8 Days Wellness Yoga Retreat in Andalusia, Spain

  • Molino del Rey Yoga Retreat, Jorox, 29567 Alozaina, Málaga, Andalusia, Spain

8 Days Wellness Yoga Retreat in Andalusia, Spain

  • Molino del Rey Yoga Retreat, Jorox, 29567 Alozaina, Málaga, Andalusia, Spain

Yoga Holidays in Spain

Join an intimate group of like-minded individuals, willing to dive heart first into life-changing self-discovery practices such as yoga, meditation, breath work, healing, holistic massages, and group activities to help lift your spirit and boost your confidence. This retreat will help you raise your energy and leave you feeling less stressed. Deepen your personal practice and tap into your happiness!


  • Daily yoga classes
  • Wellness workshop
  • Daily meditation classes
  • Breath of Bliss workshop
  • Unlimited herbal teas and seasonal fruits
  • Vegetarian brunch and dinner
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 7 days with instruction
  • English
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Molino del Rey is a private house with 22 guest beds. This yoga retreat has everything you need for a fulfilling experience during your stay. There is a state of the art yoga hall, relaxing cave pool area, a variety of lovely terraces, and unique caves to help focus your mind, body, and spirit. Each bedroom has an en-suite bathroom, a balcony, and is uniquely painted and designed.

There are seven twin rooms, one with a double and a single bed, and one single room. On the lower floor, you will find one superior twin room that has an extra sitting area and one king suite with an extra conservatory glass for you to relax. This house has a beautiful lower garden, where you will find one twin dome room with a bathroom three steps outside.

Begin your holiday by checking into Molino del Rey Yoga Retreat from 14:00 to 16:30 on Sunday. At 17:30, you will have an opportunity to enjoy a welcome yoga class before dinner, which will be served at 19:00.

During the retreat, you will enjoy daily yoga clases, taught to all abilities, and meditation sessions. Other activities, such as a Breath of Bliss workshop, an Angelic Reiki treatment, and a Joy-Kitchen's wellness talk on vibrational cooking will be part of the program.

  • Sharron Hopley

    Sharron is a published writer, yoga and meditation teacher, Angelic Reiki master, and breath work facilitator. Sharron teaches yoga, meditation, and the transformative Breath of Bliss, a life-changing practice using breath work, movement, and sharing exercises.

This retreat will take place in Jorox, located in the famous nature reserve of Sierra de las Nieves, in Andalusia, Spain. At the entrance of this Spanish hamlet, you can find a spring, from which the purest of waters flow through the center.

Jorox is a community surrounded by the traditional and simple Spanish country way of life. There are around 30 houses in the hamlet, some 50 Spanish neighbors, and a simple bar; however, you will find no shops,banks, or other commercial areas.

Nearby places

  • Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport (AGP) - 60 minutes

Food is of great importance on a retreat. Local cooks, Simone and Gloria, will be preparing creative brunches and sumptuous dinners using most of the vegetables from the organic garden during your stay.

Meals are served buffet style so you can choose what you like from the varied dishes on offer each mealtime. If you have any particular dietary requirements, please inform this upon booking and Happylicious will do their best to accommodate you.

After your activities during the morning, you will be free to walk, horse ride, enjoy the blooming spring flowers, or just lounge around in the sun. You can also enjoy the numerous hiking routes and popular walks that are practically on your doorstep, like Sierra de La Nieves Natural Park, where the Marbella mountains are. During your yoga holiday, you can visit the popular beaches of Marbella, Puerto Banus, Fuengirola, Benalmadena, and Torremolinos, which are less than an hour away.

During this yoga retreat, you can relax and nourish yourself with the spa tratments offered by Molino del Rey. At an additional cost, you can enjoy any the following massages and beauty treatments:

  • Chavutti Thirumal massage
  • Dry skin brushing treatment
  • Hot stone massage
  • Indian head massage
  • Japanese facial treatment
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Polynesian massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Traditional Thai massage
  • Thai foot massage
  • Waxing
  • 1 angelic reiki treatment
  • 1 welcome gift pack
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 7-day soul prescriptions as post-care
  • A holistic wellness workshop
  • Breath of Bliss workshop
  • Daily meditation sessions
  • Daily nutritious vegetarian brunch and dinner
  • Daily yoga sessions taught to all abilities
  • Joy-Kitchen’s wellness talk on vibrational cooking
  • Unlimited herbal teas and local seasonal fruits
  • Additional activities
  • Car hire
  • Day excursions
  • Flights
  • Healthy raw food cooking class
  • Horse riding
  • Massage treatments
  • Transfers to and from Málaga-Costa del Sol airport (AGP)
  • Travel Insurance

