Gayatri Yoga is specialized in Hatha yoga teacher training. If you want to deepen your practice, they are the right school for you.

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Radhika Priya Krishan Kaur

Kiran Prem Krishan Singh

Anand Exley

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from Germany, July 2021

"It doesn’t get better! "

If you’re considering a yoga teacher training, don’t look any further. I’ve learned SO much during my three weeks. It is intensiv, but absolutely worth it. You will be taught by the most amazing teachers, who are so passionate about their field that you can’t help but soak up all their knowledge. The people I’ve met during my stay are incredible and we had the best community during our stay. We cooked together, studied together and the support was unreal. Wether it was about preparing classes or personal topics - be prepared to make friends for life. The school itself is warm, beautiful and welcoming. Decorated with a lot of love and very clean - you will feel at Home so easily. I’m so glad I did my YTT at Gayatri and would always do it again if I could! Thank you so much to Kiran, Anand and Radhika!

Irīna Mincenberga

from Netherlands, May 2021

"Incredible experience"

Feeling of home, trust, ease and love. Feeling of family and support in all ways. Beautiful souls.

Lisa & Wesley Stauffenberg & Eijmers

from Netherlands, May 2021

"Amazing Yoga teacher training, highly recommended "

Radhika, Kiran & Anand were very knowledgeable, kind and always there to assist.

My partner and I also really enjoyed the traditional approach of the training.

Immersing ourselves in the daily structure of an ashram life set a great space for practicing and the opportunity to teach lessons every week helped to gain confidence in one's own teaching a lot.

Francine Fiorese

from Germany, April 2021

"Intensive and practical experience to become a teacher"

I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to become a teacher. It is intense in the physical practice and also theory. Enjoy your training and get all the experience from Anand, Radhika and Kiran. They are like a family, you will feel home.

Anna-lea Sticklun

from Portugal, April 2021

"Life-changing "

The reviews on here already say enough, but I just had to add another one. These reviews really can't put into words what this teacher training has meant for me and I am continually amazed at people who walk with so much compassion through this world, genuinely serving others.

You'll work hard and it will be worth it. Anand is such a kind and knowledgeable teacher, I think I have really grasped for the first time what the commonalities between the asanas are, how I can assist others and really give people the opportunity to get the benefits from all their practice. Such a giving soul.

Kiran is pure Love, bhakti yoga and devotion is such an essential part of this path and he can really bring that love out that brought you to yoga in the first place.

Radhika is such a force of nature and one of the most inspiring people I've met in my life. She is a mother to her students, a teacher, a human being, a true yogini.

I've made friends for life. The people in the TTC and the teachers will become your family.

Be there with all you've got, don't hesitate, give 100% and you will get 1000%. I wish the TTC would've been a year long, at least! All the love in the world <3

Silvia Osorio

from Spain, February 2021

"Worth every penny for this beautiful experience!"

I can not speak highly enough about this course. The whole experience was so much better than I could have expected. The teachers are incredibly knowledgeable, kind and patient. The accomodation is impeccable and really the pictures do not do it justice. Im rather annoying when it comes to these things and I have to say I felt super comfortable, safe and just happy to enjoy the beautiful space away from the city. Although there is no catering and you cook your own meals, there is always an abundance of healthy fresh food and enough space for everyone to comfortably cook together. In terms of the learning its self, i felt it was super complete. We all had the opportunity to teach several times, and although this can be scary at first it is super important. Loved the opportunity to receive real feedback about each class and improve for the next. I really enjoyed this experience so much, feeling confident to start teaching ASAP and hope to stay in contact with all the lovely people I met.

Allison Larimer

from Germany, December 2020

"Transformative Yoga Teacher Training"

This place is magical. Not only is the school, and Teneriffa itself, absolutely gorgeous, but I also felt challenged, supported, and surrounded by love and people who wanted to help me bring out the best in myself. It was exactly what I was hoping my 200hr TTC would be and I cannot say enough good things about this experience, this place, or its amazing teachers. The love and passion that they have poured into this school and teacher training is evident everywhere, and joy and wisdom just radiate out from Radhika, Kiran, and Anand! Thanks to them, their love and support, I feel confident and prepared for the beautiful teaching road ahead.

Irene Bodega

from Spain, November 2020

"Look no further!"

