Hatha Yoga School Rishikesh is a yoga school located in Rishikesh that offers yoga teacher training courses and yoga retreats.

Yoga Retreats (17)

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Self-Paced 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Available in September, October & November
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15 Day Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

Oct 17-31 | Nov 17-Dec 1 | Dec 17-31, 2020
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26 Day 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

Available from October till August
    from US$1,199
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    29 Day 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

    Available from October till April
      from US$1,499
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      15 Day All You Need is Yoga Retreat at Beaches of Goa

      Available in October, November & December
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      58 Day 500-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

      Nov | Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar, 2020–2021
        from US$2,799
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        Videos (4)

        Instructors (5)

        Yogi Mohit

        Swami Amarna Anand

        Yogi Mahesh Bhatt

        Dr. Gaurav Agarwal

        Yogini Manisha

        Reviews (33)

        Franziska Wendrich

        from Germany, March 2020

        "Very nice Yoga Retreat at AYM Yoga School Goa"

        Very well organized, team is always open to suggestions, wishes or whatever. They want to make sure that everybody has a great time.

        Important to underline that my 15 days Yoga Retreat was NOT in Rishikesh, but at their branch AYM Yoga School Goa.

        Every single meal was a dream - very tasty, healthy, well-balanced, authentic and always different.

        The classes are great with very nice and knowledgeable teachers. Only a few minutes away from the 6km long beach.

        The current place is only rented until their own place is ready, which is also at a much nicer location, away from the pure tourist area. The new place will be brand new.

        Noor Olland

        from Indonesia, March 2020

        "Hatha yoga school - big thanks!!"

        The school is amazing. Teachers are really good and experienced, they are all true yogi’s and pay a lot of attention to the correct postures etc. The food is to die for, every day another freshly prepared and healthy meal - all vegetarian. Accommodation is great as well, I slept in the dorm which we kept pretty clean ourselves. Every day is filled with lessons except for sunday, so you spend your time wisely and you learn a LOT. definitely go here if you want to learn yoga extensively and properly.

        Barry Woollard

        from Great Britain, March 2020

        "beautiful Experience"

        great place to connect with yourself and others

        Marinella Zuffa

        from Italy, February 2020

        "YTT 300 hrs January 2020 Everything was amazing! "

        Was an amazing experience. Thanks for everything to all the Teachers: Achal, Krishna, Hitesh, Barath, Maesh. Everything was excellente.

        Krisztina Dendena

        from Switzerland, January 2020

        "Life-changing experience "

        A well organized course with excellent teachers, helpful staff and intense yet enjoyable curriculum.

        The manager, Kamal and the super (Negi) are trying to do their best to satisfy the students, e.g. I had issues with hot water in my room, they gave me another room immediately.

        The kitchen staff is amazing, the chef is smiling at you every day, he is cooking with heart..

        The rooftop and the little garden are very nice, you can study, relax or ease your mind, you can even eat outside when the weather is nice.

        I will miss our teachers, we were a small group (December is offseason) so we got to know each other better, it was like a personal training, they had endless patience to help us, adjust us and teach us according to our levels and perspectives.

        With few words: I am very happy, motivated and grateful, Thank you for everything!🙏😊

        Virginie Vandenabeele

        from Belgium, January 2020

        "Incredible experience surrounded by wonderful people."

        Great infrastructure , incredible team (they are very careful about everyone’s wellbeing). This is just the best experience of my life! Loved all of it. Don’t hesitate, this is the best gift I gave myself.

        Martine Van Dusschoten

        from Great Britain, December 2019

        "My experience at Hatha Yoga School was excellenr"

        Some of my favourite things from Hatha Yoga School were the teachers, the location, how well was dealt with complaints, and the food! For this price this course is excellent!

        Donatas Leistrumas

        from France, November 2019

        very intense yoga training everything went well

        Abigail Lindsay Kuningas

        from Australia, November 2019

        "BEST YOGA SCHOOL ! Life changing and incredible experience!"

        I am beyond grateful for this school to come into my life!

        Me and my Mom ( who is 53yrs old) went together on a wild journey of yoga and we had no idea how intense it would be ... but I must say- the staff- the teachers- the food & the location is all the best of the best ! We were so grateful to have such support from all our munks and all the beautiful other students who were there going through their transformation. AMAZING! I can’t find a fault in this school! It has everything and more you would ever expect from a yoga teaching school. You will leave with more than just the biggest most powerful passion for yoga - you will be living your best life and knowing that every step you took to get there was worth it and every change that has to happen after that will better your life to beyond !

        Our teachers in HATHA YOGA & ASHTANGA YOGA - were just beyond the expectations- they are so talented and patient with you and you never feel that you can’t achieve to be what you came there to be. It’s so simulations and you will see yourself as a whole other person but it will help you truly connect to what you were here to do and I am so so so happy and thankful for this school for making these shifts in my life and in my mother’s life so easy !

        We love all of you in the school ! We will be back and will recommend everyone to take this month out of their life and experience the true yoga- spirituality and life how it should be!

        Much love from Abby & Ave ( from Estonia )


        from Poland, November 2019

        "Hatha Yoga School is part of A.Y.M. School"

        Accommodation, food, location. One ayurveda massage free. Nice people from service.

        Nicole Steiner Bejar

        from Israel, October 2019

        "Amazing experience "

        I was there for a 1 week prenatal yoga and the experience was amazing!!!

