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6 Days Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat in Goa, India

  • Green Yoga India, Patnem Beach, Canacona, South Goa, India


India Yoga Retreat

Sleep with the sounds of the waves and wake up in the morning while contemplating the Arabian Sea just from your window. Experience the calming moment of practicing yoga standing just over the ocean. Join Green Yoga India in this relaxing yoga retreat in Goa, India. Rejuvenate and escape from stress.


  • Daily morning and evening yoga classes
  • Hatha, Dynamic Vinyasa, and Asthanga yoga sessions
  • Free time for a walk to sunset point/beach or meditation
  • Unlimited drinking water and hot tea
  • 3 vegetarian meals in a day
  • 5 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Beginner

  • 6 days with instruction
  • English, Spanish
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The resort is equipped with 2 dormitories, 13 eco cottages and 1 premium hut for shared accommodation and 4 eco cottages for single accommodation. All rooms have mountain view.The rooms and furniture are designed with natural and eco-friendly materials for comfortable stay. All rooms include a hot shower, Western toilet, comfortable mattress and pillows, blanket, cover, towels and mosquito net. Cleaning is twice a week or as per request.

Spending a month in this retreat would be an unforgettable experience for the yogis and yoginis. Whether it is practicing yoga, sitting for meditation or relaxing in Sunday afternoon, Green Yoga India is the ideal place for all purpose. As per vastu shastra, every place has some energy. This retreat is full of light, air, and positive energy which one can receive during their teacher training course. To be with us can be a lifetime experience for you.

Resort facilities

  • 1 big yoga hall overlooking the ocean that can accommodate at least 25 people
  • Small library with different yoga books
  • Eco friendly bamboo huts and elegant rooms
  • Chill out place and many hammocks to relax
  • Own kitchen and restaurant
  • Locker facilities
  • Many space to walk surrounded by trees, ocean and mountain
  • A private trek to the sunset hill
  • Free Wi-Fi 24 hours
  • Laundry service
  • Drinking water

Relax and practice with the sounds of the waves. Goa is the perfect place for you! In this Green Yoga India retreat, they welcome you to the land of white sands, bright sun, sparkling waters and wavering palm trees. Welcome to Goa, the yoga paradise of India.

Experience a yoga holiday in a tropical and exotic paradise. Escape from the stress and routine life and relax practicing yoga surrounded by nature overlooking the Arabian Sea. Green Yoga India invites everyone from all backgrounds to join this 6-day yoga holiday. Whether you are a beginner or experience yoga practitioner, you will find a perfect place for you.

Daily schedule

  • 07:30 Morning yoga class: Hatha yoga/Yin yoga including pranayama (1 and half hours)
  • 08:30 Breakfast then free time for the beach
  • 13:30 Lunch then free time to chill-out or go shopping
  • 16:30 Evening yoga class: Dynamic Vinyasa flow or Asthanga Vinyasa primary series (1 and half hours); Free time for a walk to sunset point/beach or meditation
  • 19:30 Dinner

Guru Atmarekha (Lead teacher and founder)

Yoga philosophy and physiology / Hatha and Yin yoga / teaching methodology/ meditation.

Inspired by the life and philosophy of the great sage of India Swami Vivekananda (founder of Ramakrisna mission) and Swami Sivananda, yoga guru Atmarekha decided to dedicate his life for the service to the world through the science and arts of yoga. He was born in West Bengal, the land of spiritual masters like Swami Vivekananda, RishiI Aurobinda, and Paramahansa Yoganananda. Since his childhood days, Atmareka was inclined and motivated towards yoga and spirituality. His association since early age with Ramakrisna Mission has given him to understand the in depth-knowledge of Vedanta philosophy, and all ancient Hindu scriptures. He graduated in Sanskrit from North Bengal University.

After completing his postgraduate diploma in management, Atmarekha travelled through different cities of India experiencing the ashram life and getting the most valuable secrets of the ancient science of yoga: Sivananda Ashram, Bihar School of Yoga, Osho Ashram, Vivekananda Ashram, Ramana Maharsi Ashram.

After his ashram life, he founded a yoga school in West Bengal in which he is helping many people to cure severe diseases and to uplift their lives. He specializes in all aspect of yoga like traditional Hatha yoga, Kundalini meditation, Therapy yoga, stress management for corporates, and the secret of tantric yogic practice. He is an exceptional motivational speaker and spiritual leader of eastern India.

