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8 Days H20 Yoga, Meditation and Snorkeling Retreat in Bali

  • H2O Yoga and Meditation Center, 108 Buddha Way, Gili Air, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia


The True Nature Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Gili Air

The True Nature Retreat offers much more than a bed, breakfast and a physical class to attend. This is the FULL retreat experience! Slow down and reconnect with your core essence. Create space for inner stillness and reflection. H2O Yoga and Meditation Center offers The True Nature Meditation and Yoga retreat for beginners and advance yogis alike. We provide a meaningful yoga retreat on the magical island of Gili Air. Complement your yoga asana practice and pave the way for a journey of inter-being, a feeling of connection with everyone and everything. Join us for this unique spiritual discovery in paradise.

100% record

Over a 3 year period and 40 retreats held at H2O Yoga and Meditation Center, no retreat cancellation has ever been made so you can be assured that once you book, you will have a retreat to join. Held at their own retreat center located at the island paradise resort of Gili Air, there is no numbers of attendees required for the retreat to proceed. Their retreats have gained an excellent reputation and so no last minute disappointments.


  • 9 yoga classes
  • 1 massage treatments at island spa
  • 7 evening Tibetan singing bowl meditations
  • 7 sunrise and sunset meditation session on the beach
  • 4 group discussions on Elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air
  • 1 snorkelingt trip with the peaceful turtles at Gili Meno
  • 7 nights shared poolside bungalow accommodation
  • Return shuttle and fast boat from Bali and back
  • Daily healthy breakfast and vegetarian dinner

Skill level

  • Beginner

  • 8 days with instruction
  • English
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The principles of Vastu have been a guiding concept in the design of the bungalows at H2O Yoga and Meditation Center. 'Vastu' is India's ancient Vedic tradition of design, architecture, and sacred space, often called 'the yoga of design'. It is believed to create harmony and health in one's living space. Our bungalows are built from local natural materials and have beautiful thatched roofing. The bungalows are simple yet comfortable and offer a peaceful retiring space. We provide the retreat participants with a shared bungalow (6 beds) with shared bathroom available. All rooms are equipped with fans, and both clean sheets and towels are provided.

What benefits could I get from attending a retreat?

Our life changing 8-day ‘True Nature Yoga and Meditation Retreat’ which we run every 3 to 4 weeks is a wonderful opportunity whether you're new to Yoga or want to deepen your practice. The 8 day retreat provides the time to re-evaluate where you’re at in life and make new plans whilst enjoying a beautiful island paradise with a group of like-minded people. If you would like to find more tranquility and focus, quiet a wandering mind, reduce stress and improve your relationship with yourself, this is the one for you!

What is the retreat about?

The daily morning practice is designed to provide an opportunity for you to develop a yoga and meditation practice, which you can use once you return home. Golden times of silence will be for reflection of the year that is to pass and the year that lies ahead, giving clarity, and a positive new direction. Remember, we do not use meditation to withdraw from society, but to re-charge and connect with our spirit, the essence of who we really are. When we stand up from our silent sitting and interact with others, this is when the real meditation begins. This is where the fruits of our efforts will be rewarded, as we maintain our air of peacefulness and share that with those around us. Within the idyllic island setting of Gili Air, we will connect with the elements of earth, water, fire, and air - feeling the ocean breeze, soaking up fresh prana, swimming with turtles and attuning our vibration with mother earth and father sky.

Daily schedule

  • 06:00 Sunrise meditation
  • 07:00 Morning yoga asana class
  • 08:30 Island breakfast
  • 09:45 Connecting with the elements ( includes snorkeling)
  • 11:45 - 16:00 Free time
  • 15:00 - 16:00 Discussion on Earth , Water, Fire, Air
  • 16:00 - 16:45 Afternoon exercise class
  • 17:15 Sunset meditation (contemplation/reflection/gratitude/chanting)
  • 19:30 Vegetarian dinner
  • 20:45 Evening meditation/sound meditation with Tibetan singing bowls
  • 21:15 Bed time

Afternoon exercise class consists of beach yoga, circuit training, strengthening and stretching, Chi Kung, and bamboo stick exercises. It is suggested that some of the free time is used to practice techniques learnt during classes, to build confidence in establishing the connection to your true nature of peace.

H2O Yoga and Meditation Center is located on the tranquil island of Gili Air, just two hours from Bali. Its the ultimate island escape. Located only 300 meters from the beach front, its abundant with nature and nestled amongst timeless local lifestyle. It is a wonderfully unique resting place and sanctuary for travelers and yogis alike. Gili Air's exquisite coastline also offers beautiful white sandy beaches and numerous sea view restaurants serving fresh fish. The tranquil waters are perfect for snorkeling, diving, and swimming with turtles. H2O provides the opportunity to seek balance in body and mind in a superb natural, outdoor setting.


  • Padang Bai Harbor, 90 mins
  • Bhangsal Harbor, 15 mins
  • Diving nearby
  • Snorkeling nearby
  • Bar nearby
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Restaurant nearby
  • ATM/banking nearby
  • Currency exchange nearby
  • Library
  • Library nearby
  • Room cleaning
  • Shop nearby
  • Tour assistance nearby

Food on Gili Air is unpretentious and is made with predominantly locally sourced ingredients. Some of the most appetizing options are the local Indonesian specialties, such as Gado Gado; steamed veggies with a delicious peanut sauce, or Nasi Campur; white rice with a selection of vegetables, tofu, tempe, chicken, or fish. Chicken or freshly caught fish sate are also popular choices as well as 'Urap Urap'; veggies with grated coconut. Ask for the local Sambal (chili sauce) to give your dish an extra zing. Vegetarians will find the local dishes with their prolific use of tempe a viable meal option.

