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Gut Health Yogi offers mindfulness and wellness coach as well as yoga retreat to help you activate your own self-healing mechanisms.

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Alan Sieler

I Feel Calm Retreat

It has been my privilege to have collaborated with Yasmin as a workshop leader and to have experienced and benefitted from her extraordinarily elegant and effective somatic work first-hand. Her highly refined ways of observing the somatic being of others and sensitivity in how she works with them creates a wonderful context for significant learning and transformation.


I Feel Calm Retreat

My reflux and irritable bowel has been a problem for the last 10 years and it was getting worse until I started doing the gut life program, which gave me easier ways to calm my symptoms rather than the tablets. Now from (re)learning to eat well and better ways to satisfy my sweet tooth I have now almost no symptoms after 1 month! It’s been a great lifestyle change for me and people tell me I’m glowing!

I was diagnosed with lazy colon and hiatus hernia, being in complete fear every time I ate something. Before having another operation I tried this program, a little reluctantly and skeptical at first because of this different approach of looking at the cause. After the second session with Nicholas I was totally invested because I learned a lot about how to transition to better foods, felt a huge relief of symptoms and gained a lot of insight into my patterns around food and my partner. Our relationship is now also better because of it.

I always thought that my type 2 Diabetes was hereditary and that my high blood pressure was just a sign of nature taking its course and my chronic back pain was part of degeneration and ageing. After attending a 14 day retreat with Nic and Yasmin, I learnt that lifestyle illnesses were caused by stress and depression. The 14 day programme really helped me to kick-start my road to wellness. I’ve been on extreme detox and weight loss retreats before and found them really difficult and rigid to stick too. Nic and Yasmin make it easy and enjoyable and have helped me to make simple changes that I can stick to. Yasmin’s movement and mindfulness therapy is unbelievably effortless but REALLY works. Not only has it helped me to overcome my back pain but it’s improved my posture and helps me to manage my anxiety. I can climb a flight of stairs which I could not do before!!


I Feel Calm Retreat

I was diagnosed with Sjorgen’s syndrome in March 2014, an autoimmune condition that reduces saliva and fluid production in the body. It left me with a dry mouth, swollen glands, dry skin, heartburn and a body that ached all over, like the flu. I was told that it is incurable and only manageable with medication. I was not happy with the prognosis and decided to find an alternative. I heard about Yasmin and Nic and how they help people with autoimmune conditions like Arthritis and Fybromyaliga. I started off with a 14 day programme and noticed a change in my symptoms in a few days. I went on an Alkalizing diet and mindfulness practice to help my body heal. After 14 days, the ache had subsided and my symptoms had improved significantly. I have continued with the programme and see them once a week. I know I can’t be cured but I believe this is the best way to manage it without medication and expensive supplements


I Feel Calm Retreat

I attended Nic and Yasmin’s 3 day retreat at the Buddhist retreat centre in KZN. Although the centre has a structure it’s flexible enough to have some “me” and although the food is vegetarian it is delicious and does not eliminate dairy, sugar or wheat, so I could still have their home baked bread. I have a very stressful job and needed something a little more than a weekend away to de-stress. The activities included mindfulness yoga, meditation and educational talks, all hosted by Nic and Yasmin. Yasmin’s Mindfulness sessions were like nothing I had attended before. I have been attending regular meditation classes but these sessions were really simple and got me into a centered state quickly. I didn’t think I would but I attended all the activities and left feeling better.


I Feel Calm Retreat

I attended a 10 day pain relief programme with Yasmin and was a bit skeptical to hear that the simple practice could bring long term relief but decided to give it a go out of curiosity. I had been struggling with chronic back pain for 16 years and had tried everything. I have been pain free now for 6 months and still can’t believe it. What works with this programme is that it works with both mind and body and gets to the cause of pain. As long as I follow the simple practice and coaching tools, I know I can be pain free

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