8 Days Nurturing Yoga Retreat in Greece

  • Urania Villas Lefkada, Vasiliki, Lefkas, Greece, 31082


Body, Mind & Soul Nurture Yoga Retreat in Greece

  • 5 days with instruction
  • Gina invites you come and join a small group of yogis in her soul home which is Greece. Her yoga retreats have been described by Queen of Retreats as incredibly nurturing! Journey home to yourself through body education and exploration. This retreat is located on the stunning island of Lefkas, a piece of heaven, in the Ionian archipelago on the western side of Greece. The exclusive nature and high quality of the villas in a private location, set high on a hill overlooking the balmy Ionian seas, coupled with healthy essentially vegetarian meals and with daily Hatha, Yin or Restorative yoga, invite your body and mind to a sensory dance to peace and wellbeing.


    • Meditation sessions
    • Twice Daily Hatha, Restorative or Yin yoga
    • Delicious vegetarian meals on most days
    • Complementary massage
    • 7 nights accommodation
    • Boat trip on the day off

    Group sizes

    The maximum participants in the group is 10.


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    Villas Helios / Eos / Iris

    The interior rooms of the villas are separated by two floors with an interior staircase. On the first floor there is a kingsize bedroom with a jacuzzi bathroom and breathtaking views over the Ionian sea. The open plan area is a large living room with a large 4-5 person sofa and a fully equipped kitchen and dining table, All areas have access to a full length terrace. On the ground floor there are 2 large rooms, either twin-bedded or kingsize with jacuzzi shower or bath rooms and there is also a smaller central area with a kitchenette and toilet. Some rooms are larger and more superior than others so please book early to get the best choice.

    Gina is keen not to set rules, however the flavour of this retreat tends to attract women of 40 + who are working full/part time or are entrepreneurs. They are often single, married and or mums, where life pace is relentless, often stressful and personal time is scarce. Time totally alone away from everything and everyone is a precious gift and given in abundance on this retreat, so you can let your natural healthy balance return both physically and mentally.

    The unique blend of Yoga and Gina’s nurturing teaching style really creates the environment for connecting and bonding to your feminine essence. Women have a unique way of just ‘getting’ each other and bonding with others also often happens without any effort over meal times. Women ‘of a certain age’ have so much knowledge and experience of life’s trials and tribulations and the by-product is wisdom that can be such a great help to others.

    History has shown that these retreats bring out a sense of wanting to share your soul with people who you can be yourself with. It’s very healing and comforting to know you are being really heard. Many of us keeping giving out, so it’s such a beautiful thing to see the nods and hear the murmurs of women who really understand where you are at. Unless we ‘undo’ where we are, we can’t access the inner longings and beauty of who you really want to be. You have time and space to go there on this retreat.

    You may meet new best girlfriends. This retreat gives you the chance to mix as you please, at meals times and in between Yoga.

    Some knowledge of Yoga and meditation is preferred but a desire to self nurture and learn a new way to self care is really what the retreat is all about.


    Arrival day. Welcome group hug and evening meal together.

    Monday to Wednesday

    Opening ceremony, twice daily yoga (Hatha, Yin or Restorative) including meditation and pranayama.


    Your day off to explore Lefkas. Breakfast only will be provided. Trips will be offered at the welcome meeting, but it is highly recommended for your exploration and freedom that you hire a car for this day or the whole week.

    Friday and Saturday

    Twice daily yoga (Hatha, Yin or Restorative) including meditation and essential pranayama. On Saturday evening, there will be a closing ceremony to complete our journey then our farewell meal.


    Departure day. Breakfast included.

    • Gina Hardy

      Gina is a Yoga teacher, relationship coach and complementary therapist and an ex long termer in the UK aviation project world. In 2008 after 15 of years practicing various styles of Yoga Gina decided to train as a teacher to deepen her understanding of Yoga’s incredible benefits. Gina has developed a very sound way of teaching Yoga based on her own direct experience. She focuses on safe movement and natural alignment of the body’s joints.

    The retreat venue sits high on a private hill and has magnificent panoramic views of the Ionian sea and other islands such as Ithaca and Kefalonia. Lefkas, or Lefkada as known by the locals, is one of the most picturesque of the Greek islands and has the famous white beach of Porto Katsiki only a 6 kilometres from the retreat venue. The east coast of Lefkas is a sailers paradise and the west side, a rugged mix of mountains tumbling down to beaches and seas that make you feel like you are in the Caribbean.

    • Diving
    • Hiking
    • Snorkeling
    • Swimming
    • Watersport
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Fully equipped kitchens
    • Jacuzzi bath or shower in some rooms
    • Lounge areas
    • Sun terrace
    • Swimming pool
    • Free Wi-Fi

    Your meals will be created by chefs who deeply care about your health and well being. Their kitchen is always open to you. You will be offered essentially vegetarian meals on most days which are included in the price.

    A typical day starts with a pre-yoga teas/fruits in your villa, followed by a late brunch after yoga. Lunch follows and then in the evening dinner will be lovingly prepared for you and served to your table in a group setting in one of the villas. Timings for all meals are very much go with the flow on the day depending on how you are feeling which has worked amazingly well for all guests.


