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Vancouver, Canada

Free Hearts Yoga is committed to creating inspiring, soulful and vibrant Yoga retreats for you to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and free in your mind, body and heart.

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  • Sarah United Kingdom

    Free Hearts Yoga website

    I felt totally enlightened after spending a week at the Free Hearts Yoga retreat. The diversity of the teaching was fantastic, each class was a different style and vibe and really expanded on my knowledge of yoga. I received a warm welcome as soon as I arrived and felt included and accepted straight away. The spiritual energy of the classes and group in general was very strong, and I feel like I've made some genuine friends. It was the perfect week of relaxation, laughter, eating, moving, breathing, and soaking up the beauty of an idyllic area and a wonderful set of people...and so relaxed. It's been a privilege to join your first venture and was genuinely one of the best holidays I've had for a long time. I felt like both my skin and soul were shining when I left. Thank you Emma, Maja and Danica... I can't wait to join you on the next one!

  • Julia Canada

    Free Hearts Yoga website

    Spending a week with Free Hearts was soul-nurturing and healing. The island of Brac is beautiful and the villa Gumonca is top class. Everyday we enjoyed the tranquil view of the Adriatic Sea, home-cooked organic meals made from the abundant fruits and veggies of the family garden, and nourishing yoga classes. The class styles were diverse and ranged from grounding yin to invigorating kundalini. The girls did a great job at matching classes with the mood and energy level of the group. Everything was taken care of and flawlessly organized. We were guided on a number of excursions including a visit to the town centre, a hike through the hills of old olive plantations and an all-day boat tour. There was also plenty of free time to soak up the sun by the pool-side, snorkel in the sea, socialize, and journal. Whether you are a novice at yoga or a seasoned practitioner, Free Hearts retreat is the perfect getaway!

  • Branka Germany

    Free Hearts Yoga website

    As a mother of a three year old finding time for myself seemed impossible, and to add to that, during the retreat I was three months pregnant. The girls took me in and mothered me in exchange. It was bliss. Everything was well thought-out and organized to that last detail, from preparing morning coffee and smoothies to the diversity in styles of yoga available. I enjoyed the food and loved that we had someone serve us our dinner, for a change I wasn't cooking. Also the activities were amazing, boat trip, biking, hiking, and swimming in the sea. But most importantly, there was silence, and in those moments I could finally let go. Thank you Free Hearts for holding space for all of us at this beautiful villa, with amazing food and people.

  • Vesna United States

    Free Hearts Yoga website

    Super enjoyable retreat with three gifted, professional, charming, and capable young ladies. The organisation was faultless, the location perfect and the yoga was very well balanced for all levels which is a great achievement considering the size of the group who started off as strangers ending up as great friends keeping in touch and continuing to do things together! My bet stays with these girls to achieve fame and continue to grow from strength to strength. All in all outstanding work and keep it up for the sake of us all!

  • Katie United Kingdom

    Free Hearts Yoga website

    Whether you're travelling on your own or with a friend or partner, if you're looking for an energizing, rejuvenating, yet relaxing yoga holiday, you couldn't ask for a more perfect experience than this Free Hearts break in Croatia. I loved the variation and creativity of the yoga classes, everything from yin to kundalini, all beautifully tailored for the group and all flavoured by the individual personalities and styles of the wonderful teachers who, by the way, are just the nicest ladies you will ever meet!. You'll enjoy awesome yoga, brilliant day trips, relaxing by the pool or beach, eating delicious, healthy home-cooked, vegetarian food, staying in gorgeous, peaceful accommodation, and making amazing new friends you'll have for a lifetime. You won't be sorry you booked a Free Hearts retreat.

  • Jenna Canada

    Free Hearts Yoga website

    I would definitely recommend the retreat. It is a memorable way to see Croatia, tours, yoga, beautiful settingsthe boat tour was pretty epic, but all the time there was mad fun and very special.

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