22 Days Detox and Yoga Retreat in Canada

  • Ocean Resort, 4384 South Island Highway, Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada


Yoga Retreat Canada

  • 20 days with instruction
  • Escape to a beachfront resort on beautiful Vancouver Island, where you'll be pampered and healed. You will nourish your body with the healthiest foods and detox drinks available, ease your mind with walks through pristine rainforests, and along the beach. Your soul will take deep breaths as you meditate and relax in a safe, nurturing environment with experts who know how to help you revitalize and rediscover your best you.


    • Daily yoga classes
    • Daily meditation sessions
    • Detox and cellular re-nourishment
    • Supervised, structured, and nurturing environment
    • Experienced, caring instructors, and therapists
    • Daily organic live-foods meals
    • 21 nights' accommodation

    Group sizes

    The maximum participants in the group is 20.


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    You will be staying at the Ocean Resort, Vancouver Island’s wellness retreat center. It is the perfect setting for your health retreat. You will enjoy an environment that is both welcoming and relaxing for your healing experience.

    The Ocean Resort boasts 28 perfectly appointed hotel rooms, many with ocean views. This eco-friendly resort has been recently renovated and beautifully decorated. The room is crisply redecorated and clean with a cozy feel. Designed with guest comfort in mind, every room is appointed with wood flooring, and hypoallergenic duvets. You can choose either private or shared accommodation options for your stay.

    Fresh Start offers health and yoga retreats ranging from two to 21 days to fit your schedule and requirements. Whether you have time for a quick relax and rebalance for the weekend or are looking for a longer, whole health restoration program, this wellness center focuses on an integrated approach so you get the most out of your retreat. The 21-day health retreat and juice fast program is best for health restoration and is designed for those who have moderate health conditions they want to reverse or any minor health issues that bother them.

    It is the best choice for those who want to transform their lifestyle and allow good habits to become second nature. Fresh Start Health Retreats offers far more than a weight loss retreat and help for those who are working on addictions. The programs are focused around a complete whole-body detox body cleanse, including organs. You will focus on the three programs which are relax, prevent, and restore, because that’s exactly the benefits your body will experience.

    Attending the retreat that fits your schedule will help your body feel great after a wellness makeover. Learn how to both take care of your health and keep it up when you go home. You’ll be excited to get home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with the tools to continue your success in the real world. You will be able to prepare healthy and delicious meals, and surprise your family with proof that what is good for you does not have to taste bad.

    You’ll not only learn how to prepare healthy, delicious, and simple meals you are going to enjoy, but you’ll also know where to buy ingredients, how to set-up your kitchen, and how to integrate it into your daily life. Health is natural, like Spring. You may happily notice that your weight loss and healing momentum continue after you leave. You’ll feel awesome and the knowledge you’ll acquire will help you on the way. You’ll be able to keep up by using the tools you’ve learned, celebrating your successes, and discovering your own ways to live healthfully.

    Another benefit of the detox and yoga programs is that you have a chance to attend integrative workshops which are designed to boost you to success on your health journey. During these workshops, you take into account all aspects of health in a holistic approach to body, mind, and wellness.

    Sample daily itinerary

    • 07:00 Yoga class
    • 08:00 Morning check-up
    • 08:30 Cleansing drinks
    • 09:00 You will fill your water bottles. All four bottles are to be finished by 13:00.
    • 09:30 Cleanse, drink, and tablets
    • 10:00 Group time in the sanctuary
    • 11:00 Cleanse, drink, and tablets
    • 11:20 Personal health talk in the fireplace room
    • 12:00 Health lecture
    • 13:00 Cleansing drinks served in the dining room
    • 13:15 You will fill your water bottles. All four bottles are to be finished by the end of the steam session.
    • 13:30 Nap time or guided walk
    • 14:30 Fruits and cleansing drink
    • 15:00 Rest time or guided walk
    • 16:00 Health video
    • 16:45 Cleansing drink and tablets
    • 17:00 First steam bath
    • 18:00 Second steam bath
    • 19:00 Third steam bath
    • 21:00 Lights out

    This retreat will be held on the stunning oceanfront of beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Revel in the backdrop of Desolation Sound and the British Columbia coastal mountain range.

