GypSea Yoga School offers global 200 & 300 hour Yoga Alliance teacher training & continuing ed courses, a percentage of all profits is donated to local kids.

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17 Day 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Uvita, Puntarenas

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    from US$2,999
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    Courtney Fletcher

    Kais Faddah

    Bonnie Brazeau

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    Jessica Lantos

    from United States, May 2019

    "Great experience and education"

    I loved that each of the three yoga teachers brought their own unique style. They each had different specialties and it was the perfect combination for a well-rounded experience. Also, the teachers were very supportive!!

    Simone Sørensen

    from Denmark, February 2019

    "Excellent training "

    Can highly recommend this training, it was a great experience all in all. Instructors were very kind and knowledgeable, they make you feel comfortable and at home in what is a very intense couple of weeks both physically and emotionally.

    It was definitely more intense and tough than I imagined, prepare to have only very little free time as nights and a good part of the weekend will be spent on homework, I don’t think this can be any different with 200 hr in three weeks but just prepare mentally for this.

    Would def recommend this training, schedule is varied with various field trips included and the food is excellent.

    Becky Horsley

    from Great Britain, February 2019

    "A life experience "

    The humanity. The energy and chemistry of The group. The passion for yoga. The quality of the content of the course. The environment. The experience, expertise, intuition and inspiration of the leaders.

    Kaitlin Johnson

    from United States, August 2018

    "Amazing Experience"

    The property is really cool; be prepared to spot wildlife from your room or from the amazing jungle yoga platform. The food is delicious; Mari made a huge variety of meals over the course of three weeks, all of which were tasty and nourishing. Most importantly, the quality of instruction and support provided by the teachers is phenomenal. Courtney has poured her heart and soul into the curriculum design and development of the course, and it shows. You will leave not only ready to teach an asana class, but also with a solid foundational understanding of yogic philosophy and the 8 limbs of yoga. The other instructors were fantastic, too, each providing a different style of instruction, but harmonizing beautifully with the overall goal of the course. Also, Kais, the chiropractor, is amazing. Make an appointment with him- you won't regret it!

    Dina Brereton

    from United States, August 2018

    "Magic happened here"

    The whole experience far-surpassed my expectations. Courtney, Monica, Amber and all of the instructors were incredible. They were able to infuse their own funky styles and incredible personalities into every session, making them extremely fun as well as educational. The facilities were magical. Tucked into the jungle, every day was a nature-filled adventure with visits from monkeys, sloths, toucans and more. The rooms were cleaned 2x a week or more. Mari's cooking is the stuff dreams are made of. If I could clone her, I would. I never left the table hungry or unsatisfied with a meal. I hope she comes out with a cookbook someday. Julio's garden is beautiful and his love for it shines through when he teaches you about all the plants and what you can use them for.

    Taking this class was the best thing I ever could have done for myself. I learned so much more than just yoga and left feeling like I had a family for life. I can't put into words just how incredible the experience was...especially considering it was so much more affordable than many other places. Also, knowing that my money was going towards Forjando Olas, a local community youth center, made me even happier knowing I was helping create a better educational experience for the amazing people in the community. Gypsea yoga is magic!!!

    Lyn Ivanowicz

    from United States, August 2018


    Community of attendees, awesome food, cool yoga platform in the jungle, variety of activities, casual/interactive training

    Carole Legault

    from Canada, July 2018

    "A life time gift for myself"

    I enjoyed everything! The teachers, the curriculum, the venue, the food!

    Katherine Breyer

    from United States, July 2018

    "Pure and utter gratitude "

    What a life changing experience. Every bit of this program exceeded my expectations and there was genuine care and support from not only the other students but especially from each of the facilitators and volunteers. I was in constant awe and intrigue with all the time and thought put into each bit of the program. The daily class schedule flows well through asana, pranayama, philosophy, anatomy, practice teaching with hands on learning as well as group discussions. The host of the hostel makes hands down top knotch vegan food for every meal. The hostel, platform, and studio are all so beautiful tucked inside a jungle, with daily guests like sloth and monkeys playing around the trees outside. Such a beautiful program and experience. I would do this all over again! THANK YOU!!

    Jen Bernard

    from United States, June 2018

    The instructors were great. Kalyani, Monica and Courtney were all very friendly and knowledgeable. Hikes to waterfalls and swimming holes were so refreshing. Maris soup is SO delicious. Wildlife around the premises was amazing.

