Freedom Through Movement

Whether you are a teacher or a beginner, Freedom Through Movement offers unfiltered and raw yoga to open your hearts and minds, beyond what you ever thought of.

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Bex Tyrer

Bex teaches a wide range of styles like Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Power, Hatha, AcroYoga and yet at the core of it all, she simply shares her intimacy with yoga. As the Yoga Barn has expanded into a huge studio, Bex had the privilege of teaching hundreds of teachers in training and working with thousands of practitioners from all over the world. The bodies and minds that stream through her classes are all unique in their expression of life. Her fascination with yoga history and philosophy has helped to inform her understanding of the wisdom tradition of yoga beyond the modern day yoga studios.

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Cecile France

Freedom Through Movement website

The immersion course run by Bex is an amazing journey to step deeper in your own Self discovery, no matter where you’re up to. She will welcome YOU, fully ! You will experience what it means to Love you more and to Love more others. It’s an opportunity to not miss…letting YOGA embodying more your Life. Bex’s knowledge is a river flowing constantly, inviting you to come along, to share anything, practicing and allowing your Life to flow better…with less tensions maybe, but mostly much much more Love. I’m deeply GRATEFUL that my path has taken me on that journey.

Constanza Italy

Freedom Through Movement website

A chance to dive deep into your yoga practice and expand upon your foundation to achieve radical transformation and embracing gratitude in your life no matter what. I am beginner but is suitable for ALL LEVELS of experience. The teacher, Bex Tyrer is really professional, really well prepared, passionate and have a nice way to embrace you in this yoga journey. Thank you!!!

Anne Netherlands

Freedom Through Movement website

Taking part in Bex Tyrer’s Yoga Immersions was simply AMAZING!! Bex is such an authentic soul who teaches her profound wisdom from the heart. I learned so much and I’m grateful our paths crossed. If you get a chance I strongly recommend to sign up for Bex‘s Immersions in 2017 otherwise make sure you take one of her classes when you visit.

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