have an illness and need 'time out' to help your healing to happen. Whatever the reason, Heartland Retreat, just two hours north of Brisbane, is sure to replenish your love of life! This program is suitable for those who want to simply get away from everything and everyone for five blissful days of being nurtured: physically, by the yummy vegetarian cuisine; mentally, by the self empowerment talks which help you to gain an new perspective on your life; and spiritually, by learning to meditate and connect to your own inner voice.

Course description

This course is suitable for those who want to undertake some days of private inner work and who want to minimize mild depression naturally; those who lack of energy and easily fatigue and who cannot seem to have enough peace to achieve the life they seek and those who repeat negative patterns of behavior that they want to stop, including emotional addictions or habits that. If you suffer from some other debilitating illness or if you are hurting, this course is perfect to improve your tranquility and harmony. When you set new goals, you do not have to find yourself frustrated by patterns of self-sabotage. You will simply like to refocus and refresh yourself.

Retreat highlights

  • Regular meditations and chants
  • Daily Tai Chi or yoga classes offered
  • Transformative workshops with Les Dyer
  • Juices and a huge range of some 45 herbal teas
  • Group workshop and creative art sessions
  • Wholesome organic vegetarian meals
  • Hand feed dolphins at Tin Can Bay
  • 4 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Beginner

Yoga styles

5 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: English
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Heartland offers you the chance to 'get-away-from-it-all' and yet be close to everything! We can arrange pick up from Brisbane and Sunshine Coast airport, bus and rail stations. We're just 2 hours north of Brisbane.

We offer private air-conditioned single or double accommodation. Each room has been designed to help you relax and take a pause from your otherwise busy schedule. Our retreat is designed to help you to deeply connect with your true self, your inner voice and heart.

The buildings are surrounded by 80 acres of lush rolling hills on which we have an organic macadamia orchard and also a donkey sanctuary. Heartland is a registered Wildlife Refuge.

Our library is a first class spiritual resource with over 4,000 volumes for you to browse through covering religious beliefs, spirituality, healing, parenting, diet, psychology and self-empowerment.

Our Inner Sanctum is a deeply sacred space that offers absolute respite from the cares of the world.

Our Art Space offers opportunities to explore the delights of watercolour, acrylic and oil painting, claywork, sculpture, hebel block and various creative crafts.

Heartland Retreat Australia Yoga Retreat Program

Heartland Retreat healing renewals are 5 days of spiritual wholeness and refocus. Guests are entirely free to take part in (or decline) any activity. Heartland Retreat strives to ensure your entire program is gentle, non-threatening and is never intrusive in any way. During these five days you can reconnect more deeply with the true you.

Many retreats offer you psychological help dressed up in many different forms. Being a spiritually-based retreat, Heartland can offer you an alternative - something very often of immense value. It is the understanding of your human condition and three very simple answers that can radically help you (as they have already helped thousands of others). These three practical, non-invasive processes can together help you to free yourself and live the rich, fulfilled life you seek!

Change process

The unique perspective change process is the very easy-to-learn practice which allows you to change your core attitudes toward the triggers that cause your distress.


Heartland’s extensive meditation program offers you seven different meditative healing methods. Meditation is now a scientifically proven effective approach toward regaining emotional health. Heartland gives you the science and the gentle methods themselves that can smoothly help to return you to emotional health and a happier state of living.

Meditation is now proven to extensively support neuro-plasticity change within your brain; and is recognized as a valuable stand-alone pathway to attitudinal/mental/emotional change. Put simply, you can confidently meditate yourself out of many of your traumas.

Creativity process

Heartland’s very popular creativity process is that which encourages you to express the divine lovingness that lives within you! Heartland helps you to gently release the shackles that stop you expressing yourself and in the process they show you how to paint, sculpt, collage and lovingly express the true, beautiful you!