Divyananda (Cristobal Puente)

Yoga anatomy / Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga / teaching methodology / Bhakti yoga.

Divyananda was born in Spain but grew up in India. His connection with India started from Northern Himalayas to southern coast of India. He started the journey of learning Hatha yoga and Vedanta philosophy under the blessings of Swami Dharmananda, from Rishikesh. After that, he discovered Iyengar yoga as a tool for his own practice and development. During his more than 14 years of yogic experiences, he is constantly practicing and teaching Iyengar yoga from Risikesh under the guidance of one of the senior disciples of B.K.S. Iyengar. He moved to Southeast Asia to attend several Buddhist philosophy, Tao meditation, and Buddhist medicine and nutrition. He is also a level III master of Reiki and a Thai massage therapist from Chiang Mai (Thailand).

His handful teaching experience has given him a chance to teach Iyengar yoga in several retreats around the world. In 2006 he was in Mexico (Centro Shaolin Daxue) teaching Restorative yoga. From 2007 to 2009, he was teaching in Ireland (Rosapena Hotel Golf Resort) and next years he was between Spain and India.

He continues his journey under the blessing of Amritanandamahi Ma (Amma), participating actively as a volunteer in Amma Ashram (Kerala). He is also primarily involved with Vicente Ferrer Fundation and Mother Teresa Charity House.

Jivan Subhi

Osho meditation / Tai Chi and Chinese medicine workshop.

Subhi was born in Chile. He moved to live in Barcelona, Spain where he got the degree of law in the University of Barcelona. Then he moved to Chicago, USA, and then to India, where he settled down for a long time. After practicing international law for a while he decided to add some different values and experiences to his life, which are not based only in the traditional way of life.

His spiritual journey starts with the meeting of the great Master Osho in 1988. Soon he realizes the changes coming to his life. Since that year he started frequently visiting his guru in his ashram of Pune (India) and he started acquiring all the knowledge of the meditation techniques, and other courses offered in the ashram. He started looking inside and following the call of his heart. From there he discovered the inner science of energy that is called Tai Chi.

He started to practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong in India with Master Raj, a disciple of the Chinese Master Raymond Chung and then he went to China to learn from the original sources with Master Wang Zhi Ping. Soon he realized that this will be part of his life and a way of living for the next years to come. In the realm of this amazing old technique from China, he discovered that behind the martial art aspect of the Tai Chi, hidden is a tremendous source of treasures to be discovered, and he got into this practice every day with passion and discipline for years.

He also is the author of the translations of some books about Eastern philosophers and also about Tai Chi and Qi Gong. He did work on the translation to Spanish of the book Mind Over Matter of Master Shi Ming (considered as the Bible of the Tai Chi). He says that Tai Chi is an art that involves the practice of physical exercises forms and it is also a philosophy, medical and biodynamic knowledge.

Now he is based in India, practicing Tai Chi in China with his guru, and giving workshops of Tai-Chi and Chinese medicine in Europe.

Veronica Arias Gomez

Yoga anatomy / Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga / teaching methodology / Bhakti yoga.

Being a classical concert pianist with masters degree from Holland Conservatorium and awards in several piano competitions, yogini Veronica left the material world behind and started exploring the world in search of the real meaning of life. She began with a challenging trek in the Himalayas, Nepal, and then she dived into the deep of the ocean of south coast of Asia as a scuba diving instructor. Finally she reached the holy city of India, Rishikesh. The rich spiritual knowledge and culture of this place amazed her for the first time in life. In India, she met Atmarekha and under his guidance, she started to transform her life and adopted a yogic lifestyle.

Yoga was always a part of her life. She started practicing various forms of yoga in Europe since 12 years ago. During her years in India, she explored yoga from the most well-known institutions starting from Vippasana meditation in the Himalayas, Iyengar yoga from one of the great masters of Risikesh, Internal yoga of Bihar School of Yoga, yoga and ayurveda education in South India, and Asthanga Vinyasa yoga from the world renowned Pattabi Jois Institute in Mysore. Her interest in natural healing treatments drove her to obtain a degree in holistic Western and Oriental spa therapies. She currently earned a diploma in nutrition and dietetics.

