6 jours de stage de yoga, art et cérémonies à Tepoztlán, Mexique

  • Tepoztlan, Mexique

6 jours de stage de yoga, art et cérémonies à Tepoztlán, Mexique

  • Tepoztlan, Mexique

Mexico Healing Ceremony & Yoga Retreat

This special Yoga-Art Healing Retreat will take place in the magical Tepoztaco Mountain. The town of Tapoztlan is not only charming and beautiful but famous for its Temazcal ceremonies. This healing and rebirthing ritual has been practiced for thousand of years. Temazcal is the symbol of Mother Nature’s womb. Through the use of steam and healing herbs, the Temazcal ceremony purifies the body and spirit. The ritual not only detoxifies our cells under the guidance of a native Amatlan Shaman, it frees us from what no longer serves us and helps us to live a spirited present. You will be able to revitalize your body and soul in a very unique way.

Daily meditation and art classes will be offered to stimulate your subconscious, to boost your creative energies and concentration level. The retreat is available to individuals, couples and groups. Yoga classes are open to all levels, from beginner to experienced.

You will have the option to attend various art classes including painting, visualization and calligraphy sessions, music and sound therapy.

Teaching style and class levels will be fitted to accommodate participants’ needs. We work in small and intimate sized classes during the retreat to be able to give the best of our attention to everyone. Our teachers are highly qualified and devoted souls. Our groups are joyful, we love to have fun and to be open-minded to exchange thoughts.

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  • Daily meditation sessions
  • Modern art painting classes
  • Temazcal and sound healing ceremony
  • Welcoming dinner and gathering party
  • Daily fresh and organic meals
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • 6 jours de cours
  • Anglais
Tout cacher

La Puerta de Quetzalcoatl is the perfect place to rest and relax, while enjoying the many scenic and historic wonders of the area. This sacred land is used for various ceremonies, shamanic and yoga retreats, and other group events. This unique place is an an oasis of peace, health, beauty and harmony. Tepoztlan is long recognized as one of the Earths power places, fed by earth energies and vortexes.


  • 24 hours concierge service
  • Large dining area with altar
  • Meditation hut
  • On-site store, selling carved stones and jewelry from meso-america
  • Platform available for yoga or Tai Chi
  • Plenty of green, shaded areas with hammocks and swings available for rest and relaxation

On this retreat, you will practice mantra, svadhyaya, prana kriya, and Nidra yoga. You will be able to attend varied art classes including painting, visualization and calligraphy sessions, music and sound therapy, contemporary dance classes and photography tours. Teaching style and class levels will be molded to fit participants needs. You will work with an intimate retreat class size to be able to give the best attention to everyone. The teachers are highly qualified and devoted souls. The groups are also joyful, open minded to exchange thoughts, and love to have fun. Yoga-Art is enthusiastically looking forward to having you join them and share this beautiful journey.

Temazcal ceremonies

Through the use of steam and healing herbs, the Temazcal ceremony purifies the body and spirit. The ritual doesnt only detoxify your cells under the guidance of a native Amatlan Shaman, it also frees you from what no longer serves you and helps you to live a vital present. You will be able to revitalize your body and soul in a very unique way.

Mountain adventure

Tepoztlan tour

On this retreat, participants will stay at La Puerta de Quetzalcoatl. Deep in the heart of Mexico, "La Puerta" is the home of the tipi retreat center. Located in a beautiful, tropical environment, just one hour south of Mexico City, it is truly a land of magic and enchantment. La Puerta de Quetzalcoatl is considered sacred by the native indigenous people of this area. It is a huge doorway in the cliff face, which is thought to be an inter-dimensional doorway. It was said to be the place where Quetzalcoatl brought the first seeds to the people, so they could grow their food.

Healthy and organic food is a part of the retreat experience. The cuisine is simple, delicious and local, using fresh ingredients from the organic gardens or local markets. Yoga-Art recommends a vegetarian diet during the purification ceremonies.

Awake your inside master

Experience sound healing meditation

Explore the city of Tepoztlan

Mountain hiking

Participate in healing ceremonies

Read a lot

Visit the Tepozteca Pyramid

Visit the market

Wonder about life

On this retreat, participants will be treated to a holistic massage.

