9 jours en stage de yoga divin à Noël dans le nord de Bali, Indonésie

  • Prana Veda Bali Sanctuary, Jalan Arcana, Bondalem, Tejakula, Buleleng, Bali, 81173, Indonesia

9 jours en stage de yoga divin à Noël dans le nord de Bali, Indonésie

  • Prana Veda Bali Sanctuary, Jalan Arcana, Bondalem, Tejakula, Buleleng, Bali, 81173, Indonesia

Transformative Yoga Retreat Bali

Take a deep and magical journey to your innermost where you will explore profound transformative energies. It is healing energy like medicine for body, mind, and soul. This special divine Christmas retreat includes yoga, pranayama, breath work and chanting in combination with aqua healing. This retreat is for everyone who likes to share a wonderful, loving Christmas week, guiding you into deeper relationships and self-love.

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  • Morning yoga sessions
  • 7 morning practices with Kevin
  • Breath meditation with live music
  • Sound healing with water meditation (aqua healing)
  • 5 hours of Ayurveda or Balinese massages
  • A half day trip to a beautiful waterfall
  • 8 nights' accommodation
  • 3 daily meals
  • 8 jours de cours
  • Français, Allemand, Anglais
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Prana Veda Bali Sanctuary is a uniquely beautiful and protected space for a holiday retreat. It is wonderful for singles and couples, people who are on a conscious pathway, small seminars, romantic holidays, or family meetings and special events. It is in the middle of an exotic garden, an oasis with tropical fruits, flowers and coconut trees.

This guesthouse is with its generous antique furnished rooms, a perfect place for people who are looking for relaxation and stillness, a place for people who are longing for something unusual. The main house of Prana Veda Bali Sanctuary has 5 guestrooms. All rooms of the main house have wooden floors and are furnished in Balinese and colonial style with antique furniture and decorated with Indian silks.

Prana Veda has 2 swimming pools, one is an infinity pool overlooking the ocean and the other is a secluded Watsu therapy pool, which is heated with solar panels to 35 degrees and is in the courtyard, the heart of the house. There is also the gecko house which has 2 small (9 square meters) rooms with a small terrace. Prana Veda can be rented exclusively for retreats or seminars.

You will be starting your days with a morning yoga class and a chanting practice. Enjoy the day with massages in the Ayurvedic spa, swimming, and snorkeling in the ocean, sunbathing, or just relaxing. In the afternoon, you will be discovering sound and vibration together with aqua healing in the warm 35-degree Celcius Watsu pool.

This retreat is for anyone who likes to share a wonderful and loving Christmas week while being guided into deeper relationships and self-love. Couples and singles very much welcome to join this retreat. There will be a special Christmas dinner, a concert for the group, the Balinese staff, and their children on Christmas Eve, and many more surprises.

Part of the retreat is aqua healing, which guides you to deep relaxation and to a transformative and blissful experience. It helps you to connect to your soul and to others souls, heart to heart, as you explore self-healing, holding, and floating each other in the 35 degrees warm water of the Watsu pool. Aqua healing communicates to you the beauty of giving and receiving.

What is very special in this retreat is the combination of aqua healing with sound and vibration that adds another dimension to your unique experience. The yoga practices in the morning will be a gentle Hatha yoga taught in a small group. The yoga sessions are adapted to the individual needs of the participants, combining physical postures and movement with guided breathing and meditation.

  • A half day trip to a beautiful waterfall
  • A visit to the local market
  • Fisher boat trip for sunrise and dolphin watching
  • Kevin James

    Kevin has been practicing Bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion since his first visit to India in 1990. Kevin now leads devotional chanting circles and workshops all over the world. The intention of his music is to empower an individual through reconnecting to the heart and to bring awareness of their oneness. Kevin believes that it is the disconnection from the source that is the cause of all suffering.

  • Renate Eisenmann

    Renate is the founder of Prana Veda Bali Sanctuary and it is her intention to provide you with a very special place and offer you the necessary tools so that you can activate your self-healing potential and realize your natural state of wholeness. Renate’s field is holistic healing and energy work. Her path guided her from physiotherapy to psychotherapy, yoga, meditation, breath and bodywork both in water and on land.

This retreat will take place at Prana Veda Bali Sanctuary. This hidden paradise is situated on the north coast of Bali directly on a wide beachfront on the Indian Ocean, in Bondalem, Tejakula. It is located far away from the main tourist stream where you still find the island of the Gods in its traditional, spiritual and magical variety.


Bali belongs to the Lesser Sunda Islands and has a size of 5561 square kilometers and a population of 3,9 million. From north to south, the island is 95 kilometers long and from east to west 145 kilometers wide. This island of the Gods and Demons in the Indian Ocean always fascinates its visitors. The special energy of this Hindu island with all its rituals and traditions accompanies its inhabitants from birth to death and further on.

