Gina Hardy Yoga

Gina has been listed among the top 20 best Yoga Retreats worldwide in 2016. Her USP is all about nurture through a balance of Hatha, Yin and Restorative Yoga.

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Gina Hardy

Gina is a Yoga teacher, relationship coach and complementary therapist and an ex long termer in the UK aviation project world. In 2008 after 15 of years practicing various styles of Yoga Gina decided to train as a teacher to deepen her understanding of Yoga’s incredible benefits. Gina has developed a very sound way of teaching Yoga based on her own direct experience. She focuses on safe movement and natural alignment of the body’s joints.

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Julie United Kingdom

Gina Hardy Yoga

The planning, organisation and preparation Gina put into this retreat has made my experience one to remember for a lifetime. The accommodation is excellent, food amazing, stunning scenery and people truly wonderful. Thank you Gina for a superb experience.

Tina United Kingdom

Gina Hardy Yoga

One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Actually the most beautiful place. I would never tire of the amazing view.

Amanda United Kingdom

Gina Hardy Yoga

As someone embarking as a beginner on my Yoga journey, Gina helped me through my week in more ways than one. Skillful, intuitive teaching with a real willingness to go with what feels right in the moment and communicate that to the group. A perfect beginning for my Yoga journey, thank you from the depth of my heart.

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