She is spiritually married to Atmareka and presently residing in India organizing, teaching and running the non-profit organization named Green Yoga Studio located in Siliguri (Darjeeling), the foot hills of eastern Himalayas.

Welcome to the land of white sands, bright sun, sparkling waters and wavering palm trees. The most beautiful state of India offers a perfect environment for the yoga practitioners. Tropical weather and multi-cultural atmosphere has attracted the tourist of all world to this pearl bounded by the Arabian Sea in Western India. Goa was originally a Portuguese colony before 1961. You can still feel some of the Portuguese architectural heritage and some Portuguese influence in Goan cuisine.

Imagine yourself practicing yoga overlooking the ocean, imagine your breath is becoming one with the sound of the waves when you are meditating, imagine yourself lying on the white sand and becoming one with the nature, feel the 5 elements of the nature merging in your body and mind. The climate of Goa is always pleasant throughout the year with temperatures ranging from 24 to 29 degrees. Its the only state of India which offers lush green and smooth roads away from pollution and chaos. Goa is connected with the world by all the means: air, train, bus and car. International and domestic flights are available with affordable price.

Patnem is located in South Goa, 45 kilometers from Margo and 78 kilometers from Panaji, the states capital. It is only 5 minutes from Palolem beach and its famous market. Patnem is to be considered one of the most pristine beaches in Goa. Away from the crowd and chaos, it is kind of a private beach.

Our yoga retreat is located in the north side peninsula of Patnem Beach. Geographically Green Yoga India is situated in a place from where you can view the whole Patnem and Rajbag beach. Green Yoga retreat offers a 360 degree view of the ocean. The whole retreat is full of colorful flowers, coconut trees, fruits of the season and green grass in the lap of the mountain. They even have a private trekking path to sunset point, where you can contemplate memorable sunsets overlooking the coast line that reach till Agonda bay.

Nearby places

  • Palolem beach - 5 minutes
  • Palolem market - 5 minutes
  • Hiking
  • Kayak
  • Mountain walking/trekking
  • Shopping nearby
  • Swimming
  • Beach
  • Beach nearby
  • Dining area
  • Hammock
  • Kitchen
  • Restaurant
  • Special menu request
  • Studio
  • Yoga deck
  • Free drinking water
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Laundry
  • Library
  • Local market
  • Room cleaning
  • Shop nearby

A great deal of care has to be taken when it comes to preparing food. In Green Yoga India, chosen are the foods as per the requirements of the yoga practitioners. Keeping in mind the nutritional values and following the guidelines of Ayurvedic science, they have prepared a wide array of sattvic food which satisfies not only the taste of tongue but also the soul and mind.

Visit the different beaches and places of your interest. Palolem market, Palolem beach, Agonda beach, and Talpoba beach to name a few. You might also be interested in going to the Galgibaga turtle nest or even the fresh water lagoon at Khola beach. You have a lot of your own time to just explore without any disturbances, relax and enjoy.

Yoga Nidra sessions, Ayurvedic consultations, Ayurvedic massages, and yoga consultations are also available on site. You may also choose to relax while going shopping in Palolem, kayaking, or by attending a dolphin trip.

  • 5 nights accommodation in a hut or ocean view suite
  • 3 vegetarian meals per day
  • Access to Green Yoga India's multi cuisine restaurant and bar
  • Free Wi-Fi 24 hours
  • Unlimited drinking water and hot tea
  • Yoga sessions for 3 days

Arrival by airplane

Dabolim Airport or Goa International Airport (GOI) is around one and a half hour away from Patnem. You can reach Green Yoga India retreat by yourself; most convenient is to book a prepaid taxi from the airport counter. Prices will be around 1000 to 1500 INR.

Arrival by bus

  • There are some buses from Mumbai arrive to Margao.

Arrival by train

The closest railway stations to Patnem are Margao on the Konkan Railway and Canacona. Margao is 40 minutes away and costs 600 to 700 INR in a taxi. Canacona is just 5-minute drive away from Patnem and the journey costs around 50 to 100 INR in an auto rickshaw.