It is the basis of the families and the village communities. It creates the order of the family life and the ethic guidelines of the whole nation. These originally warm-hearted people with their smiles in combination with tropical vegetation, gardens of Eden, beautiful rice terraces, countless temples and temple dances, impressive volcanic landscape, beaches and the handicraft of the artists and healers, makes this island unique. It is a magical place of beauty, stillness, and peace where you can “stop the world” and be inspired by the magic of Bali.

Bali is a special place where you can experience a personal shift and a time to reflect and transform, or maybe just an opportunity to read, write, or spoil yourself through rejuvenating arts. Here you will find endless space to inhale, breath deeply, and absorb the unlimited expanse of the sea, to dream under palm trees and just be. The reef just in front is filled with colorful tropical fish and coral gardens, which invite you to snorkel. The local fishing boats will take you on a trip for sunrise or watch the dolphins.

Prana Veda’s highly appreciated organic food and delicious dishes, as well as the sharing of meals in the community, contribute to the overall well-being and contentment of the guests. Their tasty food is prepared with herbs, salads, vegetables and tropical fruits partly from their own organic garden and the local market. It is a synthesis of heath aspects and indulgence. All the food is prepared in a healthy way and the salads are washed in purified water.

There are homemade yogurt and jam from the tropical fruits, home-baked bread and fresh fish directly from the fishermen. Prana Veda serves lactose- and gluten-free meals as well as vegetarian and vegan food upon request. If you have any food intolerances, they will adapt your meals accordingly. They can also prepare Ayurvedic health food according to your needs. Your meals can be served on your private terrace or in the restaurant, a Balinese bale, by the pool and ocean.

You can choose from a Western or Ayurvedic breakfast. For lunch and dinner, you will be treated to delicious traditional Balinese, Thai and Italian dishes. You can order special coffees, cakes, and fresh juices from fruits, vegetables, and healing herbs. Mineral water, a variety of teas, Bali coffee and fruits are included in the room price. Please don’t drink the tap water in Bali, only water that is sold and distributed in cans and bottles.

Parts of the fresh ingredients are harvested from their fruits and vegetable garden, which was created using permaculture principles. In order to have as many organic ingredients as possible from their own garden, they are continuously working on its improvement. The gardeners passionately take care that the flowers are blooming and the fruits and vegetables are thriving well. In the afternoons, the chef is harvesting fresh organic vegetables, herbs, and spices for dinner.

  • A Cleopatra flower bath in a big natural stone bathtub
  • A visit to the temple in the sea in Bratan
  • Ayurvedic massage training
  • Creative painting classes
  • Diving
  • Golf in Bedugul
  • Mount Batur climbing
  • Physiotherapy guidance
  • Private yoga lessons
  • Rafting
  • Shopping
  • Snorkelling
  • Therapy yoga
  • Treatments with Balinese healers (a synthesis between allopathic medicine and alternative medicine)
  • Visits to the Buddhist temple and hot springs
  • Visits to social projects
  • Visits to the water palace of Tirta Gangga and the White Sand Beach
  • Watch traditional Balinese dance performance

In the heart of this sanctuary is a therapy Watsu pool (with its 35-degree warm water), which serves for aquatic bodywork. Aqua healing is using the healing power of the water for an inner journey into yourself, a deep experience to enjoy drifting, floating, freedom and surrender in weightlessness.

You can also revitalize your health and beauty through authentic Ayurvedic treatments since you will get 5 hours of massages (Ayurveda or Balinese). Ayurveda is the most ancient holistic medical science, supporting your path to health, happiness, and harmony. The combination of aqua healing, yoga, meditation, energy work and Ayurveda can be the accompaniment to your holistic well-being.

  • 5 hours of massages (Ayurveda or Balinese)
  • 7 Kevin’s morning practices and Renate’s yoga in the morning
  • 8 nights' full board accommodation
  • Breath meditation including live music with Kevin
  • Concert with Kevin James
  • Cooking class with a visit to the local market
  • Fisher boat trip for sunrise and watching dolphins
  • Half day trip to a beautiful waterfall
  • Preparing Balinese offerings and Hindu ceremony with a priest
  • Sound healing with water meditation (aqua healing) in the afternoons
  • Special celebrations and candlelight dinner on Christmas Eve

Driving directions from Ubud

  • From Ubud, you are driving north via Kintamani.
  • A few kilometers after Kintamani (in the village of Desa Dausa), turn right.
  • Follow the signs to Tejakula / Bondalem.
  • Thus, don’t follow the course of the main road, which goes to the left.
  • Follow the signs to “Shambala”, “Bali Mandala” or “Bondalem Beach Club”.
  • In Tejakula at the coastal road (T-crossing), turn left.
  • The next village is Bondalem.
  • In the village at the crossing of the temple and the market (Pura Bale Agung), turn right toward the sea.
  • Follow the signs “Shangrila” or Bondalem Beach Club”.
  • Follow this road until its end.
  • You will find Prana Veda Bali Sanctuary directly by the sea at the left side.

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS). Transfer from and to this airport is available upon request. The transfer requires 60 EUR per transfer with a surcharge of 10 EUR for night drives. The transfer is available for up to 4 people.