    Thursday's lunch and dinner are not included in the price.

    The rest of the day between yoga and meals can be spent lazing in the sun, heading down to the sea for a swim or gazing at the exquisite scenery. There is a private beach below the villas, ideal for those partial to the very energetic 45 minute hike down. There you will find a tiny pebbly cove and if you are lucky you can spot dolphins swimming close by. The area belongs to the environmental protection network Nature 2000, a habitat for dolphins and seals.

    You can also enjoy the breath taking views from your room or sun terrace to relax and renew your spirits. A wide range of watersports including diving are available down on the coast in the nearest town of Vassiliki.

    Boat trip

    On the day off previous guests have really enjoyed a private boat excursion run by the local diving club. There are 2 options of varying length and cost (30 EUR or 50 EUR per head) depending on the group choice, which will take you to some of the fabulous little turquoise coves along the local coast of Lefkas where you can snorkel and swim. All equipment provided.

    The following treatments are available at an additional cost:

    • Massage (Thai or oil)
    • Body work
    • Please send an inquiry for more information and to book the treatments.
    • 7 breakfasts, 5 lunches and 6 dinners
    • 7 nights accommodation in luxury villas
    • 10 yoga sessions with Yoga Nidra evening meditations in one villa
    • Pre-yoga fruits and teas in your villa
    • Use of all villa facilities including Wi-Fi
    • Airport transfer
    • Flights
    • Lunch and dinner on Thursday
    • Recommended car hire

    Flight assistance

    Please book early for best deals. The island is joined to the mainland by a very short bridge and Preveza is the closest airport.

    From London

    You can fly direct to Preveza which is the closest airport just onto mainland Greece. You can also fly to Athens or Thessaloniki airports on the mainland (transfer by car is about 5 hours).

    From other countries

    If you are flying in from other countries, please select Preveza Airport as the closest airport or Athens or Thessaloniki.

    For information about the booking conditions, please send Gina Hardy Yoga an inquiry.


    • Review by Julie from Surrey, UK

      "The planning, organisation and preparation Gina put into this retreat has made my experience one to remember for a lifetime. The accommodation is excellent, food amazing, stunning scenery and people truly wonderful. Thank you Gina for a superb experience. "

      Gina Hardy Yoga, edited

    • Review by Tina from London, UK

      "One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Actually the most beautiful place. I would never tire of the amazing view."

      Gina Hardy Yoga, edited

    • Review by Amanda from Warwickshire, UK

      "As someone embarking as a beginner on my Yoga journey, Gina helped me through my week in more ways than one. Skillful, intuitive teaching with a real willingness to go with what feels right in the moment and communicate that to the group. A perfect beginning for my Yoga journey, thank you from the depth of my heart."

      Gina Hardy Yoga, edited

    • Review by Julia from Ireland

      "This retreat did for me exactly what it said on the tin - nurturing, restorative, an opportunity to improve my own practice under Gina's experience and guidance while staying in a truly luxurious setting. It is simply nearly impossible to sum it up unless you've experienced it - there is just so much to rave about."

      Gina Hardy Yoga, edited

    • Review by Jane from Oxfordshire, UK

      "The retreat with Gina allowed me to press my reset button. Her warmth, humour and nurturing approach to Yoga was moving and uplifting."

      Gina Hardy Yoga, edited

    • Review by Ros from Leatherhead, UK

      "Time spent at Urania villas was unforgettable. The perfect setting to enjoy the highest standard of teaching."

      Gina Hardy Yoga, edited

    • Review by Peter and Penny from Dorset, UK

      "Yoga with Gina is Lefkas at Urania Villas is a gift you give yourself. The vibrations and light of this magical place coupled with the nurturing, nourishing strengthening Yoga, the healthy sustaining food and the balancing of the energies with the group, all while being held by Ginas care and attention is blissful. Thank you."

      Gina Hardy Yoga, edited

    • Review by Maria from Spain

      "This was a week to relax and nourish my soul and body with good food, good Yoga and excellent location and nice people. I feel rested, relaxed and happy."

      Gina Hardy Yoga, edited

    • Review by Anna from Hampshire, UK

      "I think that your whole approach and teaching Yoga is amazing plus your loving and caring persona. I think when I met you I have become a calmer and better person, my Yoga practise became more mindful and I told everyone I know what a great teacher you are and a wonderful person. My warmest wishes, love and blessings."

      Gina Hardy Yoga, edited

    • Review by Sandra from Australia

      "Gina's yoga retreat in the Isle of Wight this year has inspired me to continue with yoga, she is a wonderful teacher and a beautiful person :)"

      Yogatrail website, edited

    • Review by Nina

      "Nice and relaxing and a good mix of different types of Yoga but the focus on Yang. Beautiful location and accommodation very good. I feel that Friday to Monday is a good time span as enough time to relax and reset the body. A week is a bit too long sometimes when short on time and holiday days."

      Gina Hardy Yoga, edited

    • Review by Anna

      "It was an amazing weekend, could not wish for better. Gina is a great teacher, professional, very people orientated, loving and kind. It was my first retreat experience and I loved every minute of it. Ginas compliments of my posture made me feel lifted and proud! A great sense of achievement. With all my love."