    Nearby places

    • Comox Valley Airport (CFB) - 30 minutes
    • Boating
    • Diving
    • Fishing nearby
    • Golf course nearby
    • Hiking nearby
    • Hiking trail nearby
    • Kayaking
    • Massage nearby
    • Mountain walking / trekking nearby
    • Spa nearby
    • Steam room
    • Swimming nearby
    • Beach nearby
    • Dining area
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Garden
    • Hammock
    • Lounge
    • Special menu request
    • Tour assistance

    The price of this retreat includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks. Cellular re-nourishment means filling the body’s cells quickly, with easy to assimilate and absorbable nutrients. It is very beneficial for many of you who do not normally eat healthy (or as healthy as you’d wish), and maybe even have digestive issues on top of it.

    The foods and drinks used for the cellular re-nourishment are carefully chosen and represent the most concentrated sources of vitamin complexes, macro and micro minerals, chlorophyll, and phytonutrients having multiple health benefits, such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties.

    The following details are used for cellular re-nourishment:

    • Fresh wheatgrass juice
    • Freshly squeezed organic juices, including green juices and other types
    • Green smoothies and super smoothies (enhanced with superfoods)
    • Raw and hot soups or veggie broth
    • Supplements and drinks for digestion activation
    • Supplements for deeper sleep
    • Supplements for hormonal support and rebuilding
    • Vegan, organic meals, with 80% living (raw) ingredients

    Organic raw food, vegan, vegetarian, or other dietary requirements are available upon request. Most allergies and sensitivities can be accommodated with advance notice. If you have special dietary requirements, please inform Fresh Start | Health Retreat and Spa.

    The following meals are included:

    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Drinks

    The following dietary requirements are served and/or catered for:

    • Organic
    • Raw food
    • Regular (typically includes meat and fish)
    • Vegan
    • Vegetarian
    (If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation)

    During your free time, you can take long walks on the beach, watch the resident eagles and other wildlife from the comfort of a beach chair, or enjoy a contemplative stroll through the driftwood labyrinth, all while benefitting from your rejuvenation program.

    A range of unique experiences and adventures are available to book in conjunction with the scheduled activities for an extra cost. These include golfing, fishing, kayaking, hiking, swimming, and sightseeing as just some of the local activities that are easily accessible from Fresh Start Health Retreat.

    Vehicle rentals are available from several local companies and public transit is also an option. Most types of seasonal activities are available depending on the time of year, from exploring nature trails to arranging a scenic helicopter tour. All guests receive a custom program binder upon arrival which contains a detailed list of services and activities available in the local areas.

    Other places to visit include Campbell river or Gold river, Courtenay or Comox, and Mount Washington Alpine Resort and the forbidden plateau.

    You can book a massage on site with a reservation for an extra cost. All spa services are available only to guests on a Fresh Start Health and Wellness Program. Please note that not all spa services may be available during every session, and will be offered based upon therapist availability.

    • 11 days meditation sessions
    • 21 nights accommodation
    • All meals, juices, cleansing drinks, teas, and filtered water
    • All scheduled program activities
    • Blood purification
    • Candida and heavy metal cleansing
    • Daily organic live-foods meals
    • Daily yoga classes
    • Detox, education, and cellular re-nourishment
    • Experienced, caring instructors and therapists
    • Group activities
    • Kidney, adrenal, and entire digestive tract cleanse
    • Lymphatic and liver flush
    • Parasite cleanse
    • Supervised, structured, and nurturing environment
    • Whole-body detox
    • Airfare
    • Extra activities
    • Spa treatments

