10 jours en stage de yoga et méditation à Tissamaharama,, Sri Lanka

  • The Saraii Village, Randunu Kele Watte, Weerawila, Hambantota District, Sri Lanka

10 jours en stage de yoga et méditation à Tissamaharama,, Sri Lanka

  • The Saraii Village, Randunu Kele Watte, Weerawila, Hambantota District, Sri Lanka

Yoga Retreat Sri Lanka

Join this rejuvenating yoga retreat to relax among the quiet and peaceful surroundings, away from the hustle and bustle of main tourist destinations. Practice different styles of yoga and meditative techniques under the guidance of experienced teachers, to find out which one is your style. Enjoy a full-body massage with medicated oil and explore the amazing nature, cuisine, and culture of the beautiful country of Sri Lanka!

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  • Safari to Yala National Park
  • Daily energizing morning yoga by the lake
  • Daily relaxing evening yoga and meditation
  • Trip to Ella, Kirinda, and Kataragma with puja
  • Bird’s watching boat trip to the Tissa lake
  • Two full body Ayurveic massage
  • 9 nights accommodation
  • Daily meals
  • 10 jours de cours
  • Russe, Anglais
Tout cacher

Saraii is the best place to escape the sizzling heat thanks to the cool cover of a man-made mini canopy of over 1,000 trees. You will enjoy a truly rustic stay with the feel of a private home in the wilds thrown in. All rooms at Saraii Village have, free Wi-Fi, extra beds, a lounge, fresh linen, free natural toiletries, tea and coffee, room service, a private bathroom, and luggage storage. The lounge spaces are uniquely Sri Lankan in their design which means you can expect open spaces and not air conditioned rooms, mosquito nets and not poisonous repellents, a rustic collection of furniture, a comfy range of cushions, and mattresses and mats to sleep, chill, and lay on.

Tree house suites

The large tree house suites are Saraii’s newest addition to the collection of treetop experiences. The tree houses are large enough and laid out to house even eight guests. Each tree house suite comes with two floors with an extra-large bed and inbuilt bathroom upstairs, and a large spacious lounge downstairs. The suites are perfect for couples looking for a romantic getaway or for friends who travel in groups.

Superior tree house

The superior tree house is located among Saraii's oldest tree houses with two floors providing room for three to four persons. The superior tree house is built on a sturdy old Palu tree, the tree house is 25 feet high and lives up to its name, known for giving its guests an immense feeling of safety high up in the leaves. Once you clamber up the ladder you will discover why it's also a guest favorite. The superior tree house is a popular choice of accommodation among eco lodges in Sri Lanka and is also great for groups who want to bunk down together and families with kids.

Mud chalet suites

The mud chalet suites are large and spacious with bigger than king-size beds and are perfect for the visitors wanting to stay grounded. The mud chalet suites are cozily placed for comfort. One faces the rising sun and is surrounded by garden patches of organic fruits and vegetables. The other is tucked away in the corner of the man-made forest. The mud chalet is private and spacious with a fan for additional cooling and mosquito nets. The cushioned outer porches of each suite at the eco lodge, allows guests to put their heels up and just enjoy the surroundings or catch up on some reading. These mud chalets are unique in how they are built, using the age-old practice of mud walls that literally breathe. The walls absorb the cold and moisture at night, which help keep the interior cool during the heat of the day.

Superior mud chalet

The superior mud chalet stands apart and alone but is best placed for privacy, comfort, and simple relaxation. Lovingly designed with antique doors and windows and its own private bathroom the superior mud chalet is a home by itself for couples wishing to just stay in and enjoy the peace and quiet or for the lazy guest looking for a quiet read, a comfortable bed, and breakfast in bed. The chalet has its own collection of board games, books, and a great collection of tea and coffee that will keep you up for those late night conversations.

This program is a unique opportunity to experience culture, traditions and nature of Cyelon. You will visit Kataragama, is best known as a city of big “Pada Yatra” pilgrimage and one of multi-religious importance. You’ll spend whole day in Ella – mountain area, which is blessed with some of the most beautiful views in SriLanka. Swimming in the waterfall, hiking and meet a sunset at the Small Adam’s peak. You will practice different styles of yoga and meditative techniques under the guides of an experienced teacher. There are no minimum numbers, so you may be lucky and have one to one tuition or in a small group with a maximum 5 participants. Wide range of meditative techniques is given: anapanasati - traditional Buddhist meditation; dynamic meditations from kundalini yoga; special anti-stress meditation. Deep relaxing traditional Ayurvedic full-body massage will help you to release stress from your body and mind. You will explore the amazing local nature during your visit to Yala National Park, Birds watching boat tour and sunset at Kirinda beach.