  • 6 nights accommodation
  • All fresh and organic meals
  • Daily meditation sessions
  • Day trips
  • Guided tour of Tepoztlan
  • Holistic massage
  • Modern art painting class
  • Mountain adventure
  • Plenty of free time with personalized assistance
  • Sound healing ceremony
  • Taxes
  • Temazcal healing ceremony
  • Welcoming dinner and gathering party
  • Flights to Mexico City Airport (MEX) are not included in the price.

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Mexico City Airport (MEX).

For those comfortable with foreign travel, there is a non-stop luxury bus (about 11 USD) directly from the International Arrivals, at the Mexico City Airport, going to Cuernavaca, where Yoga-art representative would meet you. The road will take about an hour. Otherwise a pick up can be arranged for you at the terminal or you can take a taxi for around 100 USD. There is a possibility to share a car with other guests if traveling alone.


  • Mexico City - 1 hour

Avis vérifiés de BookYogaRetreats.com

  • F
    Avis de Anonyme


    CONS Je n'ai pas aimé: Everything but the environment and hiks ! First of all a yoga retreat is a peaceful places to live, confortable bed, hot shower and toilets near the room, a flat and nice and warm place to do yoga and vegetarian food. We did not get anything of that ! The hut is a mountain hut for eveyone that needs a place to stay so all day long people come, it is not peaceful ! The beds were like if you were sleeping directly on the wood. The chairs were wood logs. So my but and my back that have all ready had to climb the first day 1000 meter with all the weight of my bags had to suffer a week of not having anything confortable ! By the way we were not told that it was going to be that hard to go up the first day ! To start a Yoga retreat maybe not the best ! One picture in the add was a beautiful round wooden floor in the forest to do yoga..never seen that place ! The river I was told to go to wash myself..I'm still dreaming of it and never found it ! The food well first day we were told that if we could eat non vegetarian that would be preferable because it would be easyer for the cook as she cooks for all the people in the hut ! The word retreat is not for this add or maybe if you say hiking retreat for good hikers or fit people willing to live the hard way and eating heavy food 3 times per day ! Conclusion I had to stop after 3 days and do personal stuff.

    PROS J'ai aimé: The environment was the best ! It's a really beautiful place.

    2017-Aug-30 08:14:03

  • S
    Avis de Susan Wagland, Royaume-Uni

    Not a yoga retreat at all

    CONS Je n'ai pas aimé: The holiday was not as described in the web page, and written communications were misleading. We spent a very uncomfortable time on this so-called yoga trip and were glad to leave early. Expecting a relaxing yoga and hiking retreat, with organic vegetarian food, we were given rudimentary accommodation and meaty, fatty food, in a location with no space for yoga, or proper yoga teaching. When we objected, the tour operator’s view was that it was an “adventure” and that we were not fit enough for hiking. The tour operator, Lili, requested 100% of the holiday payment up front and imposed a 45 day deadline for a full refund. After the 45 day deadline Lili told us via messaging that the accommodation was a mountain hut, a 2-hour hike from a village, and that we had to carry all our luggage including sleeping bag and yoga mat. We discussed cancelling but decided to go ahead, as cancelling might mean losing our entire holiday payment of 1100 euros for two, plus all the pre-arranged flights and hotel bookings. This walk to the hut was a strenuous 2-hour hike with 1000m of ascent, which most British yoga and hiking holidaymakers could not have achieved while carrying a full rucksack. There were also serious concerns about the transfer and the information provided in advance.

    PROS J'ai aimé: meditation sessions Lili's friends were very nice Daniela was lovely but did not offer the yoga teaching we had been promised beautiful place but so difficult getting there and being there that we could not enjoy it

    Réponse de l'organisateur: We are really sad to hear such an unfair judgment. In our hiking retreat it was clearly mentioned that guests has to climb 2-3 hours on arrival. Susan arrived with her dauther. Since the first time they both had a negative impact which was very hard for the group in a place where we have breathtaking views and peace. Susan's dauther arrived with a serious ankle injury which made her unable to walk and participate in yoga. Her accident happened 3 month before the retreat.This is a yoga and hiking retreat and it should had been the responsibility of Susan to pick a different vacation, she could have full refund. The dauther had complains as she was bored. Susan is from a city and I admit we should be more clear about needing a basic physical condition to complete the hiking. On the mountains our hiking level is 1and 2 out from 5. Our yoga teacher is a professional and we were sad to hear that Susan was not understanding that in the yoga sessions we have different exercises such as breathing practise which she found unnecessary. It is a yoga retreat where we are surrounded with simple local people where we can get lost in the beautiful nature, have a bonfire , learn from the sheperds, share amazing experiences. We tried to make Susan and her dauther comfortable after the first day complains. They had an option to leave next day. They stayed 4 nights out of 7, still requesting full refund and we refunded 40% for no reason. Unique places and nature is not for everyone :-)

