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7 Days Yoga Ashram Experience in Gandhi Ashram, Bali

  • Gedong Gandhi Ashram, Candidasa, Karangasem, 80851, Bali, Indonesia

7 Days Yoga Ashram Experience in Gandhi Ashram, Bali

  • Gedong Gandhi Ashram, Candidasa, Karangasem, 80851, Bali, Indonesia

A Gracious Bali Ashram and Yoga Experience

Here at the Ashram we offer you the chance to share and experience our ashram life in the midst of unrivalled peaceful and serene compound surrounded by the sea and spring water lake, all from the relative comfort of our clean rooms with eco-friendly running cold water and mobile cooling fan to supplement the cool sea breeze. Due to the combination of our unique ambience and affordable rates it is not uncommon for guests to stay much longer than intended (subject to availability).

About the ashram

We are a Gandhian Ashram, Bali's first and oldest Ashram since 1976 that aspires to translate Gandhian ideals of living into action. Our young live-in members primarily come from poor families who attend schools, which otherwise not available to them. In return they work on maintaining the Ashram and the paying guests accommodation. The operation is run on a very lean admin budget (with many volunteered hours by friends of the Ashram), which ensures most income or donation, go directly to financing the Ashram, its acupuncture, and the kindergarten services, as well as incidental projects it undertakes. Simply by being a guest, enjoy the facilities, and the unique experience, you help us in delivering our community service projects.


  • 3 yoga sessions
  • 4 daily puja sessions
  • Morning and afternoon teas
  • Relaxing acupuncture treatments with donation
  • 3 daily healthy vegetarian and fish meals
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • 3 days with instruction
  • Indonesian, English
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The mainstay and the business that finances the bulk of the Ashram operations is the Accommodation business offering seven bungalows. Hence by simply staying as a guest you are already supporting the Ashrams social projects such as financing the education of the school age young members, the kindergarten, and the acupuncture community clinic, which is free for the local village communities.

The Ashram offers bungalow style fan-cooled accommodation with full amenities of running water and bathroom facilities. All bungalows have ocean outlook and four of the furthest bungalows are wedged between the spring water fed lake on one side and the ocean on the other. The remaining bungalows still have good views of the ocean and are slightly larger and perhaps better served a family or sharing for a group of friends with our attic, futon style extra bed. Most bungalows have these attic style extra bed which also provides that elevated views of the lake and the ocean or the yard with meandering cows, depending where you are.

Daily schedule

  • Dawn/Morning Puja (including Sunrise Fire ceremony)
  • Sweeping of yard around the ashram, others assist getting
  • Breakfast ready, one or two go to market in Amlapura
  • Breakfast
  • Members/volunteers specific or communal tasks
  • Morning tea for guests served at their bungalows
  • Midday Puja (optional for guests)
  • Lunch
  • Some rest period or some catching up with studies
  • Afternoon tea served at the bungalows
  • Members/volunteers specific or communal tasks
  • House Yoga with Kawidana (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays)
  • Dusk Puja (Sunset Fire ceremony, afitting post-yoga relaxation)
  • Specific tasks for members/volunteers, study time
  • Dinner
  • Evening Puja followed by some group discussion/learning
  • Sleep

It is indeed an experience to be able to observe or participate in the Ashram's varied daily activities from the dawn puja, the yoga, right to the after dinner night time puja and discourse. Wholesome, authentic, and sumptuous Balinese fish and vegetarian meals are served for the guests that have been praised by many. Should you elect to venture outside, many sites are within relatively short distance for day trips and of course, our Ashram can organize a number of hikes through our nearby hills and fields, such as the one to the ancient village of Tenganan. For those preferring peace and quiet for meditation or plain solitude, our bungalows by the sea provide such retreat, and you will find that the serenity and the surroundings are very conducive to such pursuit.


Yoga has been central to our Ashram, since its inception with our founder Ibu Gedong and her famous morning Surya Namaskara on the beach, and her sending young members to India to learn this ancient art. We have been reviving this practice after its earlier years of decline immediately following the passing of Ibu and it is now beginning to return to its central role, as it should be.

Field harvesting

This is a communal task when all available members and volunteers (optional for guests, quite an experience and highly recommended if you happen to be at the Ashram) are mobilized to harvest off-site ashram lands normally tended by the tenant farmers. Depending on the crop it has to be done quickly and a portion of the produce is taken back to the Ashram for its own use

Nature cure acupuncture clinic

The clinic primarily treats the people from the surrounding villages, the poorer one at that who often use the clinic as medical treatment as a last resort due to the high costs associated with traditional western medicines. The service is totally free (or donation) to the villagers but attracts a donation for hotel or Ashram guests or expatriates. The clinic opens on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 10.00 a.m. onward.

At Candidasa, we have the most unique site that is straddled by the tranquil, spring-fed lagoon on one side and the pounding waves of Lombok Strait/Indian Ocean on the other, overlooked by the sacred temple Candidasa nestled on the hills at the rear (the meeting of the sea, spring/fresh water and the hill is considered spiritually auspicious in Bali). Take a nice journey off-shore in one of the fishermen's perahu or sail boat on a clear day and you would see the imposing Mount Agung as if rising from the sea that would make one appreciate why this mountain has been so important to the psyche of the Balinese since ancient times. Simply entering Gedong Gandhi Ashram in Google maps will take you to its exact geographical location.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Garden
  • Terrace
  • Free! WiFi
  • Library

We provide you with three sumptuous Balinese family style vegetarian and fish meals. We are extensively using ingredients simply harvested from the Ashrams garden or from the local and fresh village market. Morning and afternoon snacks are all included in our daily rates

The guests are free to join any of the activities. However, if you are on relaxation mode during your holiday you may not want to get involved in the daily chores apart from the pujas which we highly recommend to attend at least once, then make up your mind to pick and choose which ones, if any. Those inclined will enjoy reading from the extensive Gandhi library which also includes books from broader topics on Eastern religions and philosophies, or philosophy in general, or other books donated or left behind by previous guests. Of course there is the swim especially on high tides, or simply observe or do your own things i.e. reading, meditation, etc.