If you arrived on this page, look no further. You won't regret going to Gayatri Yoga for your YTT.

Radhika, Kiran and Anand are incredible teachers, with in-depth knowledge about anything Yoga-related, from alignment to breathing techniques, to how to live a more conscious, happier life. Above all, they are lovely human beings who will make you feel supported and valued in your yoga teacher journey. From day one, you can tell how much they truly care about giving their students the highest possible value they can, so much so that they are happy to answer any further questions or doubts in between classes.

It was like being part of a big family and I could have not asked for better souls to share this journey with, from the teachers to my fellow yoginis.

Thank you, Radhika, Kiran and Anand for such a life-changing experience.

Charlotte Little

from Ecuador, October 2020

"The most loving experience "

Wow. My 21 days at Gayatri will stay with me forever. This school is the most loving and beautiful place to live. I've never been happier or smiled more surrounded by such incredible people. Radhika is like a mother who nurtured us every single moment of the day, she made us laugh every hour and made the entire school feel like home. Anand honoured discipline to the perfect level - motivating us to push our boundaries and uncover layers of muscles I didn't know existed, whilst making us smile and sometimes cry with beautiful meditations. It's impossible not to smile around Kiran, every moment with him was a joy (even the exam).

Gayatri has bought the traditions and knowledge from India to Europe and built an INCREDIBLY high standard of school. There was more knowledge given than I ever expected and they delivered it in such a beautiful and inspiring way. Rhadika bought us fresh fruit and veg and Amazing food every day, we had an abundance of delicious ingredients. The house is stunning and beds were very comfortable.

Every day made me feel like I was part of something magical and that's the only way I can summarise my time here in 1 word - pure, blissful magic.

I wish I could move in forever and feel this love and light every day but the school made me feel more ready than ever to share each part of yoga with the world and what a beautiful thing to share.

Thank you so much to the Gayatri family, for the most incredible 3 weeks. I'm eternally grateful

Larisa Cernova

from United Kingdom, September 2020

"Super intense, spiritual and mind-blowing"

Really beautiful place, the house the rooms and the gardens looked amazing, bright and shiny. Lots of little chillout/study areas. The teachers really make it a home for you, and the whole atmosphere feels very welcoming.

The course is quite intense (as it's meant to be) so you do need to be a quick study and use every moment wisely. There definitely is no time for slacking off. The lessons are packed full of information, Radhika really shares so many interesting stories during the philosophy lessons and knows a lot about how to handle the students, what it takes to run a business as a yoga teacher and how to take care of everyone in your class. Kiran was very supportive and has a very interactive way of teaching, asking for everyone's opinion and encouraging us to help each other. He clearly has a lot of experience and knows how help bring out the best in you. Anand is an excellent trainer, he always keeps track of everybody in the room, swiftly correcting everyone in their posture, and takes a lot of care in doing so. He really knows his stuff when it comes to alignment and how to safely assist your students. He shared soooo much knowledge with us, wish I had more hands to write it all down! He explained everything perfectly and held his own quite well when being bombarded with questions from all directions! Tried my best to soak every bit of info I could.

Three weeks really have flown by, it's going to take me a while to fully digest everything I learnt!

Eileen Crawley

from Germany, July 2020

"A lifetime experience!"

I liked EVERYTHING from the moment I arrived to the house and from the moment I left! It was once in a lifetime experience and I could not have dreamt of a better school than Gayatri! The teachers put their hearts into it to share their love and passion with the students! I will forever cherish this experience. I fully recommend it.

Chanel Mcnamara

from Italy, January 2020



Amanda Hailey Spivak

from United States, December 2019

"They don’t call it intensive for nothin’ :) incredible time."

With any experience in life, you get out what you put in. Are you willing to show up for yourself and your ttc sisters? Yay! Keep reading. The traditional knowledge of theory, lifestyle, movement was shared from the deepest place of compassion from Rhadika, Kiran and Anand. The house in Tenerife is a communal home space filled with love, transparency, light and support — if you are looking for a large group of students, private chef(having someone else always cook for you), several off days and little hands on teaching prep, this ttc may not be the best fit for you.

