A special place to develop a personal yoga and meditation practice, live in a traditional Cambodian village, and spend time with a creative and international community of like minded people.

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6 Day Integral Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Available from April till December

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Laura Russell

from United Kingdom, March 2020

"Bringing you back to yourself"

Everything! This whole retreat has been carefully considered and constructed. All the staff are incredible to make this such a special space and environment.


from Belgium, December 2019


Intégration in a group

Carolin Michalowsky

from Germany, October 2019

"Back into life"

Joel and his loving team have created a place free of judgement where you’re encouraged to just be your own self and experience life at its fullest.

Excellent food, peaceful environment, adorable staff, laughing yoga and a lot of dancing

Katie Gwilt

from United Kingdom, October 2019

"Fantastic experience, will definitely be back! "

Everything was fantastic. The food, the accommodation, the settings and facilities, the instructors, the yoga itself and all the extras included in the programme. I got birthday cake and a song while I was there too. Met fabulous people and will 100% go back. Cannot recommend this retreat highly enough 👌🏻

Pip Sherratt

from United Kingdom, February 2019

"Blissful week"

The whole experience was delightful, I shall return.


from Cambodia, January 2019

"Beautiful retreat setting upset by neighbour's loud music "

Accommodation and gardens were beautiful. Food was abundant and delicious. Good organisation of a variety of activities.

Nelda Schulte

from Canada, December 2018

"My week in Hariharalya"

I got exactly what I wanted from this vacation - a body, mind and soul break with great people, great food in Cambodia - a country I wanted to visit (this was my first trip there). They had many activities - cooking, visit to the hidden temple, games night, Khmer wedding musicians and game, massage that kept things interesting and lively and it was well organised.

Carmen Low

from Singapore, September 2018

"Either u hate or love it"

For us, we loved it, we loved the practice of mindfulness, silence and the yummy vegan food... the staff are all very smiley and helpful. Our stay is wonderful. Thanks to Hariharalaya, we went back feeling lighter and more mindful.

Reina Van Strien

from Netherlands, May 2018


Hariharalaya is een prachtige pled om tot rust te Komen. Helaas is er veel luide muziek die dat verstoort. Ze hebben een strak programma waar je je aan moet houden. Dat vond ik lastig, alles ging zonder klok maar met gong. Hierdoor weinig rust met de afspraken die je ook had. Ik vond de groep van 30 mensen erg groot, maar heb veel leuke gezellige mensen ontmoet. Gevoelens delen in een groep van 30 mensen die je eigelijk niet kent, vond ik heel ongemakkelijk, en zoals het ging en de staf daar niet op inspeelde vond ik heel ongepast. Mijn tranen hebben me geheeld. De Hariharalaya is een geoliede machine die 90 mensen per maand op bezoek krijgt. Het is als een cassettebandje dat op repeat staat, en in mijn ogen daardoor erg vlak. De yogalessen vond ik fantastisch.