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7 Days Yoga, Wellness & Raw Food Vacation in Bali

  • Dragonfly Village, Jalan Raya Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia


Balinese Wellness Food Vacations

Indulge in a week filled with yoga, meditation, gourmet raw food cuisine and local Balinese culture. A time to play - a time to just be. Whether you are new to raw food or just want to upgrade your knowledge, this retreat is catered for those want to explore proven techniques that support your well-being and healthy lifestyle. The learning takes place in inspiring setting, surrounded by rice fields.


  • 6 raw food making workshops
  • Organic farmer's market visit in Ubud
  • Chocolate making class, food combination class
  • Daily yoga lessons & practices, art & improvisation workshop
  • Cultural tours, visit to the holy temple Tirta Empul
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks
  • 6 nights luxury accommodation

Good to know

  • All ages are welcome as participants.

  • 6 days with instruction
  • English
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Dragonfly Villa, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Raw Food and Yoga retreat is set in a charming Dragonfly Village, an organic paradise resort amidst the rice fields just a few steps from the cultural town of Ubud. The venue is made of nine century-old antique bungalows, original wooden houses brought over from remote villages in Java, decorated with beautiful carvings, 100% recycled teak full wood.

Each bungalow has an attached mud-wall bathroom, passion fruits vines climbing over the natural roof, and it is semi-open to nature. All balconies are facing the rice fields, with its own private outdoor garden. Six single bungalows are available for those that require time for themselves. There are two group bungalows for 4 or 8 people available for groups. Twin beds and king sized beds can be arranged in each room. We use 5 - star quality mattresses for the best rejuvenating sleep you want to have. The beds and furniture are made from recycled wood plough, which the farmers used to work with the buffaloes in the rice fields.

Our 12 meter pool uses a salt water system. We would ask that guests please wash themselves first before getting into the pool. Our pool is fragile without the use of chlorine. Herbal steam sauna using Thai herbs is available. Please take care to rinse well before jumping into the pool. Healthy organic and vegan treats are available at the Dragonfly Café. Wi-Fi is also available.

Focus on rejuvenating on raw and living foods

By consuming raw food we can expect extraordinary health benefits. It creates vigor, supports weight control, slows aging, balances emotions, clears the mind and makes way for optimal health. Changes are evident within a 24-hour period. Thats why raw food is the best way to nourish our bodies. A lot of the cooking methods destroy essential nutrients, literally taking the life out of the food. Food is supposed to be a fuel on which our cells run, and processed food cannot provide it.

Raw cooking classes - Learning how to do it at home

Raw cooking classes - art of life retreats will both serve delectable and nourishing raw and organic meals and will teach how to make many of these dishes. Youll make entres, soups, breakfast, but also main meals like raw lasagne.

Gekko Retreats raw food chef will teach you special techniques and raw kitchen tricks that help you prepare food in creative and interesting ways. Youll look at the different appliances from blenders, spiralizers to dehydrators keeping enzymes and life force all intact.

Guest speakers will talk about super herb tonics and elixirs and how adaptogenic herbs help the body respond to stress, emotional upheaval and disruptions in the system. Little magic potions deliver profound health benefits. For the sweet-tooth chocolate lovers the skillful chefs will teach you how to make healthy deserts: raw chocolates, energy balls, bars, and smoothies, to delight even the toughest critic.

Correct food combining for optimal nutritional value

The menu planning is one of the most important aspects of the retreat. Meals are intelligently combined to offer the highest nutritional value possible. Combining food correctly is an element that we respect. Many proteins and complex carbohydrates (cooked or raw) dont digest together very easily as they require different digestive enzymes to break down.

Gekko Retreats keep its focus on different ingredients in each meal but also look at the bigger picture of how each meal will work on your digestion and assimilation throughout the whole week. Gekko really wants everyone to feel the benefits of eating raw food. At the end of your time together Gekko will email you a recipe book of many of the highlighted meals that the chef served you during the retreat so that you may savor them at home.