HOWEVER; If you are open and willing to bond, create, encourage, accept helpful feedback, cook yummy meals alongside a small group of authentic folks, this most certainly will be a good fit. I personally struggle with intensive course type learning, but I can say this TTC was the most incredible milestone of not only my yogic path, yoga teaching path, but life path in general; feeling readily prepared to be my most confident educated self. Quality over quantity as it is a total of 3 weeks.. but it does not fall short of preparation. Quick mention of gorgeous nature surroundings, clean living environment, and such a fun bright light time! I adore my yogini sisters, my teachers who feel like family, and the beautiful chance I had of unlearning untrue parts of myself,connecting with the genuine parts of myself as every single person during this ttc encouraged the growth of! Hari Om Tat Sat. Xx

Carolina Corte

from Italy, November 2019

Going to do the TTC at the Gayatri School was the best decision of my life. I felt like in a family for 21 days. I learned so much over these three weeks and the teachers are so professional and so prepared that they really make you feel that after the course you can teach and spread the love for this wonderful discipline all over the world. The organisation is great from the Hatha and Vinyasa classes to the theorical lessons and the food and the bedrooms and the location is so nice and we also had the time to explore a little bit the stunning Island of Tenerife.

I leave this place with amazing memories, loads of new friends and inspired more then ever to keep following my yoga dream. If you are thinking to do the TTC I highly recommend you to go there. Gayatri school is magical!

Leonie Von Den Berken

from Germany, November 2019

"What an experience!"

I loved everything about this teacher training. I didn’t really know what to expect at first, but in the end it was better than anything I could’ve imagined! The women I got to know are now my family, we grew so close during this intense time. The teachers, Anand, Radhika and Kiran are absolutely wonderful souls, who love sharing their knowledge with so much passion, they’re always super supportive and it’s so much fun to learn from them.

Radhika and Kiran created this amazing safe place for us new yoga teachers.

My journey has just started and I’m forever grateful for this life changing experience!

Laura Schnelle

from United States, October 2019

"Best combination of professional school and loving home!"

All these reviews say it already, this is a really special place and a great choice when you’re serious about becoming a yoga teacher! You’ll not only learn a lot about tradition, philosophy and holistic health but also about yourself. This YTT is a group project from the beginning and Rhadika, Kiran and Anand do their best to really bring the group together. They’re great teachers and loving hosts for a three week period that feels like a separate life in itself.

Rhadika really is the great mother of this place and infects everyone with her love, light and positivity. Kiran is a smile in person and the perfect match between a strict teacher and a funny dad. Anand is a true inspiration, his guided meditations and the way he talks about body and mind will stick with me and my teaching.

Be open and you’ll receive so much in these three weeks, I can only repeat what others have written here. Write Rhadika a mail and you’ll not regret it, I promise 🙏

Love and light from Berlin! (No idea why I can’t change my country to Germany here)

Dee Ploszay

from United Kingdom, October 2019

"Inspiring Experience"


This is the most inspiring yoga school I could ever have chosen for my 200hr teacher training course. The teachers were amazing, really attentive and willing to go out of their way to help you as much as you need. They are incredibly dedicated and committed to providing the very highest quality of learning experiences for their students. The accomodation is very comfortable, clean and in a lovely location. The selection of food available is plentiful and good, local, fresh produce is provided daily. I am so grateful to Radhika, Kiran and Anand for inspiring and supporting me on my journey to becoming a Yoga Teacher


Paige Davis

from United States, August 2019

"The most transformative three weeks of my entire life!"

I can not put into words how incredible this yoga teacher training was. It is so much more than a teacher training. You not only leave with an immense amount of knowledge to become the best yoga teacher you can be, but you also leave as a better person than when you arrived. Each day at Gayatri was filled with such happiness, motivation, positivity, and love. Radhika cares so deeply for her students and provides them with more knowledge than any typical yoga training. She truly gives the shirt off her back for us and radiates with love. During our theory lessons, I gained so much knowledge, not just about yoga, but about LIFE. Kiran is very disciplined in his yoga practice and gives you the best feedback to improve your teachings. He is also SO kind and funny. Anand is a ray of light and love, and gives the most incredible lessons not just by teaching us the correct way, but by example of how he leads them himself. The way this course is structured, you are given everything and more that you could possibly need to become the best yoga instructor that you can be. In regard to food, they buy SO much food for everyone and no matter what diet you have, you will be able to eat everything you could want and more. Lastly, Tenerife is such a special place. I connected to it in such a big way, and I know I will be back soon.