Restaurants tend to specialize in freshly grilled seafood and Indonesian dishes. Cheap beach side establishments cater for western palates (i.e. not so spicy), and often serve Thai, Italian, and Chinese food also. Be sure to head inland to try the authentic local cuisine!

Fruit juices are ubiquitous throughout the islands eateries. The water of fresh young coconuts are a real treat and incredibly refreshing. There are also many 'warungs' on the island; small kitchens, usually attached to someone's home that serve good quality Indonesian dishes.

There is one main supermarket, where most food staples can be purchased, including natural yoghurt. Bear in mind that being an island, Gili Air is subject to fresh goods arriving by boat, hence fruit selection varies from day to day. Papayas, bananas, avocados, and pineapple are always in abundance, as well as mangos in season. Exotic local fruits such as mangosteens, rambutan (local lychees), and dragon fruit are also widely available when in season.

  • Swimming
  • Snorkel alongside the critically endangered Hawksbill turtle
  • Encounter the vibrant sea life (the colorful Clown fish, sea anemones, striking coral reefs)
  • Take a day trip on a local 'glass-bottom' boat and go snorkeling at some of the island's most highly regarded spots
  • Go diving at approximately 18 dive sites around the island featuring coral seascapes, wrecks, sharks, and a plentitude of brilliantly colored fishes
  • Undertake a one day quick course on diving from one of the dive centers
  • Undertake a 3 - 4 day certification program and choose between Discover Scuba Diving and Open Water
  • Further your training with the advanced and instructor level courses on diving
  • Catch great waves at a reef break on the south west side of the island
  • Visit local pearl farms and waterfalls
  • Have a gentle stroll or power walk around the island
  • Take a drive along the forested road, with amazing coastal views and spot some local monkeys
  • Entertain yourself with a number of regular and impromptu music events and parties including live bands
  • Visit local bars and dance the night away on the beaches, beneath the stars
  • Witness the occasional beach bonfire gathering of musicians including guitarists, singers, and percussionists
  • Go island hopping and explore Gili Menos deserted beaches, discover Gili Trawangans high vibe and many restaurants, and salute the sunset as you watch its golden rays slip behind Balis sacred Agung volcano
  • Visit nearby Lombok and hike to the summit of the picturesque Mount Rinjani volcano, and reward yourself with spectacular views of the crater lake
  • Read a book from H2Os wide range of books on yoga, alternative healing, meditation, Buddhism, and other spiritual topics
  • 1 massage treatments at island spa
  • 1 snorkelingt trip with the peaceful turtles at Gili Meno
  • 1 spiritual movei afternoon
  • 1 optional day of silence / jounaling
  • 4 group discussions on Elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air.
  • 7 sunset and sunrise meditation sessions on the beach
  • 7 evening Tibetan singing bowl meditations.
  • 7 nights shared accommodation in a spacious poolside bungalow.
  • 9 yoga classes
  • Daily healthy island breakfast with seasonal fruit /muesli and vegetarian/vegan dinner.
  • Hotel pick-up and fast boat transfer to Gili Air and return trip back to Bali
  • Unlimited drinking water

Arrival by airplane

Take a 30 minutes flight from Denpasar to the new airport near Kuta, Lombok. After arrival, take a 2-hour taxi ride to Bhangsal Harbor, in the north and 15 minutes boat ride from there across to Gili Air.

Arrival by ferry

Fast boat - This is the most common option. All travel agents offer combined tickets, which include pick up from your accommodation at around 7 a.m. and a 1.5-hour %mini bus ride to Padang Bai Harbor. Finally, take a 1.5-hour ride via fast boat to Gili Air and arrive around 11.30 a.m.

Slow Boat - This involves two minivan rides, a 5-hour ferry ride, and a final short public boat ride. This option takes 12 hours, and gets you to Gili Air at around 6 p.m.

For information about the booking conditions, please send H20 Yoga and Meditation an inquiry.
  • Review by Tessa from Amsterdam, Netherlands

    "I love this Yoga Centre, that is why I came back again after my last visit 5 years ago!. The atmosphere, the great people working there and the yoga classes are all high quality."

    H2O Yoga and Meditation, edited

  • Review by Whitney from Utah, U.S.A

    "I arrived stressed and ready for a week of peace, yoga and alone time. I got everything and more. I left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I also loved the food in the café. I look forward to my next trip to H20 Yoga and Meditation Center!"

    H2O Yoga and Meditation, edited

  • Review by Duli from Spain

    "I came feeling a bit negative and sad from my life before. Now I feel like I can enjoy life in a much healthier and positive way. I would definitely recommend this retreat to everyone."

    H2O Yoga and Meditation, edited

  • Review by Vanessa from Sydney, Australia

    "I would thoroughly recommend this retreat for anyone and everyone! It brings you back in touch with nature and reminds you to slow down and appreciate the simple things in life that bring you joy. You will leave with a stronger connection to your true self and with more love and empathy for others."

    H2O Yoga and Meditation, edited

  • Review by Venise G.

    "I attended an organised retreat here and thoroughly enjoyed the yoga and meditation experience! This catered for people who were beginners as well as those who had more experience. The island of Gili Air is a beautiful location for this retreat and the relationships developed with the other retreatants is something I will remember for always. Bindu has a lot of passion for everything he offers here and there are so many services on offer to suit varied tastes. The new offerings at the cafe are certainly a highlight along with the friendliness and joy of the staff! This is a memory I will cherish and I hope to return one day! Thank you to you all!"

    BookMeditationRetreats website, edited

  • Review by 829vg from Johannesburg, South Africa

    "I attended an organised retreat here and thoroughly enjoyed the yoga and meditation experience! This catered for people who were beginners as well as those who had more experience. The island of Gili Air is a beautiful location for this retreat and the relationships developed with the other retreatants is something I will remember for always. Bindu has a lot of passion for everything he offers here and there are so many services on offer to suit varied tastes. The new offerings at the cafe are certainly a highlight along with the friendliness and joy of the staff! This is a memory I will cherish and I hope to return one day! Thank you to you all!"

