Grail Springs

Ontario, Canada

Grail Springs is a wellness retreat and spa dedicated to guiding individuals towards their innate potential in body, mind, heart and Spirit.

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  • Pam

    Grail Springs website

    Wow. I had very high expectations, everything surpassed my hopes. All of your team is amazing, Tammy, Tomoko, Eva, Marie and Debbie. The highlight was the amazing food. I only wish those at home could taste it. Waiting for the cookbook! I love the energy and space. You have done a wonderful job in creating paradise. Thank you for having me and treating me like I belong here. Be back soon. Best food ever!!.

  • Carla Collins United States

    Grail Springs website

    The Grail Springs Wellness Centre is more than a spa, it's a life-altering experience. The setting is tranquil and magnificent, the rooms are exquisite and the food is beyond delicious yet so healthy! My days at the Grail were filled with wonderful treatments (I especially loved the mud wrap and nearly proposed to the young woman giving me the massage!), hikes, yoga, meditation and swimming in the lake. It's like a spiritual Disney World! I highly recommend spending as much time as you can chez the Grail, it's the ultimate wellness spa for mind, body and soul. I can't wait to go back!.

  • Mark

    Grail Springs website

    From a guys perspective. Recently, I surprised my wife with a weekend getaway to Grail Springs Spa. As it was rated one of the top 5 spas in Ontario, I thought it was a good choice. We arent strangers to spa vacations and based on my limited research, my expectations of accommodations, spa treatments and dining at Grail Spa were high.I think its important to note that I am not a vegetarian and I love my coffee and diet cola. While on their website, I didnt read the section that clearly stated Grail Spa was strictly vegetarian, no caffeine, no pop, no alcohol. This was all news to me during our tour of the main house. Suffice it to say, I suppressed my natural instincts to run and chose to be open to this new experience, also my wife really liked the place and after all, this was HER weekend. Best decision I ever made.To keep the testimonial short, Ill surmise by saying accommodation, property, treatments, activities and food are all 5 star. What isnt on the website and what no amount of currency can purchase is the magic of this place. For example, we arrived Friday afternoon (as did the other guests) and during the dinner serving, my wife and I sat alone at a table for 2. People who came solo mostly sat by themselves and conversations were quiet and sparse around the room.Not more than 24hrs at dinner Saturday night, we were sitting at the largest table in the room with many other people, the room filled with conversation and laughter and I couldnt help but notice the transformation in everyone, myself included. This weekend did much more the massage knots out of my back and remove toxins out of my body. I wasnt focused on being a business owner and father, with insurmountable responsibilities to my children, my company, my staff or my profit margins. For 72hrs, this place let me focus on me. Like I said, you cant put a price on that.

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