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Himalayas 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Mot d'expert : Ce séjour est parmi les stages de yoga les plus populaires au Népal.

This 21 days life-changing 200 hours yoga teacher training course is designed for everyone who wants to become a certified and qualified yoga teacher under the guidance of a Himalayan expert yogi. This yoga teacher training will teach you detailed information about yoga and meditation along with essential teaching skills. It is a great place for those who are in search of health, happiness, peace, and harmony. Meals and accommodation will be provided throughout your training. This course is helpful to kick-start your career as a successful all-rounder yoga teacher.

Because of the current situation, it's very hard to get a visa, and great news for you as Nepal Yoga Home can process anyone's visa from the Nepal embassy. To know more about this, send your inquiry today!

Rencontrez les professeurs

Prakash, RamHari, Dr. Vikalpa, & 1 Plus...
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  • Yoga philosophy and anatomy
  • Yoga Alliance Australia International Registered yoga school
  • Outdoor trips and social or cultural activities
  • Daily yoga, meditation, pranayama, philosophy, and Ayurveda classes
  • Chanting powerful mantras, pranayama, mudra, and banda techniques
  • Daily delicious and healthy meals
  • 20 nights' accommodations

Niveau de pratique

  • Débutant
  • Intermédiaire
  • Avancé

Styles de yoga

20 jours de cours en Anglais
Autres langues parlées: Hindi, Népalais
Taille du groupe: 25 participants maximum
Transferts depuis et vers l'aéroport disponibles:
Tribhuvan International Airport (US$15 par personne)
Tout cacher


Heure d'enregistrement:
Heure de départ:


  • Sauna
  • Spa
  • Hammam
  • Chambres climatisées
  • Coin repas
  • Respectueux de l'environnement
  • Cheminée
  • Jardin
  • Cuisine
  • Hall d'entrée
  • Terrasse
  • Yoga shala
  • Studio de yoga
  • Parking gratuit
  • WI-FI gratuit
  • Salle de réunion
  • Place de parking
  • Agence de voyage

Nepal Yoga Home is offering single and double room based on the student’s requirements and cost. You will get the bathroom with western toilet and hot shower, comfortable bed and wide room. The rooms for the yoga students are well maintained and clean. We offer bed sheets, pillows, bath towels, toilet paper, and blanket upon arrival. Free Wi-Fi and pure drinking water are available. You will get a comfortable zone for spiritual learning. All the rooms have an attached bathroom, wooden parketing, and an air-conditioner which can maintain both hot and cold temperature, free Wi-Fi, etcetera.


Nepal Yoga Home is offering this 200-hour registered yoga teacher training course under the influence of the pure energy of the Himalayas and the jungle to provide an integrated and holistic approach of yoga including all dimensions of yoga. You will learn yoga posture, meditation, breathing science, yoga philosophy, chanting, yoga detox, yoga anatomy, yogic life style, spiritual life, and much more.

It doesn't matter if you want to be yoga teacher or not. This course is suitable for those who are seeking for life changing experience through self-transformation, peaceful living, and liberation from the monkey mind. This course starts from beginner level to reach the advanced level, so anyone can enjoy the course either you are beginner or regular practitioner.

This course meets all Yoga Alliance requirements within 21 days. It will be a great mix of yoga styles with a focus on Hatha, Ashtanga, and Kundalini. You will definitely be proud to be part of Nepal Yoga Home community which has gathered lots of international yoga and meditation seekers. Nepal Yoga Home is a dream destination of yoga learning from all over the world.

Yoga was invented from the Himalayan part of Nepal. If you are looking to deepen spiritual practice in a peaceful place, Nepal Yoga Home has a wonderful team of experienced yoga teacher to transform your life in new level of joy, peace, and health.

Yoga teacher training Syllabus

This comprehensive and integrated detail course includes the following details of yoga. Very rare yoga school could offer such complete information of yoga science. Nepal Yoga Home is proud to share this holistic knowledge of health and peace.

  • Asana (yoga posture)

You will learn more than 100 postures, its right alignment, Sanskrit name, English name, benefits, contra indications, proper breathing, awareness in different chakra, therapeutic benefits, etc.

  • Meditation

You will learn different style of meditation such as breathing meditation, Vipassana meditation, Buddha style meditation, So Ham meditation, Chakra meditation, Mantra meditation, mindfulness meditation, guided meditation, etc.