Daily activities

  • 07:30 Morning practice
  • 09:00 Breakfast to delight
  • 10:30 Lecture / inspiring talks / food workshops
  • 13:30 Delicious gourmet raw food buffet lunch
  • 15:00 - 16:00 Food workshop / free time
  • 17:00 - 18:00 Afternoon practice
  • 18:00 Soulful dinner
  • 19:00 Evening program

Anna Ehrenfeldt (cooking instructor)

Anna has been a raw foodie for about two years and continues to experiment and create wonders in the kitchen. Shes worked preparing raw meals and desserts at the Raw Food House in Malm southern Sweden, fed hungry yoga teacher trainees at Mangalam Yoga Studio, held raw food workshops in Bali and caters for weddings and dinners.

With an artsy touch she will make your taste buds spin around! Anna gets her inspiration from the textures, smells, tastes, and colors from all amazing vegetables and fruits. Shes also a lover of nature and music, a yogi, and a dancer. She guarantees lots of delicious raw food and last but definitely not least - raw chocolate!

Lisa Andersson Rhodiner (yoga teacher)

A 300 hour Certified Radiantly Alive Yoga Teacher. For the last decade she has traveled together with her boyfriend Nazareno, with whom she shares the love for yoga. Since living in the mecca of yoga shes had the possibility to study with many great teachers, amongst them Alanna Kaivalya, Edward Clark, Tiffany Cruishank Chris Kummer, Emily Kuser, Les Leventhal, Simon Borg-Olivier, Govinda Kai and Kino McGregor.

In Lisa's classes youll be lead through playful and creative sequences, get challenged and get sweet intentional hands-on adjustments. Her classes are a blend of jivamukti, vinyasa flow, ashtanga often ending with restorative or yin yoga poses. Another great passion is Raw Foods, which after an in inspirations workshop 3 years ago, has become a great part of her life.

Lisa finds that combining raw foods and yoga is the richest, most healthy way of living making you feel high on life, inspired by and in touch with nature and your body. She was born and brought up in Southern Sweden. When back in Sweden she teaches regular classes and workshops at various studios, to find out when and where visit this website.

Oksana Sokol (yoga teacher)

A 500 hour certified yoga teacher with Radiantly Alive and 200 hours with Yoga Synergy. She has studied Iyengar, Tripschore, Ashtanga, Jivamukti among other styles with different teachers worldwide. Originally from Australia, she has lived in Ubud, Bali for the last 4 years, teaching yoga at various establishments and retreats.

Her own personal experience with health challenges led her to study and practice raw food and Pranic Healing. Oksana shares her knowledge helping people improve their well-being through food and lifestyle choices, as well as successfully guiding individuals through personalized juice cleanses and detox programs. Yoga is a humbling practice, Oxana says, "its a way of life."

She is the founder of Suly Yoga Shala charity where underprivileged Balinese students are given the opportunity to study yoga. Creating retreats with the message to be able to share ideas and inspiration about living a fuller, more enriched life is a great way to give back and to improve the bigger picture in the world. Oksana teaches regular Yoga Synergy classes in Ubud.

Gekko Retreats

It's a growing community of retreat enthusiasts, with a regularly updated blog, healthy lifestyle advice, and unique suggestions for cultural exploration of our destinations. Gekko Retreats offers and develops programs for regenerating your body, mind and soul! We are here to help you choose retreats in amazing locations which best suits your needs and preferences.

Well-being, healthy living, and spiritual practices are quite important to us in our personal lives and this is how we got the idea. We wanted to help others find the most inspiring retreats that offer complete treatment of body, mind and soul that could truly help you unplug, get in touch with yourself, and reinvent your lifestyle.

The idea to create a pool of information about retreats, therapists, and holistic techniques for reinventing the lifestyle was born when two friends from the same country found themselves in different parts of the world. Although in totally different places geographically, they were in the same state of mind and decided to collaborate yet again.

These two women collaborated on many occasions before so it wasn't a surprise when they got the idea to work together again, this time on retreats. Iva and Maja organized a lot of cultural events during their long lasting friendship - concerts, exhibitions, poetry readings, international seminars. This long-term experience of collaboration was a backbone to develop idea of retreats they both believe in. Remember, we are more than just a booking site. Gekkos or salamanders are considered animals of good luck, regeneration, and abundance in South East Asia. For our retreats, Gekko walks around and finds cool retreats, venues, and workshops for your healthy pleasure.

