6 jours en vacances de yoga, méditation et éco-safari dans le récif de Ningaloo, Australie

Adventure Yoga Retreats Australia

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It is the time for something different, something new. It is the time for that once in a lifetime experience that will move you well beyond your yoga mat and catapult you into awakening: into your truth, your inner knowing, and into an ever deepening understanding of all that is. This is a journey that will open your heart, still your mind, and feed your soul. Experience a week of tapping in, tuning out, and transforming yourself on all levels.

Caractéristiques du séjour

  • Daily yoga practices
  • Soulful meditation and mindful musings
  • Full-moon ceremony and healing sessions
  • Snorkelling and swimming with humpback whales and whale sharks
  • Organic gift pack and private tours
  • Delicious, organic meals daily
  • 5 nights accommodation
  • Airport transfers

Niveau de pratique

  • Débutant
  • Intermédiaire
  • Avancé

Type de yoga

6 jours de cours en Anglais
Langues parlées par l'organisateur: Anglais
Le nombre maximum de participants dans ce groupe est de 9
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You will be provided five nights of accommodation. For this exclusive retreat, Yoga Spirit Journeys team is only releasing four deluxe twin rooms and one single option. Each tent offers exceptional facilities and creature comforts. The heart of the camp is on raised decks that weave inconspicuously through the dunes with spectacular views from all angles to the reef and breakers beyond, and you will surely not be disappointed.

Sal Salis is regarded as one of Australia’s best, offering eco-certified deluxe accommodation and facilities, contemporary cuisine, and authentic cultural activities for your week in the western elements. Leave your old self behind and return home restored on all levels. The camp has been designed to operate in tune with the fragile environment, and as such, it abides by strict principles of minimal impact and sustainability.

All power is solar generated, each tent has a composting toilet (known as a “natureloo”), water usage is very carefully managed, and no waste escapes into the surrounding ecosystem. Your group will be occupying six of the sixteen luxury tents complete with double hammock, full bathroom, and super snug king beds made with quality organic bed linen from Eco Downunder.

Guest robes, native herb soaps and ecological shampoos are all provided for your comfort. There are no TVs, minibars. or room phones, but there is an office landline. There is also no Wi-Fi or mobile phone reception, so it is the perfect opportunity to unplug and recharge yourself on every level.

Yoga Spirit Journeys Australia Yoga Retreat Program

Yoga Spirit Journeys offer eco-luxe pilgrimages to ancient sacred sites. Hosted by founder Denby Sheather, these bespoke adventures capture the heart and spirit of indigenous Australia and align your essence with nature. This is not only a tick-off-your-bucket-list opportunity, but this is also a chance to immerse yourself in deep healing practices as well.

Denby has put together an enticing itinerary that includes silent and guided meditations, daily yoga classes (including soothing hand, foot, or scalp massage), shamanic and lunar workshops, private healing sessions, plus exciting tours and excursions, while still giving you plenty of free time to yourself. Please ask for the full schedule if you want more details before deciding.

Yoga Spirit Journeys retreats are all about tuning into the land, respecting the environment and sacred indigenous sites, plus promoting conservation and business sustainability. This is conscious tourism at its finest. Marvel at Mother Nature as you connect with your own inner nature. Add to this euphoric mix daily healing yin and restorative yoga, meditation, and multi-award winning accommodation with sunrises, sunsets, and cuisine to die for.

This week promises to be one that you will never forget or regret. Recalibrate yourself and come home inspired, ignited, and feeling alive. Yoga Spirit Journeys retreats are actually more spiritual adventures than retreats. The aim is to align your inner nature with Mother Nature so you may connect to your deepest knowing and highest truth.

Be comfortable with your own pace and experience personalized yogic, somatic and shamanic therapies to ensure that you would be able to unwind and transform with grace and ease. In this space, you will be heard, held, and gently encouraged to expand beyond old limitations that no longer serve you. It will also move you towards new personal awareness and awakening.

The series: four directions, four elements

There are four primary corners or directions that ancient mystics and medicine men and women would activate in order to open the north, east, south, and west pathways and channel the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water. This ritual is continued today by spiritual practitioners around the world so they can commune with ancestors and various deities and harness the wise and powerful energies that the earth holds and offers.

Raising consciousness, building community relationships, and initiating conversations between different cultures is at the heart of Yoga Spirit Journeys, and this is why they acknowledge and give thanks to the elders of this country and strive to educate and inspire people with their unique offerings.