  • Pranayama (breathing science)

You will get detail info of pre-pranayama, Anulom-Vilom pranayama, Nadishodhana pranayama, Bhastrika pranayama, Sheetali pranayama Sheetkari pranayama, Braramari pranayama, Ujjayi pranayama, Kapalbhati pranayama, Surya Bheda pranayama, etc.

  • Yoga philosophy (based on practical approach)

Here, you will learn yoga, its meaning, definitions, aims, and objectives. You will also review the historical development of yoga, different styles and concepts of traditional yoga like Raja yoga, Hatha yoga, Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, Kriya, Kundalini, Tantra Jnana, and the Ashtanga yoga system of Patanjali.

Other topics you will review are modern life and yoga, yoga philosophy based on different scripture: Veda, yoga sutra, Bhagavad-Gita, Upanishada, Veda, Purana etc. Interesting information of Pratyahara (control of sense organ) will be taught along with Dharana (concentration), Dhyan (meditation), and Samadhi (ultimate liberation).

  • Chanting (powerful chanting to control unstable mind)

You will learn Gayatri Mantra (mantra for Wisdom), Sarve Bhawantu Sukhina (mantra for peace and happiness), Om Asato Maa Sadgamaya, Om Tryambakam Yajamahe (mantra for healing), Om sahana vavatu (mantra for togetherness, Bhojan Mantra), Hare rama, Hare Krishna (Bhakti Yoga Mantra), Guru mantra, bij mantra, mulmantra, Sun salutation mantra, etc.

  • Yoga detox

For physical and mental purification, an introduction and practical six yoga detox processes are offered. The yoga detox processes reviewed are Neti, Dhauti, Nauli, Basti, Trataka, and Kapalbhati. All these techniques are very helpful to create healthy and strong body.

  • Yoga anatomy

You will learn physical, yogic, and spiritual yoga anatomy along with subtle anatomy (Chakras, Nadis, Energy bodies, and Kundalini). You will also review the physical anatomy (the human skeleton, bones, muscle tissues, segments/joints, its movement, and function) and

human physiology (the major body systems and organs).

  • Mudra

You will learn Jnana mudra, Chin mudra, Yoni mudra, Bhairava mudra, Hridya mudra, Shambhavi mudra, Khechari mudra, Kaki mudra, Bramanjali mudra, etc.

  • Bandha

Here you will review the preparation for Bandha, benefits of Bandha, Mula Bandha, Jalandhara Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha and Tri-bandha.

  • Teaching methodology and teaching practice

You will develop the preparation of lesson plan, sequencing of yoga practices, demonstration, principles of demonstration, observation, assisting and correcting, way of effective teaching, etc. Also, each student will perform teaching practice under guidance of teacher.

Teacher training highlights

  • Daily yoga and meditation training
  • Internationally certified yoga alliance certification
  • Learn the most powerful and effective meditation techniques to change your life
  • Receive a deeper knowledge of Yoga Philosophy
  • The best course to build strong foundations of yoga poses, meditation and breathing.
  • Classes suitable for all levels
  • Learn about real yoga teaching principles
  • Learn multi-style of yoga
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Yoga Ashram / yoga home setting environment
  • Practice of peaceful lifestyle
  • Perfect pathway to be a perfect yoga master
  • The wide spectrum of topics covered
  • A thoroughly trained lead teacher with a broad yoga education and 15 plus years teaching experience
  • You will develop spiritual and physical power
  • Learn the principles of yogic philosophy, breathing, meditation, chanting which will put you on the right path
  • The support to improve your knowledge, skills, and the ability to teach yoga in your specific way
  • Practical and theoretical practice of yoga and meditation
  • To enhance and challenge your own personal practice
  • To empower you good health, mindfulness, and joy
  • Training course derivated from the true motherland of yoga
  • Gain a lifelong resource for any and all future endeavors while on your yoga journey
  • Be able to demonstrate, instruct, correct, and lead all level classes and practitioners

Upon successful completion of this program, you will be a well-rounded yoga teacher who understands asana, pranayama, meditation, and yoga philosophy.


  • 07:00 Yoga asanas (yoga posture)
  • 08:30 Breakfast
  • 09:15 Meditation / breathing
  • 10:15 Free time, sight-seeing, hiking, and other activities
  • 12:00 Sequence of posture / yogic relaxation and mantra chanting
  • 13:00 Self-practice
  • 14:00 Lunch
  • 15:00 Textbook of yoga / alignment, benefits, name and breath coordination
  • 16:30 Tea break
  • 17:00 Anatomy and physiology / yoga philosophy
  • 18:30 Dinner
  • 19:30 Celebration / questions and answers / campfire
  • 20:30 Rest, sleep, or study

This is a sample schedule it may change according to topic, subjects, teacher, climate and situations.


