Unparalleled journeys of self-revelation & profound healing in a magical location in wild Tuscany. Yoga. But not as you know it!

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Kim Bizzarri

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Amanda Cicarella

from United States, November 2018

"A place to embrace evolution"

This was unlike any experience I have had before. This is a unique retreat with serious work. Learned Yoga in a whole new way. I was challenged mind, body, soul. Furthered my journey to find my authentic voice. BEAST!

Thank you Ben & Kim for all you shared.

Janet Paradis

from Australia, October 2018

"The overwhelming intelligence, respect dedication stays with"

Connecting with inner soul as true as I sit before anything is possible


from United States, October 2018

"Healing in Tuscany"

Boonath’s expertse in guiding us all on our own personal healing journey was exceptional. He challenged, respected and supported us all to move ‘blocks’ in our thinking and our lives.

Carol Mcpherson

from Australia, October 2018

"A unique experience "

The program was challenging and unique, it took the participant on a journey that was least expected. The group dynamics was brilliant and expertly facilitated by the Leaders.

I would highly recommend this retreat for those seeking deep changes to their life. As it is life changing.

Kim and Boonath are very special people.

Kirsten Cleemann

from Denmark, June 2018

"Peace in the Willows"

I loved the long sessions in the dark and the combination of yoga poses, rituals, mantras and meditation. It was wonderful to be in your own space without focusing on others participants. Kim and Ben did a wonderful job adjusting the program to the group needs and I really liked the inviting atmosphere.

Una Mangus

from United States, May 2018

"Magical Refreshing Experience"

I understand why so many people return to this retreat over and over again. It was an incredible experience from end to end: delicious vegan food( even for a non-veggie), a very safe, warm and welcoming environment (so important for single women travellers) all set in a jaw droppingly gorgeous location.

Kim and Ben(Boonath) both went above and beyond to deliver the best experience for everyone. I found both to be incredibly warm, kind and honest individuals with a real power and energy to them.

I loved my experience and feel lighter and happier as a person as a result of the retreat. I encourage anyone looking for something special and different to look into their work. I live in London where there are all manner of practices and I have also practiced around the world and what Healing in the Willows is doing is really special.

Sarah Albert

from Canada, May 2018

"A once in a lifetime experience!"

This retreat will open your heart and mind in ways that you did not know were possible. It will challenge you...scare you a bit...make you feel uncomfortable. Trust the journey, lean into it. The truth of our human experience is really about connection. Connection with ourselves and others. Heart work is hard work and this place may not be for everyone, but if you are looking to expand your mind and your heart this kind of hard word is so worth it.

Anna Lewis

from Great Britain, April 2018

My partner and I joined this retreat, however we left after the first day.

We write this review with the view to be accurate and for you to make the best decision. The retreat is most likely beneficial for some people, however it wasn't for us.

It is set in a beautiful, quaint town with breathtaking views, peace and quiet, and great facilities. The lodging is simple yet seemed to work well.

The first day of arrival, we were told not to eat a few hours before it started (at 5pm) and would eat around 10 pm.

Long story short, later that evening at 2 AM in the middle of a confusing practice, having not eaten yet, in a freezing cold yoga room with no light, tired, confused, massively hungry, and with no communication on when we will end, we left.

We did get a heads up that this is a retreat we would do deep work on, and we were prepared to be vulnerable and look inwards; though we didn't want physical hardships like this. And we didn't want to go through the next four days like this. We won't go into details of the practice out of respect for their prospect.

Also, we were not keen on doing deep work with the yoga retreat leader Boonath. We found him hard to connect to; didn't make eye contact, seemed to talk down to everyone, and lacked any sense of joy and empathy.

While I believe the people running the event mean well, it was a string of broken promises; including the last communication from the retreat leader that Boonath would write us a note.