With respect to all traditions, Yoga Spirit Journeys is pioneering the concept of indigenous and seasonally aligned yoga retreats that promise to ignite your potential and onnect you to the divined natural vibrations found at the spiritual heart of Australia, with Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon (earth or north), with the tropical lungs of the planet, the Daintree Rainforest (air or east), with South Australia’s other worldly Wilpena Pound (fire or south), and with Western Australia’s exquisite Ningaloo Reef (water or west).

The invitation

Embrace the chance to find your feet, freedom, and flow. Yoga Spirit Journeys have chosen to partner with five-star and eco-luxe resorts at these four iconic sites because they invoke an immediate sense of presence and peacefulness. Each venue is nestled in luxury and simultaneously immersed in nature, with myriad lines, earth plexus points, and indigenous pathways at your doorstep.

Groups are kept small to ensure that your experiences are intimate and authentic and full of opportunities for personal growth. You will also be encouraged to switch off from technology as much as possible so you can get the most out of your time in the outback. You will walk, climb, dance, stretch, swim, sing, and dream your way through some of the worlds’ most breathtaking scenery.

Through healing ceremonies and wildlife adventures, you will remember your authentic self and pause often to breathe and integrate all that you will encounter in this journey. By tuning into the frequencies of light and lineage at each mesmerizing location, you will begin to embody your own energetic gifts and discover how you can be of service to yourself, your families, and your planet. You will start to appreciate just how precious life, love, and land actually are.

Salted Souls

Salted Souls is a once in a life time chance to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Ningaloo Reef National Heritage Marine Park and the surrounding unspoiled landscape. You will have a week of nature adventures, soul-seeking meditations, energetic healing sessions, and two private ocean tours where you will get up close and personal with the local whale sharks, humpback whales, manta rays, dugongs, and greenback turtles.

Plus, you will sit in ceremony under the full moon to connect with this ancient land and find your rhythm again. Nourish your belly with delicious cuisine and luxuriate in style at Sal Salis, one of the worlds’ finest glamping resorts. Balance your body with daily meditations, yoga practices, and mindful musings and connect with the potent energies and history of the region.

There will be plenty of time to pause and relax in your own company as well, on the beach, in your secluded safari tent hammock, or to meander pensively through the sand dunes cocooning the camp. When you are grounded and calm, you can open your heart and receive the powerful messages that this bottle-blue coastline offers.

Heartfelt happenings

There is a unique and nourishing week planned for you. The daily flow includes cultural talks and adventures alongside therapeutic yoga, full moon healing circles, and soulful meditations. All are designed to align you with your heart, seasonal energies, and the shifting vibrations of the land. When you are not up early doing yoga, you will heading towards an exquisite ocean sunrise or bidding farewell to the day with stories by moonset and music by the bonfire.

You will practice yoga on location, hike through the magnificent Mandu Mandu Gorge, and motor quietly up Yardie Creek spotting wildlife, learning about bush tucker, indigenous lore, and listening to creation stories. You will sail out into the deep blue to snorkel alongside the local gentle giants, the whale sharks, turtles, and manta rays, plus migrating humpback whales as they chorus playfully past the western shores.

You will learn about animal communication and ocean conservation, and back on the beach, you may make friends with the resident wallabies that often come out of hiding as the day slips into dusk. You will enjoy fine dining under the stars serenaded by the soul-stirring tones of didgeridoo and breathe yourself back into balance by the pulse of the shifting sea.

The yoga

No yoga experience or prior training is necessary, you just need your breath, an open heart, and a sense of adventure. Each day, you will be guided through a profound yet gentle practice full of tension-releasing postures, inspired meditations, and deliciously deep self-acupressure techniques designed by Denby to open and activate your fluid body and align you with the healing powers of the season.

Mana Yoga has the potential to transform chronic ailments and alleviate the experience of dis-ease in body, mind, and spirit, leaving you feeling physically and mentally grounded, emotionally clear, and brave-hearted. The sequences are accessible to all bodies and some dynamic options will be offered for those who wish to challenge themselves further. You will need to bring your own yoga mat and eye pillow.

At the end of each session, Denby will lull you into the deepest of savasanas (resting pose) through the use of her voice, selected peaceful soundtracks, essential oil massage (head, feet, or scalp) and lots of loving care. You will be a yoga convert in no time.


In partnership with Live Ningaloo, the sustainable leaders in the local whale shark and whale swim industry, you will enjoy two private charters in an amazing wave rider vessel, a Black Watch 40 which was custom built in Queensland for Australian conditions. She combines safety and reliability with sea-going ability, comfortable interiors, and a spacious back deck.