      Gina Hardy Yoga, edited

    • Review by Julia

      "As always I have loved being in the zone with G. I learn, relax and always go home with a sense of calm, peace and joy and realigned to a more healthy state of mind. These retreats are not just about the body and practise, they touch the mind, body and soul in a gentle nurturing way which iI simply adore. I cannot wait to be in Greece this Autumn on a week long retreat with G!"

      Gina Hardy Yoga, edited

    • Review by Lorraine

      "Gina is a wonderful teacher! Being fairly new to Yoga she has given me the confidence to practise my Yoga in my personal space and make it mine. The retreat has opened my eyes & heart to a new dimension. Thank you so much!"

      Gina Hardy Yoga, edited

    • Review by Rose

      "Gina is a lovely caring and compassionate Yoga teacher with an eclectic knowledge of different styles of Yoga. She is inspirational and never boring! A great deal of careful planning had clearly gone into this retreat."

      Gina Hardy Yoga, edited

    • Review by Ros

      "Gina is a wonderful Yoga teacher. On retreat you have an opportunity to explore your physical and emotional boundaries. I cannot imagine a better support during that process than Gina. She is a warm supportive and nurturing person who has a wonderful sense of humour. A rare find!"

      Gina Hardy Yoga, edited

    • Review by Sian

      "My 1st experience of a Yoga retreat and it couldnt have been better. A lovely atmo, peaceful surroundings, and excellent teaching. Gina has the ability to make you feel welcome and special."

      Gina Hardy Yoga, edited

    • Review by Jo

      "A renewed love and appreciation of Yoga with a deep understanding of my body. I feel relaxed, refreshed energised and joyful."

      Gina Hardy Yoga, edited

    • Review by Rose from Dorking Surrey, UK

      "I have done yoga for more than thirty years and have had many teachers. Gina is exceptional. She is very caring and clear in her demonstration and explanation of the moves, and her classes are always varied and interesting, never routine or boring. She is totally engaged in her yoga and her spirituality, and provides a safe and relaxing environment for students of all levels. Also she is a sparkling personality!"

      Yogatrail website, edited

    • Review by Geoff Bell from Manchester, UK

      "Gina recognizes people's strengths and weaknesses and always tells them to work within their limits, while encouraging them to go a little bit further each week. She works towards an overall yoga experience as opposed to just achieving perfect postures. Gina is a very kind, friendly and loving person - it is a pleasure to go to her classes."

      Yogatrail website, edited

    • Review by Ross Hood from Epsom, UK

      "Gina is an amazing teacher. Her style of teaching offers the very best environment in which to develop your knowledge and nurture your personal development. Feel totally safe in her hands. She is an extremely dedicated, knowledgeable and warm individual."

      Yogatrail website, edited

    • Review by Jean Williams from Sidcup, UK

      "Our class is designed for the over 60's, some of us are more agile than others and Gina is always mindful of this and gives us graded postures to suit all of us. She always tells us to listen to our bodies and work within that range. We concentrate on the breath and there is always a short meditation at the beginning of class to prepare our minds and a longer mediation at the end."

      Yogatrail website, edited

    • Review by Dorothy Curtis from Coulsdon, UK

      "Gina runs a perfectly balanced, well planned, friendly class. She demonstrates and works through all of the postures with her pupils. She encourages everyone to work to their full potential, ever mindful of differing abilities. Gina makes hard work fun and creates a calming, yet uplifting, experience. A perfect yoga teacher."

      Yogatrail website, edited

    • Review by a traveller from Australia

      "Yoga with Gina is explorative, rewarding, challenging, and both physically and spiritually beneficial. Gina is very conscious of 'easeful practice' and body alignment at all times, and you will feel supported and enabled in her yoga classes. Gina's humor and warmth, coupled with her wide knowledge of yoga styles, will leave you with a memorable experience and an improved personal practice."

      Yogatrail website, edited

    • Review by Sean Mccrumlish from UK

      "Gina conveys a strong natural enthusiasm for yoga consistently. Practitioners are encouraged to engage with their senses, stay in the postures and relax in the release that follows. I enjoy her ability to make each class fresh; by the end of a session my mind feels happy and my body flexible."

      Yogatrail website, edited

    • Review by Julia Burton from UK

      "Best Yoga Guide ever! Gina balances everything - demonstrates and explains, totally focuses on the right position for you personally while holding the spiritual sense. One retreat and I'm totally hooked on this beautiful ladies approach and booked for September. I cannot rave enough about her guidance and approach. I learnt more in 3 days than I've done in years and came home feeling AMAZING with a total passion for yoga! My only regret is that I live too far away to go to Gina's regular classes, otherwise I'd be on the doorstep every day."

      Yogatrail website, edited

    Surrey, United Kingdom

    Gina’s retreats have been listed among the top 20 best Yoga Retreats worldwide in 2016. Her USP is all about nurture through a balance of Hatha, Yin and Restorative Yoga. Your presence is very welcome

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    Sunday June 11, 2017
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