Hatha Yoga Space

NSW 2217, Australia

An experienced group of yogis who have been exploring healing and improving methods of yoga and share it though their yoga classes and retreats held worldwide.

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  • Alexei Masterov

    Hatha Yoga Space website

    As close to real yoga as it gets. I've been to several yoga teachers around the world, and let me tell you - not all of them are the same. Of course there are many different directions in yoga, and not all of them are the same, but what I am trying to say here, is these guys have real passion for what they are doing. Yoga is the main thing in their life, and that's how they teach it. They don't just teach it as a mere fitness program, but rather as a complete practice for mind, soul, and body. I've attended a few yoga teachers in India, those that I consider to be a real deal, those that have dedicated their lives to yoga, and I must admit that Anton and Alena are as close to that as it gets in a western world.

  • Heidi Prothero

    Hatha Yoga Space website

    Just had my first ever yoga class and was really impressed! I found everyone to be friendly and Anton was very patient and helpful. Even though it was my first attempt and things were a bit wobbly and a new experience for me. I feel like I've had a massage from the inside out, I feel so loosely goose and any anger or rage I had disappeared. Have to admit, I really enjoyed the meditation component from a very stressful day. Wish I hadn't eaten as much as I did at dinner with work friends right before yoga. Made a bit of a piggy out of myself. I haven't felt this relaxed in months, can't wait till my next class!

  • Elena Koudinova

    Hatha Yoga Space website

    It is truly a wonderful experience with a wonderful couple. It doesn't matter which level you're in, they manage to give you their undivided attention so that each person feels special. I travel to their classes from Northern Beaches and it's worth it! Be it Bronte or Strathfield or any other place, it's always a pleasure!

  • 2013. Hatha Yoga Space website, edited

    Hatha Yoga Space website

    I initially started yoga in order to regain some of my lost flexibility after returning to martial arts training after many years. Immediately upon starting my class with Anton, it was obvious he was the "real deal". He imparts his genuine passion for yoga to his students. Within 3 weeks, not only was I more flexible, I also felt suppler, relaxed and "centered". I now look forward to practicing yoga for its own sake. I highly recommend Anton.

  • Cameron Whipp

    Hatha Yoga Space website

    They are fantastic yoga teachers. I have been attending Anton and Alyonas' classes for close to a year now. The teachers are very attentive and can structure a class to include many different aspects of yoga practice. It is always challenging but never too difficult. I have noticed the impact of continued practice on my energy levels and personal satisfaction. I always come out of a practice session with renewed power, energy and desire to continue my learning. The classes have opened up new areas of my body and mind and have taught me increased patience, strength and flexibility in all areas of life. I had begun learning with different teachers. It worries me to think where I could be right now. I firmly believe I am receiving the greatest possible teaching for my personal situation. Anton and Alyona constantly motivate me and make me believe anything is possible. They are an inspirational team, and I thank them for the constant hard work they do to make my experience absolutely worthwhile.

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