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Golden Rock Retreat Bali

The Golden Rock Retreat is an innovative detox and healing centre hidden away on the north east tip of Bali.

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Angie N Australia

TripAdvisor Website

If you are looking for a life detox then this is the place for you. This is not the place to come for if you want pampering and fluff so to speak. This place is the real deal, buckle down and get ready to transform your life. I am not going to lie its not an easy process cleansing drinking things like garlic water, magnesium drink (which makes you go to the toilet all night and feeling crap) but you know you are getting the results here and you know that your body is having the best internal holiday of its life. The benefits of this place are not only the way you feel when you leave (clear eyes, relaxed, 4 kgs lighter :) (and I am pretty slim) but also your mind gets a cleanse as this place has no wifi so your phone and computer need to be firmly packed away. This is so good to have a mind and body cleanse. The Golden Rock is perched into the cliff near Amed and the views are breath taking. The local villagers mingle around so you get a real experience of local life. All the staff are Balinese and really lovely. Pack a few books as you get time between sessions to have some R & R. This was my second visit and I will be back again :)

FeeBeeLondon20 United Kingdom

TripAdvisor Website

I've just had an amazing eight-day stay at Golden Rock Retreat. It's tucked away up in the north-east of the island, with the nearest village about 10km away. The retreat itself is built in to a steep hillside leading down to the crystal blue sea. If you're planning a fluffy dressing gown / delicious juices kind of spa retreat, then this is not the place for you. But, if you're looking for a total mind and body cleanse, then I cannot recommend Golden Rock highly enough.

The location is beautiful. The chalet / bungalows are situated a few metres from the shore and the views are stunning. Every morning, the first thing you see is the early morning sun shimmering on to a calm and tranquil sea dotted with colorful, local fishing boats returning with their catch - a perfect and peaceful start to the day! I did the seven-day Rainbow Cleanse, which comprises of a five day fast followed by two days of fruits and salad. You follow a very structured program which is clearly laid out on a daily timetable delivered with your 07.30 liquid breakfast of ginger tea, hot water and lemon and coconut water. You also have an information pack in your bungalow which clearly explains all the treatments and cleansing liquids you're given throughout your stay.

The daily fast and cleanse is interspersed with chi-gung (qigong), yoga and a general exercise program. You also have a daily massage, sauna and herbal steam which are a welcome treat as you get further into the fast.

The end of day two and the afternoon of day four were the times when I experienced a bit of a mental "dip." You feel pretty fatigued from the fast (but strangely not hungry at all thanks to the hourly cleansing liquids delivered straight to your bungalow.) But I soon bounced back and by the end of the program I was feeling pretty fabulous - cleansed, totally relaxed, toned and trim (I lost four kilos during my stay, although this wasn't my reason for going.) Even the dreaded liver flush on day five was absolutely fine. I didn't experience any adverse effects and the two coffee enemas? Well, 'nuff said :-)

You have to be prepared for having no phone reception or wifi throughout your whole stay. It's clearly stated on the retreat website and the break from email and internet is part of the whole process, so you just have to embrace it. Take plenty of books to chill out by the pool. There's a selection of DVDs on site which you can watch in your bungalow, but I was so tired by about 20.00 during the first few days, I couldn't manage to stay awake and watch them!

Yoga-and chi-gung dude Made is a real gem and very patient. Pin (the manager) and the rest of the staff were incredibly gracious and helpful during my stay. It's a real break from reality for a few days and a very worthwhile investment in your wellbeing. Since coming home, I've kept up many of the things I learnt whilst on the retreat and I would love to go back to do another cleanse in a couple of years. It's a long way from London, but definitely worth the trip. I researched a lot of places before booking Golden Rock and especially compared to some of the US-based places, it's great value for money.