    Driving directions from Nanaimo

    • From Nanaimo, continue north towards Campbell River on highway 19.
    • Take the Exit 144 (Hamm Road to highway 19A) then travel north for four kilometers.
    • Follow the Prince Rupert and Bella Coola, and Point Hardy to Oyster Bay.
    • Drive south approximately three and a half hours from highway 19.
    • Take Exit 161 (Jubilee Parkway) to 19A then travel south for nine kilometers.
    • Follow north on Island highway 19 and take Exit 144 (Hamm Road or Miracle Beach exit) and follow the road until you reach highway 19A (the Old Island highway).
    • Turn left (north) on highway 19A and you’ll find Ocean Resort five minutes down the road on your right-hand side.

    Arrival by airplane

    Please book your flight to arrive at Comox Valley Airport (YQQ) or the Campbell River Airport (YBL).


    • Review by Edy Lambert from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

      "The story I am about to tell you is quite a miracle for me. My friend had mentioned about coming to Fresh Start Health Retreat and I thought it would be a great idea to try and get healthy. I have spent my entire life on junk food. I would eat at fast food places and many, many time my complete meal would consist of a large bag of chips and a chocolate bar and coke."


      "I had this lifestyle for many years and when I approached my 40’s, I felt 60. I had a hard time walking up stairs, lifting myself off of a couch and even getting out of bed. I was swollen all over and in general just felt like I was dying a slow death."


      "So we came to the Fresh Start Health Retreat and I started on the program and I must admit that I was not at crazy about the juice drinks. I kept 100% faithful to the program but by now I was desperate to get my health back. I hardly slept the first few nights because my legs were aching so bad that I could hardly sleep."


      "On the third morning of the program, I got out of bed early and decided that I wanted to walk. As I was walking I said to my friend, oh my goodness, I don’t believe it… my legs are not aching!!! I really just wanted to cry with such joy. On the fourth day, I woke up and the swelling in my hands was gone. I feel like I have been given a new pair of legs and hands."


      "I could go on and on but I’m sure you get my point. Coming to Fresh Start Health Retreat was the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I really cannot explain my stay, it is something that you have to experience. The wealth of knowledge here at the center from Ania and the love you feel is the most amazing feeling. Thank you for the vision Vasili and Ania to make the world a healthier place. May God bless you on your continued journey."

      Fresh Start Health Retreat Center website, edited

    • Review by Chiqui Woolworth-Stahl from New York, USA

      "The gift that Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers gave to me was far more than I ever could have imagined. Not only did I lose weight but the wellness that was achieved has been unbelievable. Thank you for the gift of the green smoothie that I drink almost daily! I want to thank Vasili and his entire team. I plan to return and I highly recommend this treatment to all. God bless and once again, thank you."


      Fresh Start Health Retreat Center website, edited

    • Review by Pamela Pipes from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

      "My oldest sister, Elizabeth last year had been diagnosed with very early stage breast cancer and had been treated with radiation. Several weeks after her return from the Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers, she decided to go have a complete blood count and see what if any improvements had occurred. Her cholesterol had decreased 100 points and her thyroid was almost normal. I realized Fresh Start had to be different than the other wellness centers we had attended because she was incorporating it into her new lifestyle which had never had before."


      "I went to the Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers because and for numerous reasons in no particular order. I am a seventh generation New Orleanian had survived Hurricane Katrina by the hardest. I become a workaholic trying to tell Katrina’s story for all who perished and in the process was exposed to numerous toxins and neglected my health for three years."


      "After several days there I immediately began to improve. My hair stopped falling out and I noticed that the red spots were drying up like scabs. It was amazing to watch them diminish hourly."


      "I was on a collision course and you saved me. My body thanks me every day for taking care of it and not abusing it. In fact last night a man who had not seen me in several months asked me what I had done because I looked so different. I told him that I had attended a ten-days wellness program, detoxed all my organs and glands, lost ten pounds and the inflammation that existed within me."


      "Thank you and your wonderful nurturing community for restoring me."