    TripAdvisor, edited

  • Review by Traveler from Australia

    "I found this place to be disappointing. I believe they charge a premium for accommodations when much cheaper and better quality bungalows and shared accommodation can be found on the island. "

    "Furthermore, the studio is constructed on concrete floor which makes it very hard when you are provided with very old, dirty and worn mats and really, really thin! "

    "The owner appears to be nice on the surface however, I found when speaking with him during the check-in process and for the duration of my stay, every conversation seemed to end in how much money I owed him or what he was charging me and what I had to pay. He seemed to be very money orientated and not as genuine as I would have hoped. "

    "It is a shame as the retreat has excellent signage around Gili Air Island and unfortunately, their teachers are wonderful and tried to accommodate all levels of yoga. The class timetable is good, offering a range of classes and workshops but would recommend if you are more of an advanced yogi, to try Mandala Yoga which has yoga sessions that are more intimate, directly in front of the beach and have much better mats and props to use for the same class prices. If travelling the Gili Islands - Gili Trawangan also has a much larger number of yoga studios that run classes that are much more professional and more genuine by nature. I will return to the Gili Islands however will not return to H20 yoga retreat as there are better options available."


    "Management response of H20 Yoga and Meditation:"

    "At H20 Yoga and Meditation Center we strive to be at the forefront of professional customer service. We have recently introduced handing out cold refreshing face towels at the end of classes, and using protective socks on eye pillows that can be laundered."

    "This young guest was here at a peak season period where barefoot wanderers sometimes create a lot of work for us in cleaning mats , along with the humidity on our beautiful tropical island. We clean mats with tea-tree oil daily and replace mats regularly. It is very rare to ever have a complaint, maybe this guest was blessed with a sensitive nose?"

    "This young aspiring yogini paid approx $100 for 3 nights accommodation in a pool side bungalow, free healthy breakfast daily in our cafe and 7 yoga classes. Maybe she had been in India prior and had paid less for something similar? We know our prices and our facilities are excellent value and this is why we have beautiful people visit our centre as they appreciate the efforts we make and so people feel at home. Most people even extend their stay with us. Many people after doing yoga with us and seeing our beautiful resort, go back to their hotel and pack their bags to come and stay with their new H20 family. "

    "With such affordable prices and great value, the only time to enter in to discussion about money is when a guest has trouble paying the bill and we can sometimes create an option to scrub floors or do dishes,(just teasing)ha..ha... We are usually very joyful in our every day life."

    "If you have a profession where you are always looking for mistakes or for something wrong, this is all you usually see all around you and in your personal life as well. Understanding the suffering of this soul, I feel so fortunate that my impressions are not tainted by misperceptions and hope she can return at another time and sit with us, drink herbal tea or a green detox juice, smile, breath and be merry!", edited

  • Review by MarlaMary9889 from Oakland, California, USA

    "Friendly and flexible. We were looking for fresh turmeric juice and coffee with coconut milk. "

    "After getting blank stares and unwillingness to help from most places we visited, we came here. "

    "They were friendly, easy to talk to, and willing to explore options. "

    "The place has a great energy and I highly recommend it."

    TripAdvisor, edited

  • Review by Mallory M from Seattle, Washington, USA

    "Wow. I can't say enough good things about my time at H2O during the True Nature 8-day yoga and meditation retreat. I had few expectations coming in, but this was a truly transformative experience in a setting so serene and so lovely. Bindu, Heather and Claire were exceptional teachers, and I learned a lot about yoga and meditation during my time there. It was a beautiful gift to myself to do this retreat, and an experience that was wholly relaxing and invigorating."

    "I did a decent amount of research on yoga retreats around Bali, and this one was (from my research) by far the best value. The food is exquisite, the classes were interesting and engaging, and Gili Air was, in my opinion, a far more ideal location for a retreat than bustling Ubud. This is a lovely place to come and take yoga classes or stay even not for a retreat, and along with many other TripAdvisor reviews, I must strongly recommend the banana cake. I had one almost every day!"

    "I can't thank the H2O staff enough. I hope to be back soon, and would strongly encourage anyone considering a retreat to look into the ones hosted here--they are thoughtful, restorative and excellent value for your money."

    TripAdvisor, edited

  • Review by Kristjan

    "I stayed in Gili Air, Indonesia and would rate the venue 10/10."

    "The yoga classes are top quality and well-suited for all levels. Also, the lodging and restaurant are excellent and the staff very friendly. I really enjoyed relaxing by the pool. Overall, very good value for money!", edited

  • Review by Pawel Szostek from Dublin, Ireland

    "Me and my wife were there for a week Meditation and Yoga retreat in September."

    "The retreat was a life changing experience.The whole team working there it's very welcoming and knowledgeable . The yoga and meditation program was designed perfectly. Every day we covered new subject, new form or techniques in yoga and Meditation.Was suitable for all levels,people with experience were engaged in practice as well as the people with little or none experience. On top of that food was exceptional and the location of retreat is heart breaking. If you looking for escape and switch off Gili Air, it is the place to be. It was very hard to leave the place and come back to reality. l heartily recommend the H2O centre and looking forward to come back there.", edited

  • Review by Nena from United Kingdom

    "I wanted to get into yoga and meditation a little bit more and find some peace during the retreat. I certainly fulfilled that goal and much more. I left the retreat filled with joy and a lot of positive energy."