Yoga sessions

Start the day with a yoga session in open air. The yoga asanas and pranayama will help you to develop strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination, and gracefulness. To activate the metabolic processes in the all body's systems, dispose of back pain, posture and spine problems, get rid of the toxins and improve immune system, give a pleasant massage to internal organs, and to keep your mind and body in harmony. You will get a new experience with the special anti-stress meditative techniques.

Meditation sessions

Practicing different meditative techniques, you will learn how to concentrate on the present moment and stop the flow of chaotic thoughts, how to calm down the mind, let it be free from worries, fears, and anxiety; and how to enjoy real peace and harmony.

5 hours Jeep Safari to the Yala National Park

5 hours Jeep Safari to the Yala National Park. Yala is the most visited and second largest national park in Sri Lanka and the home to the world's highest density of leopard, large herds of elephant, sloth bear, sambar deer, spotted deer, wild boar, crocodile, and many others forms of wildlife.

Bird watching boat tour to the Tissa lake

1 hour journey across the peaceful lake covered with lotus flowers in the vicinity of Tissa Temple gives you a glimpse of some famous dry zone bird varieties, crocodiles and of course an island which home to hundreds of bats. Our local guide will give more details of each species you spot.

Excursion to Kataragama

Katharagama is best known as a city of pilgrimage and one of multi-religious importance, the city becomes a teeming gathering place for thousands of devotees during the months of July and August when it hosts its annual procession. The “Pada Yatra” ritual is a centuries-old pilgrimage on foot. Devotees walked for over three months from Jaffna to Kataragama re-enacting legends and myths along way.

All day in Ella

Ella is a hill-country village, blessed with the most beautiful views in SriLanka. The heat of the South suddenly disappear and pleasant fresh breeze soothes your mind. During this journey we will take refreshing bath in Ravana’s waterfall, visit ancient cave temple, hike to nine arch bridge and Small Adam’s Peak through emerald-green tea plantations.

Trip to Kirinda

Kirinda is a picturesque beach with the small elegant temple on the rocks, best spot to enjoy sunset.

  • Safari to the Yala National Park
  • Birds watching boat tour to Tissa lake
  • Excursion to Kataragama
  • Full day excursion to Ella
  • Trip to Kirinda
  • Special traditional Sri Lankan breakfast by the lake
  • Isakova Anna

    Après avoir pratiqué le yoga pendant 8 ans, Isakova a commencé à enseigner après avoir complété un cours de professeur de yoga Kundalini. En 2014, elle a continué sa pratique en Thaïlande et a appris le massage thaï. Elle a passé du temps en Inde à l'ashram Sivananda et a complété un cours de thérapeute ayurveda à l'Ananda SPA Institute. En pratiquant différents styles, elle a appris que le "comment" vous pratiquez importe plus que le "qu'est-ce-que" vous pratiquez. Vous pouvez expérimenter la pleine conscience grâce à différentes activités telles que laver la vaisselle ou la course à pied. Pour elle, le yoga est un mode de vie.

This retreat will be held at the Saraii Village in Weeravila, Sri Lanka. Saraii Village is located in Weerawila, in a prime spot amongst other Tissamaharama hotels, not far from Tissamaharama and Kataragama. This area is famous for the beautiful lakes and ancient temples, and known as "Yala gates". Saraii is one of the most sought after Weerawila hotels nestled inside a private estate in the middle of the dry zone. At Saraii, the grounds have large green trees that are rare in the dry zone, which is known for its biting heat and lack of shade cover. Today, Saraii's garden is a haven for all visitors and that includes the birds, squirrels, insects, reptiles, and amphibians.

Saraii is home to a total of over 1,600 trees. They include endemic hardwood trees like teak, mahogany, halmilla, ebony, burutha, sooriyamara, kaya, margosa, and other species were planted along with different types of fruit trees, mango, oranges, passion fruit, pomegranate, and papaya. A key difference from the animals you spot in the wetlands is their color or the lack of it. Most of Saraii's residents except for the birds take on shades of brown, black and grey in keeping with their arid surroundings. Some chameleons take a vivid orange and red. Many small mammals such as squirrels and birds, especially peacocks from the area, visit Saraii thanks to the abundance of trees and fruits.