Driving directions from Malaga Airport (AGP), via the villages of Cartama, Zalea, Alozaina, and Jorox

  • Leave airport and follow signs to Malaga on e15 / a7
  • At the next main junction, follow blue overhead signs to Motril, Antequera, Sevilla, and Granada
  • At exit number 236, follow blue signs to a 357 Cartama, Parque Tecnológico, and Mauve sign to Universidad
  • Once on the a357, follow this road for 30 kilometers. You will note small green signs counting every kilometer on all Spanish roads
  • Just after kilometer 40, turn left onto the a354 direction Zalea, Casarabonela, Alozaina, and Yunquera. Follow signs to Alozaina
  • After 19 kilometers (at kilometer 0) Alozaina, turn right at gas station onto the a366 direction El Burgo, Yunquera, and Ronda
  • After four kilometers, you have reached the hamlet of Jorox. The total journey is of 55 kilometers
  • It is best if you first park in the parking areas provided upon entering the hamlet and walk approximately 250 meters to the center.
  • Turn left at the little chapel and follow the wooden fencing. Keep going straight down the hill for about 200 meters.
  • The house is the round building with blue windows and the only house with solar panels on the roof


  • 0036º43.98′N, 004º53.23′W
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

Verified BookYogaRetreats.com reviews

  • Review by Eva from Austria

    "Having met Sharron whilst she was managing a 5* Spa Retreat in Bali, I was quite sure that it would be a beautiful yoga retreat, but I have to say it was absolutely amazing! Having yoga in the morning not too early and in the evening was the perfect time for me. She showed us several yoga styles and also techniques of breath so every yoga session was different. I loved this, as it was very inspirational. Breath of Bliss was a bit challenging for me as I have never experienced that kind of energy running through my body but having her with me I felt so supported and guided. Her angel wisdom is just gorgeous and I can so recommend her. The provided vegetarian food was delicious, the location absolutely stunning and the people who joint so sweet and fun to be around them"

    BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

  • Review by Micha from Switzerland

    "Sharron did an amazing job with her first European yoga retreat. I have been on several yoga retreats before (Brian Kest, Timo Wahl…etc) and I have to say this was the best I have been to. All was so easy going, gentle, kind…just perfect (also as a couples holiday). The group she attracted were brilliant…all lovely people from around the globe. The location and hosts super nice and you don't feel the need at all to leave this beautiful spot, although Ronda and Sierra de las Nieves is worth a visit :) We are so looking forward to the next retreat she is doing and will definitely book us in again"

    BookYogaRetreats.com, edited


  • Review by Rachael and Keith from United Kingdom
    10 out of 10

    "My husband and I were lucky enough to experience Sharron’s first retreat for The Happylicious Way. Neither of us had experienced Yoga before so had no idea what to expect. We ended up having the most wonderful experience. We loved the Yoga, Sharron’s teachings and aura of peace, the food, the magical retreat, and the people we met. We left the retreat feeling totally refreshed and ready to face the real World when we returned to the UK with extra energy and renewed enthusiasm. A massive ‘Thank You’ to Sharron and her team for one of the best holidays we have ever had. We have already booked onto next year’s retreat and are looking forward to it"

    Happylicious website, edited

  • Review by Kate from Ireland
    10 out of 10

    "More than just a yoga retreat, this was such a wonderful, inspiring, heart opening experience! We got to experience not just your 'normal' yoga but Sharron also brought us through Kundalini yoga, moving meditations and breath work. I came back feeling like I could conquer the world and bursting with positivity which I'm trying to maintain in everyday life. The people on the retreat were just gorgeous happy souls and I couldn't have enjoyed more the conversations over (AMAZING!) meals and endless cups of tea! Beautiful location ran by beautiful people :)"

    Happylicious website, edited

  • Review by Dez from France
    10 out of 10

    "There was a good balance of yoga an doing your own thing, whether that meant chilling by the pool or exploring the local area. Sharron provided tasters of various styles of yoga which was great as there was something for everyone. The Breath of Bliss session was incredible – we all came out of it shiny and brand new! This was a very chilled out retreat which allowed participants plenty of time to adjust and recalibrate in their own time. There was no pressure to attend any of the sessions, which I liked (although I went to all of them!). I couldn’t have met nicer people – from all walks of life! Would definitely to again for an M.O.T!”"