    "I would love to go back to this wonderful place at 108 Buddha Way again! "

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Toni from Australia

    "I have just finished a magical week at H2O True Nature retreat. Everything was wonderful. Doing yoga everyday has made me stronger, the meditation has made me calm, and I have a wonderful group of new friends. They shared their knowledge and spread the joy, and everyone who works there make it a very special experience. Gili Air is an amazing place, a step back in time, and fantastic for snorkelling and many other things. I highly recommend the experience. I have honoured my spirit and a wonderful holiday as well."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Hanna from Finland

    "I attended the True Nature Meditation Retreat and it was truly a great experience. Awesome teachers, inspiring atmosphere and such a beautiful island! I hope I can return someday."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Silke from Australia

    "A daily discussion group about the elements and how to connect with them but also how to apply this in daily life was also one of the major benefits of this retreat. It allows all kinds of questions and sharing of experiences with the other attendees. "

    "For me the best excercise was the day of silence where we had time to think about where we were at and where we want to be and what is holding us back. Bindu and Rich are great support during the week and always available for questions. In the lovely, peaceful and relaxed atmosphere at the center, it is possible to completely switch off. "

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Min V

    "The True Nature retreat was one of the best things I've done for myself in years. I learnt so much that I can apply to my busy life, I connected with myself again and also made some wonderful friends."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Tree196

    "Everything about the True Nature retreat worked in every way it needed to, to inspire, teach and nurture you through your personal week of discovery."

    "Bindu and Mira were great teachers in all respects. I felt warmly received by them."

    "The people I shared my week with were inspiring, supportive and just lovely human beings. Its amazing that the retreat can draw such lovely people to it"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Anna C from Australia

    "I think if you throw yourself into this 100% you reap all the benefits. Would highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking they need to start doing something for themselves, or who would like to introduce meditation into their lives, it is a fantastic way to start. Thanks guys!!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Robert Hart from United Kingdom

    "It really was a fantastic decision. Not only did the healing process begin through the daily yoga, silent day, sunrise/set meditations, ecstatic dance but it was a space that allowed for really great connections to be made to others within the group.I felt happiness here for the first time in my life and made friends I will keep for a lifetime."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Bainesy123 from Singapore

    "I attended one of the True Nature Meditation retreats in June and it was so life affirming, I cannot recommend it enough! I was quite new to yoga and completely new to meditation and was looking to learn more about both, and essentially reconnect with myself... The retreat exceeded my expectations."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Ni C from United Kingdom

    "The size of the retreat group seems to vary to a max of 15. We were 10 and it was perfect. We all got to know each other well and some of us went on to travel together. We were introduced to new meditation techniques and explored different types of yoga. Even after 7 days, I felt stronger and more flexible and of course very relaxed.The food was just exquisite."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Via Shoshanna Delventhal

    "Yogis can head to Gili Air for a true island get-away. With some of the most awe-inspiring turquoise beaches and a strict no-motor policy on the island, the white-sanded beaches are void of the sounds of engines and horns. H2O Yoga runs yoga classes twice daily, and offers incredibly affordable accommodation options (as low as $15). Yogis interested in retreats can check the website for week-long programs."


    "Excerpt from 8 Incredible Places to Practice Yoga Around the World"

    Elephantjournal website, edited

  • Review by freedom20090 from Melbourne, Australia

    "Just wanted to let you all know that yesterday I attended the Foundations and Alignment Improve Your Yoga Practice Workshop which was excellent! I had been doing my own practice for years, having not been able to attend regular classes where I live, and I had been wanting a Workshop like this so that I could have one on one guidance to make sure I was doing the poses correctly. We had a small class (4) which focused on the correct alignment used to get the most out of the poses. For example, where you should feel the pressure on your foot when it's on the floor, what alignment your hands/wrists/elbows should be in, and the consequences, including strains and sprains, if they are not. Also how to engage the Energy Locks which should be used with the asanas, and Breathing (Pranayama). The Yoga Instructor was brilliant! Liina Flinn was most interested to know what ailment or old injury each individual suffered from and was then able to show each of us how to modify the pose to suit our own bodies. She was also astute enough to take a photo of us in various poses so that we could see for ourselves what we were doing, a great way to learn faster! (Dearie me I've been doing it wrong for so long, lol!) Liina listened carefully to our various questions and gave very knowledgeable, helpful answers. In fact a student doctor in the class praised her for her anatomical knowledge! I was also impressed that she enjoys researching about the body to help herself and her yoga instruction. At three hours very personalised instruction for Rp300,000, I'll be taking the other Workshop on offer, too! Not only did I enjoy the Workshop but afterwards we all went out to lunch at the beach where we had a lovely few hours talking about the world. A great day had! :-)"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by clatters05 from London, United Kingdom

    "Before we came to Indonesia we read up on doing some yoga whilst there having never done it before (surely couldn't find a better place to start?)."

    "H2O was absolutely lovely, beautiful surroundings and sounds of the farms next door making you feel truly away from it all."

    "After a 1 and a half hour evening session we were absolutely knackered, but at the same time completely relaxed. It's great how it works with the sun going down, increasingly getting darker with just candlelight to relax you. "

    "Professional teacher understanding that their are newbies and experienced guys and still managing to cater for all and keep everything clear and understandable. All for just 100k (~£6) each!!"

    "Me and the Mrs are considering taking it up when we get back to England."

    "Thank you H2O for the introduction!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Steve from Maroubra, Australia

    "If your going to Gili Air and like your Yoga then H2O is the go for flow in your holiday . Good instructors and accomodation on site . A good place to chill out , stretch and breath ! Worth a visit"

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by FemaleNomadUSA from USA

    "I bought a 4 punch yoga pass & really enjoyed all of the instructors. Classes were challenging & fun flow classes. Also tried the Bambu Flow & it was cool. I love the cafe on property, especially the coconut coffee! The pool was very refreshing."

