21 jours-200h de formation de professeur de yoga à Las Penitas, Nicaragua

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Circus and Yoga Teacher Training Nicaragua

  • 18 jours de cours
  • This retreat is developed for urban professionals looking for an intensive "traincation" while escaping to a luxurious setting in paradise with daily professional workshops in meditation, yoga, (partner) acrobatics and aerials. This program will certify you with 200-hour YTT with fundamental Hatha yoga principles while prepping them to implement yogic principles into multi-disciplinary circus arts and be the essential foundation you need to depend on your existing movement practice to become your own teacher.

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    • 200-hour teacher training program
    • Yoga techniques, training, and practice
    • Yoga philosophy, lifestyle, and ethics practicum
    • Workshops in meditation, yoga, acrobatics and aerials
    • Postural alignment and present moment awareness technique
    • Anatomy and physiology of yoga
    • 20 nights' accommodation
    • 3 daily organic meals

    Taille du groupe

    Le nombre maximum de participants dans ce groupe est de 24.


    • Langue d'enseignement: Anglais
    • Langues parlées par l'organisateur: Français, Espagnol, Anglais
    Tout cacher

    The venue is located on a private stretch of beach and consists of private villas and dorm rooms, all constructed locally from natural materials. The yoga deck is equipped with four aerial rigging points.


    Upon completion of this yoga teacher training, students will receive certificate. For more information, please send Momentom Collective an inquiry.


    Momentom Collective’s YTT is unique in that it will provide artists from multidisciplinary background an understanding of how to incorporate yogic mindfulness and philosophy into their existing practice and arts. This YTT will provide a curriculum that underlines philosophical understanding of Hatha yoga, postural alignment and techniques of present moment awareness.

    Momentom Collective and BKB’s immersive style will include eight hours of training per day for 20 days (with two days off each week). The YTT will be separated into practical teaching experience which will maximize hands-on learning and direct feedback to the trainees. To equip you with the tools as well as skills to kick start your new yoga career, the curriculum will also provides an overview of how to run a business and have a career as a yoga teacher or artist.

    Momentom Collective will provide an additional ‘branding package’ that will allow you the opportunity to invest in developing your personal website and business cards as to be ready to start the business right away. The trainers will incorporate Acro yoga and circus arts as part of the anatomy and physiology module which will be an innovate method of understanding the body as well as postural alignment.


    • Anatomy and physiology
    • Business of yoga
    • Practicum
    • Teaching methodology
    • Techniques, training and practice
    • Yoga philosophy, lifestyle and ethics


    Momentom Collective derives its name from “om” moments which are moments of introspection and stillness with “momentum” or expressions of exhilaration. The program will use a fusion of yoga and circus arts and the practices tailored to channel these two sentiments in a way that realizes the connection between the two as well as their implications for one another.

    Momentom Collective believes that it is within the balance of movement and meditation of self-inquiry as well as self-expression where you will realize the fullest expression of yourself and that such a balance will serve to bolster self-efficacy, social capacities as well as general well-being. The program will be designed to be a holistic practice, drawing upon disciplines and insights across a number of fields. The methodology is based on four core frames of reference including yoga, social circus arts, constructivism / intrinsic learning and mindfulness.


    Classically understood as the union of body and mind, Momentom Collective will teach you to use the abilities of the body (breath, movement, sensorial and spatial awareness) to achieve a stillness of mind. Momentom Collective will elaborate on the traditional eight limbs of yoga to focus on self-awareness and acceptance of your natural state.

    Social circus arts

    Social practice that will fuse traditional circus arts with a play which allows for the creative evolution of this art form where conscious collaboration creates original and innovative artistic concepts.

    Constructivism / intrinsic learning

    Constructivism learning will happen as a result of you reconciling your own values with the content being learned so that making connections between the content and your individual identity will become crucial to learner empowerment. Intrinsic learning similarly is a style of learning where the experience of learning is just as important as the knowledge itself. Again, you will emphasize making the learning experience relevant, meaningful and exciting.