The lakes and tanks around Saraii are home to hundreds of birds and winter migrants. Also, in the larger lakes you are bound to spot other amazing bird species. Saraii is in close proximity to the most prominent water resources in the area, which attracts a considerable number of animals during the dry season. The most common animal of the area is the feral Buffalo.

Nearby places

  • Bundala national park - 12 kilometers
  • Colombo - 250 kilometers
  • Kirinda beach - 22 kilometers
  • Wirawila bird sanctuary - 1 kilometer

During this retreat, you will be served three delicious locally sourced meals including a special traditional Sri Lankan breakfast by the lake, a bonfire barbeque dinner, and a picnic by the lake. Food is a central part of life in Sri Lanka and at Saraii Village; you will find some mouth-watering surprises on the homegrown menu of the resident artisan cooks that will serve you authentic Sri Lankan meals with an occasional diversion to a Western dish whenever you may demand it. The authentic Sri Lankan meals are from a seasonal menu that is decided by what is growing in the local garden, what is selling at the local market, and what can be found locally. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be an abundant spread of local fruit, traditional Sri Lankan curries and salads, lots of bread and rice, and even a Western spread for those who don't favor the spicy cuisine.

At Saraii Village, you may also enjoy vegan specialties, snacks, and special drinks for an additional cost.


The prizewinner on the menu is the giant lake prawn that sits half way across your plate. A guest favorite for BBQ or savory curry, the lake prawn, is followed closely by the range of vegetarian dishes that would awe the choosiest vegan. A mouth-watering range of organic vegetables are matched by a special range of greens, salads, and fruits, which are served at every meal.


At Saraii Village, you will have a full range of local snacking options. You may speak to the staff about getting your own sandwiches and salads or try out some more adventurous options like bakery rolls, the famous "malu paan" or fish bun, the popular garlic infused potato snacks plus the coconut chili salad called "pol sambol".

Special drinks

Drinks on demand might find you always sipping something tropically sweet fruity or even spicy. While the kitchen is not short of its own list you are welcome to share your recipes for fresh fruit smoothies, tropical infusions, and of course the tea and coffee. Telling them early will allow the staff to go find any seasonal ingredients in time for whizzing up your drinks and smoothies.

Angler's potluck fishing

The local fisherman set out each morning to cast their nets or to check on their overnight bait. Your task will be to help them out, watch out for that giant lake prawn and the crocodiles that rise to catch an early snack on your fishing tours in Sri Lanka. Set the hook, mend your line, watch your drift, and haul in your catch!

Barbecue by the beach tour

At Saraii, you may have several activities to choose from before you enjoy your quiet night by the lake. You may go out for an evening boat ride and catch some fresh fish for the grill or stay ashore and prep the site until the crew makes a jolly landing.

Beach tour

Kirinda beach is near from Saraii and is easily one of the most attractive beaches in the Southern coast. Made famous for being the landing place of Queen Viharamaha Devi, considered one of ancient Sri Lanka's great heroines.

Bike tour

Saraii is a treasure trove of bike paths that run through local homes and fields, some of which has not been discovered yet. While the main highway is probably the biggest safest main road, it is recommended to take a guide from the hotel for more scenic roads, which run through shrub jungles paddy fields, and even around the Wirawila Lake.

Bird watching tour

Saraii is close to the Wirawila Bird Sanctuary, which is about one kilometer away, and the Bundala National Park. Both are well known bird watching hotspots, making Saraii the perfect base to set out on Sri Lanka bird watching tours.

Chill and relax under the night sky

At Saraii, you may relax under a night sky without the sounds of traffic and the light pollution of the city, you may explore wide-open spaces without concrete and cables to block your view and just chill to the sounds of nature at its best.

Lake tour

Going out on a motor-less boat with just the swish of the oars is almost meditative early morning. Dawn is the perfect time to go across the Wirawila Lake just as the sun warms and sparkles on the water on one of the most memorable Sri Lanka eco tours that you will ever have.

Religious tour

You may appease the Gods or simply observe the rituals of the most elaborate religious procession on the island. It’s a melting pot of colors, sounds, sights, and smells. You may take pictures or join the procession or do both.

Other tours

You may also enjoy heritage tours to explore from temple caves to ancient monasteries, nature walks, and tours around the local organic farm.