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by _mbuisanv from Barcelona, Spain

    "My experience in H2O retreat was just amazing. Just what I needed after some months travelling. This spiritual trip was a step to achieve my happyness! I hardly recomend it to everybody! One of the best things i did! I will come back :-) Marina (spain)"

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by gdodid from Vientiane, Laos

    "They have decent teachers and the setting is great but there is no protection at all from mosquitoes as night falls--the evening class puts you in savasana right as they come out. You will want to absolutely cover yourself in deet."

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by ahall111 from Bali, Indonesia

    "Unfortunately i only made it to one class here in the evening, and i wish i could go back! The teacher was wonderful and informative and his talking really helped to keep focus during class. The sequence was engaging and challenging. I thoroughly enjoyed when the teacher played tibetan singing bowls at the end of class. It was calming and peaceful and I left feeling completely refreshed."

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Danithomson from Melbourne, Australia

    "H20 is a sacred little oasis on the beautiful island of Gili Air. The yoga, meditation, and overall experience of well being was a welcome surprise, and the staff were all friendly and wonderful. the food was all vegan, and delicious, and the activities were well organised and well taught. I stayed in the deluxe bungalow, which had air con and a mozzi repleller, and a beautiful open air shower. I would thoroughly recommend this gorgeous hideaway to anyone remotely interested in yoga or meditation. You will be spoilt! I am already saving up to go back."

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Gdodid from Vientiane, Laos

    "They have decent teachers and the setting is great but there is no protection at all from mosquitoes as night falls, the evening class puts you in savasana right as they come out. You will want to absolutely cover yourself in deet."

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Gypsygirlcanuck from Burnaby, Canada

    "I stayed at the center for one of their week-long retreats and definitely left relaxed and refreshed. The simple focus on nature and the elements (water, air, fire, earth) was grounding and helped me to disconnect from the hectic pace of normal life. Gili Air is a fantastic setting for a yoga retreat - we were minutes from the beach by walking, and I spent countless hours stretched out by the water just listening to the waves roll in."

    "The center itself has a lovely atmosphere and a very refreshing pool. The cabins are basic but clean. However if you choose one with no A/C, be prepared for some potentially hot and sweaty nights!"

    "I came away from the retreat with one big wish, to have had the chance to do more yoga. This retreat was wonderful in so many ways, but it would have been easy to accommodate more yoga. As it was, we usually only did one session per day. An afternoon class (even some sun salutations or headstand practice) would have been a very nice addition."

    "Great overall and I definitely recommend!"

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Ahall111 from Bali, Indonesia

    "Unfortunately I only made it to one class here in the evening, and I wish I could go back! The teacher was wonderful and informative and his talking really helped to keep focus during class. The sequence was engaging and challenging. I thoroughly enjoyed when the teacher played Tibetan singing bowls at the end of class. It was calming and peaceful and I left feeling completely refreshed."

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by BbertSaigon from Saigon, Vietnam

    "Wonderful morning and sunset classes and I attended 4 classes over 2 days. I left feeling rejuvenated and centered. Thank you so much, Liina."

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by AnnG66 from Tenerife, Spain

    "Thoroughly enjoyed my experience at this ashram. Bindu is a great host, there's comfortable accommodation,a cafe, bike hire and of course yoga!"

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Emma Sue from Sydney, Australia

    "I went to the "True Nature" retreat over a week in Jan 2016. I was a little nervous to go alone but everyone at the retreat was a solo traveler and was so open and willing to share. The program was so thoughtful and considered including yoga and meditation that was themed each day to guide us in our reflection upon self and our lives. Watched the sunrise and sunset everyday during mediation at the beautiful beaches on Gili Air. The centre is located about a 5 minute walk from the beach. The yoga space was always clean and the yoga practice is varied everyday to allow you to experience different types of yoga which was perfect for me as a beginner. "

    "About 17 people in the group (great number as it was large enough to have your own space but enough people to feel like a real group) and everyone stayed at the Centre. I was in a shared bungalow of 6 people with 3 bunk beds. Some mosquitoes in the rooms so bring spray. The retreat offered breakfast and dinner each day, local vegetarian food which was delicious. "

    "Had a wonderful time and made life long friends. Would definitely visit again to this idyllic location to refresh and recharge. Thank to Bindu and his team for offering this amazing experience."

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Resmen from Melbourne, Australia

    "Spent 2 nights in the deluxe bungalow which is very new, with AC, hot water and ensuite. They have a nice pool which I also used and have great breakfast. I had plenty of fresh fruit and tea which kick started my day to explore the island. Nice friendly owners and the guests were just the same as well as the drop in folk attending the daily classes."

    "I had a shower at one of the beach cafes as the water in the rooms shower is sea water."

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Alicia from Padang, Indonesia

    "I've wanted to attend a yoga retreat for about 10 years. Rather than thinking about it, I've now experienced it. It was by far the best gift I have ever given myself. I chose the True Nature New Year's yoga and meditation retreat. I was happy to go there alone but found myself loved and supported by the wonderful H2O community that we co-created. I learned many ideas, techniques, and resources to ensure that today is a good day! And the retreat was the start of the process in revealing and accepting our own true nature. We experienced 32 hours of silence into the new year reflecting on either mind, body or soul. It was beautiful and revealing. May we all experience inner serenity, love, and acceptance. A heartfelt thank you to all. Namaste!"

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Tamara from Amsterdam, Netherland

    "H2O is an amazing place with shining and loving people. The true nature new year retreat was a perfect way to end the year and start a new one. Surrounded with beautiful people who also joined the retreat this week couldn't be better. Bindu, Jaslin and of course Adi have been wonderful hosts. The food was fantastic, the shakes and banana cake from heaven and the location quiet and peaceful. I loved every bit, from the everyday schedule of sunrise and sunset meditations, yoga classes, lectures and other activities to the silence day, which was a wonderful experience. The place to be on Gili Air. Love it! Namaste."

