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35 jours-300h de formation de professeur de yoga intensive à Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica

Transformational Yoga Teacher Training Costa Rica

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This advanced intensive study prepares you for a successful, sustainable career as a yoga teacher. Commit to 5 weeks of uninterrupted spiritual inquiry and study of yoga in pursuit of personal transformation and mindful business education. This yoga teacher training gives you the unique tools to connect with your students on a deeper level and harness your power to manifest creatively in the world.

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Erin, Adi, Staraya, & 1 Plus...
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  • Advanced anatomy
  • Yoga Alliance certification
  • Strategic business mastermind
  • Ayurveda and Western holistic nutrition
  • Daily sadhana and Satsang sessions
  • Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners
  • 34 nights' lodging

Niveau de pratique

  • Avancé

Styles de yoga

34 jours de cours en Anglais
Langues parlées par l'organisateur: Anglais
Le nombre maximum de participants dans ce groupe est de 28
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This full-immersion, 300-hour program is hosted at Finca Armonia, a secluded permaculture farm in Punta Uva, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

Disconnecting from the relentless pace of contemporary society is often challenging for those seeking spiritual enrichment. So, when designing the full-immersion 300-hour format, Passion Yoga School decided to look for a setting in nature that was free from the distractions and exterior complexity of modern living - a simple place where one could focus on deeper spiritual practice and effectively learn yogic teachings.

Powered by largely sustainable energy sources, Finca Armonia is a permaculture community where lodging and accommodations exist in cooperation with the surrounding ecosystem. A short distance from Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, this permaculture farm is surrounded by the tropical splendor of the Costa Rican jungle. It is, in short, the ideal environment for radical personal and career evolution and growth. With no distractions from the outside world, you'll find complete focus and clarity - fully absorbing the in-depth instruction you will receive over the course of this program.

Lodging in eco-conscious container homes

Beautiful livable spaces, designed for eco-friendliness, greet you at Finca Armonia, allowing you to live lightly on Earth with minimal environmental impact.



Upon completion of this yoga teacher training, students will receive certificate affiliated with Yoga Alliance. Registration with Yoga Alliance provides a globally recognized credential.


Intended to meet the needs of those who are serious about learning the more advanced dimensions of yoga, this Passion Yoga School's comprehensive 300-hour intensive refines your practice through a no-nonsense, empowering teaching approach.

Immerse yourself for 5 wildly transformative weeks in an off-grid permaculture experimental community located in the breath giving jungles of Costa Rica.

Here, in a heart-centered learning environment, you will receive life-enriching lessons in the Akhanda Shakti method, gaining confidence in your teaching and business abilities.

Advanced yoga teacher training modules

The 300-hour yoga teacher training at Finca Armonia covers the various dimensions of yoga, from advanced asana and Ayurvedic nutrition to business and marketing techniques for your new paradigm yoga business.

Become a new paradigm leader and impactful yoga teacher

Passion Yoga School's students are diverse, authentic, and deeply passionate about exploring what it means to live a life by design. This advanced yoga teacher training offers you a portal to connect with your powerful voice and inner wisdom.

Here are a few ways which Passion Yoga School supports you in growing your ability to facilitate transformational journeys as a yoga teacher.

  • Continue to deepen your yoga education so you can better serve your students' emotional and physical needs. By learning more about yoga as a complete practice, you'll emerge from this program with the tools you need to nurture your students, emotionally and physically, helping them facilitate healing their own spiritual wounds and bodies.
  • Connect with your why - the unique reason which called you to teach yoga as a healing practice. Use this connection to your life's passion and utilize conscious business practices that speak to the heart of your students. Expand your ability to teach and hold space, while expanding your impact as a soulful teacher.
  • Learn how to build and market your yoga business. As part of Passion Yoga School's 300-hour full-immersion program, you'll receive clear, effective training in how to build and market your business while staying true to your heart's calling and higher wisdom. Many of Passion Yoga School's graduates have gone on to open or expand their own studios, run their own retreats, and teach internationally.
  • Shed your stresses and tension, and rediscover your fire for spreading the wisdom of yoga. With daily, in-depth yoga lessons presented in a safe and sacred space, this yoga teacher training intensive is ideal for those who wish to experience a resurgence of personal passion for the yogic way of life.
  • Embark on the journey of yoga teaching. If you have dreamed of teaching yoga to more students and with a greater level of understanding but always felt held back by a lack of confidence and comprehensive training, this is for you. With a core curriculum of 5 different training modules, this program readies you for a fulfilling career in yoga. Passion Yoga School's dynamic, secluded learning environment at the permaculture farm provides a powerfully humbling experience - a chance for you to examine your ego and rewild yourself.