During this retreat, you will enjoy one Ayurvedic Abhaynga full body massage of 60 minutes and a Udwarthanam full body scrub with herbal powder of 45 minutes.

Other massages are available for an extra fee upon request.

Abhaynga massage

The Abhaynga massage is a full body massage with medicated herbal oils. According to Ayurvedic manuscripts, this oil massage is the most important part of your daily routine to be performed every morning. The benefits are deep relaxation for the body and mind, increases blood circulation, helps to rid of the toxins, balances doshas, uses natural oils and healing herbs, provides nourishment for the skin, stimulates deep tissue and nerves, is recommended as a therapy for arthritis and paralysis conditions, and refreshes and revitalizes the body.

  • 1 birds watching boat tour to Tissa lake
  • 1 bonfire dinner under the stars
  • 1 special anti-stress meditation of 60 minutes
  • 1 special traditional Sri Lankan breakfast by the lake
  • 2 Ayurvedic full-body massage of 60 minutes
  • 9 nights accommodation
  • 13 Yoga and meditation sessions
  • Daily meals vegetarian and non vegetarian, western and Sri Lankan, fresh juice
  • Individual approach not more than 5 participants in a group
  • Safari to Yala national park
  • Trip to Ella
  • Trip to Kataragma with puja
  • Trip to Kirinda
  • Wide range of meditative techniques: traditional Buddhist’s meditation – anapanasati, special anti-stress meditation from Kundalini yoga
  • Airfare
  • Airport transfers
  • Personal expenses

Driving directions from Hambantota

  • Follow the A2 highway towards Wirawila lake.
  • Just before you hit the lake watch out for the Saraii signboard on your right. If you've passed the lake then you've missed Saraii Village.

Driving directions from Yala National Park

  • Continue on the Tissa-Palatupana Yala Road (B499).
  • Take a right turn to B422 on the Tissa Kirinda road until you reach a junction at the Tissamaharama Raja Maha Viharaya temple.
  • Take the left turn called Rubberwatte road that falls back onto the A2 highway with the Weerawila Domestic Airport (WRZ) on your left.
  • When you enter the A2 highway, take a right and go about 1.2 kilometers until you see the Saraii signboard on your right.

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA). Transfer from and to this airport is available upon request. A one-way transfer from Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) to Saraii Village costs 123 USD per person.

  • Pour réserver, un dépôt de garantie correspondant à 50% du prix total est requis.
  • Vous pouvez obtenir le remboursement de votre dépôt de garantie dans sa totalité si vous annulez 30 jours avant la date d'arrivée prévue.
  • Le reste du paiement est dû 7 jours avant votre arrivée.

Avis vérifiés de BookYogaRetreats.com

  • A
    Avis de Almudena Ortega, Sri Lanka

    Osáis de tranquilidad

    PROS J'ai aimé: El alojamiento es extraordinario. Las habitaciones preciosas y muy bien equipadas. La comida y el trato del personal excelente. Siempre atentos y dispuestos a ayudar.

    2017-Aug-22 02:36:05

  • C
    Avis de Cheri Chambers, Inde

    I had a nice time

    2017-Jul-25 10:13:41

  • Avis de Simone Bax, Pays-Bas
    9 sur 10

    "We would give this yoga retreat a 9. The whole package was very well arranged including the safari and three times per day typical Sri Lankan meals. The yoga is available for every level and the instructor, Anna, guided us perfectly as well as during other tours. I would definitely recommend this to others! "

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, édité

  • Avis de Sophie McAulay
    10 sur 10

    "I had such a lovely time at Saraii Village. My treehouse accommodation was amazing - I wish I could live there all the time!! The whole retreat was really well organised - from the yoga and meditation sessions to the amazing food to the safari. The yoga teacher, Anna, was great at challenging me in the sessions, and I learnt some meditation techniques that I will definitely be carrying on. Plus she is a great masseuse and even took me on an impromptu day trip to Ella, showing me the ropes on local buses and taking me on a breathtaking hike. Plus we visited a local village party which was an amazing experience! All the staff at Saraii Village were so friendly, warm, welcoming and helpful. I really couldn't fault the experience - I wish I could have stayed longer! And I have managed to continue feeling very zen even a week and a half later! Thanks so much to Anna, Ar Jun and all the team at Saraii. See you again sometime :)"