This yoga teacher training includes weekly outdoor trip and social / cultural activities such as hiking, karma yoga (work without attachment and desire), town visits, yoga lectures and Nepali language lessons.


Prakash Acharya

RamHari Thapa

Dr. Vikalpa Paudel

Mr. Rajendra Prasad Neupane

Lieu du séjour

This retreat will take place at Nepal Yoga Home. This yoga training has set in a stunningly beautiful and peaceful environment of the yard of Nagarjuna Jungle where yogi Nagarjuna has enlightened. Nepal Yoga Home located on the side of Kathmandu which is completely free from hustle and bustle of Kathmandu city. Easy to enjoy what city can offer to you and peaceful stay where green Jungle has surrounded. You will surround with the view of Himalaya, Jungle, mountain, Kathmandu city and village. The incredible Himalayas helps you to smile and to transform into a spiritual journey.

Particularités exclusives de l'offre


  • Cours de cuisine
  • Randonnée
  • Massage
  • Reiki
  • Hammam


  • Chambres climatisées
  • Studio de yoga


Daily delicious and healthy meals are included in the price. Healthy vegetarian and vegan organic breakfast and lunch is included in our course price on all teaching days. There are also many healthy vegan and vegetarian food options are available within minutes from our yoga centre serving irresistiably good food!

Les repas suivants sont inclus:

  • Petits déjeuners
  • Déjeuners
  • Dîners
  • Collations
  • Boissons

Les boissons suivantes sont comprises:

  • Eau
  • Café
  • Thé
  • Jus détox

Les régimes alimentaires suivants servis et/ou pris en charge :

  • Végétarien
  • Vegan
  • Sans gluten
  • Aliments bio
  • Aliments crus
  • Fruitalien
  • Ayurvédique
Si vous suivez un régime alimentaire spécifique, faites-le savoir à l'organisateur au moment d'effectuer votre réservation.

Activités et lieux à visiter

Your free time can be used to visit and enjoy the sights around the country-side. Other extra services on extra cost that you can enroll are: Ayurveda training, Ayurveda retreats, Ayurveda detox, massage therapy, Shirodhara, panchakarma, and many other natural medicines.

Ce qui est inclus

  • 20 nights' accommodations at Nepal Yoga Home
  • Daily yoga and meditation lessons
  • Yoga alliance certified certificate
  • Daily meals during your training period
  • Tax and service charge
  • Weekly outdoor trips and social / cultural activities to enhance your integration and understanding of the teacher training course
  • Yoga teacher training certification
  • Yoga textbook

Ce qui n'est pas inclus

  • Airports pick up and drop off service
  • Hiking
  • Trekking
  • Rafting
  • Mountain flight
  • Laundry
  • Personal expenses
  • Sightseeing or sunrise trip
  • Additional food if required

Comment se rendre sur place ?

Aéroport recommandé

Arrival by airplane

Arrive at Tribhuvan International airport (KTM). When you arrive at this airport, you can go to the prepaid taxi counter and simply pass Nepal Yoga Home's contact number and address and you will be at Nepal Yoga Home within 30 minutes.

Driving directions from Tribhuvan International airport (KTM) or Thamel

  • Take the Balaju Bypass to Fulbari Gate (Najarjuna gate)
  • From there, take the Golhunga road which is just 600 meters ahead
  • On your left, there is a big white house with "Nepal Yoga Home" sign
Airport: Tribhuvan International Airport Transferts depuis et vers l'aéroport disponibles: Tribhuvan International Airport (US$15 par personne) Des frais supplémentaires sont applicables. Faites en la demande sur la page suivante.

Conditions d'annulation

  • Pour réserver, un dépôt de garantie correspondant à 14% du prix total est requis.
  • Le dépôt de garantie est non-remboursable si vous annulez votre réservation.
  • Le reste du paiement est dû à votre arrivée.

Qualité prix
Hébergement et équipements
Qualité de l'activité
21 jours / 20 nuits
à partir de --
Early bird discount

Avail of an early bird discount of 5% per person. To benefit, book or reserve 3 months before each starting date.




Special discount

"New Year discount 100 USD for Jan" but it will not be applied for the other month.

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