This program is not for everyone

Of course, this program is not for everyone. Passion Yoga School's students, while diverse and distinct in their backgrounds and interests, have one thing in common - a desire to be fully seen in their vulnerable, raw, and authentic human experience.

Not everyone has the commitment needed to wake up early in the morning for disciplined practice or the dedication required to abstain from meat and alcohol for 5 entire weeks. Not everyone wants to be held accountable or invited (sometimes uncomfortably) to grow, surrender, and let go of limiting self-beliefs.

The students who enroll in this program crave growth. They seek advanced training and the greater responsibilities which come with teaching yoga at a higher level. They look forward to distancing themselves from urban comforts and, instead, immersing themselves completely in the secluded stillness of Finca Armonia.

Here, in the jungles around Finca Armonia, armies of insects scurry on the ground and buzz through the thick, hot tropical air. The rain beats down and washes the forest, giving it vibrant and abundant life. The surrounding environment surges with pure wildness - a plethora of fresh scents, chirping birds, and refreshing breezes. Most of the permaculture farm's energy comes from sustainable electric sources and many meals come directly from the gardens.

This experience, then, is a total immersion in nature. It gives you the calm serenity that allows you to focus entirely on learning yoga and uncovering more about yourself. Yet it is not for everyone because not everyone seeks to reconnect to Mother Earth in this very raw, very real way.

However, if you're looking to pursue the depths of yoga in a disciplined way, engage with a truly liberating spirituality, and emerge feeling more connected to your own heart and soul than ever before, then you'll feel right at home with Passion Yoga School.

Prerequisites for the advanced 300-hour program

For this 300-hour program, you need to have graduated from a Registered Yoga School (RYS) at the 200-hour level. If you did not graduate from Passion Yoga School, you will be required to score at least an 80% on Passion Yoga School's 200-hour final exam upon arrival. Passion Yoga School will provide you with the manual and a copy of the test upon placing your non-refundable deposit. You will have all of the information and time you need to prepare for the test. This allows Passion Yoga School to ensure a baseline of knowledge and respect the depth and quality of instruction for the 200-hour graduates. You will take the test on the first day of the program.

Inside the 300-hour yoga teacher training intensive

Read below for more details on everything included in this Passion Yoga School's 300-hour yoga teacher training curriculum.

Module 1: Advanced anatomy - body systems demystified

Specifically designed to further your understanding of human anatomy as it relates to yoga, this module introduces you to a complete study of the body's systems from both Ayurvedic and Western approaches.

Included in this module:

  • Yoga's impact on the primary body systems: endocrine, digestive, cardiovascular, lymphatic, and subtle anatomy from an Ayurvedic and Western perspective
  • A deeper look anatomically into the shoulders, hips, and spine
  • The vayus, nadis, and koshas explored
  • The life cycles and stages of the woman

Faculty: Staraya McKinstry and Erin Foley

Module 2: Embody and refine advanced asana

This module facilitates a thorough understanding of the body's gross anatomy plus subtle energetics and gives you the confidence to prepare the body with more basic postures for advanced expression.

