At Gaia Retreat Center, the primary focus is to provide a platform for those choosing to walk the path of personal transformation.

Yoga Retreats (6)

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Instructors (1)

Wayan Sutrisna

Reviews (11)

Melanie Rohner

from Switzerland, November 2019

"I felt like a princess"

I didn't expect the 24h care and well organised program of my Detox package. Thanks to Devi, who was also flexible to make some adjustments.

The stay in Green Ubud was in a luxury villa with 3 rooms and private pool. Most of the treatments, such as food as well, was organized in my private rooms.

I had outdoor yoga with my private teacher Novia. She's a peaceful lovely person who saw my needs.

Massage, healing session and all kind of shakes made my stay fully packed.

Even the colonic session went well and you feel clean and slim after.

I never felt hungry, one of my concerns.

Overall I can highly recommend it.

Olga Allen

from Indonesia, October 2019

"Mind and soul healing "

Very peaceful, great combination of activities, fantastic quality of juices and soups during my 3 day detox. I was so busy with cleanses, massages, and sauna/ not eating for 3 day’s was easy . I had a great support from the staff

Maura Kaplan

from United States, June 2017

"Best Detox experience."

Gaia's program made my 1st detox experience painless and simple.

Monica and the staff were very attentive and caring as they nurtured and guided us through the program.

The setting is intimate and private surrounded by natures and its healing power.

Loved it all!!! I highly recommend Gaia.

Hilde Marais

from Australia, October 2018

"The Perfect Reboot!"

Devi is an exceptional host and together with all the other staff, made me feel very special from the moment I arrived. The treatments complimented my nine day deep cleanse perfectly. Highlights were all the treatments, the mesmerising sunrise rice paddy walk and the healing sound therapy. It was the perfect environment for my personal goal - which was to re-set and go back with a foundation for a healthier lifestyle. I left feeling energised and very peaceful. Thank you so much Everyone

Maggie Dziong

from Singapore, June 2018

I went on the deep cleanse and it was really great. Loved the juices and the evening soups were always soooo delicious! I felt like I was really well taken care of, and felt totally spoiled with all the treatments. I left feeling more relaxed and full of life than I have been for a very long time and I can still feel the positive effects weeks later.

Irina Beinborn

from Singapore, August 2018

Quiet location, perfect to chill out and not too many people.

Maike Matthiessen

from Germany, May 2018

"Erholsame und wunderschöne Zeit"

Es ist ein absolut beruhigender Ort passend um runter zu kommen und um sich zu erholen. Ich habe zudem in der Zeit gefastet, was eine tolle und intensive Erfahrung war. Das Personal war unglaublich freundlich und es gab so warmherzige und auch informative Gespräche mit Ihnen.

Erin Moye Randall

I absolutely loved this program! It succeeded far beyond all expectations I had and I felt a great connection with my teacher Wayan, his energy was very calming and helped me in learning my practice. I was never a meditation person but I knew it was something I felt I needed in my life. I came to Bali to make positive changes in my life and learn tools I could bring back to the states to better manage my stress. I came with an open heart and open mind and my experience has been life changing. I am extremely honored to have learned from such a brillient teacher and being accepted in to such an amazing community. Only 1 suggestion: Maybe a list or a white board with some other treatments or activities that would compliment the program. Be it Neoyman healing session or Lux Bodyworks, or anything else. The massages are lovely but I think those of us coming for the meditiation retreat are looking for something more intellectual and spiritual. Thank you Wayan, the tools you have given me will live with me forever.

As David Lynch once said, “Every teacher of Transendtal Meditation is a Hero.”