    Lindsay Limoges

    from Canada, June 2018

    The teacher knowledge, food was amazing, responsive to needs, intense but thoughtful curriculum

    Sam Oxley

    from United States, June 2018

    "Wonderful opportunity for growth and development"

    The curriculum provided a complete and thorough education of Yoga. My personal Asana practice was deepened, I developed a new understanding and love for the the other limbs of yoga, and I was given ample experience with teaching and well as invaluable constructive criticism.

    Costa Rica and Uvita are beautiful, the food was delicious, and the people were kind. I enjoyed being immersed in the jungle and being able to focus on the study of yoga while also still having plenty of amenities.

    Lara O'keefe

    from Canada, June 2018

    "A Transformational Training In The Jungle "

    In a nutshell, this experience was amazing. It was challenging and frustrating at times (be ready to go back to square one when it comes to some parts of your practice!) but totally worth it. I came into the training feeling nervous, unsure of myself and riddled with anxiety, and left with a heart filled with gratitude, joy and confidence that this was the best possible decision for both my mental and physical health. Thank you to Courtney, Monica and Kalyani for making the experience so wonderful and memorable!

    Krystle Mcrae Edoin

    from United States, June 2018

    "Great experience ..exactly what I needed "

    Instructors were humble and knowledge. It was an intense couple of weeks but loved the beach yoga, food, friendly environment (loved the dogs there as well) lol


    from United States, March 2018

    The instructors were wonderful and very giving. They were willing to dig deep emotionally with us and prepared to handle whatever came up for us. Each instructor was talented in a different way. And in the end - the learning and instructors are what you come for!

    Krista Critchley

    from Canada, March 2018

    "Amazing experience "

    Gypsea Yoga was everything and more I could have asked for in my yoga teacher training. Doing yoga everyday in the jungle surrounded by wildlife and nature, the facilitators and the friendships I made here were truly amazing. Thank you so much for this amazing journey!

    Nikki Seward

    from United States, March 2018

    "Most definitely recommend"

    I loved the location (in the magical jungle, just a hop, skip, and a jump away from waterfalls, beaches, and the town), Mari's vegan food was to die for, the program was well rounded in styles and teachers! Awesome value for a transformative experience!

    Erica Leishman

    from United States, February 2018

    "Jungle, Beach, Sunshine = Yoga Heaven!"

    The facilitators are all incredible - everyone comes from a different background and offers a unique set of experience and tools to share. The setting is beautiful in and of itself - the classes/ accommodation are more in the jungle setting, but also really close to several beaches, waterfalls and river. Mari's cooking is AMAZING! I was expecting very little variety in the food, but we had something unique almost every day. Gypsea Yoga School arms you with the tools and confidence to go out into the world and teach your heart out, and continue your learning. Thank you for such an incredible experience!

    Ana Victoria Jimenez

    from Mexico, February 2018

    The classes

    The workshops

    The food

    The teachers

    The manual

    The ceremonies

    The graduation

    The timing

    The place

    Michelle Rees

    from Great Britain, February 2018

    "Amazing teacher"

    Really knowledgable and helpful

    Sophie Player

    from Spain, February 2018

    Courtney is a wealth of knowledge and was a wonderful teacher. Taking this training in the jungle really sets a perfect environment to be entirely immersed in the experience and make the very most of the training and the personal journey.

    Rosehuy Huysentruyt-closs

    from Canada, February 2018

    The instructors were passionate and knowledgeable.

    Having a yoga platform in the middle of the jungle was divine


    from Canada, February 2018

    "Tough but rewarding "

    Teachers were great, the area is beautiful and the experience was memorable


    from Great Britain, January 2018

    "Quiet tropical jungle retreat for yoga teacher training"

    The quality of the teaching of yogic philosophy and the coaching of the ashtanga primary series was excellent. The personal journey was well worth the trip.

    Lureta Thielen

    from United States, November 2017

    "Wind, Water, Air and Fire"

    Courtney takes the student on a journey, she utilizes different teaching modalities , that are designed to challenge us to grow, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually . As we strive to become better human beings, and teachers , we have the opportunity to learn at a deeper level the ancient roots of yoga . Rewarding friendships are forged, as you share a common and unique experience with fellow participants. The yoga training is hosted in a magical and natural jungle setting as toucans, sloths and monkeys bear witness to your asanas. In cahoots with Courtney these jungle spirits work with her as she brings the divine love, joy and laughter into your learning experience. If you feel intuitively pulled towards attending this training...follow and honor your instinct. I highly recommend Gypsea Yoga School.


    from Netherlands, November 2017

    Courtney is a very experienced yoga teacher, she explains the asanas very well. There were many different expert guest teachers.