Included in this module:

  • Biomechanics, benefits, and contraindications of advanced postures
  • Advanced hands on assists
  • Deeper understanding of musculoskeletal system as it applies to asana
  • Yin, Restorative, and Kundalini yoga explored
  • Specific asana in supporting the health of common states of disease

Faculty: Staraya McKinstry and Prem Buoy

Module 3: Mystical sciences - Mother India revealed

Delve into a spiritual exploration of yogic philosophy and gain the insight necessary for applying the power and truth of yoga's sacred teaching to your daily life.

Included in this module:

  • Enrich your yoga practice by learning the myths of the gods and goddesses - the sacred stories behind the asanas
  • Provide greater support for your students by discovering the subtleties of holding space for transformation
  • Tie your understanding of yoga into a broader historical context through a deep look into yoga's history, origins, and leading thinkers
  • Gain a more spiritually balanced perspective of yoga with a close examination of Upanishads
  • Learn the meaning and ritualistic importance of fire ceremony as it applies to the yoga tradition
  • Explore the highly personal journey of Bhakti yoga - learn what it is and how to apply its insights to your own life

Faculty: Erin Foley and Prem Buoy

Module 4: Ayurveda and Western holistic nutrition

This module brings together Ayurvedic and Western holistic perspectives on nutrition and gives you a strong foundational basis for stimulating and guiding meaningful dietary and nutritional changes in your students' lives and in your own life.

Included in this module:

  • Understand your body type and its need for maintaining balance and learn how to use this practical knowledge to work towards greater physical well-being for yourself and your students
  • Restore natural harmony in your body by uncovering the root causes of disease, with a focus on the energetic and emotional influences which trigger imbalance and impact your health
  • Receive hands-on experience in food combining, conscious cultivation, and food preparation so you familiarize yourself with a holistic approach to nutrition, which can be applied to your day-to-day lifestyle
  • Achieve better bodily health by the practice of specific asanas and pranayamas and learn what diets are best for minimizing the common causes of disease
  • Combine knowledge of Ayurvedic and holistic nutrition with insights into the female hormone cycle to safely rejuvenate and support your body

Faculty: Erin Foley and Staraya McKinstry

Module 5: Strategic business mastermind for the soulful entrepreneur

A capstone of the Passion Yoga School 300-hour curriculum, which sets it distinctly apart from other programs, is the strategic business module. Under the direction of Adi Shakti, host of the Six Figure Yogi, you'll learn how to consciously market yourself as a yoga teacher while still exercising yogic mindfulness. You'll learn, too, what business strategies and techniques you can use to increase your earning potential and build a sustainable yoga-based career.

Included in this module:

  • Defining your purpose and setting your pricing
  • Conscious business in the new economic paradigm
  • Introduction to integrative online marketing strategy
  • Brand development, website psychology, and social media positioning
  • Introduction to paid advertising, business blueprinting, and social prospecting
  • Customer relationship management strategies, list building implementation, and split testing
  • Hot seat, the yoga industry as it is today, and how to position yourself to lead full programs

Faculty: Adi Shakti

Cultivating a foundation of yogic wisdom through expert guidance and lifelong inspiration

A thorough study of yoga in a tranquil environment is the cornerstone of Passion Yoga School's holistic teaching approach. Based on the intention of producing effective, successful yoga teachers around the world, Passion Yoga School's core teaching philosophy is built upon the Akhanda Shakti method. An integrative fusion rooted in tradition, it is the blend of two approaches.

Passion Yoga School is dedicated to the traditional ancient teachings of Passion Yoga School's lineage. Passion Yoga School also commits to a rewilding, to the liberation of the divine feminine. Passion Yoga School's method is the marriage of solid anatomical training and the heart of spiritual evolution. Akhanda is the approach of Yogrishi Vishvketu, Passion Yoga School's teacher, a Himalayan yoga master. Shakti is the addition to this approach by Passion Yoga School's founder, Adi Shakti, with the purpose of awakening and inspiring the divine feminine through transformational experiences.

Akhanda Shakti is the union of these techniques. It was created with the blessings of Passion Yoga School's teacher, Yogrishi Vishvketu.

