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29 jours-200h de formation de professeur de yoga à Rishikesh, Inde

Yoga Teacher Training India

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We offer affordable 200 hours yoga teacher training, 7 days, 15 days yoga and meditation retreat also in Rishikesh. The main focus during yoga retreat course is correct alignments of Asanas/Postures, breathing (Pranayam), Meditation techniques. The retreat is a perfect combination of meditations, prayers, Hatha yoga classes and Ashtanga Vinyasa primary series introduction including alignment and adjustment of posture, it provides a perfect mix of the many elements of the Yoga that facilitate a proper understanding of one’s own self. This program will strengthen your own yoga practice and you will learn how to practice Yoga individually.

These yoga retreats will attune you to ashram life along with some holiday activities like trekking on the mountain and waterfall and local sightseeing like Ganga Arti, Combine this with an ayurvedic consultancy.

Rencontrez les professeurs

Vivek, Manash, Vikas, & 1 Plus...
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  • Daily yoga classes in nature
  • Experienced and professional teachers
  • Ayurvedic consultancy, yoga kit, and yoga study material
  • Ganga Arti, short trek to waterfall, river rafting or jungle safari
  • 28 nights accommodation and daily meals
  • Wi-Fi and airport transfers

Niveau de pratique

  • Débutant
  • Intermédiaire

Styles de yoga

28 jours de cours en Anglais
Langues parlées par l'organisateur: Anglais
Le nombre maximum de participants dans ce groupe est de 50
Transferts depuis et vers l'aéroport inclus: Dehradun Airport
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Heure d'enregistrement:
Heure de départ:


Daily schedule for program:

First week

  • 06:30 Pranayama, abdominal breathing, thoracic breathing, yogic breathing, Nadi Sodhana, Jala Neti and Kunjal.
  • 08:00 Etymology, description, bhanda, Drishti, benefits, precaution, variation of the whole postures like warrior posture 1st and 2nd, downward facing dog posture, extended triangle pose and revolveing triangle pose, extended Parsvakon asana, revolveing parsvakon asana, parsarit padottanasana A+B+C+D, Parsvottanasana, Hast pad angushthasna, Ardh badh padmottanasana, Pad angushthasna, Pad hastasna, Pad pashchimottanasna A+B+C+D, Purvottanasna, Ek pad triyangmukhasna, Janu sirsasana A+B+C+D etc.
  • 10:30 Philosophy: introduction class of yoga and balance, introduction of Panch kosha including physical body, mental body, pranic body, understanding body and bliss body. Panch kosha and its balance including introduction of Indian rich culture, introduction of Indian philosophy; orthodox and heterodox. Patanjali yoga sutra; discipline and it's important in yoga and what is yoga?:
  • 14:30 Yoga anatomy: respiratory system
  • 16:00 Anapana meditation_step 1, Anapana meditation_step 2, Vipasana meditation_level 1 and Vipasana meditation_level 2.

Second week

  • 06:30 Pranayama: Kapalbhati , Ujjai ,Sheetali , Bhramari, Sheetkram Kapalbhati, Rabar Neti.
  • 08:00 You will start primery series of ashtanga from the modified series of sun saluation A+B.
  • 10:30 Philosophy: kinds of verities - Abhyasa and vairagya, supportable of yoga, obstacless of yoga, five klesha. Concept of God; surrender and Kriyoga.
  • 14:30 Yoga anatomy: skeletal system, muscular system
  • 16:00 Introduction of mantra meditation, Mantra( guru mantra + silent meditation), Mantra(shanti mantra + silent meditation), Chakra meditation_level 1 and Chakra meditation_level 2.

Third week

  • 06:30 Pranayama; Sheetkari, Bhastrika, Suryabhedi, Chandrabhedi, Laghoosankhaprachalana
  • 08:00 Complete primery series of ashtanga
  • 10:30 Philosophy: Eight Limbs of yoga; yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi
  • 14:30 Yoga anatomy: muscular system, endocrine system
  • 16:00 Kundalini meditation_level 1, Kundalini meditation_level 2, Trataka meditation_level 1 and Trataka meditation_level 2.