Healing outcomes

  • Achieve re-connection with your higher self
  • Be the love you seek
  • Be the wholeness you were created to be
  • Benefit from an ‘everyone’s a winner’ perspective on life
  • Eliminate hate and anger, disappointment and sadness from your life
  • Enjoy physical wholeness once more
  • Gain harmony and peace
  • Gain more out of each day
  • Never again suffer victim-hood
  • Overcome fatigue, pain and emotional fears
  • Reconnect with the spirit or soul within yourself
  • Regain your zest for life
  • Take charge of your personal healing



  • Guests arrive between 09:00 and 11:00
  • Time to settle in, look around, read, relax and have private talks with Les
  • Lunch at 13:00
  • Talk and meditation in the temple with Les at 15:00
  • A light evening meal at 18:00
  • Personal time 19:30

The program commences with a tasty vegetarian lunch at 13:00 on Monday. Today is the start of your own healing. You may be coming to Heartland for some much-needed “time out” and that is perfect for you. Or you may be healing from an illness, depression or perhaps you have lost your sense of purpose. Heartland will offer to assist you in any way they can.

On Monday you will learn why meditation is important for you - even those who practice meditation will still enjoy the first guided meditation session. There will be a brief group session in the afternoon, just to connect the group energy. Heartland offers lots of different things during the week and you can choose what you would like to attend or you may like to enjoy a swim or to read a book.


  • Morning wake up bell at 07:00
  • Tai Chi in the temple with Darren at 07:30
  • Breakfast at 08:30
  • Morning mantras at 09:45
  • Morning tea at 10:45
  • Self empowerment talk with Les at 11:30
  • Lunch at 13:00
  • Step-by-step art with Trudi at 14:30
  • Free time at 16:30
  • Dinner at 18:30
  • Evening talk with Kylie on naturopathy and nutrition in the lounge / library at 19:00

On Tuesday, you will begin your day by enjoying a fresh watermelon juice or lemon juice to kick start your alkalinity for the day. It is a wonderful habit to get into, and you may like to start it whilst at Heartland (it is a much better way to start the day than with a cup of coffee.)

Learn the simple art of Tai Chi with Darren in the temple and learn how to increase your own body “chi” before enjoying a yummy breakfast with our own Heartland free range eggs (and the birds really are free!) and delicious fruits of the season.

You will then begin your day learning the importance of “mantras”. You do not have to have a great voice to enjoy mantras - and the science behind mantras is all explained by Les during this morning session. It is one not to be missed! Our ancestors knew way back then how important it was to learn how to focus the mind and find inner peace. Sharing your morning mantras will allow you to connect to that part of you.

Once you are in the “flow” of Heartland, you will enjoy another delicious meal together. Les will give a talk and Trudi will share some art with you. Again, you do not have to be an artist, or be “creative” at all! In this exercise, you will enjoy a step by step art class which will bring out the inner creator in you! It really is simple.


  • Morning wake up bell at 07:00
  • Tai Chi with Darren in Temple at 07:30
  • Breakfast at 08:30
  • Morning mantras at 09:45
  • Morning tea at 10:45
  • Self empowerment talk with Les at 11:30
  • Lunch at 13:00
  • Vision boarding with Trudi at 14:30
  • Yoga with Kylie at 16:00
  • Dinner at 18:00
  • Heartland movie night at 19:15

By now you will be feeling totally relaxed and fully at home. Heartland has connected to your peace and is finding our joy! You will read a little, meditate as a group, and probably have a private massage or another treatment. You will do some great therapy work on clearing our emotional or mental blocks - and enjoyed some of the freshest meals ever!

You are ready for some more creativity, or to listen to how Heartland can change your perspectives; maybe go and feed the donkeys or simply have a swim or enjoy the ambiance of Heartland (and we will learn that Les is usually spot-on in connecting to the dolphins - which we look forward to visiting tomorrow).


  • Wake up early and go to Tin Can Bay for dolphin feeding. Breakfast before leaving and morning tea on return to Heartland around 10:00
  • Chakra dance in the temple at 10:15
  • Self- empowerment talk with Les at 11:00
  • Lunch at 13:00
  • Hebel sculpting with Trudi at 14:30
  • Free time at 16:30
  • Dinner 18:00
  • Sacred evening at 19:00

After a wonderful morning at Tin Can Bay, you will return to a scrumptious morning tea and the day unfolds by enjoying more of the Heartland program. It may be time for another group session, maybe another massage or healing before a deeply enriching meditation. You may well drive to the top of the mountain to watch the sunset before returning for another delicious meal and then some time in the sacred, spiritual space of the inner sanctum. The only important thing is to continue to heal your body, mind, emotions and soul.