    Stacey.simins Stacey.simins

    from United States, November 2017

    "Best experience of my life! "

    Everything about Gypsea yoga school was amazing! The facility was beautiful! We saw tons of exotic animals and butterflies floated around the platform where we practiced yoga. I walked away with more knowledge and friends than I could have ever hoped for! Absolutely incredible

    Claudia Gabrielle Fortin

    from Canada, August 2018

    "Professional, thorough and enlightening training :-)"

    Gypsea yoga school exceeded my expectations in so many ways, personally and professionally. The curriculum is very well designed, allowing us to learn so many things in a short period of time. The balance between practice, asana workshops, philosophy and teaching practice kept us moving making our days very enjoyable and allowed us not only to really understand what yoga is, but also to feel confident teaching it once we've graduated. I greatly enjoyed the fact that we began practicing teaching on day 1. Our teachers were so incredibly dedicated to make this training a success, plus they had complementary styles and specializations (yin, ashtanga, kids yoga, acro, sublte energy, etc.) which gave us the opportunity to learn about many differents aspects of yoga and discover our personal preferences. It is also a very powerful personal experience, since it is the perfect environment to refocus and discover your true self, through meditation and introspection, but also while taking the opportunity to exchange with supportive, open-minded and loving people, wether teachers of fellow students. My main advice for future Gypsea students: Please keep in mind that it is NOT a vacation. You spend long days learning and practicing and there is a lot of homework at night, which is a good thing. It shows it is a serious program that really prepares you to become a yoga teacher, so if you want to make the best out of it, make sure you're ready to work hard and fully invest yourself.

    Lisanne Keijzer

    from Costa Rica, July 2018

    "Amazing journey! "

    Het “thuis” gevoel, de uitjes en alles was zo interessant. Heel leerzaam, bijzonder om mee te maken en geweldig om vrienden voor het leven te maken.


    from Brazil,

    "I went into teacher training not quite understanding what I was in for. I knew I wanted to make yoga a part of my life as a career, and also knew that I had so much to learn about the other aspects of yoga not including the physical practice (and of course I still do), but I don't think I realized the depth of knowledge I was about to learn. I think Courtney, and her co-teachers, did an outstanding job introducing the limbs of yoga to us. I loved reading the Sutras, and actually began to re-read them upon returning home. The training taught me how to properly align and adjust students in order to teach them safely. I selected this teacher training because of Courtney's background in Astanga yoga, which was extremely helpful for my personal practice as she covered primary series asanas, but I ended up learning so much more than I expected. I am excited to continue growing in my physical practice and am so happy with the instruction and variation of asana classes we received, but I am forever grateful for the way I was introduced to the spiritual practice that is yoga. Courtney attracted so many like-minded humans (yogis), and I am so lucky to call all of my teacher-trainees friends post-YTT. I could not be more happy with my experience, and would 100% recommend Gypsea Yoga School."

    Erica Broome

    "Gypsea Yoga 200 hr YTT was an incredible experience with Courtney. The compound is a beautiful oasis in the middle of the jungle, with an open yoga platform in a serene area, with a stream running alongside it, lush greenery all around it, and howler monkeys and tucans in the area as well. Mari and her family cook and clean for all the students, and make healthy, Costa Rican staples - lots of rice, beans, veggies, oatmeal for every meal. The rooms are pretty basic, but it contributes to the overall experience. The daily classes are great, Courtney is such a fun and enthusiastic teacher, and her spiritual connection to yoga and the yogic philosophies really help to make this experience something special. You will learn how to deepen your practice not only in a physical way, but even more so in a spiritual way, which is what made the experience so standout and unforgettable for me.

    Uvita is a great town, with a gorgeous waterfall and nice local but also Western restaurants. It is close to some other great beach towns, and we did some great weekend activities like scuba/snorkel at Cano Island, surf lessons at the local beach, and just spending days at the beach which is huge, beautiful, and largely untouched.

    I really recommend Courtney and Gypsea Yoga from the bottom of my heart. She puts so much love, fun, and warmth into her trainings that you come out learning so much more than just how to become a yoga teacher. It was a life changing experience for me, and some of the lessons I learnt are some of the most valuable ones."

    Deanna Jade

    Gypsea Yoga School Teacher Training was more than a yoga teacher education! It was an experience of soul-searching, friendship-making and future-finding. Courtney was knowledgeable, warm, loving - amazing! I would recommend training with this yoga school if you want to achieve your dreams.