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Gekko Retreats creates retreats in collaboration with MDs, therapists, life coaches, yoga teachers, and nutritionists. They provide the best yoga retreats.

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Eleni Saratinou

Eleni Saratinou was born in Greece, the home of olives and grapes. She studied Economics and had a successful career in IT before stumbling across life coaching and NLP. Today, she's an NLP trainer, a life coach, a wife, a mother, and a world traveler.

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Rob Thorsteinson

Gekko Retreats website

You were a Godsend to me. Honestly. You opened up concepts and emotions I had deeply buried. Kim as well. I will share with anyone you want that in 25 years of therapy you had biggest impact ever in a short time. I am truly grateful for your work and I feel better on a much much deeper level. And I need to up my meditation and being honest every day. Letting go and doing the deal. I have nothing but great things to say and I know you helped me make a major shift in life. That is fairly profound. All the best!

Sarah Western Australia

Gekko Retreats website

With David’s positive change work a major shift occurred in the way I react to certain situations. In the past I would have been very hurt and depressed for a long time, now I can approach situations and people in a much calmer, compassionate and loving way. Thank you to David for your patience and support.

Laura United States

Gekko Retreats website

We talked about happiness and maintaining change, my favourite discussion and one that could not have authentically happened without investigating my Values and Beliefs. Seeing things as they are without attaching to and morphing their inherent existence so helps in keeping the ego out and the contentment in. The series with David really helped me see where my less healthy/helpful tendencies block me from being part of the present moment, mess up my sense of balance, and push happiness and contentment out of the situation entirely.

Avi Basuki Indonesia

Gekko Retreats website

David’s therapy is like a tele-transporter to some of my worst and happiest places in my past. Going back and forth around my memories, tweaking it here and there to make the present a better place to live. I never thought 2 hours of therapy could change me so much. Thank you David, I’m definitely coming back for another journey of discovery on myself and fix the broken pieces together.

a traveler

Gekko Retreats website

I really enjoyed the workshop. I found just being able to talk things through with people helped me gain a clearer perspective. I am more mindful. I hope to take part in some of the fun stuff when I get back to Bali in a few weeks. Thank you for providing me with tools for change.

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