  • Pour réserver, un dépôt de garantie correspondant à 50% du prix total est requis.
  • Ce dépôt de garantie est non-remboursable si vous annulez votre réservation.
  • Le reste du paiement est dû 42 jours avant votre arrivée.

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  • C
    Avis de Clement Reyne, République Française

    2017-Aug-08 23:11:52

  • T
    Avis de Tess Petho, Australie

    Amazing and enlightening

    CONS Je n'ai pas aimé: Nothing.

    PROS J'ai aimé: Everyone, everything. This was more than what we had hoped for. It was the best present anyone could give to themselves. If you want to reconnect with yourself then stay at Prana Veda the team are very experienced and will guide you to rediscovering you.

    2017-Jul-24 10:51:03

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    Avis de Katharina Albrecht, Espagne

    Gestrandet im Paradis

    CONS Je n'ai pas aimé: Das Yoga könnte vielleicht ein wenig anspruchsvoller sein. War vielleicht einfach gut um allen Yogaleveln gerecht zu werden.

    PROS J'ai aimé: Ein wunderbarer Rythmus von Massagen, einfachem Yoga, wunderbaren und vielfältigen Meditationen und wenn der Gong ertönt locken leckere Gerichte von der Hauseigenen Köchin Ilub. Alle Zutaten aus eigenem Garten und vom lokalen Markt im Dorf. Wir durften sogar mit zum einkaufen morgens um 6:00. Die Anlage und die Natur ist ein Traum. Jeder Perspektive, jeder Blickwinkel ist verzaubernd und man hält ganz automatisch schon dadurch inne. Wir haben Delphine gesehen, sind geschnorchelt, lagen faul in der Hängematte oder haben lustige Abende mit der Gruppe verbracht.

    2017-Jun-27 06:15:35

  • C
    Avis de Cate Band, Afrique du Sud

    PROS J'ai aimé: The amazing staff and the way they deliberately expose you to so much; local culture, different yoga / meditation techniques... the list goes on!

    2017-Jun-26 01:49:28

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    Avis de Susi Lorenz, Allemagne

    2017-May-31 11:09:05

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    CONS Je n'ai pas aimé: Keine Kreditkartenzahlung möglich. Wifi unregelmäßig verfügbar.

    PROS J'ai aimé: Essen, Zimmer, Lage, Yoga - alles Top!

    2017-May-09 13:43:09


  • Avis de Detle
    10 sur 10

    "If you like to see, you have to close your eyes. When I will be back at home and close my eyes, I hope to find again a place inside myself where I can experience some of the love, warmheartedness, silence and the joy of this place. Thank you from my heart."

    Prana Veda Bali website, édité

  • Avis de Elsa, Maricla and Stefan
    10 sur 10

    "We had fantastic 10 days at Prana Veda. All staff is just lovely - and so were the other guests. We had high expectations when we came here - and our experience went far beyond that. We are deeply grateful to all who have contributed to this holistic journey we went through while being here. Elsa, our 7-month-old daughter would like to thank everybody for the special attention she got. She cant stop smiling. And so are we! Well be back!"

    Prana Veda Bali website, édité

  • Avis de Cecile
    10 sur 10

    "Thank you for being such wonderful hosts. It was a joy from the first contact, nothing was too much, we could feel your holding from miles away and it only got more intense since we walked into Prana Veda Sanctuary. Thank you for being a venue of Light and sharing that. The perfect retreat."

    Prana Veda Bali website, édité

  • Avis de Geraldine & Arnaud
    10 sur 10

    "I never saw someone smiling every time and communicate her good vibrations like this! I will never forget Prana Veda. Thanks for your understanding and kindness. Thanks Prana Veda to exist And thanks God and Life for giving us the chance to come here. Hope were lucky enough to come back soon. Namaste."

    Prana Veda Bali website, édité

  • Avis de Natasha & Amanda
    10 sur 10

    "Passion. Peaceful. The best food ever. New friends. Relaxed. Worlds best place. Such a busy schedule; so amazing. Thank you for an amazing week!"

    Prana Veda Bali website, édité

  • Avis de Caroline
    10 sur 10

    "Thank you so much for a wonderful week in your beautiful paradise. It gave me the chance to connect with myself again. To let go of worries and fears and to rebalance my whole being. Thank you for the delicious meals, the wonderful massages, the love and dedication of all the employees, the Yoga classes and meditation sessions. I am grateful that I had the chance to come to this wonderful spot and connect with you all and the other guests."

    Prana Veda Bali website, édité

  • Avis de Yenna
    10 sur 10

    "To the amazing souls and energies that made Prana Veda such a blessed place, thank you for this experience. It was only one week, but I journeyed to the cosmos, deep into the sea and very far within, seeing things eve never seen and feeling things Ive never seen. Thank you for all your love, care and beautiful energies."

    Prana Veda Bali website, édité

Buleleng, Bali, Indonesia

Prana Veda est un paradis caché situé sur la côte nord de Bali, face à l'Océan Indien. Ce centre de retraite propose des retraites hebdomadaires d'une semaine qui débutent chaque dimanche.

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