      Fresh Start Health Retreat Center website, edited

    • Review by Germaine Flett from New Brunswick, Canada

      "When I went to Google and searched for a body detox health centre, I found several places. The format of the cleanse at “Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers” or Health Retreat.ca seemed to hit a choice of what I wanted and needed. I took the courage needed to spend the money and to travel across Canada from East coast to Lavoy, Alberta not to be disappointed."


      "This program was very well structured; their body detox was supported with highly nutritious and delicious juices, mostly organic, and supplements for the liver, gallbladder and kidneys. A variety of herbal teas as well milk thistle, dandelion root and marshmallow root were available. Our days were full of organized necessary activities to support of physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. We finished our days with an educational video with promising new ways to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. Our group was a great combination of humans finding their way through the joy and pains of growth. To my surprise – last but not least the “raw foods” meals that were prepared for us far exceeded my expectations. I was praising the Lord constantly. Being a mother of five, I had already had an interest in nutrition, however I did not know food could look so good, have such variety, and taste even better."


      "Now all these amenities were complimented with a highly skilled lady who offered many services in her spa – colonics, coffee colonics, massage, facials, body detox wraps and many great words of wisdom along with years of knowledge. Of course we know how things are presented makes all the difference in the world. The couple who orchestrated this program were warm, caring, knowledgeable, well balanced people. Their ground work and research and dedication was my reward."


      "For all of this I am so grateful; I leave here very enriched."

      Fresh Start Health Retreat Center website, edited

    • Review by Therese Yu from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

      "Enhancing my health has been my number one passion for over ten years! I never stop to seek out the best way to detoxify my body, and I certainly have found the right place. Having gone through the five-day body detoxification program with fresh raw fruit, vegetables, and wheat-grass juices at the “Fresh Start Health Retreat”, I feel my health has transformed from good to much, much better."

      "Likewise, I came home integrating a lot of healthful daily routines that I see fit into my lifestyle, for example, a glass of fresh raw juice with water upon rising, brushing my skin, using hot and cold showers, taking detox baths, and getting monthly colonic irrigation. I now sleep more soundly, my vitality, and sense of well-being surge higher and higher. I am inspired to take on few new tasks."

      "I have mentioned “Fresh Start Health Retreat” to my colleagues and will continue to recommend your health retreat to my friends and acquaintances who desire a healthier body and mind."


      Fresh Start Health Retreat Center website, edited

    • Review by Karen Zengel from Bedford, Texas, USA

      "My family has a history of colon problems and I had suffered from abdominal pain, IBS and acid reflux for a couple of years. After taking Nexium for a year, I decided that I no longer wanted to be on medication and to find out what I could do to become healthy through diet. I did a detox on my own in 2007, I also changed my diet significantly and it helped a lot. I was able to get off of Nexium. However, I was not able to complete it to my satisfaction due to my environment."

      "I wanted to do a juice fast with proper supervision, guidance and support. I found what I was seeking when I located Fresh Start Health Retreat. Vasili and Judie took great care of me and provided delicious juices, education and a supportive environment. The spa services, such as reflexology, massage and colonics only helped enhance the process. I could really feel the healing process at work and it was a great experience."

      "I went home feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and healthy! It strengthened my conviction to maintain the changes to my life style and diet in order to continue to improve my overall health. I would like to return Fresh Start Health Retreat annually to continue the journey to overall health!"

