Healing Castle Schochwitz

Healing Castle Schochwitz is a guesthouse and spiritual center where guests can escape from their day-to-day life and hustle and find peace within themselves.

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Ingrid Straub

Born in Bavaria in 1952, Ingrid had already been very successful, entrepreneurial,and active before she started following her inner voice at the age of 30. This resulted in a change in her life towards spirituality. She is a trained systemic family as well as sexual therapist, has taken a course in homeopathy and kinesiology, and is qualified as a traditional healer. She has also acquired knowledge in Zen meditation, over 10 years of Vipassana practice, bio-energetic, intuitive massage, feet reflex zone therapy, spiritual surgery experience, daily yoga exercises, and yoga course for children.

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Kerstin Wennberg

from Sweden, July 2017

Beautiful and peaceful nature surroundings. I appreciated to start every day with an activity. You shouldn't expect just yoga and meditation though, it alternates between that, singing, dancing, walking etc. Calm rooms and quiet nights.


from Germany, July 2017


Henny Claassen

from Belgium, September 2017

"Een rijke ervaring in Healing castle"

Yoga, meditaties, dansen, wandelen in stille en mooie omgeving....gespekken met Ingrid

Dahne Vanderheyden

from Belgium, May 2017

"Onbeschrijfelijke ervaring!"

Het opent je ogen, van alle kanten. Mijn vooroordeel, verwachtingen, het ideaal beeld dat we in onze verwachting scheppen en willen dan eigenlijk belogen worden met hoe het hoort, alles perfect volgens programma, clean, betutteld worden,.. Dit is zo veel beter dan dat alles, het is echt , het is puur, de vrijheid en rust om tot jezelf te komen , zelf beslissingen nemen, geconfronteerd te worden met jezelf .Iedere ochtend yoga.. ik ga niets verklappen, het is echt niet wat je verwacht, elke ochtend een verrassing ,en zo in (echt ongelofelijk) 1 week tijd mijn kracht, zelfvertrouwen, nieuwe inzichten...

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Healing Castle Schochwitz, website

I see this place as a great chance to find some more parts of the puzzle of life and putting some others (you´ve found before) into the right place.I can´t put in words what are the driving forces here to make a change in yourself.I could talk about yoga or meditation, bit many places offer this.I could talk about the Crystal Bed, which had strong effects on me. Or I could talk about the people here, but all this could not describe the whole experience, so I leave if for now. So if you feel the call to work on yourself to lead your life into a good way this place can give you some decent help, if you are even so willing to give help yourself.

Dorothea F. Germany

TripAdvisor website

I stayed at the castle for five days and I can truly say that it's a perfect place to unwind and recharge your batteries. It's ideal for single travelers and can easily be reached by train (Halle) and then by bus (which takes 50 minutes). You can take lovely walks directly from the castle, and don't worry you cannot get lost, they'll all lead back to the castle, or rent a bike and ride to Süßer See, take a swim, and ride back through vineyards where you may taste locally grown wine. You can just spend a couple of hours in the garden, reading, dozing, or listening to a myriad of bird voices. The castle owners and their international helpers may suggest things to do, such as yoga with Ingrid or a trip to Halle with its varied cultural offers, it's definitely worth a visit. The rooms are really royal, each one being furnished differently. They are spacious and you'll sleep like a log. Last but not least, treat yourself to a couple of minutes on the crystal bed, it's not expensive. I did not feel an instant effect, however. Having arrived back home, I feel more energetic and active, so I presume, it did a very good job on me.


Healing Castle Schochwitz

Vom 18.-21.08.16 verbrachte ich einige Tage auf Schloss Schochwitz, um Yoga, Zumba und Meditation zu praktizieren. Alle Mitarbeiter/-innen waren sehr und erfolgreich bemüht, den Aufenthalt so angenehm wie möglich zu gestalten. Tatsächlich gelingt es einem an diesem Ort, sich eine Weile von der Außenwelt zu verabschieden, einfach "abzutauchen".

Für alle, die spirituell offen sind und schon gewisse Vorkenntnisse in Körperarbeit mitbringen, ist ein Wochenende auf Schloss Schochwitz zu empfehlen!

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