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, édité

  • Avis de Sarah Lawson
    10 sur 10

    "Sri Lanka is just as we imagined… lush green landscape, a bustling community and friendly faces everywhere. At Saraii Village we were placed into the local way of life, eating delicious Sri Lankan food, taking a trip to a gorgeous beach where only the locals were, and going on a bike ride and having all the local school children wanting to talk with us! The tree house was beautiful - a 'must stay' location, and the recently built pool made for a refreshing break from the midday heat. The Yoga was pitched just at the right level, with our instructor Ana listening to our needs and teaching us exactly what we wanted to know. The yoga didn’t take up all our time, which meant we could venture out and explore, and the staff were more than happy to make recommendations and arrange things for us. Our trip to Bundala National Park was incredible, and at one point we were just a few feet away from an elephant. The whole trip was effortless to organize, and all our needs were taken care of with the highest level of customer service. 10 out of 10!"

    BookYogaRetreats.com website, édité


  • Avis de Shashindri Nanayakkara, Sri Lanka
    10 sur 10

    "Amazing food, authentic cultural interactions, and encounters with the wild beings in Yala National Park - all under the amazing tree houses of Sarai! ​Unlike most artificial tree house you find, Saraii stands out in their amazing creations immersed in nature."


    "From the refreshing glass of umbrella juice offered upon arrival to their authentic experiences like 'cook your catch' and 'farmer's lunch' will keep you entangled upon the 'Magic of Saraii' "


    "We had the chance of accommodating in a ‘tree house suite’ which was an absolute bliss and among the famous of all other room choices. Ideal for a group of friends and maybe for a big family! Hosting up to 8 guests on 2 floors, this space has got plenty room to sit back and relax on your much-awaited getaway. "


    "To give meaning to this eco experience, we had 2 guests visiting us from time to time. Two magpie robins that refused to leave our company while we were getting by."

    " "

    "All bath products that kept to be used, have been made by a local lady who produces all natural, non-chemical items like body wash, lotion, shampoo and etc. These are all influenced by spices and herbs like cinnamon."

    " "

    "We had the chance to look at all the other room categories they have but hands down we recommend staying at the Tree House Suite for our guests. For experienced and older guests, we would like to recommend the Mud Chalet suite that is designed as close to the real indigenous homes in the rural locality. The walls made of mud are cooling through the warm daylight and is perfect for those who prefer to stay closer to the ground."

    Saraii Village website, édité

  • Avis de Charith B. , Sri Lanka
    10 sur 10

    "The atmosphere is a bit warm, but the tree house experience is memorable. Especially at dark, the feeling you et is amazing. Hotel service is really good, and even the food. You feel like you live on top of a tree. Normally there is a little wind and the creepy sounds of the tree make the experience even better. Treehouse is bit smaller, but an experience needs to have once again."

    Saraii Village website, édité

  • Avis de a traveler, Sri Lanka
    10 sur 10

    "It's quite place and loved the tree house concept. The stuff was really good and very friendly. Had the best food. Had a great weekend. The best was the place is pet friendly. Cooked what we asked for and what we requested for pets as well."


    "This was a wonderful experience to have staying in a tree house, we slept like a log so to speak, The food was amazing the staff could not be any friendlier we had a great couple of nights here, an extra night would of been better. It is close to the national park to see the elephants in their natural environment. The only comment i give is if your a bit older make sure you book the tree houses with stairs and not ladders as getting up could be a bit challenging"

    Saraii Village website, édité

  • Avis de Brelil, Bundaberg, Australie
    10 sur 10

    "This was a wonderful experience to have to stay in a tree house, we slept like a log so to speak, The food was amazing the staff could not be any friendlier we had a great couple of nights here, an extra night would have been better. It is close to the national park to see the elephants in their natural environment. The only comment I give is if you're a bit older make sure you book the tree houses with stairs and not ladders as getting up could be a bit challenging."

    Saraii Village website, édité

  • Avis de Trinky Colombage, Sri Lanka
    10 sur 10

    "Amazing tree house. It was my first time to sleep in a tree house and was exciting. The staff is very friendly and helpful especially the housekeeping guy named Prasad, we went to the pottery place it was a great experience and the lake is also close by. I recommend this place if you are a nature lover. Hope to visit again. thanks Saraii."