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Melissanug from Florida, USA

    "I went to a yoga class and meditation class while I was on the island. The class was in an open outdoor bamboo room! So peaceful here. The yoga was a little different style than I'd done before, fun, laughing at ourselves type. The meditation class left me with a few new techniques and feeling very balanced. I split a package with a friend so the price seemed appropriate when doing this."

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  • Review by Martin from Perth, Australia

    "What more than magical can I say? The "True Nature" yoga and meditation retreat at H2O was simply amazing - the perfect way to shed 2015 and usher in positive new 2016! Each day was unique, enlightening and entertaining, but also with plenty of down time to enjoy the peace and tranquility of beautiful Gili Air; if you're not enjoying a Balinese massage or coconut shake by the beach, you may even get as lucky as I was and snorkel alongside a big Green Turtle!!!! The all vegetarian food and gluten free banana cake were also delicious! Bindu and his team are so friendly, knowledgeable and caring you can't help but be swept up in the love and passion for living!! All up, it challenged me physically, mentally and emotionally, but enriched, enthused and enlivened me no end, definitely an unforgettable experience that words can only begin to describe. Namaste!"

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Cscgesp from Washington DC, USA

    "We were staying across the road from this yoga retreat center, so it was convenient to rent our bikes there. They were quite helpful in other ways, when I asked whether they sold ice (as Si Pisung has none), the manager told me where we could buy some nearby. Also, anyone can refill their water bottles here for a small charge (save money and also the overabundance of plastic bottles on these islands)."

    Tripadvisor website, edited

  • Review by Amber from USA

    "I booked the yoga and meditation retreat from the December 28 till the January 4 and it was the perfect New Year’s gift to myself! The eight day program is well balanced (mindful, spiritual, physical and getting in touch with your inner spirit and the elements as well). Had a great time and met some awesome people! Bindu and his team did a great job guiding us through the week. The accommodation is tranquil and nice, you will feel really comfortable and welcome. The newly built pool and the coconut cafe are real assets! Enjoy and try the conscious side of the island vibe."

    TripAdvisor Website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    "Wonderful morning and sunset classes; I attended four classes over two days. I left feeling rejuvenated and centered. Thank you so much, Lina."

    TripAdvisor Website, edited

  • Review by Dani Thomson from Melbourne, Australia

    "H20 is a sacred little oasis on the beautiful island of Gili Air. The yoga, meditation, and overall experience of well-being were a welcome surprise, and the staff were all friendly and wonderful. The food was all vegan and delicious, and the activities were well organized and well taught. I stayed in the deluxe bungalow, which had air conditioning, a mozzi repeller, and a beautiful open air shower. I would thoroughly recommend this gorgeous hideaway to anyone remotely interested in yoga or meditation. You will be spoiled! I am already saving up to go back.", edited

  • Review by Hilly from Woolacombe, United Kingdom

    "Whilst staying on the island for two nights I sought out a place to do a bit of yoga as a treat to myself. H20 yoga seemed the best place to do it, and when I arrived to check it out prior to the scheduled 17:00 class, I was dry impressed by the two open air studios they have, fully equities with all sorts of equipment. It was my first ever yoga lesson and I was very impressed by the informative instructions by the leader. She gave clear demonstrations, in a calm manner, and often came around to reposition you or give pointers on how to improve your form. Whilst I had a class, my boyfriend was set up in the cafe painting one of their wooden or ceramic figurines which he very much enjoyed! And there are plenty of books, too."

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  • Review by Tanja from Toronto, Canada

    "I stayed for four nights in a shared bungalow and did some yoga. For a budget traveler, the shared bungalow's offer nice value, they are clean and the beds very comfortable. The yoga teachers were good, gave enough options from starters to more advanced (could have gone to even more advanced for me but I guess there are different types of classes which I didn't even get a chance to try in my limited time there). The teachers also circled the class, giving individual guidance if needed, so especially good for beginners. A lot of details making H2O one of the best places I've stayed on my backpacking trip through Asia (and there have been many). They just introduced breakfast, which for me was perfect. There's brown bread - so scarce in South East Asia, with two eggs, fruit salad, and a choice of coffee and a few different sorts of tea. Would definitely recommend and stay here again!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from Puerto Galera, Philippines

    "I attended the True Nature retreat in August and I'm so happy I did! I was amazed at how alive I felt. Sunrise and sunset meditations, yoga, healthy food, snorkeling with turtles, a jungle walk on Lombok, plenty of free time for quiet reflection and exploring the island, and sharing it all with the most lovely people. It was truly magical. Thank you so much Sarah and Emily and the rest of the H20 family. I hope to see you again!!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Jade from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    "Island dreaming retreat - H2O on Gili Air, Bali. This retreat has been a life changing experience. It was the first retreat I had done and I attended solo. The teachers put their heart and soul into their practice, whether it is yoga, meditation, or even during your evening meal. They welcome you with open arms and make you feel part of the furniture. If you're looking to get away and focus on yourself somewhere that isn't too strict, then this is the place for you no matter what age. The center is so cute (their website doesn't do it justice, it’s much more stunning in real life) and the island is beautiful. We had a nice sized group of eight who all attended by themselves. It's a great place to find out about yourself and forget the day to day issues at home. You begin to appreciate and remember the small things that make you happy. I've taken away so much from this retreat. Bindu, Emily, and Sarah (owner and teachers on my course) were fantastic. Don't hestitate to book this it Will be something you will remember and learn from for the rest of your life. I had never done yoga or meditation before and coming back home it's the first thing I have begun to implement in my life, because I have seen the positive things it does to my mind and wellbeing. This is not your ordinary class you'd find at your local gym."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Amanda from Phoenix, Arizona, USA