    2017-Aug-26 12:03:55

  • Avis de James Patten, Australie

    "Ive just tried this and I love it! Its a well-proportioned mixture in every sense. the other guests and the teachers at the retreat were all coming from different backgrounds, different levels and nationality. Loved the vibe of this we are all one, and we are all open mentality that came from it. Made for a great little community.It was just as diverse activity-wise; visual stimulation for the mind, music for relaxation, dance as a form of active meditation, yoga for soul-searching and consciousness, while I didnt have to miss out on taking advantage of the location. I got to do the touristy stuff as well - Marrakesh, Atlas Mountain. Somehow, it all came together and complement each other. Props to the hosts for coming up with this combo!"

    BookYogaRetreat website, édité

  • Avis de Pedro, Mexique

    "Yoga Art was a far cry from a surf camp: its a spiritual getaway to rebuild yourself in every possible way: mentally, physically, emotionally. And when you are becoming One with the universe, you probably want to become one with the ocean as well. Go with the flow and feel the waves. It worked well for me and my travelling buddies were not complaining either. If you are a surfer aching for a higher level experience, look no further. Although I did the retreat as a beginner surfer with little experience in yoga, it worked perfectly for me as well."

    BookYogaRetreat website, édité

  • Avis de Anastasia Algerho, Espagne

    "I would gladly recommend it! Ive considered their instructors more of teachers, which tells a lot. They really focus on spirituality, not just on body exercise (which doesn't mean they ignore it, but just that they really taking it to another level). Its not just an active holiday, but a full reinvention of yourself. They really focus on mindfulness, which in my experience not necessarily something thats true for most of every yoga holiday."

    BookYogaRetreat website, édité

  • Avis de Andre Holmes, France

    "Luxury and yoga rarely go together, so Yoga-Art is absolutely filling a gap! At least for me it was a perfect combination. I really appreciated the comfort, and the option of not giving up on anything I would want in a holiday, but still having the purpose of practising yoga. I was more than happy with the classes and lectures and the accommodation as well.The one week program was filled with so many different activities. Everybody from the party I was going with found their own ways to enjoy it (spiritual-journey fanatics were as delighted as my friend, who never tried yoga before but was looking for a artist-y getaway). So to sum it up, absolutely no complaints whatsoever. After that Im absolutely convinced that yoga-holidays are the best way to escape from the world for a while."

    BookYogaRetreat website, édité

  • Avis de Luciano Bordeno, Italie

    "I was simply looking for some kind of exotic vacation when I found Yoga-Art but I came back from a complete spiritual cleansing. I attended some yoga classes before, but the 6 days I spent at the retreat really helped me progress. As a holiday it was a mind blowingly fulfilling, but the takeaway was even better: a relaxed body and soul and the willingness to incorporate it (and yoga) into my life from now on."

    BookYogaRetreats.com Website, édité

  • Avis de Thomas Wattson, États-Unis

    "To sum it up, great yoga experience and the most comfortable, visually pleasing, peaceful accommodation ever! Nice bonus: I got to activate my artistic side as well. Virtual high-five to the crew."

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, édité


  • Avis de Boris Chapajev, Russie

    "I had the pleasure of working on myself with the teachers or trainers of Yoga-Art. I am not exactly an expert in yoga (or consciousness for that matter), but I could tell that they were all experienced - and moreover interesting - people in their own fields. They have different approaches for reaching the same goal: experiencing the world on a different level. Some of this ways were more, some of them less useful for me - but the beauty of the whole concept is that they werent trying to tell me how to achieve this peace, but offering options for me to find my own way. As someone who cant be bothered to join in on anything rigorous, I would truly recommend it to anyone whos either a born-and-raised free spirit, or who would really like to be one!"

    Tripadvisor website, édité

Ubud, Indonesia

Yoga-Art propose des stages de méditation et de créativité guidée à travers le monde. Les lieux utilisés sont loin de la civilisation et entourés par la nature.

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