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Hali Love offers various programs of wellness coaching, training, and retreats including yoga, surf, meditation, and chanting.

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Hali Love

Hali Love is a teacher, coach, speaker, and author. She is also a founder and facilitator of The Love Method Coaching Program, co-founder of The Integrative Health Coach Institute, creator of Multi Style Yoga International, and the co-creator of Peace Retreat, located in Costa Rica. Her soul purpose is to inspire. Her passion is to spark lasting personal empowerment, through the rich and flavourful teachings of yoga, ayurveda, natural health, nutrition, fitness and meditation.

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Janell Sklapasky

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o inspire and be inspired. Hali open heartedly leads from this place. She has sparked me to fiercely believe that all is well it is all perfect: every emotion, experience, thought. This is a reference point that I come back to time and time again because of my work with Hali. A point that brings me joy, ease, freedom and endless possibility. Hali generously holds space for vulnerability, break downs and major break throughs. I will never forget being a puddle on the floor, raw, broken hearted and so full of fear and grief on day one of a workshop with her. I wasn't sure that I could live through my pain. Hali confidently and lovingly whispered into my ear, "This is perfect. You are in the right place." And from that place that she created it was safe to make friends with my pain and to start my healing. Hali encourages deep inquiry into who you are and what you stand for; her unadulterated curiosity and love of play create a beautiful model for living a life with a heart wide freaking open, this wild journey that she is on, the one that she invites others to be a part of, to grow and learn and expand is beautiful and spirited. I encourage you to join the tribe!

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