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Florida, United States

Global Yoga offers internationally recognized Bikram Hot Yoga Teacher Training Certification and yoga immersion retreats in Costa Rica, Bali, and US.

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  • Morgan Hesling Unites States

    Global Hot Yoga website

    Cassie is exceptionally thorough, present, available and grounded, which proves her teachings are coming from a deep, centered source. As a raw beginner, she made me feel absolutely comfortable. From beginning to the end of the 10-day immersion, Cassie exudes a passion, vibrancy, and true commitment to helping her students to have a transformational experience. I am honored and blessed to be a part of such a special program.

  • David Arndt United Kingdom

    Global Hot Yoga website

    I rediscovered my body and my creativity, I allowed my vulnerability and my tears a voice and accepted all the comfort offered, I looked without shyness into beautiful eyes and faces. Oh yes, and somewhere along the line I did some yoga too and found out that I could be a yoga teacher. This stuff works.

  • Amanda King Mexico

    Global Hot Yoga website

    The way in which the postures were broken down and explained was thorough especially for a retreat. It was an amazing feeling and it was beautiful to see all the different bodies and people all in their own practices. Thank you for helping me realize that giving and receiving support can be such a powerful thing.

  • Melissa Shaw Australia

    Global Hot Yoga website

    Thank you for illuminating the light of Yoga onto our 15 willing Yogis. We love you! The course was well thought out, graciously executed and lovingly provided. The retreat location was absolutely magical too. My practice is far more stable, connected and invigorating.

  • Douglas Castle New Zealand

    Global Hot Yoga website

    It was a very special time and I came away feeling very nourished and calm. The serenity and tranquility of the retreat location really did add to the magic. Your technique of staying in the moment and only doing what you can and not stressing about the rest is amazing".

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