Her interior includes two private cabins, a complete bathroom with hot and cold shower, and a beautiful galley from which delicious snacks and lunches will be served. She also has a spacious saloon so that if conditions are rough, you will be sipping your beverages in style and comfort.

From Sal Salis, you will transfer to Tantabiddi Boat Ramp, and once on board the wave rider, you will be kitted out with wet suit, mask, and snorkel. You can bring your own flippers and gear if you prefer. Wetsuit or diving booties are a good investment for warmth and comfort. A spotter plane will already be in the air searching for whale sharks and whales as they cruise, feed, play, and nurse calves.

As you venture out and about, there may be time for a snorkel at different sites along the reef, so be prepared to jump in the water at a moment’s notice. A light morning tea and delicious lunch will be served along with snacks throughout the day to keep your energy up.

The crew will be constantly searching for turtles, rays, dolphins, dugongs, and sea birds as well while you enjoy the stunning scenery. Field work, contributing to vital scientific research programs in the World Heritage listed Ningaloo Marine Park, is conducted on each outing, and you are more than welcome to get involved with data collection.

The hosts will give presentations regarding biology and habitat of the whale sharks, whales, and other marine life during the day to inform and inspire you as you explore the active reef. Whale sharks are moving continually, so swimming is required during interaction. You will need to be a good swimmer, able to snorkel, and swim freestyle.

Both sharks and whales are found in the open ocean so you may be swimming in current and swell. It is suggested for you to start some easy training a few months before the retreat to ensure you feel confident, calm, and strong in the water and can therefore get the most out of both your tours.

Government regulations allow a maximum of sixty minutes swimming with one animal and the duration of each swim is completely determined by the whale sharks and the humpback whales. If the whale shark or whale dives, the captain will send the spotter plane up to search for another. A maximum of five people can be in the water with a whale shark or whale at one time so the group might be divided into ten and rotate two groups alternately.

One guide will be in the water with each group, so you will feel safe and supported at all times. Yes, the sea beings are big, but there is no cause for concern as whale sharks and whales are extremely placid, non-threatening souls, as are mantra rays, turtles, and dugongs, and the guides are expert interpreters.

You may be lucky enough to swim with more than one whale shark or whale during the course of the day, however, you are encouraged you to set your own pace, so you may even choose not to swim each time your turn is up and prefer to remain on deck as an observer. Note that observing is still going to be an exhilarating experience for you.

The whales are easy to spot as they breach, lunge, slap the water, and blow boisterously, and they are definitely more active than the slow motion whale sharks, but they are not dangerous and they do not attack humans or boats. Whales are incredibly curious, especially the juveniles, and the guides will be looking to create interactions with willing mothers and calves for this reason.

You will be instructed on the day that your guides always allow the whale to set the scene and initiate contact. You will never chase or coerce the whales just to get a good encounter or photograph and you will be asked to keep conversation and movement in the water to a minimum.

A professional photographer will be on board taking wonderful photos of you swimming alongside these gentle giants and recording your lifetime memories, so you will not miss that precious moment. Photos are included in both your swim tour packages. Your own go pros are fine but make sure you have flotation or wrist attachments.

Depending on the day and how everyone is feeling, you may return to the calm waters of Ningaloo Reef for lunch and relaxed snorkeling and then head home to Sal Salis in the mid-afternoon, in perfect time for chilled sundowners.


Denby Sheather
With over 15 years of teaching experience exploring the relationship between the seasonal cycles, five element theory, esoteric modalities and body andmind spirituality, Denby has founded the innovative practice she calls Mana yoga, a unique flow that reflects her own journey with yoga, energetic healing, and motherhood. Denby has led healing retreats in Bali, Hawaii, and Tonga for the past decade. Yoga Spirit Journeys is her newest venture where she intends to respectfully share her knowledge, teachings. and ever evolving spiritual awakenings in service to others.

Lieu du séjour

This retreat will be held at Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef in Australia. Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef is a remote, beach side safari camp nestled in the dunes of Western Australia’s Cape Range National Park, on the pristine shores of Ningaloo Reef. Sixteen bespoke wilderness tents located just 50 meters from the ocean afford total seclusion at this striking location. It is undoubtedly one of Australia’s best kept natural secrets.

Two kilometers behind the camp lies the Cape Range National Park and Mandu Mandu Gorge dissected by spectacular cliffs and riverbeds, and abundant with flora and fauna. It is exquisite, and given its remote setting, an ocean side sanctuary is possibly not what you would expect to find in the outback, but that is exactly what you will find.

Wild bush luxury offering world class facilities and services awaits discovery, fringed by some of the most breathtaking scenery this country has to offer. The focus of your stay is the wilderness around you and its marine and land inhabitants.