    Happylicious website, edited

  • Review by Virginie from Hong Kong
    10 out of 10

    "A few months ago, Sharron and I sat together on an old rug in a room on the foothills of the Himalayas. The atmosphere was peaceful and I was full of expectations for my future. Sharron brought her tarot deck with her, as well as a deep intuition and wisdom. She started by calling in the angels, asking them to help her lay the cards and read them for me. I was at a turning point in my life back then, having made a leap of faith and decided to become a yoga teacher. I was going through periods of doubts mixed with optimism and I wanted guidance of how my future would be. Sharron's guidance reading was amazing. The cards showed me that I was on the right path and reassured me. Her softness and vibrancy made the whole experience very special and unique, just as much as being in the midst of the Indian countryside. Now, a few months later, I can see that Sharron was right and the cards´ predictions were spot on."

    The Happylicious Way website, edited

  • Review by A traveler from Taiwan
    10 out of 10

    "I followed the nine-week Happy and Healthy program late last year, I can still feel the effects. What I liked most about it was the constant encouragement I got. I really appreciated the daily and weekly tasks and check ups too; it made Wati-Sharron more accessible. I felt very supported and more importantly, nurtured. I found out I became a lot more aware on a deeper level. I started noticing what was around me, normal every day things mostly, which helped anchor me to the present."

    "As a result, I became less anxious about life and started relaxing more. This opened the door for me to become more creative and I started following up on my interests a lot more, which has opened up many cool opportunities for me. I still have my crummy days, of course; however, I am able to recover a lot quicker and not get so caught up in those moments. This is a practical, down to earth program with a lot of heart chucked in. I am super thankful for Waty-Sharron’s nurturing spirit."

    The Happylicious Way website, edited

  • Review by Maria from Sweden
    10 out of 10

    "I have done the Breath of Bliss with Sharron a couple of times, and I would highly like to recommend it to everyone. Sharron is such a humble, clear, and compassionate woman, and she holds the participants in a nurturing and pure space, allowing them to feel totally safe and loved. Each time I assist to this sessions, I experience massive shifts and I let go deep stuff. Thank you Sharron for being who you are and for your service to us all."

    The Happylicious Way website, edited

  • Review by Sheryl from Australia
    10 out of 10

    "It was wonderful meeting you. Your peaceful presence and the Breath of Bliss session helped make a fantastic retreat. I have never had an experience like it. I never wanted to throw myself into anything unknown, but your calm, supportive, and nurturing facilitation, allowed me to choose the most intense experience. During that hour I let go so many bottled up emotions and others opinions about myself I did not even realized I still held. That afternoon, I left the room feeling lighter, calmer, stronger, and being more me than I can ever remember. I cannot recommend the Breath of Bliss enough."

    The Happylicious Way website, edited

  • Review by A traveller
    10 out of 10

    "Thank you so much Sharron, this last session has been a deeply transformational conscious breath for me. It helped me, especially to move through experiences on the energetic level, which I could have not accessed with the mind. I am also deeply touched by your open heart and I look forward to the next workshop to learn, explore, and expand even more."

    The Happylicious Way website, edited

  • Review by Jernej
    10 out of 10

    "This was amazing! Abundance of healing space to go within, to listen, feel, allow, and release; to rediscover yourself as a timeless loving awareness. "

    The Happylicious Way website, edited

  • Review by Carole from France
    10 out of 10

    "Thank you so much for this breakthrough session. I feel alive, well awake, healthy, and energized now. I could genuinely experience how good this 7 day holistic prescription was for my body, my heart, and my mind. The whole experience lifted my spirits daily, made me enjoy each new day even more, and literally made my soul have a ball and love me so much in return for it. It is the best to live one’s life to its fullest, day after day after day"

    The Happylicious Way website, edited

  • Review by Kim from United Kingdom
    10 out of 10

    "Sharron, thank you so much for your amazing card reading and for the seven-day, daily practices. The cards were so accurate, it left me speechless at first. The seven soul prescriptions are wonderful and easily to incorporate into my busy schedule. As I read them I could feel the positive love and energy that you had put into them for me. Bless you!"

    The Happylicious Way website, edited

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Happylicious offers holistic lifestyle and wellness consultations, yoga, and meditation, as well as intuitive healing.

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