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Heal Your Mind Body Spirit was founded by Dr. Nikki who's a trained medical doctor empowering and inspiring people to live healthier, happier, and more conscious through self-care and exploration.

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Maria C.

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Diving into the retreat was one of the most meaningful, life changing decisions I have experienced. I didn’t know what to expect so the groundwork and exercises that you had us do helped me so much! I was able to get clear with my intentions and sometimes that’s the hardest part. I learned so much from the meditations and was totally swept away at how peaceful each one made me feel. The meditations and it’s affects have stayed with me even in New York. I was inspired to deepen and continue my practice back at home. I was also inspired by the amazing yoga we did!!! It was challenging and I felt so great afterwards! The yoga was one of the favorite parts. It put my mind at ease and made me feel so strong! I loved being in the Nucleo and meeting everyone. Dr. Nikki- is such a fun, loving, funny, caring, nurturing teacher!!! I felt really comfortable at all times and love how real she was! It’s like you go on this spiritual life journey for the time you’re there and you lose all concept of time and space. She chose the most amazing places in nature to do our meditations and exercises which made it all the more magical!!! I am grateful to have chosen such a wonderful mentor to guide me on my spiritual journey. Dr. Nikki is like the sister you always wanted! You feel so protected and guided, it was incredible to feel in only 7 days.

a traveler

Heal Your Mind Body Spirit website

I am so beyond thankful for the time I spent in Torino rediscovering and learning so much more about myself. Digging deeper. Honoring. Opening up my heart. Letting in. Letting go. Letting love. And trusting that my path of service to others is indeed mine. Thank you for the beautiful meditations which led me to lead with my heart. The amazing yoga which made me even stronger. The fuel (food) that nourished my body in the greatest way possible! For your endless love and support for humanity in general. For encouraging us to work collectively to achieve a more balanced, healthy, happy life. Thank you for your brilliance. Thank you for being a mentor. You are the change you wish to see in this world and I am inspired and grateful to have experience once of your life changing retreats.

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