      Fresh Start Health Retreat Center website, edited

    • Review by Bud Macleod from British Columbia, Canada

      "All is well with Christine and I. We have settled back into our routines and some day’s craziness, but I must say we defiantly live our lives much healthier these days, thanks to you and Ania for all that we learned and also from the wonderful and fun people we had the pleasure of sharing our cleansing journey with. I am extremely grateful to my mother and brother for sharing with me there life changing experiences at your wellness centre, I know both of them had nothing but positive things to say about their stay with you, as do I, my wellness journey was easy to embrace because I was tired of feeling lethargic and always tired, for a person who has always been so active all his life, (sports and stuff) I found my energy level these last 5 years or so very low, I also experienced a lot of headaches and couldn’t sleep well at night because I had trouble shutting my mind off and resting, there were and I do mean were a lot more issues I had to deal with physically and emotionally, but at the risk of running out of ink in my pen, I will cut to the quick and say how much my health and well-being has changed since I went through with my wife your 14 day total body cleanse. What a fantastic experience and new outlook on life, I now feel ten years younger and 20 lbs lighter and I have learned more about my body and what I need to do to maintain optimum energy and health, I’m very glad we met and forever grateful for all you and Ania taught my wife and I. "

      "Your health and wellness center is amazing and I would and have recommended it to anyone who wants to change their lives and ailments and live happy."

      "Thank you!"

      Fresh Start Health Retreat Center website, edited

    • Review by Taylor Wideman from St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

      "When I came to Fresh Start Health Retreat, I needed some time for me. I was mentally and physically exhausted due to my busy life style. I am in the “Health and Wellness Industry, so I have a lot of knowledge about health, however the last three years has taken its tole and I had let my good diet choices and exercise program go out the window. I knew that I needed to make some changes. The information and knowledge that I received at the center deepened my knowledge base and reactivated my passion for healthy eating and lifestyle. I left the center feeling calm, cleansed and rejuvenated on all levels (mind, body, and spirit)."

      "But the best thing about my whole experience was seeing my best friend jump out of bed on the third day and say, “lets go for a walk.“ Before we left to come, she cold hardly get out of bed in the morning and going up and down stairs was very painful. Her hands and legs were so puffy and swollen. Most of this cleared and she was bounding up and down the stairs by the last day."

      "Thank you Ania and Vasili for sharing all your knowledge and kindness and for your on going support."

      Fresh Start Health Retreat Center website, edited

    • Review by Susan Donegani from North Vancouver, Canada

      "I just returned from the “Fresh Start” program at Ocean Resort, on Vancouver Island. I wanted to detoxify and cleanse on a cellular level. I chose this program because of the setting, natural and by the ocean and because the rates were much more affordable than fancy “fluff spas”."

      "I was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease [COPD] five years ago and was not capable of taking a full breath, except once in awhile. After one Bowen Therapy treatment with Dr. Lise Maltais, I was able to breathe fully, at will. What an unexpectant gift! All of the therapists, in their own field, were as skilled, experienced and caring as Dr. Maltais."

      "The team of wellness therapists, the juice regime and constant support of the program directors all contributed to my success. I feel at least 10 years younger; and as a by-product, I lost 13 lbs. I highly recommend “Fresh Start” if you are serious about making healthful life changes. It works!"

      Fresh Start Health Retreat Center website, edited

    • Review by Darrel Hamonic from Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada

      "Well I have never written a testimony before and I will try and keep it short although I could probably write a booklet on the positive results that I received from Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers that Vasili and Ania used to run and own which they ran with true concern, caring and professionalism,"


      "I am presently 56 years of age and I suffer from pain pretty much all over but mostly in my back from the arthritis that I have in my spine which was confirmed by an MRI. I had been living on a very large amount of pain killers every day just to be able to cope with the pain. After years of conventional doctors and medicine not able to help, myself and my wife started researching alternate ways of healing and decided to go to a naturopathic doctor and try the natural way of healing the body. Shortly after starting a diet plan from a naturopathic doctor some very good friends of ours highly promoted I attend Vasili and Ania’s Wellness center. Well cost being a concern I was hesitant but because of the results that our friend had when she went she kept pushing me to go, my wife commented that we had been praying for a solution to my pain so I made the decision and went. Well I’m quite sure she was right because I do believe our prayers were answered because of the results. A year and a half after going to the center and following the advice and education that I received there ( I do fall off every once in a short while ) I can truly say that I had the best summer as far as the level of pain goes in many years."