    Saraii Village website, édité

  • Avis de a traveler, Vermont
    10 sur 10

    "Our stay was very short at Saraii Village (one night), but it's philosophy of organic food and sustainable living is exactly what my family looks for in a place to stay. The tree-house suite was absolutely stunning and will be the topic of conversation for many years to come! A bit of an odd arrangement of tree limbs in the room meant navigating a small obstacle course just to go to the bathroom. And the neighborhood peacocks and squirrels were a bit chatty in the night. Still, it's uniqueness won us over without regret. How many opportunities are there to sleep in a tree-house?? The food is very good - albeit expensive - with big exception to the white bread used for breakfast sandwiches. Hard to fathom white bread at an organic resort, but I am chalking it up to a developing country supply chain issue. "

    "Staff was simply incredible! We met the managers/owners during an unforgettable wine tasting (we had incredible luck with timing!) who were very caring and knowledgeable of their trade. If I'm not mistaken, the father was there too from the U.S. Very nice people all around. The manager allowed us a late check out as well as a dip in their salt-water pool once we returned from safari. So glad to speak to Anna who does massage and yoga. She is from Russia which is a place dear to my heart. In all, highly recommended! It's an advantage to not be in downtown Tissa which is congested and noisy. Saraii is unique. It's close-to-sustainable (please get rid of the white bread!). It's a reason we may go back to Sri Lanka - just to stay at this resort."

    Trip Advisor website, édité

  • Avis de a traveler, Northumberland UK
    10 sur 10

    "We stayed in the Eco Mud Chalet, which we could not fault. This out of the ordinary accommodation is an ideal option for the eco-minded traveler, or those wanting something a little different. It is very well presented and comfortable. The food was delicious and the staff were very attentive, with takeaway breakfast options available for the early morning safaris. Would highly recommend this accommodation. Couldn't fault our accommodation, but if I was to stay again I would splash out on the tree house just for fun!"

    Trip Advisor website, édité

  • Avis de Alberto Quadrelli
    10 sur 10

    "I have spent four days at Saraii Village while I was backpacking Sri Lanka. I purchased a yoga retreat package from Australia which included three nights accommodation on a tree house, three meals a day, excursions, one Ayurvedic massage and obviously daily yoga and meditation classes. The Eco lodge is located in a nice and extremely quiet area in Wirawila, surrounded by nature and interesting fauna. There is a beautiful lake walking distance from there. Anna (the yoga teacher) is a beautiful soul, she welcomed me and always made sure I was feeling good both during the yoga practices as well as during the activities we have done together. The rest of the staff was also friendly and professional and the food was nice. I would certainly recommend Saraii Village for those looking for a quiet and spiritual gateway in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka."

    Saraii Village, édité

  • Avis de Petra
    10 sur 10

    "I would like to share a few words and pictures from our yoga and meditation retreat in Saraii with Anna as it truly was unforgettable and magical experience. Living in a tree house is definitely once in a life time kind of memory and the whole team took great care of us. The highlight of our stay was definitely Anna. She was an amazing teacher, guide and a friend. She let us through different styles of yoga and meditation techniques, so we could experience what is best for us at that moment. I love that I took tips and techniques that I can use even outside the retreat in a day to day life. On top of all that fun trips, great care and the surrounding made for a stunning and moving holiday."

    Saraii Village, édité

  • Avis de Saudra, Australie
    10 sur 10

    "A wonderful place, the Tree House is absolutely fabulous. We would like to have one made home too. Thanks for your hospitality and great service. Cheers to Saraii and the Team (ask for string hoppers for breakfast, so good!"

    Saraii Village website, édité

  • Avis de David & Sasaia
    10 sur 10

    "Thanks for the wonderful day in Saraii Village. We enjoyed the nature, the Tree house and the fantastic dinner Thank you Hassan & family & the cook."

    Saraii Village website, édité

  • Avis de Rebecca, Royaume-Uni
    10 sur 10

    "“I feel I have learn a lot on what I need to work on/focus on, a lot of variety and different techniques covered. I’m leaving Saraii Village more clear-headed and relaxed than when I arrived and more stretched:) I would definitely recommend this program to similar-minded friends.”"

    Saraii Village website, édité

  • Avis de Anika, Suède
    10 sur 10

    "“Meals was delicious. Safari to Yala National park well organized. Bike tour and dynamic meditation was very interesting. Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience.”"

    Saraii Village website, édité

  • Avis de Simona, Italie
    10 sur 10

    "“Our tree house and mud-shale was amazingly beautiful. Retreat program is varied and satisfying. Abhayanga massage was really good, I liked it very much. The staff are very friendly, helpful and carrying.”"