    "I had an amazing experience doing the Island Dreaming retreat at H20! This retreat was exactly what I needed to re-center myself and just went above and beyond my expectations. I really enjoyed our sunrise and sunset meditations on the beach. We did yoga after our sunrise meditation every morning, which was a great start to the day. There were a few hours of free time most days which I enjoyed by getting free massages and lounging around on daybeds in one of the many beach front bungalow-type restaurants, drinking fresh juice and reading. We took a field trip to Lombak for a lovely nature walk one day and spent another day snorkeling with turtles - so much fun!I I left the retreat feeling rejuvenated and reconnected. The owner Bindu and staff Sarah and Emily are amazing human beings who are so passionate about what they do. Their wisdom and energy is contagious. Each yoga and meditation practices led by them felt so genuine and organic. Gili Air is a beautiful island, H20 is a gem and I hope to go back again someday!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from Denver, Colorado

    "This is a great way to wake up in the morning or wind down in the afternoon. I met fantastic people here, not just the staff, but the other participants as well. I did not stay here and the accommodations appear basic but the bikes they rent are in great condition."

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  • Review by a traveler from Europe

    "I was here a few days ago. Very beautiful place, only by coming inside you relax already. I had my first yoga lesson here. Everything was explained very well and I felt comfortable. It was a very nice experience."

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  • Review by Snow from Sydney, Australia

    "I'm recently back from my second visit to Bindu's H20 True Nature Retreat - the first one changed my life where seve days felt like three months. I've travelled a lot and on my own over the years, always incorporating some kind of group activity/yoga as a way to meet other people. At my first retreat, and Bindu's first one, I'd never before experienced a group of different ages, genders, yoga and mediation abilities, nationalities, and general walks of life come together with no expectations, no judgement but genuine openness, acceptance, and inquiry. To this day, the connections between this group have remained - life long yogi buddies. So July this year I returned to reaffirm some of the lessons I'd learned and just have a great laugh and connection with amazing people. I wasn't disappointed with my 16 new yogi friends from around the world. We've just done a virtual group meditation to keep the H20 spirit alive! Bindu, Sarah, and Emily have a great connection to each other, the island, and a beautifully subtle way to bring a group together to create a connection between people that I've truly never experienced in any other yoga retreat (experienced eight retreats so far). The magic of H20 is the subtle shifts in mindfulness and consciousness that drift in over the week and probably really cement in the weeks after leaving.You'll love H20 if... you want some time to indulge in your own personal, yogi, and spiritual growth; you like to explore the four elements and how they relate to your yoga and meditation practice; you want to the opportunity to take a period of silence for 36 hours - it's easier than you think and really interesting to explore how much we talk when we don't need to and how much we can communicate with a smile; you like living cleanly and simply in shared bungalows (new double bungalows with hot water and A/C just finished being built); you want the opportunity to welcome each day with the sun risings over an extinct volcano and saying goodbye over the sea every evening; you want to detox and slow down - you'll be walking at island pace in no time; you want to experience reiki from a master or take a one-on-one alignment class (amazing!); you want a combination of fun or extroverted and peaceful or introverted yoga and meditation sessions."

    "H20 is not for you if... you want six hours of yoga classes a day (although easy to find on the island) and you're not willing to contribute (not everything is compulsory but the more you give the more you get out of it). "

    "You don't need prior yoga or mediation experience. The classes and workshops cater for everyone and having a group of different abilities actually enhances the conversation with everyone bringing different perspectives. With no religious dogma, it's a really chilled, island-style place to slow down, reconnect with yourself, with other yogi's, with nature and emerge after seven days a better version of you.In the last three years I've had five friends go to H20 on my recommendation and all have loved it. I've been twice, I'll be back for a third time. I cannot recommend it enough... and if you want to make a yogi really happy, bring Bindu some Lipton chai latte sachets... the man is a fiend for them :)"

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  • Review by Tanja from Los Angeles, California, USA

    "Wonderful yoga classes in a beautiful place! The café is also really nice. I loved painting a Buddha (very meditative) and the coconut water with lime ice cubes is delicious!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Jewel from Vienna, Austria

    "After some tries in Europe, I was a bit skeptical about the atmosphere and the instructors. Unfortunately, in the area where I live yoga is presented over-spiritual or very commercial. I visited H20 yoga for some general information first and felt more than welcome. Tried a class the same evening and it was great. I bought a 10 class block and attended different classes. My hope was to reduce the pain in my left shoulder and to calm my mind, to learn to accept and enjoy what is possible for my body. The level is mixed and the instructors adjust the class to the experience of the visitors so every class was different. Yoga with bamboo sticks is really an interesting class and I hope there will be more of this in the future. The instructors Sarah, Emilia, and Lynn are wonderful, always friendly, warmhearted, open for questions, and very attentive. Before every class you had the chance to inform your teacher about any injuries in private. Focus is on the breath, alignment, and the meaning of yoga. The construction site didn’t bother me to much as I took it as an additional challenge during meditation. If you are in doubt because you are not the youngest, most flexible, skinniest, and fittest - forget about it. At H20 you are welcome at any age, weight, or fitness level. Will be back soon. And by the way, my shoulder is so much better now :)"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Alexandra from Zurich, Switzerland

    "I stayed at H2O for four nights and had a nice and pleasant stay there. The people were helpful and they have great coconut water and banana bread in the café. I met new people there. Yoga classes were good and I went there to practice every day! They have mixed classes and they give different options for each level."