    The idea of paying attention both on purpose and without judgment to one’s inner experiences (feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations) within their outer and everyday experiences. Mindfulness philosophy will act as an overarching principle that will be applied both within yoga and circus arts practice.

    The eight limbs of yoga

    The asanas are just the tip of the yoga iceberg. There are eight traditional limbs of yoga which you will explore. Momentom Collective will dare the delve into the depths of self-awareness to bring out the greatest expression of yourself. The rest of the yoga will be as follows:

    • Asanas (pose): Traditional posture for skeletal alignment, preparation and muscle activation for all circus disciplines taught in the course.
    • Dharana (intense focus): Cultivate inner perceptual awareness, still the mind on a single point for complete absorption as well as enhance focus and concentration.
    • Pranayama (breath): Practices for present orientation and refinement of the mind, enhance focus or concentration and relax or stimulate.
    • Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses): Practices for present orientation, enhance focus or concentration and enhance physiological capacities.
    • Samadhi (state of oneness): Body and senses reach a state of complete relaxation alongside alertness of the mind while the mind and intellect will cease when there is only the experience of consciousness.
    • Yamas and Niyamas (moral principles, imperatives and philosophies of yoga): Platform for discussion in an arrangement of a circle such as address moral philosophy and culturally relevant issues.

    The fifth element: The circle

    A fifth honorary frame of reference integral to Momentom Collective's approach is the graphic of a circle which will be taken to represent a center that amidst its surrounding connected edges. You will channel the center through the practice of yoga, building awareness and confidence here before exploring the physical as well as mental edges by pushing boundaries with circus arts.

    You will employ mindfulness rhetoric throughout the course which will emphasize the principles of present orientation, body awareness of self and other as well as connection, thereby encouraging you to recognize the process by which the self-integrates into and impacts the larger entity. This will allow you to return to the concept of the circle as a connection. This time will be between the individual at center and its place within the wider community.

    Circle as self

    • Centre as inner awareness
    • Edges as external abilities
    • Focus on the spatial awareness between the two

    Circle as community

    • Centre as individual self
    • Edges as community
    • Focus on the spatial awareness between the two


    The curriculum is loosely based on a 12 class model and taught according to three sequential sections. This YTT is the individual which will take one to four weeks.

    The course will begin with an introduction towards the cultivation of a mindset of nonjudgmental awareness of self, giving students a chance to explore their own thought patterns, physical and mental states, sensations, resistances as well as energetic bodies. You will focus on the eight limbs of yoga, the core themes of mindfulness and the introduction of conscious playfulness in circus arts.

    Targets and pedagogic practices

    You will target eight different capacities with Momentom Collective's program which will fall under both cognitive and affective dimensions. You will use different disciplines within yoga and circus arts that will correlate to each specific capacity including fear, coordination, balance, connection, conditioning, concentration, interconnectedness as well as play and nonjudgement.


    • Circus: Slack line and handstand
    • Yoga: Arm balance, balance postures and meditation on balance as a sense (of center)


    • Circus: Inversions, juggling and hula hooping
    • Yoga: Eka-grata (single pointed focus), meditation, drishti and intention


    • Circus: Acroyoga, partner aerials and apparatus conditioning
    • Yoga: Alignment of self through breath or posture retention and counter-weight partner yoga


    • Circus: Dialogue platform, partner acrobatics and performance
    • Yoga: Breath and drishti


    • Circus: Brain gym and poi exercises
    • Yoga: Movement with breath, inversions with breath, movement with and without drishti (gaze) as well as Pratyahara (spreading awareness across two senses at once)


    • Circus: Play (eye-gazing), taxi driver, hugs and aerials (drops, climbing)
    • Yoga: Inversions, arm balances, new postures and anger-inducing postures