Typical daily schedule

  • 06:30-08:00 Sadhana
  • 08:00-09:00 Breakfast
  • 09:00-11:00 Lecture 1
  • 11:00-13:00 Lecture 2
  • 13:00-15:00 Lunch / break
  • 15:00-17:00 Lecture 3
  • 17:00-18:30 Practice teaching
  • 18:30-19:30 Dinner
  • 19:30-20:30 Satsang


Saturdays are free. The following above is a sample schedule and very likely to change. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be eligible to register as an RYT 500 with the Yoga Alliance.


Erin Foley
Erin encourages self-inquiry and exploration as she takes her students on a journey of the body. She believes wholeheartedly in the body’s innate ability to heal itself and she facilitates space for students to connect with their own unique rhythm. She believes that developing a deeper relationship and understanding of the body is essential in supporting each person to come to their own definition of health. Erin combines her Western knowledge with Eastern inspiration passed on by her teacher, Yogrishi Vishvketu to offer classes which nourish the soul at every level.
Adi Shakti
Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 (Yoga)
Adi Shakti is a yoga teacher and conscious entrepreneur. She commits to awakening the divine feminine and harnesses that power to support sustainable global projects and empower women on and off of the mat. Adi has had the privilege of studying, leading groups, and exploring through India, Thailand, Cambodia, Guatemala, Ecuador, New Zealand, England, France, Panama, Nicaragua, and more. She lives in Costa Rica full time with her husband where they strive to live simply and in harmony with the jungle.
Staraya McKinstry
Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Ayurveda Yoga)
Kripalu Center Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Ayurveda Yoga)
She started her journey as a dancer, gradually evolving her body and self-awareness through yoga and meditation. Staraya's initial exploration into yoga was at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, where she acquired her RYT 200 under the guidance of Brahmani Liebman and Jashoda Edmunds. She then furthered her studies at Kripalu Center in order to obtain her RYT 500, Ayurveda yoga specialist, and Ayurvedic counselor certifications. In order to deepen her knowledge, Staraya attended the world-renowned Ayurvedic Institute, where she earned her Ayurvedic health practitioner certification.
Prem Rathanam Buoy
Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Kundalini Yoga)
Yoga began for Prem as a journey towards relaxation, which quickly unfolded into a spiritual path, a practice for deep core strength, and a connection to an expansive life philosophy. This newfound passion led her to the 200-hour Akhanda yoga teacher training (2010) with her teacher, Yogrishi Vishvketu. She went on to complete her yoga teacher training in Yin, Restorative, and Vinyasa, and she became certified in Kundalini yoga and yoga lifestyle counseling during a 500-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India.

Lieu du séjour

This teacher training will take place in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica.

Particularités exclusives de l'offre


  • Respectueux de l'environnement


  • Accès internet


In keeping with the yogic principle of ahimsa, only vegetarian and vegan meals are provided at Finca Armonia. These delicious meals, prepared from the delectable fruits and fresh vegetables found in the farm's abundant organic gardens, will keep you nourished and energized as you dive deeper into the 300-hour program. Don't worry, Passion Yoga School's on-staff nutritionist will educate you on plant-based protein sources and has crafted the meal plan to see that you get everything you need to thrive.

Les repas suivants sont inclus:

  • Petits déjeuners
  • Déjeuners
  • Dîners

Les régimes alimentaires suivants servis et/ou pris en charge :

  • Végétarien
  • Vegan
Si vous suivez un régime alimentaire spécifique, faites-le savoir à l'organisateur au moment d'effectuer votre réservation.

Ce qui est inclus

  • 300-hour yoga teacher training modules
  • Yoga Alliance certification
  • 34 nights' accommodation
  • Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners

Comment se rendre sur place ?

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO). You need to be at Tasty Waves Cantina in Playa Cocles at 15:00 on Saturday for your shuttle to the farm.

Conditions d'annulation

  • Pour réserver, un dépôt de garantie correspondant à 30% du prix total est requis.
  • Le dépôt de garantie est non-remboursable si vous annulez votre réservation.
  • Le reste du paiement est dû 60 jours avant votre arrivée.
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