This retreat will take place in the island of Bali, Indonesia. The island is known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches, and coral reefs.

  • Cooking classes
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Sauna
  • Steam room
  • Swimming
  • Balcony
  • Café
  • Garden
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Any chosen spa treatment
  • Art and improvisation workshop
  • Breathing Techniques / Pranayama - a couple meaningful breaths can do wonders
  • Chocolate making
  • Conscious move nights
  • Cultural outings - deepen into the Balinese way of life
  • Daily yoga Synergy Fundamentals sequence
  • Farmer's Market visit in Ubud
  • Gourmet raw food - breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and delectable desserts
  • Guest speakers
  • Meditation practices
  • Radiantly Alive Yoga classes with themes and inspirations
  • Raw food inspiring lectures and workshops
  • Restorative practices in the afternoon
  • Traditional Balinese ceremony
  • Visit to the holy temple Tirta Empul

Arrival by airplane

The nearest airport to the location is Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS). Gekko Retreats will pick you up from the airport. The pick-up is included in the price.

For information about the booking conditions, please send Gekko Retreats an inquiry.
  • Review by Peggy from Australia

    "Ricks special kind of medicine for the soul takes a while to sink in, to take hold, to spread through every fibre of your being - but once it has, if you allow it, then your life will be filled again with the magic you were born with."

    Gekko Retreats website, edited

  • Review by Thomans Jensen from Canada

    "I literally went through the roof. I stepped into possibilities, I trusted myself I could succeed, and I did. Anita installed a whole new program for success in my brain. I need less sleep now, I feel more energized, I am happy to get up in the morning and get things done. Thank you so much."

    Gekko Retreats website, edited

  • Review by Donald Peterson from Canada

    "This woman works magic. She transformed my life. I consider her to be one of the greatest minds of our century. Genius is the ability to make complicated things simple. She does that. Two hours with her are better than 10 years of traditional therapy."

    Gekko Retreats website, edited

  • Review by Randi Marie Berntsen from Canada

    "When I was going in to NLP, I wasnt sure of where it would take me. I knew the second I met Anita that I would be going somewhere good. Her way of teaching is unique! Her flexibility, her presence in the moment and her way of understanding people and the world around her is truly amazing. The NLP seminar I took with Anita and live with power has changed my view of the world, and therefore my life. It is the best investment I have ever done, and I know it will benefit me in so many ways. I can see clearly now."

    Gekko Retreats website, edited

  • Review by a traveler

    "Otherwise very skeptical regarding any kind of workshops, especially the ones where participants are taken out of their comfort zone, when I saw the announcement for Maja's workshop "Body, Breath & Voice", I applied without thinking. This workshop was the beginning of both my singing and spiritual journey, on which Maja has been my guide from the start, and which helped me understand better my abilities, talents, and my other true self. Maja is a person who inspires by example, through her life experience, who knows how to listen and unobtrusively draw attention to possible paths and solutions. All this with provided with a beautiful and effective energetic support."

    Gekko Retreats website, edited

  • Review by a traveler

    "Maja is one of the best persons I have ever met. Since I met her, my life has changed! How? Well, actually Maja is an incredible singer and a bit a source of inspiration. However, she is also a therapist. She knows how a human being works and how positive thoughts are the most important thing in creating our reality. She is incredibly talented for it. Her hands are a blessing, she knows how energies work inside and outside of our body, and knows which points of our soul need to be healed. I hope she will do it more, cause with her guidance thousands of people could learn more about who they are and what their real potential is.She is truly amazing. I hope we will spend the rest of our life together as friends, because the most important thing about Maja, is not her talent in music or healing, but that this person is incredibly good as a human being."

    Gekko Retreats website, edited

Bali, Indonesia

We provide best wellness holidays led by experts. Gekko creates retreats in collaboration with MD's, therapists, life coaches, yoga teachers, nutritionists.

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