  • Canacona - 5 minutes
  • Goa International Airport (GOI) - 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Margao - 40 minutes
  • Panaji - 78 kilometers
  • South Goa - 45 kilometer
For information about the booking conditions, please send Green Yoga India an inquiry.
  • Review by Lilit from Los Angeles
    10 out of 10

    "For me, looking for a yoga teacher training was time and mind consuming. I spent months looking at different schools, cities, countries, my purpose, debating thoughts like: what the hell am I doing?, these trainings all look the same, I live in LA- just do Yogaworks training on the weekends and get it over with, I need a certificate, I'm investing my money and time- I want it to be perfect, do Yogis find ashrams, or do the ashrams find them?"

    "I meditated on it, philosophized, consulted friends, therapists, other dog owners, internet reviews, blogs, Instagram, the whole nine yards. I knew I wanted to deepen my practice, my understanding of Self and use yoga as a bridge to elevate my consciousness. That, I was certain."

    "I wanted something more than a 200 hour certification compatible with Yoga Alliance USA. That, was a given. I wanted a spiritual experience. Period. I wanted self development in its most authentic form, or as close to it as possible. This is why i was attracted to yoga in the first place. Then it became even more clear: I had to go to India, the birthplace of yoga philosophy/psychology/spirituality/consciousnes/meditation and asanas. Everything else was a distraction."

    "After exhausting all my options in California, Bali and beyond, there was one place I kept coming back to- Green Yoga India in Goa. I'm so glad i made the decision to do my 200 hour teacher training in October of 2016 at Green Yoga."

    "Green Yoga India encapsulated all of my desires and exceeded my expectations. The teachers and entire staff from the kitchen to administration, are exceptional. They are all heart centered, authentic Beings."

    "The Teachers: "

    "Atmarekha is the embodiment of yogic living/teaching/philosophizing. He teaches true Hatha yoga, pranayama, spirituality, meditation and philosophy as he is a true Yogi himself. He provides a mirror for a person to examine themselves, their thoughts and ideas with non-judgment. He teaches you to be curious. He is an advocate for the Truth, and does so in a loving way. I am so grateful I studied with this man and look forward to returning to gain more wisdom and experience. "

    "Veronica is the energetic force of love and inspiration at Green Yoga, teaching Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow. She is a ray of positivity and sets the bar high for her students (which I love). Anu is a philosophical and inspiring Yin yoga teacher. She is a yogini from the inside out. She taught me so much about my own body, how to heal scoliosis, put yoga sequences together and so much more. Ria is a yogic ninja. She does it all- Hatha, Vinyasa, Aerial and Acro. By the end of the training, Ria helped me accomplish crow and headstand. I'm an athletic person, but yoga is my achilles because it illuminates my weaknesses and inflexibility. But of course the trick has been to keep doing it anyway. "

    "Every teacher at Green Yoga India was so patient and helpful in getting me to unlock my potential one step at a time. "

    "Prateek is amazing in providing the integration of the business side of yoga with the introspective, healing practices the other teachers bring. He helped me change the airport pick up when I needed to change my flight last minute, and provided safety and security for the entire experience."

    "Through the completion of the course, I received a thorough understanding of the Multi-Style approach which enabled me to attune to my natural inclination of Hatha and Yin. I thought it would be Vinyasa (since that's all we do in the West and I'm an athlete), but the slow flows of Hatha and Yin gave me a deeper understanding of the integration of mind, body, spirit that I was looking for. The teachers were great in helping me return to my internal navigating system that ultimately lead me back to me. Their method of teaching provided the grace and challenges I needed on a physical, mental and spiritual level."

    "Yoga teacher training is a small step in creating the deeper foundation of incorporating Yoga as a way of living and Being. It is a philosophy, a lifestyle. Yes, I'm a certified Yoga teacher now and will do a lot with it, but it's only the beginning of my training in mastering the mind and breath to be the integral forces of life and spirit. That, is a lifelong process. I'm grateful to have Green Yoga India as a conduit on my path to self-realization. "

    "The Retreat Center: "

    "The new retreat center is gorgeous. It looks and feels like the Garden of Eden is manifesting itself there. Everything is brand new, the huts, the beds, the bikes, the yoga shalas. There are a lot less bugs than on the beach. It was nice having some distance from the beach, but also the ease and accessibility to hang out in Palolem or Patnem Beach with an affordable Tuk-Tuk ride. The location provided a great balance of beach and retreat life. I wouldn't have changed a thing."