Patsy Isles

from United States, August 2019

"Serious about teaching? Learn with Gayatri!"

My three weeks at Gayatri Yoga have been exceptional and I can’t recommend this course more highly. Every aspect of the course is covered so thoroughly, you leave feeling confident, fully informed, ready and excited to teach. But beyond the practice of asanas, yogic philosophy and teaching practice you feel so loved and supported throughout the process. This is thanks to the wonderful team: Radhika, Kieron and Anand, who each give 100% in their chosen discipline. Absolutely nothing was too much for them. This was my second TTC and I would say if you’re serious about teaching, this is the place to do it. Thank you Radhika for creating an exceptional course, in a beautiful space with such love and passion. It has truly been one of the best experiences of my life. Wahe Guru!

Alice Kier

from United States, June 2019

"Beyond expectations! "

Wonderful, caring, organized, genuine... & I could keep going on & on about how amazing this yoga teacher training course was! Radhika was so passionate about teaching us, she made sure everyone understood each lesson before we went on to the next subject. Gorgeous location, even the locals were so nice to us! Absolutely recommend coming here, it's worth every penny!

Elisabeth Lille

from Norway, April 2019


The three teatcher was amasing, and speciel Radhika. Full of brilliant intelligence, teaching with love. I could listen for houres without, she is so inspireing. The house is Nice and clean, the food good, and the schedule during the days fitable. The whole place is full of positiv energi, love and passion:-)


from United Kingdom, March 2019

"Life changing experience "

I really enjoyed the time that went into mirco lessons. I loved the location and I love that we cooked food as a group . it was a great way to bond together. I enjoyed the yoga and really appreciate all my yoga teachers . Anand who taught us most of the yoga posture alignments,meditation techniques and sequences was amazing . He went into depth on various ways on how to do the postures to avoid injury and brought some great knowledge to the table about the body , fitness and modern day yoga . He always gave extra time into discussing vital things that are happening with yoga today and some inspiring figures in the industry. He spoke about spirituality without being left with the feeling that someone was trying to convince you of their beliefs . He was what every teacher should be , give knowledge and share experience but ultimately leave your students to make up their own mind. Very cool guy.

Kimberley Rowe

from United Kingdom, January 2019

"The perfect TTC experience. "

I couldn't have hoped for a better TTC.

Radhika, Kieran and Anand create a wonderful learning environment, with a perfect balance between encouragement but also challenging me to be the best I can be. Radhika's passion and depth of knowledge is endless. It's so clear she loves to teach and share her knowledge with you.

The days were well organised with a good balance of practical, theory and self study time. The daily teaching practice means you come away with the skills to safely teach your own class with confidence.

The house, food and location all added to the beautiful supportive learning experience that is Gayatri.

Jitka Klier

from United States, December 2018

"Uplifting experience "

Radhika,Kieran and Anand are not only excellent teachers they truly care and created a magical experience for all of us yoginis.

Kim Mills

from United Kingdom, November 2018

"Gayatri Yoga School"

Fantastic experience here, couldn’t be happier. Wanted to learn all aspects of yoga, not just the physical practice, and the school definitely delivered. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend


from United Kingdom, October 2018

"Simply an amazing and wonderful experience. "

An organized and complete syllabus, led by a highly experienced teacher with wisdom and humour. Practical sessions challenged me and took me out of my comfort zone but ultimately, gave me personally, great results and a feeling of enormous achievement. The food was very good and always plenty of it and the location is quite charming, with very good facilities. A totally life-changing experience.

Maeva Garcia

from Spain, October 2018

"I couldn't have hoped for a better TTC!"

What an amazing experience! We learned so much in 3 weeks, it definitely went over my expectations. Radhika is a never ending well of knowledge! Anand's classes were awesome and gave us a nice sweat when needed! Kiran was always there to help and give us advice and encouragement during our classes.

We started teaching after only 3 days there! By the end, we all had more and enough teaching experience to feel confident to teach straight away when back home. I can't believe we covered every thing we needed and more in only 20 days.

The three teachers were the kindest and the best, they always took extra time to make sure we understood everything, or to go in more depth into a particular topic.

