Guru Yog Peeth is a premium yoga school for 100, 200 & 300hours yoga teacher training courses. They organize various teacher training's locally.

Yoga Retreats (3)

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Instructors (6)


Acharya Tuna Khatua


Dr. Vibha Sharma

Dr. Mukesh Sharma

Guruji Rishi

Reviews (5)

Deborah Banks-Skellenger

from Mexico, October 2017


Everyone was very friendly and very helpful. They took me in their arms like family and Showed me many of the sites around The area. It was like having my own family take me on private tours. The entire staff couldn't do enough for me. Always there to help me with whatever I needed and they did it all with love and kindness

Dixie Downing

from United States, October 2017

"Retreated and Never Looked Back"

My favorite thing about the retreat was the amazing faculty the school has to offer. My Pranayama teacher taught the class in lecture style, when we were not practicing the breathing exercises. I learned a lot about the science behind yoga and breathing from him. On that note, my yoga instructor was always correcting my form and encouraging me to become stronger. With his influence, I really do feel like I left my retreat stronger and better at yoga. He gave me a new drive to do yoga regularly. Maayaa was my meditation teacher, and she was phenominal. She truly taught me the reasons and basis for meditation. She made something I thought I could never get into fun. My ayerveda treatments were unexpected in how much they helped. I went to Rishikesh, because I have been having digestive trouble for the past few years. Doctors in the US always wrote it off as nothing, but the cramps were bad. The ayerveda was really helpful to cleanse and relax my body. I really came out of the treatment feeling better, and I have had remarkably no cramps since. Rishikesh is just a charming little town with so much to do. Overall, a truly wonderful two weeks

Kyle Usselman

from Montenegro, September 2017

"Waste of money"

The Ayurveda doctors were great.