      "When I first went to the wellness center my blood pressure was 157 over 98 almost stage 2 hypertension, normal is 110 over 70 and my heart rate was if you can believe it 120, normal is 60. We kept a record and monitored those every day and 14 days later my blood pressure was 116 over 78 and my heart rate was 72 what a huge improvement, I now have my own monitoring unit and the last time I checked (a week ago ) it was 109 over 70 and my heart rate was 58"


      "We had the option of having a live and dry blood analysis done a couple of days after we first got there from a very qualified nurse with years of experience who had actually worked for a pharmaceutical company for a while. As she was examining the blood we could see everything on a large computer screen so she could show us what she was talking about when explaining what the good or bad of it was, I didn’t have any good. She showed me how bad my liver, red blood cells, cholesterol, calcium leaching, blood sugar level, on and on in other words I was in real rough shape. But I happen to be real fortunate in the sense that she lived only 40 minutes away from where myself and my wife live so I mention to her that my wife was going to have to come and see her because she had health issues as well as most of us seem to when we get to middle age, although you don’t need to as I learned. Well she told me that if I would schedule a visit for a couple of days after I got out of the center she would do a free follow up on me due to the fact she was curious as to what the outcome of being at the center would be. So we went to see her 15 day later 2 days after coming back home. Well she was very surprised and I was very pleased at the outcome; most of my red blood cells were floating around freely or in groupings of fours not all smooshed together. Previously I did not have one single red blood cell floating around freely; they were all stuck together in huge clumps. My cholesterol count was way down and what was left had diminished greatly in size, the calcium leaching had completely stopped and in actuality the pools that were visible before were starting to fill in, indicating that the damage done was already starting to be repaired."


      "My blood sugar level (which I recall had very much surprised the nurse because I am not or was not an overweight person, I’m 5 foot nine inches tall and weigh 150 pounds) was 9.6; normal should be between 4 and 6 and in just 2 short weeks it was already down to 4.5 It used to be if I went without food for too long I would start to get the shakes and that was getting worse and worse all the time and now that does not happen at all anymore. I also use to cramp up continuously all over my body but especially my legs and usually in the middle of the night forcing me out of bed in a hurry, now it very seldom happens. I could go on and on about the results we saw that day like WOW what an improvement in such a short time and feeling so much better and completely off the pain killers at that time, I did not take a single one for over 3 months after coming out of the center. If I was to say that I don’t on occasion take some I would be lying but they are far and few between and not the dozen a day I use to take and they were prescribed. But when you cut, limb, and buck a dozen 40-year-old spruce trees with a 17 pound chainsaw as I just recently did you know your going to aggravate something, but I do see the day when even that is not going to be an issue."


      "Even my brain is not as foggy anymore; I have a better outlook and attitude on life which is real nice. I can truly say that the whole experience was a blessing and I would certainly recommend it to anyone considering health improvement or even if its just knowledge improvement in itself because with Vasili and Ania you are certainly in good hands. Well I could keep going but this has been too long already – like I said I could write a booklet."


      "I do want to give Vasili and Ania a very special THANK YOU for everything you did for me personally, I don’t know where I would be today if not for that so once again thank you and I love you guys!"

      Fresh Start Health Retreat Center website, edited

    • Review by Carey Parder from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

      "My experience of the 10-day program was nothing short of life-changing. I was looking for a retreat that would provide a total break for my body – to cleanse and rebuild – to give my health a boost as I move into my later years. And that’s exactly what I got!"

      "I found the program to be carefully designed to maximize results, using time-tested cleansing and replenishing techniques from a variety of disciplines and cultures. It also provided a good balance of intellectual knowledge and sharing time to reinforce the experience."

      "And the best news is, I received the tools/knowledge to keep going, taking new practices into my regular life that will continue to improve my health. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to make an effective change in their health or to simply give the body a deep rest!"

      Fresh Start Health Retreat Center website, edited

    Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada

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