Green-Lotus-Yoga provides 200 and 300-hour Vinyasa, Yin, and Therapeutic yoga teacher training. They also holds workshops and retreats in various countries.

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Carol Murphy

Carol loves exploring yoga asana, anatomy, Ayurveda, and everything to do with philosophy. She also loves vegan cooking and meditation. She started Green Lotus Yoga teacher training school in 2007. Since then, she has graduated over 200 teachers from her training throughout Ireland and abroad. Most of Carol's work is in Ireland, but she has also taught yoga in London, California, India, South Africa, Morocco, and Spain. She likes to teach Vinyasa style yoga as mindful, strengthening, slow, deep, breath-centered movement, creating various forms, and threads to keep things alive.

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Michael C.

Green-Lotus-Yoga website

Carol has much knowledge in anatomy, alignment and yoga philosophy. All in all, I found the 200 hr Vinyasa TTC to cover a broad spectrum of important and interesting topics, for which I will always be grateful.

Leah E.

Green-Lotus-Yoga website

What an experience! Carol guided me to break boundaries - both mental and physical. Her teaching voice is compassionate yet authoritative, with the right amount of fun thrown in. She always strive to be "heart-full" in her teaching. Look her up. It may very well be the best thing you ever did. For me, it's definitely up there.

Liz K.

Green-Lotus-Yoga website

Thank you Carol and thank you for your wonderful teacher training course. After finishing the course I felt I had grown so much physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

You enabled me to find strengths that I had forgotten.

Cariosa Cullen

Green-Lotus-Yoga website

It has been a privilege to train with a teacher of Carol’s caliber. Her dedication, passion, and knowledge are incredible. Her ability to ‘get’ where each of her students are in their bodies, and how and when they are ready to be pushed to the next stage, to open or strengthen the body more, and develop towards the next expression of the pose is more than reassuring, it is impressive. Her creative ability to spontaneously ‘workshop’ a pose that she feels the class is having difficulty with is inspirational and effective.

In her led practice, you may suddenly find yourself in a pose that only moments before was unavailable to you! Her ability to relate modern anatomy to the poses really helps students to deepen the expression of a pose safely and effectively both in their own practice and also provides them with the relevant points, via her training manual, to pass on to their own students.

Her training aims to equip students with more than just the basics. She passes on her knowledge of the energetics involved in each asana in order that student teachers can then emulate her teaching style, by using the framework she provides, to co-create balanced classes with their own students. Of course, this is equally helpful in developing one’s own home practice.

Carol introduces other aspects of yoga and spirituality too - many interesting and eye-opening discussion has been had in class! I would highly recommend training with Carol, especially if you like training hard!


Green-Lotus-Yoga website

Be prepared for a life changing experience. My training was a very personal journey which has given me the tools to deal with anything life throws at me and the ability to move chaos into order. It has thought me to observe rather than react in my asana practice, and to be patient with my body. This course has been a journey of self-reflection and discipline where I learned to tackle the body and mind bringing me to a place of stillness.

The training had well thought out techniques and alignment principles which has me very confident that I could teach yoga safely. The course is very well structured. The early week intensive training in Spain built immense trust and fantastic relationships within our group which continued and grew throughout the nine months on our weekend trainings. There was never a sense of competition and the only ego to deal with was your own.

Carol is an amazing and well-experienced teacher. Her passion, her knowledge, her belief, and love for all aspects of yoga is inspiring! She always radiates positive energy, yet is assertive when she needs to be. I appreciate the pressure that was put on me to learn alignment principles in order to modify some of my previous ways of practicing to bring me to a safer more aware practice.

The ten-day detox was great - it thought me about foods and superfoods which were essential in keeping my dosha in balance thereby grounding and calming me from the inside out. My diet is a lot healthier and more interesting as a result of this course and the nutribullet is now one of my favorite companions.

Finally, this course is hard work and a big commitment but so enjoyable and interesting with such rewarding returns. Carol is talented, intelligent, grounded, humble, and has great wisdom and experiences which she generously imparts. Thank you for sharing some of your expertise with me. Namaste.

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