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Lyonne Sundari is an Enlightened teacher, Founder of Goddess Essence, teaches Yoga, Taoist practice, Tantric Arts and an advance therapist in healing energetics

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Claire Pace Malta

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Very knowledgeable, gives her 100% and puts love in everything she does. Her sessions helped me tackle both physical and emotional issues from the roots. She taught me how to tune my chakras (among other techniques to live better and manage stress) and also helped me relief physical pain during private sessions with her healing energy. Thank you Lyonne! Highly recommended for women of all ages .

Alba Florian Viton Malta

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My encounter with Lyonne was a gift from the stars. She came into my life just at the right time, just when I needed her magic the most. To me, it feels as though she is a stranger to no one... she will invite you into her heart with open arms and from then, better yet, she will invite you into your own heart. Lyonne led me into a place within myself where everything is fine, where everything flows, where time, stress and worries do not exist... a place where I could spiritually experience a beautiful totality....she introduced me to certainty, a complete trust, a security within myself... We are so much more than we think...when an angel like Lyonne crosses your path, consider yourself very, very lucky :) Thank you Lyonne!

Evelina Roos Sweden

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After a session with Lyonne I always feel full of clarity, energetic but calm. Together with her and in presence of like-minded women there is a delicate balancing of energies and movement towards a collective and individual higher consciousness. She really is a wonderful warm and loving ray of light and a priestess of female energies. I would recommend any one to come to her classes, sessions and retreats, they are a unique opportunity to understand and learn more about yourself as well as a an instant energy and mood booster.

Jane Egginton

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This retreat was so far reaching and fulfilling, with so much holding and creating done in the most beautiful, light way. The two days really felt like two weeks as we covered so much - from spiritual life coaching, deep meditation and yoga to tantra. Lyonne is a skilled facilitator who along with Amanda created a celebration and an education and a deep healing. The food that was focussed on conscious nutrition would shame most chefs. We had a sound journey that was more like a ceremony, with powerful healing and magical sounds that felt like a music box in my heart. Everything here seems to be done with love, which the retreat itself radiates with. I am a travel writer who specialises in health retreats and this is probably my most memorable. This is deep yet accessible work that is both empowering and enlightening. I feel as if I have been waiting for this retreat my whole life. It was like coming home in the most exciting way and I would recommend it to any woman.

L. Vella

Womans Essence website

I have just come back from the last Bali retreat organized by Lyonne and Mindo and it was truely an incredible experience. The whole 2 weeks were planned out perfectly with just the right balance of inner work, yoga, free time and excursions. We were guided by two amazing teachers, Mindo and Lyonne who have so much to offer and do so with such love and dedication. I've come back home feeling truely rested, healthy and motivated to implement all I've learnt. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

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