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I attended the teacher training program in Belize with only the intention to deepen my yoga practice, but the experience was so much more than I could have hoped. Not only did I leave as a confident teacher with the skills to be successful, but the insight and spiritual growth changed me in ways that resonate deeply three years later. The instruction is excellent, the training is appropriately rigorous, and the setting magical. What I will treasure most, however, is the life-long friendships that resulted from that week. Stop thinking so hard, just do it - sign up now. I can promise you won't regret it.

Nina H.


I went into this Yoga Teacher Training with no idea on what was to happen. I just went with an open mind, open to all possibilities. My heart cracked open just a little bit more, I learned to let go of things/people that I had been holding onto, learned how to teach an entire yoga class, got pushed to be myself, ate AMAZING fresh food everyday, and gained 13 new friends. It's amazing how your perspective, your life can change in just one week.

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