  • Three vegetarian and fish meals
  • Morning and afternoon teas
  • Yoga sessions (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)
  • Participation at any of ashram's program
  • Acupuncture treatment at our Nature Cure Clinic by donation of minimum 50,000 IDR

Verified reviews

  • Review by Anthony and Leanne
    10 out of 10

    "Just a quick thank you to say we really enjoyed our retreat in Bali..."

    "What a beautiful setting for yoga practice! With gorgeous sea views,the young children nearby at the ashram school,the welcoming community and the comfortable bungalows and delicious meals. And the wonderful yoga led by Kawidana!! It was truly a magical and memorable week!" website, edited


  • Review by DebbieS2195JP from Australia

    "I had a terrific time here over new year and can't wait to go back. The yoga was great, usually two sessions a day, and the food delicious we also had hot water delivered twice a day so you could have tea or coffee when you wanted. I had a very clean chalet to myself and a hammock, which overlooked the sea. There is also a good library. An amazing time chilling out in my hammock."

    TripAdvisor Website, edited

  • Review by erigra from Japan
    9 out of 10

    "I went during my first trip to Bali and this was my only destination; I stayed a week. My first night I was reading before bed when I was startled to hear boys' voices hollering and shouting very close to my bungalow; it turns out that the lotus pond next door (not part of the ashram, it's a public place) is a popular gathering spot for local guys on Friday night, and since I had the bungalow farthest away, I heard it all loud and clear. I had a few terrified moments when I thought the group was right outside my bungalow.Each bungalow is nicely appointed with a hammock outside, a bed and mosquito net inside, and a combination room containing a showerhead, sink, and toilet. The showers are only cold water, but that's okay as most days are so hot you don't mind. The wifi does not reach to the guest rooms, it is only in the common areas. Shampoo and soap are not provided so bring your own or purchase it at the store across the street.The ashram is located on a busy road, and while it's peaceful and safe-feeling inside, once you step outside you are dodging motorbikes and cries of TAXI! TRANSPORT!Meals are communal; you are sitting on cushions on a raised pavilion around a mat with dishes on it. You may have to brush off some ants from your plate before putting food on it. While I was there, virtually all of the other guests were German and I am not German, so I spent many meals listening to German being spoken, unable to participate. However, the food was largely very good even though I'm not vegetarian and don't eat fish.There are two cows, two cats, and a dog that live at the ashram. Do not get close to the dog; he bites. He has bitten two local people who work at or often visit the ashram.I tried the acupuncture clinic and was impressed by the doctor there.Yoga was nice; when I went it was at 7am and 4pm every day. The yoga pavilion is by the sea, and it's very relaxing. I preferred the Balinese permanent yoga teacher (Kawidana) to the Dutch visiting teacher that was there at the time. Kawidana's classes always had everyone smiling the whole time.The beach is right there and you hear the sound of the surf from your bungalow and while doing yoga. The water is shallow, but it's very clear and warm. I liked going for swims before dinner.You may encounter lizards in your room. One liked to crawl along my wall, and another guest found one in her toilet.This place is a good way to feel immersed in Bali and unwind in one place, but just be aware the experience is quite similar to camping in a cabin - this is no luxury resort with a pool."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by wonderfulbc from Canada
    10 out of 10

    " We loved the peace and aliveness of lounging for 5 days beside the ocean, sunrise walks beside the lily pond, afternoon yoga lead by a master, the staff bringing tea at 6 am. My workaholic mind unravelled, I become lazy. The simple food was so good we took pictures of it. "

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by NirBaNa from Australia
    10 out of 10

    " The twice daily yoga is marvellous as the teachers are so experienced and in tune with the spiritual aspects of yoga as well. The food is cooked by two elder women who have been at the ashram for years and who are generous in sharing their cooking secrets and local knowledge. The bures are traditional buildings in local materials and style. There is no hot water shower and no airconditioning. It makes for hot nights if you are afraid to keep the windows open which is probably not a good idea as the public path around the lagoon is right under the windows. The beach is right at the door and you sleep to the roar of the ocean. You can join the pujas and chanting which occur several times a day starting at 5am. Meals are communal and makes for a real family/community atmosphere and you get to know everyone else staying at the ashram. Acupuncture is available for a donation. A really wonderful stay of 1 week - would have liked longer. Stayed May 2014, traveled solo "

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by QuintadavidaSerena from Portugal
    9 out of 10

    " In February I spent a couple of weeks in Gedong Gandhi Ashram (Bali) Those weeks I was able to meet with members and life in the Ashram. For me it was a special experience and it was a reset of mind and body. The friendliness of the members makes you feel at home This special place ( the ashram) has a special vibration. The food was very, very delicious and I was allowed to attend to some special ceremonies during those weeks . For me yogaclass (thank you Kawi) & accupuncture (thank you Uki) was a BIG extra!! My gratitude is great to this peaceful place and his members! Perhaps next year again... Stayed February 2014, traveled solo "

    Trip Advisor website, edited

Bali, Indonesia

We are a Gandhian Ashram based at Candidasa and we have been around since 1976 when the Ashram was founded by the late Ibu Gedong Bagoes Oka.

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