    • Circus: Dialogue using circle platform, trust activities and Acro yoga
    • Yoga: Group or partner asanas and weight sharing as well as circle sequencing (relating back to working together using interactive and timed individualized sequences)

    Play and nonjudgement

    • Circus: Self-expression and clowning
    • Yoga: Intention in yoga and meditation (using the intention as an anchor that draws back when thoughts become scattered)

    Aerial safety guidelines

    Momentom Collective takes aerial safety very seriously. While much of the footage will be taken in risky settings, Momentom Collective has a team of experienced riggers who will determine safe places to set up. Momentum Collective does not recommend rigging from trees, uncertified beams or without a crash pad. By doing so, you will be acting under your own risk. Some general guidelines to keep yourself safe in the air are as follows:

    • Always climb with a partner
    • Always stretch and warm up appropriately
    • Always use a crash pad
    • Always use proper rigging with proper equipment and properly rated rigging points
    • Never climb outside of your comfort limits

    Momentom Collective's Artist Residency is equipped with professional aerial rigs, hardware, apparatus and crash pads. Momentom Collective strongly recommends that anyone using any of the equipment seek proper professional training for rigging their own apparatus as well as a proper aerial training.

    • Gabrielle Bonneville

      Gabrielle completed her yoga teacher training in Nicaragua in 2014 and has been teaching in Nicaragua, Mexico as well as Canada ever since. Gabrielle has always been enthralled at movement and expression arts. She began teaching yoga for circus artists at CirQus. She is well-trained in Acro yoga, handstand balance and Hatha yoga. She is also the co-founder, partner and international relations director for Momentom Collective.

    The yoga teacher training takes place at the Carpe Diem Eco Lodge, Isla de Los Brasiles, Northern Nicaragua, at 20 minutes away from Leon. The project Carpe Diem is an eco-hotel and sustainable building school designed by the architect and visionary Ghislain Beauchamp. The land boasts cob casitas, 30 pax yoga studio with four aerial rigs, a vegetarian restaurant, a chill area, a volleyball court, and a fire pit on the beach.

    The main buildings are made of cob, straw, water, earth, sand, and clay, built by 400 volunteers and the fabric of the building is made of love and hard work. The experience resulted in a deserted island with the stars as brilliant as you have ever witnessed them in your entire life. 20 kilometers of sandy beaches and the sound of the waves are part of your daily reality.

    Momentom Collective joins forces with Carpe Diem to provide a utopian environment for self-transformation, introspection, and connection to self and nature.The idea is to find complete grounding, isolation, and space to absorb all new knowledge and provide an environment for purposeful conversation.

    Nearby places

    • Leon - 20 minutes
    • Piscine extérieure
    • Lac
    • Personnel multilingue
    • Menu spéciaux sur demande
    • Studio de yoga
    • Agence de voyage

    You will be served three nutrient-rich organic meals a day with vegetarian options prepared by the students. Water and coconut are also provided.

    Les repas suivants sont inclus:

    • Petits déjeuners
    • Déjeuners
    • Dîners
    • Boissons

    Les régimes alimentaires suivants servis et/ou pris en charge :

    • Aliments bio
    (Si vous suivez un régime alimentaire spécifique, faites-le savoir à l'organisateur au moment d'effectuer votre réservation.)
    • Artist Residency community teaching and running
    • Personal projects working
    • Performances participation
    • Social service participation
    • 3 nutrient-rich organic meals a day
    • 20 nights' accommodation
    • Access to all training facilities including 3 aerial rigs, slackline, hand stilts and yoga studio
    • Private boat
    • Private pool
    • Teaching booklet
    • Training
    • Water and coconuts
    • Yoga mats
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    Québec, Canada

    Momentum Collective est un groupe d'instructeurs de yoga certifiés, d'artistes du cirque et de magiciens-illusionnistes qui proposent des stages à Bali, au Nicaragua et au Guatemala.

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