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  • Review by a traveler from Europe

    "I was on Gili Air for six nights and H2O yoga was the highlight of my stay. After enjoying my first class, I bought a 10-class pack and came every morning and afternoon. All three teachers are lovely and helpful. The classes are for all levels but they will tell you how to modify the poses depending on what stage you are in. The gluten-free banana bread in the café is also very good! I also did the intro to meditation class, which is an introduction to five different types of meditations that you can try alone. Classes are from 09:00 to 10:30 and 17:00 to 18:30 every day."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Eric from New York, USA

    "My wife and I did a meditation intro class and really enjoyed it. The instructor gave the class some great insights and ideas into how to start and maintain a meditation practice. I would recommend checking it out."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    "I went here a couple of times during my stay on Gili Air both in 2011 and in 2015. The teachers were simply great and attentive and the lessons quite challenging, also for persons like me who have been practicing yoga for a number of years. I find it a pity though that the area behind the yoga place, which was a more or less empty garden in the past, has now been filled with accommodation. And construction continues. But I will definitely return for the lessons and the fruit juices."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from London, United Kingdom

    "My husband and I went for the gentle flow evening class - it was perfect for us, strong but not too challenging. We're not experienced yogis but have done a good bit of yoga over the years. The studio is spacious, with nice fans. The good workout, the sound of the ocean in the distance, the candlelight, and the Tibetan singing bowls made for a serene end to a day of swimming and sunshine."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    "What an amazingly peaceful place! I have some experience with yoga, and have been at the Yoga Barn in Ubud as well (which is supposed to be the Mecca of yoga), but this venue was much, much better. Really down to earth, very small-scaled, and a lovely environment. I absolutely loved the staff and the teachers - they make you feel at home immediately, and all of them are great fun to be around with. I tried three classes, and all of them were equally good. There is loads of attention to the techniques as well, not just about doing the poses - which is amazing and a necessity when learning how to do yoga (but unfortunately, too little yoga teachers actually teach you this). Such a peaceful, inspiring place to find yourself again."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from Brisbane

    "I went to H20 yoga for four days straight during my four night stay on Gili A. Their teachers are highly trained. The studio was peaceful and had everything you need there. They provide yoga mats, and tools - just bring yourself and some water. The cost is low, and the classes go for 1.5 hours. Highly recommend! "

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Ayawascha from London, United Kingdom

    "I went on the retreat about six weeks ago now. It was truly amazing. I am new to yoga and tried some meditation before. But this retreat was much more than that, it was a lot about self-realization and how to deal with problems that may be effecting you personally. The course structure was spot on and the center is really beautiful. Bindu has really taken a lot of care and attention to how the center is laid out. Everything from the position of the windows to the steps to the bungalow is laid for a purpose which I found fascinating. The center is located in Gilli Air; it is the perfect spot for this retreat, especially for the morning and evening sunset and sunrise meditation. We learned many different types of meditation techniques which were very beneficial to me as I now know which technique suits me as person. The yoga was amazing; we did many different styles including using bamboo sticks. The teachers where inspirational and very interactive with the group, as well as the staff that work in the center. I totally recommend this retreat to any level; it was also very cheap, almost half the price of other retreats I looked at in Bali and Gilli. It includes breakfast, dinner, and lodging. The retreat also featured twice daily yoga classes."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Amy from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    "From the minute you step onto the property you feel peaceful. I loved the energy of the people and the place. It was such an enlightening week and I loved learning more about yoga and meditation here and you simply can't beat the sunrise and sunset meditations on the beach!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Genohb from Dublin, Ireland

    "H2O on Gili Air is such a lovely place to be! The retreat was the perfect way to end my trip. After travelling alone for two weeks, it was so nice to be part of a group and meet some like-minded people. Sarah and Bindu teach meditation and yoga on the retreat. I was more or less a beginner and they were so helpful, happy to answer all questions, and have a chat at any time. The classes are varied and I enjoyed every one. Before starting the retreat, I did a few drops in yoga classes taught by Lena. She is an excellent teacher; if you can, try the bamboo class! Because the retreat is very popular and I booked in so late, there was not space for me to stay in H2o so I stayed across the road in a lovely home stay called WP. It was a really nice place and sleeping separate didn't get in the way of the retreat at all. I would highly recommend this lovely and retreat. It is challenging though but well worth it. I am still practicing the yoga and meditation techniques I learned during my time there. I hope to go back some day."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Mila from Moscow, Russia

    "Spending eight days at the H20 Yoga and Meditation "True Nature" retreat was simply perfect. This definitely was a highlight of my trip to Bali. The program was very well organized: a good combination of yoga, meditation, talks, and evening meditation with Tibetan singing bowls was great! The atmosphere in the center is magical and feels like home. Bindu and Sarah are amazing, always there to help, and happy to share their knowledge and point in the right direction. It is great opportunity not only to do yoga, but spend some time by the beach snorkeling and enjoying breathtaking sunrises and sunsets! Not only did I become more relaxed and fit, but I also got some good habits of doing my own everyday yoga routine and became generally more mindful in different aspects of my life. Was also a good opportunity to meet like-minded people from all over the world and share knowledge and information. The food was really delicious as well! Will definitely come back to H20 one day hopefully soon. Enjoy!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Madeleine from UK

    "I booked a week on H2O Yoga & Meditation - True Nature Retreats without any expectations whatsoever. I'm pretty new to yoga and was only aiming for a week of peace and quiet after leaving a hectic life back home a few days before. The retreat came to change my life. The people I met, the things I learned - everything helped me being pushed in the direction I'm supposed to go to. Bindu, lovely Mira, and the other staff were simply amazing, always taking care of us and keeping us occupied with an awesome schedule. I recommend this to all and everyone, though there is something there for everyone. The key is simply going in with an open mind and heart. If you are, then you will feel the same thing as me and my newfound friends did when we left - just happy and peaceful. Also Bindu, if you read this - remember to always swipe to the right :D"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

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