Radhika and Kiran's house is beautiful, the pictures on the web don't do it justice. The sunsets were breathtaking too and there are different little spots you can hang out to study or relax by yourself or with friends. They also were so sweet and made sure we always had everything we needed all the time. Such sweethearts!

Our group of 7 people got along perfectly, thanks also to simple house rules given at the beginning of our stay. The group size is ideal for a TTC, it really gives the teachers the opportunity to adjust the teaching to each student. Loved it!

All in all, it was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend anyone to go for it, you won't be disappointed!

Genesis Ramirez

from Spain, September 2018


Beautiful 23 days, great experience! All the team is so helpful and lovely! One of the best experiences I've had in this year... The course is very complete and the house is amazing! Thank you Radhika, Kiran and Anand!

All the love!

Kristina Mook

from Germany, September 2020

"Wundervolles Erlebnis mit wundervollen Lehrern"

Die Anlage befindet sich in einem schönen ruhigen Gebiet mit Meerblick. Der Unterricht war locker und sehr informativ. Das Essen haben wir als Mädels selbst gekocht und hatten mehr als genug Auswahl in der Küche. Das Haus ist schön groß und sauber, Rhadika die Gastgeberin und Yogaschule Inhaberin war sehr authentisch, liebevoll und ist immer mit ihrem ganzen Herzen bei der Sache. Ich kann diese Schule nur weiter empfehlen.

Lily Jordy

from France, July 2019

"The best spent 3 weeks of my life!"

From my very first contact with Radhika at Gayatri Yoga, I had a feeling that this was a special place for learning and growing. But the actual 3 weeks I have spent here blew me away! I have grown so much as a person, gained so much in-depth knowledge about Yoga, have made lifelong friendships, and feel more than ready to teach and give my love for the practice of Yoga to others. You gave us everything that we needed, felt just at home in your house, and the pool was a big bonus on hot days :) Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Radhika, Kiran, and Anand of course for our amazing practical classes. Hari Om ❤️🧘‍♀️🌱

Anouk Hulsman

from Netherlands, March 2019

"Perfecte opleiding met enorm veel kennis en kunde! "

Het persoonlijke aspect, de fijne sfeer en het prettige schema. Ze stonden altijd voor je klaar met een grote glimlach. Hier leer je waar het bij yoga omgaat. Alles is ook netjes, schoon en prachtig ingericht. Tip: boek een heerlijke massage!

Miriam Wisbert

from Germany, March 2019


Alles war super! Die Gastgeber sind alle äußerst herzlich und kümmernd, die Ausbildung ist sehr umfangreich, detailliert und informativ. Alles wurde anschaulich vermittelt. Man wird bestens auf die Prüfung vorbereitet und hat in vielen "Microlessons" die Möglichkeit, sich langsam damit vertraut zu machen, was man als Lehrer können und wissen muss.

Das Haus ist sehr gepflegt und liegt in idyllischer grüner Umgebung. Das nächste Dorf ist nur einen kurzen Spaziergang entfernt und zum Strand in Bajamar sind es nur wenige Minuten mit dem Bus.

Sehr empfehlenswert!

Kehui Sun

from Austria, December 2018

"Most beautiful experience"

This TTC was just mind-blowing! Thank you Radhika, Kiran and Anand for all the knowledge you shared with us. Great teachers - everything they said and taught really came from their hearts and they are such caring people who really made sure that we were always feeling good. The food that was provided was so fresh and of such good quality that we could not stop eating haha - Radhika and Kiran always made sure that we had everything we needed in the house.

To keep it short: I found a new family in tenerife and I could not have imagined better teachers than Radhika, Kiran and Anand

Thank you <3

Cécilia Dougoud

from United States, November 2018

"Amazing TTC"

Was incredible how much we could learn in 3 weeks. Everything was so well organised and teached!

The house and furnitures are perfect !

The owners and teachers with a lot of knowledges and patience

Annika Gregory

from Germany, October 2018

"The perfect TCC!"

Radhika and Kiran are lovely hosts and they teached us with love and a lot of experience. I cannot imagine theres a better place to become a Yoga teacher. The Groups are small and the lessons very personally, so we had a wonderful time together in this shared apartment.

The yoga lessons with Anand were professional and lovely aswell. It was one of the best expierence of my life and I'm Looking forward to meet again sometimes :-)