        The teachers were really good, the installations are perfect and I really feel I’m ready to teach what I learned there... Really recommended!!


        from Qatar, September 2019

        "Yoga teacher training "

        I like the healthy environment there and I like the way how the management trying as much as they can to satisfied us

        Corinne Hari

        from India, July 2019

        "Yoga School with Lowest Course Fee with Best facilities"

        I have a very special and amazing experience at Hatha Yoga Scool in rishikesh. Accommodation units are very clean and with mountain view, attached washroom with hot water and 24hour electricity back up.

        in the course, we have many teachers each class has its special teacher. all the teachers are very experienced and share their knowledge with proper organization and structure. The location of Hatha yoga school is located in a very peaceful area of tapovan away from the busy road and still near to the main market. The food is the indian vegetarian and very healthy and full of taste. overall experience my experience was full of satisfaction and value for money. i will come back for 300-hour course soon.

        Jyoti Ji

        from India, July 2019

        "Amazing, Peaceful, Best Yoga School in Rishikesh"

        Yoga teacher training course at Hatha Yoga School was an unforgettable amazing experience that allowed me to grow in my yoga and changed my life. I have searched many schools on google but I found hatha yoga school with the lowest course fee of 750 USD and still the facilities are great. all the classes were full of information and teachers were great, I learned a lot and got more confidence. the campus was very big with open garden, rooms clean and new with mountain view. Everyone here loves yoga and you can feel it. Location is very special because it’s like a little upper in the side of the mountain, so you feel safe and away from the hustle on the main roads. Food was prepared with love and care, especially breakfast was amazing. i would recommend this school for every one

        Marta Camo

        from Great Britain, February 2019

        "Enjoy everything!"

        I liked the whole experience and I'd go back in the same school, with no hesitation. I loved starting the day with pranayama and kryas. Every teacher is very well prepared and qualified from my point of view. And I really enjoyed The food.


        from Spain, February 2019

        This is a good school. The teachers are very knowledgeble. Within weeks I could feel my body and mind getting stronger and more flexible. Yoga is so much more then I thought it was. The teachings really openend my mind and body.

        The food is good, the sqedual is do-able (for 200H). I did the complimentairy Aryuvedic class which I would recommend, only it will mean you do not have break time which is quite intense.

        If you choose this school prepare yourself for a full dedicated dive into Yoga. It will not always be easy but the fruits you can pick from it are very yummy.

        Kristina Šliapikienė

        from Republic of Lithuania, August 2018

        "Best yoga teacher training experience! "

        All the teachers were professionals and gave a lot of very good lessons, and inspirations. The manager of the school Rupesh Nagar was very attentive, polite and nice person and helped us with a lot of current questions.

        Jashanpreet Kaur

        from India, July 2018

        "No pick up and drop service. No health care facility."

        Ashtanga and Hatha training was very good. Teaching training was also very wonderfull

        Rob Colclough

        from Canada, February 2018

        "Yoga Bliss"

        The overall experience was great, I learned lots from the instructors and my classmates were wonderful

        Lisajosefine Larson

        from Sweden, January 2018

        "500h ytt"

        The anatomy classes with dr Sumit was really giving. Like them a lot and learn a lot.

        Sara Bianchi

        from Great Britain, December 2017

        The teachers, classes, food, location. The philosophy teacher gave me so many insights that I still use. I am very grateful. I will go back to finish my course (I did the 100 hrs)

        Clarissa Konorosky

        from United States, November 2017

        "AYM Yoga Teacher Training 100 hr retreat"

        The food was delicious, the environment was warm, the teachers were positive, the massages were relaxing, Upper Tapovan provided a beautiful area for shopping/exploration, and the classes were so fulfilling!

        Lisa Wouters

        from Indonesia, March 2020

        Heel veel geleerd over en het doen van yoga, iedereen vriendelijk en behulpzaam, hele veilige en prettige sfeer en super lekker eten!

        Sanne Reijers

        from Netherlands, June 2018

        "Teachers with a lot of know-how made the experience amazing"

        Hatha Yoga School works together with Alpesh Yoga in Dharamsala/Bhagsu. Alpesh is a very experienced yoga teacher. He is very focused on alignment and he makes sure you are ready to teach. Outside classes Alpesh is a very good host. He makes sure you will feel at home. He tries to accommodate all of your needs and he is very easy to talk to. The food is absolutely amazing and very nutritious. The rooms are spacious and clean. The group is small with a lot of personal attention.

        Mégane Bouchard

        from Canada, April 2018

        "Expérience incroyable 😊"

        Le lieu de formation est un peu en retrait de la rue principale, de cela le bruit intense ne compromet pas la méditation et autres activités! On se tanne rapidement de la nourriture offerte par l'écoute, mais reste qu'il s'agit d'un alimentation très saine. Les professeurs sont compétents et on s'attache facilement! Les aurevoirs ont été difficile. Je recommande A.Y.M yoga school, mon expérience est mémorable. Juste prendre en compte qu'il est nécessaire de faire la formation de 200h avant celle de 300h!

        Julie Giraud-avril

        from France, December 2017

        "Beyond expectation !"

        AYM was my first time in I dia & I didn't expect anything except a break, rest & yoga. It was over anything I could ever imagine ! Teachers, management, area, people, food, place even weather was awesome. People there are commited & dedicated to our well being, always trying to meme us getting the best out of our stay there (retreat to me) I had a blast and as yoga practicionner for 4 years, 3 times a week, I discovered there what is ... PRACTICING YOGA. Thanks a lot for everything.