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Hatha Yoga Sydney

Hatha Yoga Sydney specializes in Hatha yoga, a traditional and orthodox style of yoga consisting of different âsanas (postures).

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Lisa Kelly

Hatha Yoga Sydney website, edited

Two years ago, I was seeking a return to simplicity and respite from the static of endless yoga lifestyle trends. And I feel so fortunate to have found my way to Ondine, a teacher who embodies the true integrity and grace of yoga. The depth of Ondine’s training, commitment to her students and personal practice shines through in her classes. I relish them for their quiet rigour, unique asana sequences and Ondine’s authentic, generous and good-humored guidance on the path of practice.

Jessica Waal

Hatha Yoga Sydney website

I’ve been learning Hatha Yoga with Ondine for over 2 years now and find my weekly class a welcoming, challenging and incredibly rewarding experience. As someone who’s never been a fan of exercise I started off incredibly stiff and shakey but with Ondine’s guidance and support I’ve seen my abilities grow week on week. The many months of stretching, bending and holding has transformed my fitness, flexibility, strength and overall happiness. The class is something I look forward to, and rarely miss – it brings the perfect calm and realignment to my week.

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