    "The food was delicious, and as a picky vegetarian, I always found pleasure and nutrition in all 3 meals served. Desserts (especially the chocolate balls) were out of this world. The chefs could make anything and they made it enjoyable and great. As a bonus, you can take a 5 minute bike ride from Green Yoga to the local coffee shop, Space Goa Cafe. It is enjoyable and relaxing there too. The monkeys, cows and dogs are a sight to be seen."

    "Make sure to you give yourself some time to sort out your visa before traveling to India. Everything else will be smooth sailing once you get to Green Yoga India. They help you take care of everything."

    "Their Wifi is pretty good, but if you're like me and need connection to the Western world 24/7 for work or personal reasons, invest in a sim card. It's super cheap and will make life so much easier."

    "I highly recommend this yoga teacher training to anyone who is ready to take their yoga game to the next level. For anyone on the path of self-realization through yoga and spirituality. I fell in love with Goa and Green Yoga India in such a way that it is now my home away from home. I'll be back soon. Lots of love."

    Traveler provided, edited

  • Review by Jenny Huinker from USA
    10 out of 10

    "From the beginning of the application process to follow up long after the taxi takes you back to the airport, Atmarekha and Veronica and their staff are warm, welcoming, knowledgeable, helpful, and encouraging. Whether it be assistance with travel arrangements, introducing you to trustworthy locals for laundry or other services, insuring you don’t get taken advantage of in the markets, and even dealing with customs and not-always-easy government bureaucracy to pick up a package sent by your family, they go above and beyond in hospitality. The accommodations are comfortable, clean, and equipped with water and electricity. The campus is beautiful. The kitchen staff is kind, welcoming, and incredibly talented at preparing healthy and delicious meals. The instruction is clear, thorough, engaging, enlightening, and fun. The course covers a multitude of styles as well as the broad spectrum of all that is yoga. You will leave here practically equipped to lead a class with a broad foundation for helping students with diverse needs and backgrounds. One of the marks of quality instruction is that the student leaves wanting to know more. Atmarekha and Veronica and their staff have given us all the resources to take what we’ve learned here and delve deeper into further study, sustained personal practice, and a desire to do both. Their love of yoga, and more importantly, their love and concern for each and every student they come in contact with is evident. Beyond instruction and the necessary details of life, they are insightful and available to help work through any problem you may encounter – physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Their compassion, knowledge, experience, and beyond-theiryears wisdom cannot be spoken of highly enough. If you’re looking for an amazing 200 hour teacher training course, you need look no further than Green Yoga India."

    April 2016, website, edited

  • Review by Billie Hallman from USA
    10 out of 10

    "My experience at Green Yoga was phenomenal. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable, warm, motivating, encouraging, and compassionate. I wish they offered more teacher training courses (300 hour, prenatal, children's, or CEUs) because I'd love to go back and I know there's so much more that I could learn from them. The accommodations were comfortable and the food was amazing. I highly recommend this YTTC."

    April 2016, website, edited

  • Review by Maaike from The Netherlands
    10 out of 10

    "I absolutely recommend doing a Yoga Teacher Training Course at Green Yoga India. I completed my 200 hrs in November 2015 and have enjoyed each step along the way. I completed a multi-style Yoga Teacher Training which allowed me to explore different styles like Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa and Iyengar. We worked both on the physical aspect of asanas, teaching methodology, but also the philosophy and history behind it for the different yoga styles. Next to that we had different kind of workshops like acro yoga and ayurvedic medicine. Atmarekha and Veronica are a very good team. Atmarekha has a lot of in-depth knowledge about yoga, indian tradition and culture which is fascinating to listen too and Veronica brings the western touch."

    April 2016, Green Yoga India website, edited

  • Review by Emily from United Kingdom
    10 out of 10

    "I went to Green Yoga India, Goa not quite knowing what to expect. I had already completed a 200hr YTTC in the UK, so I already had a basic understanding of yoga philosophy, asanas and anatomy. My reason for doing a second YTTC in India was to deepen my knowledge on all levels, especially in the areas of pranayama, meditation and some of the spiritual aspects of yoga. Green Yoga India did not disappoint! I learnt so much during the course. Not only did my personal practice improve dramatically during the course, but my understanding of what yoga is, in all its manifestations, how it can benefit different individuals, where it came from and how it became so popular in the West. Atmarekha and Veronika are both excellent teachers who are really passionate about their subject. I left the course with a really good understanding of yoga philosophy, thanks to Atmarekha's very comprehensive way of teaching. I now feel confident to pass on my knowledge to my own students."