Fourth week

  • 06:30 Pranayama: teaching practice, Shatkarmas (cleansing practice)
  • 08:00 How to teach - we give the chance to the students to teach under the guidelines of the teachers.
  • 10:30 Philosophy: introduction of Hatha-yog pradipika and introduction of Gherand Sanhita - Shatkasma, asana, midra & bandha, pratyaherer, pranayama, dhyan and Samadhi and introduction of Bhagwat Geeta.
  • 14:30 Yoga anatomy: digestive system, circulatory system
  • 16:00 Mantras,sohum meditation, teaching methodlogy and how to teach.
  • 17:30: You will have last class of hatha yoga and you will learn many postures like Gulf chakrasna, Janu namanasana A+B, Janu Chakrasana, Ardh Titaliasana, Shroni chakrasana, Butterfly, Mushtika bandhanasana, Manibandha chakrasana, Griva sanchalanasana A+B+C+D, Uttanapad asana, Pad sanchalanasana, Noka asana, Pawan muktasana, Camel pose A+B, Padmasana, Ashva sanchalanasana, Shalabha asana, Ashtanga namaskara asana, Chandrasana, Kati chakrasana, Gomukha asana, Dhanurasana, Tadasana, Bhujanga asana, Pranama asana, Vajra asana, Shashank asana, Sarvangasana, Surya namaskara, Trikona asana, Parsvakona asana, Sukhasana and Shirsha asana.


Vivek Yogi
Vivek Yogi provide philosophy and meditation classes. He is very generous and humble person and completely devoted to yoga. He is teaching from last seven years in Ved Niketan Dham. He has the good command of Yoga philosophy and meditation technique.
Manash Ranjan
Manash Ranjan has always been a seeker of truth from his childhood. He spent years with different spiritual masters in the different places for the sake of truth. Later, he started his intense spiritual journey and some unique spiritual practices. These techniques have a powerful impact on spiritual transformation. Now, Yogi Manash Ranjan practices in the presence of holy river Ganga. He did his Masters degree from PSK college of yogic science.
Vikas Pradhan
Vikas teaches Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow both. You will learn good adjustment and alignment of the postures in his class. From past seven years, he is teaching yoga asana. Vikas is a hardworking, sincere, confident, and enthusiastic person. He has strong willpower, ready to learn new things, believes highly in teamwork, and adapts to any environment with ease. He has the capability to work even in adverse situations. He likes to face new challenges and doing experiments. He believes in perfection and dedication.
Pankaj Badoni
Yogi Pankaj Badoni was born in holy city Rishikesh, he has been teaching various kinds of yoga like Hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga from last 10 years and has mastered it. He did his diploma in yogic science from Punjab Sindh Sadhu Maha Vidyalaya Rishikesh. He did the teacher training course and since that time he is teaching in Rishikesh. He is a good improviser, he can enhance his skills in any working condition.

Lieu du séjour

Particularités exclusives de l'offre


  • Marche en montagne
  • Escalade


  • Espaces communs climatisés
  • Balcon
  • Coin repas
  • Respectueux de l'environnement
  • Jardin
  • Cuisine
  • Jardin de méditation
  • Rivière
  • Terrasse
  • Yoga shala


  • Bureau de change
  • Parking gratuit
  • WI-FI gratuit
  • WI-FI gratuit/ordinateur
  • Service de blanchisserie
  • Marché local


Les repas suivants sont inclus:

  • Petits déjeuners
  • Brunch
  • Déjeuners
  • Dîners
  • Boissons

Les régimes alimentaires suivants servis et/ou pris en charge :

  • Normal (qui comprend généralement de la viande et du poisson)
Si vous suivez un régime alimentaire spécifique, faites-le savoir à l'organisateur au moment d'effectuer votre réservation.

Ce qui est inclus

  • We strive to provide our students with unique & new experiences which include – Short trek to Waterfall or River rafting or Jungle safari, Ganga Arti,Yoga classes in nature, best and private room, Ayurvedic consultancy, yoga kit, yoga study material, wifi, transit( we can pick up from Delhi airport and we drop our students at Rishikesh bus station or nearby airport Jolly grant and more….

Ce qui n'est pas inclus

  • Fare ticket, Medical expence, Massage, Reiki, any kind of ayurvedic treatment

Comment se rendre sur place ?

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Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Jolly Grant Airport (DED). Transfer from and to the airport is included. The organizer will pick you up from the airport.

Airport: Dehradun Airport Transferts depuis et vers l'aéroport inclus: Dehradun Airport Pas de frais additionnels. Vous pouvez en faire la demande sur la page suivante.

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