  • Wake up bell at 07:00
  • Morning Meditation at 07:30
  • Breakfast at 08:30
  • Morning Mantras at 09:45
  • Self empowerment talk with Les at 11:30
  • Program concludes after lunch

Your final day of sharing! You have learnt some wonderful tools to help us in your lives, you have begun to connect to your higher selves, you have perhaps found your passion and purpose, you have reconnected with your hearts, and you are relaxed and enjoying yourselves during our final time together.

You may enjoy chakra dance, have a drumming session, or meditate to the sounds of the crystal bowls. But no matter what you do this morning, it will be a coming together of yourselves and your lives. You have learnt that you truly are more than you ever thought. And then after a final yummy lunch, it is time to travel home, taking your new zest for wholeness, happiness and the celebration of life with Heartland.



  • Art classes
  • Dolphin feeding
  • Massage
  • Reiki
  • Swimming


  • Dining area
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Garden
  • Yoga studio


  • Library

This Yoga Retreat is vegetarian-friendly

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Our kitchen offers the tastiest of healthy, often organically based, fresh vegetarian meals. We draw from a stable of over seventy different salads. This emphasis on creativity and freshness makes Heartland one of Australia’s most creative gourmet fresh food venues.

Things to do (optional)

When not tasting the fine food, you can enjoy browsing our 4500 volume spiritual and healing library, relaxing with a massage, having a professional therapy session, relaxing in the gardens, visiting the donkey sanctuary or taking part in one of Heartland’s regular spiritual healing or meditation groups.

You can also have a private consultation based on what you need. These services incur a surcharge, dependent on practitioner costs and availabilities. Bookings may be made at the commencement of your stay. Heartland’s therapists are:

  • Millie and Grace: Both are fully trained remedial massage therapists offering their excellent services here at Heartland. Massages are available all day on Tuesday and *Wednesday. 1-hour massage costs 85 AUD
  • Manuela: Offers a delightful Kahuna one hour full body massage. Available on Thursdays. 1-hour Kahuna costs 100 AUD
  • Simonne: Offers a 45 minute relaxing Reiki treatment utilizing energy to assist your healing. 45-minute healing reiki costs 70 AUD
  • Kylie, a naturopath, iridologist, homeopath: Kylie is giving a talk on nutrition on Monday evening at 19:00 and is available on Tuesday and Wednesday offering private consultations. 1-hour naturopath consultation costs 85 AUD
  • Les Dyer is also available for limited private spiritual consults, including astrology and numerology charts and consults.

Spa treatments

Also available during your 5-day stay at Heartland at additional expense:

  • Naturopathic consultations
  • Organic juice detox
  • Reflexology (85 AUD / hour)
  • Reiki healings
  • Remedial and relaxation massages

What's included

  • 5 days and 4 nights private single accommodation
  • Creative art sessions
  • Daily Tai Chi or yoga classes offered
  • Dolphin feeding
  • Group workshop sessions
  • Hand feed dolphins at Tin Can Bay
  • Organic juices and a huge range of some 45 herbal teas, organic coffee, and famous Tulsi teas, too.
  • Regular meditations and chants
  • The use of virgin cold-pressed olive oils and organic cold-pressed coconut oils
  • Total freedom to spend the week the way you want to
  • Transformative workshops with Les Dyer
  • Wholesome mainly organic vegetarian meals for the highest health benefits your kitchen
  • Workshops, private consults and trips

How to get there

Arrival by airplane

Highway is located just 2 hours north of Brisbane, only 8 kilometers north of Gympie, just off the Bruce Highway. It is recommended that interstate guests (Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide) fly direct to Sunshine Coast Airport. Heartland Retreat will arrange transfers from this airport direct to Heartland with 50 AUD each way.

If coming from overseas, North Queensland, WA or Tasmania, you can fly to Brisbane Airport (BNE) and catch the ultra-modern daily Tilt Train service to Gympie North station or regular Greyhound / McCafferty’s coach service to Gympie where you will be picked up for free service.

Arrival by train

If coming from Rockhampton / Bundaberg, it is recommended that you take the Tilt Train.

Greyhound/McCafferty’s enquiries/bookings - 131 499

Tilt train enquiries/bookings - 132 232

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