    April 2016, Green Yoga India website, edited

  • Review by bosch500 from Paris, France
    10 out of 10

    "I absolutely recommend doing a Yoga Teacher Training Course at Green Yoga India. I completed my 200 hrs in November 2015 and have enjoyed each step along the way. I completed a multi-style Yoga Teacher Training which allowed me to explore different styles like Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa and Iyengar. We worked both on the physical aspect of asanas, teaching methodology, but also the philosophy and history behind it for the different yoga styles. Next to that we had different kind of workshops like acro yoga and ayurvedic medicine. Atmarekha and Veronica are a very good team. Atmarekha has a lot of in-depth knowledge about yoga, indian tradition and culture which is fascinating to listen too and Veronica brings the western touch. One of the things I liked specifically about this yoga school, apart from the fact that they teach multi-style, is that they tried to create an ashram like environment. Not to mention the breath-taking location, which was a little peninsula on the side of Patnem beach. After our lunch break we would go in for a swim and come back fresh to study. We saw dolphins swimming during the morning Hatha class on several occasions. I come out of this course confident to teach and richer in experience and knowledge."

    February 2016, TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Soni Kedia
    10 out of 10

    "I'm very grateful that I've been in the company of Mr Atmarekha and Ms Veronica to practice yoga. Green Yoga India offers a great atmosphere to learning and developing. The benefits of yoga cannot be explain it can only be experience. Give one hour to yoga and it can give your life back smile emoticon! I highly recommend this place to everyone."

    Green Yoga India website, edited

  • Review by Nidhi Singhal
    10 out of 10

    "Yoga it's ultimately about coming back to the self, and a good teacher has the ability to help students on their journey back home to themselves. Both of you did wonderful job to achieve this journey. Being a student of Green Yoga India, I had experienced transformation in my psychical and mental wellbeing. I feel so fortunate to be part of this organization and I recommend everyone to join!"

    Green Yoga India website, edited

  • Review by Nikita Agarwal
    10 out of 10

    "Green Yoga India is the best place I found. This place not only improved my physical health, but I also found changes emotionally and mentally. Iwould like all the people to experience this YTTC training once in their life time and am sure you will find a good change in yourself. Amazing place over the ocean with the best teachers. Highly recommended!!"

    Green Yoga India website, edited

  • Review by Lindsay from Canada
    10 out of 10

    "I participated in the one-month TTC program and the 200-hour YTTC course was more useful for acquiring new teacher skills and expertise. Besides the intensive practice of asanas, kriyas and pranayama, I really liked the theoretical and philosophical understanding of the ancient yoga science that the course provides. The meditation practices were also extremely helpful in expanding and raising the consciousness. Was a magnificent time with you Veronica / Atmarekha, at the course and will always remember your teachings. Thanks!"

    Green Yoga India website, edited

  • Review by Maria from Chile
    10 out of 10

    "I'm happy to have the pleasure of completing my yoga teacher certification (200 hour Yoga Alliance) with Green Yoga School. The teachers Inderajeet & Veronica are both very experienced and learned teachers with fantastic explanations about yoga techniques. Best time spend with learning and laughter! I highly recommend this talented teachers and I cant wait to join and learn with them again. Will see you soon again.. guys!"

    Green Yoga India website, edited

  • Review by Marc from Australia
    10 out of 10

    "I" recently completed the 200 hour yoga teachers course with Green Yoga and the teachers are extremely qualified, having training in multiple styles of Yoga and meditation techniques. The teaching style will make anyone comfortable, in a relaxed atmosphere where questions are encouraged. I highly recommend this course and definitely hope to return to complete more levels in the future."

    Green Yoga India website, edited

Canacona, south Goa, India

Green Yoga India is a premier yoga teacher training school registered with Yoga Alliance USA, offering multi-style yoga teacher training in Goa.

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