    Saraii Village website, édité

  • Avis de Vithyaa T.

    "As my first time staying in a place like this, I enjoyed the experience and definitely will be back. The bathroom was my only worry upon arrival, but it was clean, modern, well functional, and beautiful. The bedroom was stunning and all the members of the staff were great."

    TripAdvisor website, édité

  • Avis de a traveler, Pays-Bas

    "During our stay at Saraii Village, we slept in a mud chalet and a tree house. The rooms were very clean and nicely designed with an "inside outside" concept. The staff was incredibly helpful and took absolute good care of us, many thanks to the kitchen, who tried their best to surprise us with delicious meals. The mud chalet however is much more comfortable to stay in compared to the treehouse, even though the treehouse is more expensive. Climbing two ladders can be quite troublesome especially at midnight if you have to use the loo. Besides that, we also went for a two-hour bike ride with Amila, it was one of the highlights of our stay, cycling passed local towns, riverbeds, lotus ponds, and paddy fields. We had a closer contact with the local culture and the landscape."

    TripAdvisor website, édité

  • Avis de Nalin F. , Sri Lanka

    "We had our best holiday at Saraii, the food was delicious, and the staff was very friendly and helpful. I really want to thank all the staff members for the memorable holiday we had. The breakfast at the lakeside was fantastic. Thank you guys and keep up the good work."

    TripAdvisor website, édité

  • Avis de a traveler, Royaume-Uni

    "What an absolutely stunning setting, a very novel concept that worked incredibly well. The staff was the friendliest I’ve met in Sri Lanka and the food was amazing. We decided to do the morning fishing trip and it was fantastic. We went out with local fisherman to see what the nets had caught and then cooked and ate it all fresh."

    TripAdvisor website, édité

  • Avis de a traveler, Royaume-Uni

    "If you are heading to Yala for the wildlife, I couldn't recommend Saraii Village highly enough. This was a completely authentic experience, from the setting to the delicious meals cooked in the canopy covered restaurant. You do have to get used to a few bugs, but what else would you expect when staying in a mud hut or treehouse. The staff is all amazingly friendly and helpful during our trip to Yala. Our guide was excellent. You may go for the longer trip to the park so you have a few hours when all the other jeeps have left to watch some elephants."

    TripAdvisor website, édité

  • Avis de a traveler, Sri Lanka

    "Saraii Village is the perfect place to take a rest from the city hustle and hectic lifestyle. The oneness with the nature was incredible and got my peace of mind. I recommend this place to ardent nature lovers. Go there and you will be amazed."

    TripAdvisor website, édité

  • Avis de a traveler, Sri Lanka

    "At Saraii Village, we had a different experience. This is truly an ecofriendly place. We loved the sky attic and the burrow mud house. The staff is very friendly and too caring about customers. The manager is a very social man. The food is really tasty. The Wi-Fi connection is too slow and there are not powerful signal from any service providers. The garden should be improved more. I think would be better if you would have a swimming pool like natural pond. Overall, the place is good. Specially recommended for foreigners and people living in towns with busy life."

    TripAdvisor website, édité

  • Avis de a traveler, Sri Lanka

    "We stayed one night after our Yala safari at Saraii Village. We were taken to our tree house after check-in and room was fantastic and well maintained. The only issue was that the bath room was separate but it’s quite understandable. The food was great. The staff is extra professional, they were there for us to do anything we require to exceed our expectations at any time. Don't miss out the magic touch of the spa done by the Russian girl. There are many activities to do for the weekend. I fully recommend this palace for weekend to have fun."

    TripAdvisor website, édité

  • Avis de Mazeer M

    "My family and I spent two of our most relaxing nights at Saraii Village and it’s the most comfortable tree house experience you can find in Sri Lanka. You will feel far away from the busy city lifestyle as soon as you enter the hotel. The sound of elephants and peacocks in the background will give you an instant connection with nature and the thrill of a real tree house experience. The staff and their customer service attitude was like the icing on the cake and makes your stay comfortable and memorable."

    TripAdvisor website, édité

Weeravila, Sri Lanka

Saraii Village est l'un des hôtels les plus écologiques du Sri Lanka. Il est fait pour les voyageurs qui souhaitent sortir des sentiers battus et pour ceux qui cherchent à vivre des aventures.

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