Nestled in luxury and immersed in nature, imagine yourself standing on the ocean’s edge with the cool morning sand tingling your toes and watching a serene sun gently warm and waken the beauty of the Sal Salis sanctuary. See yourself following the footsteps of the ancients from over 60,000 years ago. Feel their very real presence manifesting as spirit animals before your eyes, appearing and disappearing into the landscape as soon as you recognize them.

Stop to silently soak in the raw turquoise beauty and lapping waves of the Indian Ocean and connect with your own inner currents. Sit on land so primeval you can feel the vibration of past ceremonies, initiations, and invocations moving right through your bones. Rise intuitively at daybreak to open yourself with an explorative and remedial yoga practice, reconnecting with your body and soul in new and exhilarating ways.

Lastly, watch the last golden rays of the day hug the horizon as you relax into a renewed sense of awe and respect for the earth and the ocean. Sleep peacefully in silence and with deepest gratitude. Ningaloo Reef has a very special resonance. Like all aboriginal sites around Australia it is powerful and profoundly moving.

The space, the silence, your senses alighting and connecting with every breath, it really is hard to fathom exactly how this land will affect you, but affect you it will. Imagine aligning your souls pulse with the rhythms of the ancestors, and claiming yourself, where land and sea dissolve.

Particularités exclusives de l'offre


  • Navigation
  • Plongée
  • Massage
  • Plongée avec masque et tuba
  • Baignade
  • Observation des baleines


  • Bar
  • Plage
  • Coin repas
  • Respectueux de l'environnement
  • Hamacs
  • Salon


  • Bibliothèque
  • Produits de toilette


If first-class food is as important to you as it is to Yoga Spirit Journeys, then you are in for a treat. Everything is locally sourced, freshly prepared, and biodynamic and organic, consciously created by head chef Brendan and his inspired team. You will surely enjoy their contemporary cuisine with hints of bush food and native produce. Please specify any dietary requirements on your indemnity form.

Breakfast comprises a continental buffet with cooked options to order and is best at the breakfast bar so you can enjoy the seascape. Lunch is a casual affair on the deck whilst dinner is hosted against a backdrop of rich orange sunsets over the ocean. A bar and an open lounge area with a small reference library provides the perfect spot to sit during the day or enjoy a quiet sundowner. You may help yourself to the self-service bar at any time.

Les repas suivants sont inclus:

  • Petits déjeuners
  • Déjeuners
  • Dîners
  • Boissons

Les régimes alimentaires suivants servis et/ou pris en charge :

  • Aliments bio
  • Autres régimes particuliers sur demande
Si vous suivez un régime alimentaire spécifique, faites-le savoir à l'organisateur au moment d'effectuer votre réservation.

Activités et lieux à visiter

  • Borrow books from the library
  • Enjoy water activities such as diving, and whale watching
  • Try kayaking
  • Have a personal healing session
  • Relax in your accommodation
  • Swim in the beach

Ce qui est inclus

  • All yoga and meditation sessions
  • Organic gift pack
  • Private yoga or healing session with Denby
  • Snorkelling and swimming with humpback whales and whale sharks
  • Full moon ceremony
  • All transfers
  • Guided bushwalk
  • Healing workshops
  • Talks with local community leaders
  • All meals
  • 5 nights accommodation
  • 2 private charter humpback and whale shark swims
  • Unlimited (selected) alcoholic drinks
  • Unlimited non-alcoholic drinks
  • Transfer to RAAF Base Learmonth Airport (LEA)

Ce qui n'est pas inclus

  • Any airfares
  • Visa and passport fees
  • Airport departure taxes
  • Travel insurance
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Airport transfers (air or road) that are not included in the itinerary
  • Laundry
  • Medical expenses
  • Personal gifts
  • Optional tours
  • Any expenses incurred as a result of delays or resultant changes to the itinerary
  • Emergency evacuation charges
  • Gratuities to guides

Comment se rendre sur place ?

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Perth Airport (PER). Return transfer to RAAF Base Learmonth Airport (LEA) is included. Yoga Spirit Journeys will drop you off to the airport.

Conditions d'annulation

  • Le dépôt de garantie est non-remboursable si vous annulez votre réservation.
  • Le reste du paiement est dû à votre arrivée.
6 jours / 5 nuits
à partir de --


Arrivée: vendredi 24 août 2018
Départ: mercredi 29 août 2018

Deposit policy

Booking this retreat requires a deposit of 1000 USD. Payment plans can be arranged. Please send an inquiry to the organizer for more details.

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